Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gambling On Ice ... with viewers affections.

I don't know about you, but Dancing on Ice was the easy-going wind down, post Christmas post Strictly Come Dancing, light entertainment show you could chill out to (sorry, bad pun!) enjoy the great skating, lightly snigger to (in a good and suportive way) at the bad, in the company of the ever young and fun Phil, pretty Holly and the legendary and respected Torvill & Dean and Robin Cousins.

So why are they turning it into Big Brother? Far from being Sunday night cosy family TV, the insider "quote" suggested they want the contestants bitching and backstabbing, culminating in them voting off a couple in the bottom two, giving the negative reasons why they're sending them home. It's all "Will they send home who they see as competition; will they save their best mate." Going by the papers (I know, I know, can't believe all you read) the contestants themselves aren't best pleased to be placed in such a situation.

I can understand that TV programmes like to refresh occasionally - but what's wrong with the contestants saving who they think deserves to be saved for positive reasons? Like I said, it's on in the family tea time slot for a reason, there are many children watching - is this the example we want set?

You never hear the Strictly contestants, Bruce, Tess or Claudia being anything other than supportive to each other - I'm puzzled at to what Dancing on Ice thinks the negative behaviour of the contestants will achieve. If they're looking for a bigger share of ratings, they might find it backfiring - if the contestants aren't seen to care about each other, why should we care about them?


  1. I'm getting really sick of the hype around this, and those stupid, overly dramatic adverts with Robin telling all the celebs!

    It's a rubbish twist and it adds nothing to the programme!

    I'm with you Scatty - what is the point of this? Why is it necessary to try and create a a bad atmosphere between the skaters? Why is it necessary to try and dispel the commradeship they have? It's just such pathetically bad manipulation that belongs to sub standard tv shows like Big Brother, not a previously classy and upbeat Sunday night gem.

    Maybe it's more of the old misconception that you need to keep changing things so that your audience isn't bored and turning over to something else? Well....I stand by the old saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!' :o/

  2. heartily agree - I had them in the same niche as Strictly but they're moving further away from it. I want cosy fun from DOI - not bitching.