Sunday, 31 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 5

The pro dancers open with Ghostbusters, with Anton as Bill Murray and Erin doing her best Sigourney Weaver impression!

Judges view: disappoined with Pamela; Tina never ignited; loved Kara; Patsy better than she thinks; not so impressed with Fliss; Jimi eyes; would prefer others to chatback at them like Brendan; watching Gav's chest; everyone now gunning for Scott; anticipation for Ann; Matt's nerves - but enjoyed all of them for different reasons.

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Brendelle! Scattalie, yay! Widdyton! Artara; Mattiona. Bottom Two: Jarina!

Alesha surprised, not ready for Tina to go yet; Bruno says everyone came out with a story - kudos to hair, make up and wardrobe depts, outstanding night.

Clauds interrogates Michelle, who wisely stops talking. Love those lashes! Scott praises the pro dancers.

Showdancer with a costume ball themed dramatic Viennese Waltz.

Clauds to make Kara a medal for the first 10.

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Robsy, again with the shock! Jimavia - nearly hits the ceiling; Gavya! Ok, now seriously worried for Jamela. Bottom Two: Felicent! Phew! Pamela just wilted.

Craig says Fliss needs to work on technique if she makes it through. Len says although they have to judge on the dancing, the audience make their choice too, it's the formula for Strictly - if he was at home, munching on a bacon sarnie, he'd be wanting to see what Ann does next!

Alice Cooper and Poison. Could've done without the topless guitarist, quite frankly. Did he not see the rest of the show and know what he was going up against?

The Moment of Truth: Jarina are out! Shame. I agree with Alesha, we didn't see the best of Tina.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 5: Doble Trouble, Voile and Stubble

The Halloween Spooktacular begins with topless male dancers, including the de-lovely Matthew Cutler - who kept his on! *Not fair* They Paso Doble - Artem, James, Robin and Brendan with him. Dunno about setting the singer's soul on fire, they've done a pretty good job on mine *coughs*...

Is Tess in pleather? Be careful how you stand with that split, love! Make up team on overtime; Jimi, unrecogniseable, Fliss' dress I love.

Jamela's Devilgate Jive first - I am so loving the showbiz elements - jiving on the stairs, brave - couple of footwork errors but totally totally sold it, I was smiling at her smiling all through, great opening, full of energy and raw fun! Band were fabulous, even Dave getting in on it! Bruno's off already. Len: Solid, pivots fantastic, got in a pickle, high energy, well done; Alesha: Well done on jiving down the stairs, tad tippy toey - danced with conviction; Bruno: So much fun, messed up, not as sharp and clean as usual; Craig: great musicality, bit laboured. Score: 27 Bit harsh, I thought. Hope they're getting the viewer vote, because if everyone fulfills their potential tonight, they could be in trouble.

Jarina and Jared's being all sexy ... the pleather catsuit and the leather jacket - it's all a bit like ...Gothic Danny and Sandy, driving music, not completely convinced by sexy Tina, she could've been a bit more seductive. Nice end lift. Alesha: nice change, Argentine steps nice, still a little lukewarm, acting and role playing well done; Bruno: Oh, yes, you kinky kitten, you go very well with rubber, most focused *Assaults Alesha*; Craig: Gothic version of Olivia Newton John (Oi, that's my line! Scariest thing tonight, me and Craig, thinking alike!) More swivel and 'A' frame needed; Len: lifts were excellent, clean and precise, can see the dancer emerging. Score: 28

Artara with their Phantom of the Opera power paso, gorgeous routine, again very clean but you need that to get those beautiful shapes, intense. Bruno: Luscious drama, oozing with passion, brilliant dancing; Craig: I really loved it, finally had some passion, thank you; Len: A fire, fantastic, your best dance. Score: 37 - a 10 from Alesha!

Robsy and the Monster Mash - acting to the fore, not as bouncy or high energy but thoroughly enjoyable, well choreographed, very together proper jive. Craig: liked the tongue in cheek camp nature of the choreography, side by side stuff fantastic; Len: Liked it very much, sharp kicks and flicks, good balance; Alesha: hard work paid off, natural swing, great musicality; Bruno: I love it when you're camp, pitched it absolutely right. Score: 31

Felicent - aw, bless, little Luca, isn't he gorgeous? A costume ball up on the mezzanine, beautiful beginning and a classical feel to the VW, splits could be a little smoother. Len: Nice feeling of romance, better posture, footwork up the swanny, romantic and lovely; Alesha: Loved how you started, walk down the stairs lost me; Bruno: two strangers meeting, secret society, da Vinci Code; Craig: Beginning held great promise, drama, loved the back standing spin but unravelled on the floor. Score: 26

Jimavia with another MJ Paso (remember Matt and Flavia's?) Jimi a perfect scary zombie, began a bit funky but reined it in, great arms and aggression, scary eyes, maybe needed a little more movement around the floor. Alesha: eyes amazing, drama, passion, believable; Bruno: loved the flesh eating living dead, danced better; Craig: great storytelling, purpose, intent, shapes, fantastic; Len: Straight into character, loved the lift with the cape. Score: 30

Brendelle with their Time Warp jive - OMG - baldy Brendan - looks like Ted Danson as the vicar in Three Men and a Little Lady! Took a few liberties with the term 'jive' but brilliant entertainment anyway, bright and fun, full of energy - possibly they had to adjust the content to allow for the ankle. Bruno: What were you on, loved it, nothing to do with technique, performance demented; Craig: Lobotomised - in a good way, people with either love or hate - I loved it! Len: disappointed - caught up in Time Warp, lacking jive content *harsh words between Brendan and Len* Alesha: highly entertaining, both barking mad, well done. Score: 29 A crowd pleaser, but a better 'jive' than Jamela? No.

