Friday, 31 July 2009

Another new pro for Strictly?

News today that Katya Vershilas will be joining Series 7, which, if true, means that there must be either another female professional leaving along with Camlla, or they're increasing the number of couples again. Surely not? But if it's true about both Katya and Natalie that would make nine pro ladies! If it isn't then it seems the media can't help themselves gossiping about potential pro dancers as well as potential contestants - another being Eastender's Kara Tointon, who won the Strictly Sport Relief title with Mark Ramprakash.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Don't flatter yourself, Louis

It's a bit rich of Louis Walsh and his X-Factor chiefs to ridicule Strictly for being "in chaos" when they spend half their time deciding who's going to walk out this week ... now, who am I going to believe about the popularity of ballroom dancing: Louis Walsh - or Broadway. I think the phrase "All of a sudden everyone seems to be dancing" sums it up pretty well. Yes, people wannabe pop stars too - but they can't, can they Louis? Not without considerable input from the likes of you.

The Beeb have decided to put the idiots out of their misery, I mean, they've decided to clarify that they hadn't signed Osbourne and Madeley and also say: "The suggestion that Strictly Come Dancing is in turmoil couldn't be further from the truth and we will be announcing the exciting and varied line-up of dancers and celebrities in the coming weeks." Perhaps they could have said that a bit earlier ...

A worthwhile cause involving ex-Strictly contestants Kenny Logan, Gethin Jones and Jodie Kidd, Logan's challenge are looking for people to sign up to the event in Coombe Country Park, in aid of children's charity Sparks. The People's Pentathlon will involve running, cycling, Krypton Factor like mind challenges and an assault course. You'll probably have to elbow your way past Gethin, you know how competitive he is.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gary Lucy for DOI?

And the rumours are coming thick and fast for Dancing On Ice, this time, The Bill star Gary Lucy is said to be quitting the top cop show to take part in the next series of DOI. Well, I did ask for a hot bloke and I guess he'll do - let's hope he can skate like Ray and has Donal's charm!

One word: Path-et-ic

So according to this report, both Sharon Osbourne and Richard Madeley are quitting Strictly Come Dancing because of the pay cut. Actually, I've another couple of words: Bye *waves* no-one wants you anyway. According to the message boards I've read, Sharon and Richard are two of the most unpopular possible contenders ever - so BBC, save your money and give us someone we might actually like.

Also in the report it calls Arlene 'popular' - like I've said before - do these people actually watch the shows/read the message boards/have short memories?

Anyway, Sharon, if you feel you're not being valued, bugger off back to America's Got Talent (not BGT - see I noticed my deliberate mistake) and leave Strictly well alone. As for you Richard - got anything else planned for the rest of the year, have you? When's your next TV appearance? When was your last TV appearance, come to that?

I think I like the sound of Jay Hunt - no nonsense and telling the overpaid, full of themselves celebs that, actually, they're answerable to us when it comes to Auntie Beeb. I think she's realised that Strictly is the sum of its parts and its audience don't care who the individual components are. The only issue concerning me is that the pro dancers get a decent pay packet - they are the ones who work the hardest, without a doubt, and are worth every penny. Having said that, without the show they wouldn't earn as much the rest of the year, so I can't see any of them quitting over money either.

Someone we may like is Natalie Cassidy , for example! Fits the bill as an ex-Eastender but comes across as pretty normal and someone who could enjoy taking part without any hystrionics unlike someone else we know!

Anton and Erin are appearing at a charity ball for the Grace House Hospice Appeal, so if you're in the area, don't be shy - buy a ticket and have a great time supporting a worthy cause.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ray Quinn extends 'Danny' run

Dancing on Ice champion Ray will continue as Danny in the musical Grease, until November 28th. He plays opposite real life girlfriend Emma Stephens as Sandy, at the Piccadilly Theatre, which saw the second anniversary of the show on 25th July. He'll then move on to become a mentor to the contestants in Sky One's Grease: High School Musical. Former Dancing on Ice competitor, Duncan James - who also partnered the lovely Maria Filipov in DOI - will host the show.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Loose Women's Denise for DOI

Denise Welch becomes the third Loose Women panellist to sign for Dancing on Ice, following in the blademarks of Coleen Nolan, who was not third last year (do those reporters actually watch the show, d'you think?) and Andrea McLean in 2006.

And I can't believe the reports that "Strictly fans are going to boycott" over the Arlene issue. No they're not - be honest - 1300 odd complaints out of ten million viewers? I make that like, nine million nine hundred and ninety eight thousand seven hundred viewers who haven't complained! I'm pretty sure the Beeb are once again loving all the attention and panicking is the last thing on their mind. The same number probably complained about Arlene last year, demanding she be replaced. You can't please all of the people all of the time, as the BBC PR department are well aware!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

New Pro for Strictly

Australian dancer Natalie Lowe has been announced as replacement for Camilla Dallerup for the upcoming Series 7 of Strictly Come Dancing.

