Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's thought's are in on this week's show - the show itself here and the results here!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

International Dance Day

I know, how cool is that? And it's this Thursday, 29th April.

Introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute, the goals of Dance Day, according to Wikipedia, are to "increase the awareness of the importance of dance among the general public, as well as to persuade governments all over the world to provide a proper place for dance in all systems of education, from primary to higher." I should think they're mighty pleased with Strictly Come Dancing and the rest, because it certainly seems that UKers have embraced the whole culture of dance!

To make it especially easy to see what's happening, there's even a Facebook group!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Snippets: SYTYCD, London's Best Dance Crew

The full line up of So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars has been announced, with a mixture of contemporary, latin & ballroom and streetdance specialists. The contestants will draw a photo of their new partner each week, which will dictate what genre they're dancing. The All-Stars won't be responsible for choreography though, and the public can't vote for them, only the actual contestant.

The finals of London's Best Dance Crew take place on April 30th, at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, with a big line up of special guests, including Peridot, Mutya Buena and Akai Osei, the Got To Dance winner. The winning crew will receive their prize from Victoria Cross recipient Johnson Beharry, making a special night for them just that bit more memorable.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dancing on Ice ... Live!

So off we went (me and my mum) to the O2 on Sunday, for the icy extravaganza courtesy of the legends that are Torvill and Dean. The same warm up man from the first Strictly live show I went to was there, with the same warm up, but it was all good fun!

T&D and the cast entered with a theatrical circus routine, showcasing the awesome skills of the pro skaters, full of pizazz. Andi Peters was host for the night, with only two of the normal judges; Karen and Nicky joined by Christopher Biggins and former champion, Kyran Bracken and all given big introductions before the "and some woman called Zoe Tyler, who's guest judge." He may have said Loose Woman, who knows? I didn't, neither did my mum.

Series Four winner Ray Quinn was up first, partnered by Alexandra Schurman - it must've been quite a shock, after partnering Dr.Hilary! Skating to I Gotta Feeling, Ray was, as ever, faultless, confident and full of musicality. They only met and began rehearsing three weeks ago and here he is, doing the Russian splits again. Fabulous. Score: 28.5.

Fred and Emily skating to Saving All My Love For You, it's very sweet, some solo skating from Emily, not too speedy but a 6.0 from me for Fred's bare chest. What? Whaaaat? Score: 18

Mikey and Melanie give us the cheeky and fun routine to Cecelia, he's skating confidently and looks really fit, very slim. Score: 21

Clare Buckfield, runner up to Kyran, is next, partnered with Lukasz to The Climb. Beautiful skating but after the recap in the intro I was expecting something with a bit more oomph, she was one of the more daring skaters in that series. Score: 25

Chris Fountain, beaten by Suzanne Shaw in the Series 3 final, skated to The Way You Make Me Feel, partnered by Brianne Delcourt and O.M.G! Headbanger? Neckripper? Absolutely unbelievable, incredible, the power in the lifts, musically spot on, dead exciting - and with more finesse than he had in the series, it was a blinding skate. Score: 28.5 (Two 6's).

Gaynor Faye, the inaugural DOI champ, danced with Matt Evers to The Power of Love, one of my all time most hated songs. Poised and elegant, even coming back from injury, only a little stutter. Score: 20.5

Gary and Maria do their Pulp Fiction number, clean skating as ever, but in direct comparison with Chris and Ray, not as explosive. Score 25

Hayley and Daniel with the routine you have to see live to appreciate every intricacy, Jai Ho. Truly stunning when not at the mercy of the camera angles. Score: 28.

The vote opened, we had a short break in which Women Power took over the O2 and we queued at the mens' loos and told them to bugger off, our needs were greater. It was a very short break. And then T&D and the pro skaters showed off their Luck Be A Lady routine, followed by exhibition skates from the contestants and pros: Gaynor and Matt with Don't Go Breaking My Heart showed why Gaynor was so popular; Ray and Alexandra to She's The One, and even though the song is slow, it's still dynamic over the ice; Fred and Melanie go crazy, leaving my bum and toes clenched as another headbanger appears with little warning, awesome routine; Hayley and Daniel with their beautiful Endless Love followed by T&D's gorgeous routine to The Buble's Just Haven't Met You Yet.

