Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Strictly Come Dancing - Strictly Shimmer!

Strictly Shimmer is a fictionalised account of Strictly Come Dancing doing the rounds, written by Amanda Roberts, a backstage staff member. Now you'd think I'd be gagging to buy it, wouldn't you - but the reviews are putting me off! On the one hand, if you're a fan willing to indulge purely on the basis it's about Strictly, then great. On the other, if you're a bit of a pedant when it comes to spelling and grammar (I know I'm not perfect but I do at least re-read and try to catch the errors!) you may end up reading with a red pen in your hand! And if the plot has the holes they say, I'd probably end up re-writing it myself. Which I really don't have time to do! So if you've read it, give me an unbiased opinion!


  1. I am reading it right now and I adore it its a mixture of fiction meets reality and Amanda has me hooked i cant wait to watch strictly again :)

  2. Thank you! That's 100% in favour so far then, so I may be visiting Amazon very soon!