28 year old Natalie has been a winner and runner up on the Australian version of the show and you can find out more about her and her professional partner at her official site here.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Dance news from across the Pond.

Reports are that actor Ashley Hamilton has been signed for Dancing With The Stars 9. I know – I’ve usually heard of all our contestants on Strictly and DOI. Maybe if I tell you he’s the son of George Hamilton (the third one). Also an actor – and with a better tan than David Dickinson. Not there yet? The bloggers and commenters on DWTS are not impressed!

So You Think You Can Dance? Looks like a lot of people in the know thought Katie Holmes could, but judging by the comment below this article, they may have been a trifle excited at the thought of the A-lister helping to promote the Dizzy Feet Foundation. So you can’t knock it really, can you? SYTYCD is also up for Emmy Awards and may outshine DWTS!

And another DWTS foray to Broadway, as judge Carrie Ann Inaba joins Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff in Burn the Floor.

And another thing ...

Who else doesn't give a damn about the whole Arlene/Alesha business? The BBC Controller's reasoning sounded good to me - Craig the nasty one, Bruno the joker, Len the ..., well, Len - Arlene was the one to go. And all those people now saying how wonderful and fair she was seem to have completely forgotten the 'Dancing Pig' comments and such like. She was out of order on a number of occassions last series, so I'm really not bothered. Ageist? Sexist? Whatever, I'm a woman and frankly, my favourite shows all seem to have those accusations levelled at them - Have I Got News For You, Top Gear - maybe I can just take a joke? Or maybe I was a bloke in a former life. Anyhoo - the judging panel could be made up of Goldilocks and The Three Bears for all I care. Fact is, regardless of who's judging, the public will still vote for who they like best and the nastier the judges are to the worst dancer, the longer they'll stay in the competition. I've read a line about "changes to the way the votes are allocated" which worries me somewhat, so I'll be checking that out. You may or may not know, I've been on me hols and have been cut off from civilisation for best part of this week, so I need to investigate!

Celebs in Training for DOI already!

Apparently, celebs have to audition for Dancing On Ice – and the rumours are that so far Tana Ramsey, wife of chef Gordon Ramsey is going for it (maybe she got the idea from Gordon auditioning for Celebrity Wiff Waff. Or maybe not!) Then there’s Ultimo bra supremo and straight-talking Apprentice panellist Michelle Mone, actress Susie Amy (Footballers Wives) and Ashes winning cricketer Matthew Hoggard. Singer/presenter and thinking man’s WAG, Louise Redknapp and ex-Corrie actress Tracy Shaw are also being linked with the show. And word is, they’re already in training, six months prior to the start of the show. And yet some of them can still barely stand the first week!

Also interested is fitness queen Deanne Berry of GMTV, who has roller skating experience – just like a certain Ray Quinn! Now I’m not one to gossip but looking at that line up I’d say the DOI bosses are looking for a female winner this year - we could do with a few fit blokes please. Not that Matthew isn’t without his charms (but you can’t get much champagne in that little urn, can you?)

Strictly needs to get its skates on *groans* – I’ve not seen any official rumours yet as to who’s in it ...

Monday, 20 July 2009

Celebrity Doubles

Team GB Cyclist, Mark Cavendish, was a successful Ballroom and Latin dancer before becoming a professional cyclist - but interesting though that is, it was his partner who caught my eye. I'm thinking, no wonder they did so well - it says her name is Laura Breadner but come on - that's Lilia Kopylova, surely!

And I doubt we will ever see him on Strictly Come Dancing, sorry Laura - even I'd be hard pressed to defend the 'previous experience' charge!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Kristina, Craig, Tess, Rumours

A wonderful chance on offer via The Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning - the chance to Cha Cha with none other than the gorgeous Kristina Rihanoff! You might prefer the trip to Emmerdale, I'm guessing not!

Tess Daly has a book due out, entitled The Baby Diaries and will be giving advice on what to wear, to eat and most importantly, how to get the little sweethearts to sleep - that'll be a well-thumbed chapter no doubt!

Craig Revel Horwood (Boo, hiss etc) is directing the musical Spend Spend Spend, about that dozy tart Viv Nicholson, who won a million quid and spent it all instead of investing sensibly and living comfortably for the rest of her life, whilst being able to afford any treat she wanted. I'm intrigued as to how they've got a musical out of it *shrugs* still, Craig is a fantastic choreographer, so you never know, it might be worth a tickle.