Another confident skate from Mikey and Melanie; Emily and Fred wheel out Bad Boys, Emily still needs more sass; Alexandra and Lukasz give us one of the best performances of the night, a fantastic, fast and musical skate to Footloose; Gary and Maria do What About Now, with the same level of awwww's as from the show; Chris and Brianne with Red. Again, slow yet somehow, fast! A nicely done routine to I Will Survive from Clare and Lukasz before T&D take to the air for their new, breathtaking Bolero routine - all eyes on the knot in those silks, as Jayne disappears above us.

And it's time for the results: NOT skating Bolero tonight - Emily; Gary; Gaynor; Mikey; Clare; Ray. It's Chris versus Hayley, and both deliver dramatic and passionate Boleros - overall, my vote, were I voting, would have gone to Chris. However, it's the judges who decide the winners: Karen and Nicky go for Chris; Biggins and Tyler (who ip-dipped, for crying out loud. Waste of space, much?) went for Hayley. So Kyran with the casting vote and's Chris!

Terrific show, if you were thinking of going but left it too late, next year's tickets will surely be on sale soon! I recommend :-)

Snippets: DOI, SCD

Strictly Come Dancing's Brian Fortuna and Ali Bastian are set to star in the West End production of Burn the Floor; Hayley Tamaddon has been blogging about the Dancing on Ice live tour.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's back! Taking a holiday in the middle of DWTS, what's he like? I didn't leave the house for four months during Strictly (with the phone unplugged every week night between 6.30-7pm!)

Click here for his fantastic run down of the show itself and then here for the results, with videos of his top dances of the night.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tobias Mead Audition

So the only decent dance audition from Britain's Got Talent was this 22 year old, who's realized that being able to dance isn't good enough - you have to have something different in your act to make an impact. Which, luckily for him, he did!

Make the most of any of the dance auditions you see, as word on Too Much Flavour is that the BGT bosses don't want another dance winner this year, so you're unlikley to see them in the public vote sections!

Gossip, unsubstantiated gossip. But you'd want to know!

Strictly Come Dancing bosses are apparently looking to dump Anton, Darren and Lilia, replacing them with American dancers - I fail to see how that would make the show more popular, bearing in mind that they're three of the most popular professionals amongst the message boarders, but what do I know. It won't make a jot of difference to avid viewers like my mum, who just watch the show for what it is, with who's in it making no difference at all.

On the other side though, rumours are that Jason Gardiner has been dumped from Dancing on Ice in favour of Pineapple Dance Studio's Louis Spence, so "yippee". The hundreds of complaints followed Jason's "faecal" remarks to Sharron Davies, plus his inappropriate Twitter comments, seem to have finally been recognised by ITV bosses as not being funny, big or clever and that they harmed the warm fuzziness of the show. I just hope Louis won't feel the need to fill the panto villain role and will just use his experience constructively.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's taking a break this week, so this is MJ's Big Blog with the Dancing With The Stars update. And these are the results courtesy of Firefox News.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Music Choices!

Continuing a theme from the Strictly Come Dancing message boards, as a good excuse to share some of my favourites!

Cha Cha - Pixie Lott's Boys and Girls

Quickstep - Earth, Wind and Fire - Got To Get You Into My Life

That's a couple of Strictly suggestions, but what of So You Think You Can Dance, I hear you cry! Ok, no, I didn't hear you cry that at all but I'd love to see what the choreographers would come up with to Kesha's Tik Tok! I'm thinking it would make for a great Hip Hop routine, what say you?

Dancing on Ice

Just to whet your appetite if, like me, you're going along to a live Dancing on Ice show!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dancing With the Stars

Trav's thoughts on this weeks show, Monday's dances, Tuesday's results. From what I've seen, Niecy Nash would be picking up a fair few of the Britvotes!