Here we go - first uncomfirmed rumours coming in - Reece Dinsdale is doing Strictly this year, so apparently are Richard and Judy. I'm hoping the lovely Fern Britton will go for it - she showed her credentials in the Comic Relief and she's free now, so no excuses!

And I wasn't going to comment further on the whole Arlene/Alesha business, but I've got say: BOG OFF Harriet Harman - haven't you got anything more important to be thinking about?

DWTS gossip and Emmy nominations

Dancing with the Stars has been nominated for ten Emmy awards, leading the way for many reality tv shows. They were nominated for eight last year and came away with two. This years include Julianne and Derek Hough receiving a nomination for outstanding choreography for Jive: Great Balls of Fire. Tom Bergeron is up for Best Host.

DWTS may also be increasing the number of celebrities to sixteen, like Strictly Come Dancing, but word is there may be two kicked off each week for the show to remain within its ten week run.

Holly and Phil to skate?

Holly and Phil to skate in the next series of Dancing on Ice? According to Holly, Phil has already been having lessons, cheeky fella, getting a head start on her! I'd love to see that though, wouldn't you?

Smashing article about Holly from her college days, with terrific quotes from her mate Glenny! Clearly destined for stardom, was our Holly - more front than Brighton in more ways than one!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Anton's emergency op, Brian Fortuna and Dancing on Wheels

Strictly Come Dancing's Anton Du Beke is recovering following an emergency operation for a twisted colon, after being taken ill on holiday in Italy. And while they were down there, they took his appendix as well - but there's no stopping Anton and four weeks later he was back and in attandance at dancer partner Erin Boag's wedding. Wonder who choreographed the first dance and what they danced to?

Fortuna's Fantastics fantastic blog popped up today - if you took a fancy to Brian during the last series (as did I) get yourself over there and check out their Youtube account! Brian is also involved with a new series being filmed for BBC3 - with the working title 'Dancing on Wheels', the show is filming now with a transmission date of January 2010. Able bodied stars taking part include Brian's Strictly partner Heather Small, plus Mark Foster from last year's SCD celebs, together with Kevin Sacre, fiancee of 2008 Strictly winner, Camilla Dallerup. Check out the blog link up there, for further info about Wheelchair Dancesport, with which Brian's mother, Sandra is heavily involved.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

DWTS Co-Host Makes Broadway Debut

Samantha Harris, Dancing With The Stars co-host, has made her Broadway debut, playing Roxie Hart in Chicago.

Honoured to be following in the footsteps of Melanie Griffith and Brooke Sheilds, Samantha said singing has always been a big part of her family life. She will be back for DWTS though, when it starts again on September 21st.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Julianne Hough in remake of 'Footloose'

Dancing With The Stars Julianne Hough is set to star in a remake of the Kevin Bacon film, alongside Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford (no, I've never heard of him either, but he's in the KB role). I've just about heard of Gossip Girl, no idea what it's about though. Showing my age? Maybe, slightly!

Is it my imagination or is my era (the eighties) well and truly back?

Monday, 13 July 2009

Len kept health scare secret

Strictly Head Judge Len Goodman was successfully treated for prostate cancer recently. The disease was in its early stages and was found during a routine check up.

Len kept the details from his BBC colleagues, saying: "It's not necessary to blabber it out to everyone" and that he now feels as "right as rain". Rumours are though, that Micahel Flatley may make a return to Dancing with The Stars in place of Len, allowing him more recovery time.

He also spoke out in support of Arlene Phillips, whose departure from the show brought support from an unlikely source - Fiona Phillips, who makes her feelings quite clear here - I personally think she's little hard on Darcy, trotting out the old class divide. I care, actually - I've just been lent the DVD of Viva La Diva and can't wait to watch it!

And Alesha seems to have bitten the TV bug - she wants to be the British Oprah Winfrey!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Let The Madness Begin!

So the rumours were true - Alesha Dixon, 2007 winner, is taking over as Strictly Come Dancing judge from Arlene Philips, who's been shunted across to The One Show to comment on the new series.

Word is the pro dancers are unhappy - and who can blame them - since, lovely though she is, Alesha hasn't got the experience of Arlene, who must have known the writing was on the cards after the outrage over her comments last year about John Sargeant. I can't help thinking: What about Camilla? Seems like an obvious choice to me but I'm not the BBC Controller, who probably wants to head off the challenge of X-Factor. Retired ballerina Darcy Bussell seems to be a universally welcome addition but only for three shows towards the end of the series, living in Australia leaving her unable to commit to the whole show.

They're kind of missing the point though - it doesn't matter who the judges, competitiors, hosts and pros are - the show as a whole is bigger than any of its individual components. How long have we got to wait? *Taps fingers and toes impatiently*