Gavya paso, Katya looks amazing, so does Gav. Bit posey but again, sparks of what he can do, much more fluid, great knee work, should've let him dance more and shed the gimmicks and less clothing. Craig: turns need finessing, hand shaping out of wack, lot of posturing - but finally, a hint of personality; Len: Working your assets, lots of work, kneelifts great; lacked a bit of passion, on way there; Alesha: Passionate, sexy, nice attempt, shaping looked wonderful, keep at it; Bruno: love it when you come out of your shell, beautiful lines, work on musicality. Score: 30 blatant push for the Welsh vote, Tess said it too!

Scattalie looking fabulous for their VW. I Put A Spell On You the song and they do - timing, I do love a bit of timing. Ethereal, the lighting, the song, the dancing, gorgeous, a proper unearthly quality - and no front row slime! Len: Great, spellbinding, fantastic; Alesha: hypnotised the whole room, magical; Bruno: Sssssscotttt! You bewitchy warlock, created dance magic. Score: 39 Yep.

Widdyton Wild Thing, genius! There's a hole in my cape, very staid until the throws, lift and drag, loving the Spanish hands while sitting ungainily on the floor. I can't stop laughing - in a good way. And again at the judges body language. And at Anton! Alesha: a humble entrance, try counting in your head, Anton dragging you round like a hoover; Bruno: I don't think I'll ever recover from that ending. Heavy (not as in: "Heavy, man"); Craig: O.M.G; Len: Bit like a motorway accident, you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself. Well done! Score: 16

Mattiona and I'm strangely fancying him in those Darcy-esque jodhpurs ... crikey, they're already on the floor! Bat Out of Hell makes for a very musical AT, passionate, he really gets into it and makes it so believeable for a non-actor. The band have really been awesome tonight, has to be said again. Bruno: Matt out of hell, super power, super dancing, incredible lifts; Craig: Little shaky in parts, messed some up but really dynamic; Len: focus, intensity, but the lifts should have the feeling of the dance; Alesha: sexy, hot, passionate, I shouldn't bang the desk that hard, I loved it. Score: 34

Altogether, a stunning show! All the elements of cracking Saturday night TV. Leaderboard:
Scattalie 39; Artara 37; Mattiona 34; Robsy 31; Jimavia 30; Brendelle 29; Jarina 28; Jamela 27; Felicent 26; Gavya 26; Widdyton 16. I confess I'm a little scared for Jamela, specially with the two below them tied on points - Gavya and Widdyton haven't been in the bottom two - it sounds horrible, but I have to hope Felicent and Jarina aren't as popular as Jamela. Till the morrow folks!

Snippets: Nigel, Jonathan, Craig, Graham, Pamela, Diversity, Paula,

So You Think You Can Dance's Nigel Lythgoe is a wine enthusiast!

A principal dancer in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Jonathan Ollivier, speaks out about childhood bullying and how he persevered to continue following his dream.

Craig Revel-Horwood reve(a)ls the only reason he'd give up Strictly Come Dancing.

May have to check out I-Player for this! Graham Norton and Pamela Stephenson boogie on down!

Diversity on the sofa! No, not that one - the BBC Beakfast sofa - big introduction video to watch before the interview.

Interview with Paula Abdul.

Strictly It Takes Two: A right royal panel!

Tonight ... Jarina, Scattalie, the Friday panel.

Straight on the sofa with Jarina and they loved Alesha's comment that theCharleston was their best. Tina (Argen-Tina Tango) is BananaGirl. I'm liking the sound of the choccie filled ones in the fire, mmm. Even Clauds is speechless, until: "I know theyre good for you, but still ..." They've found the fiery side of the AT, Jared (Ja-Red it here first) has even gone all stubbly and macho!

Scattalie next Scott (Scott of the Dance-Arctic) missed two days training; Nat (Nat'll Teach Him) says it's extremely rewaridng to be told their tango was dance of the series so far. He's Farquar this week, for their swirly swirly VW.

Lemar, Jennie Bond and Craig sit in judgement. Jen ( Licenced to talk Strictly) is an uber fan, friends round, Saturday night ritual, still got pleather trousers from a newsreaders special on Children in Need. Lemar (Not related to Mark) loved Ann's flying; Craig (He is Judge Dread) just lost all respect for Lemar and says Gavin will have to go if he doesn't get it!

Artara - paso doble - very clean of line, throw a lot more passion into it. Phantom of the Opera the music, dramatic, theatrical. Mattiona - AT - like that move, looks good, he absorbs and translates, Jennie kept winding back the cha cha, he's maintained that level - Bat Out Of Hell the song - for an AT, nah - oh, wait - it's all halloween theme tunes, I get it! Felicent - VW - little bit too much rise and fall, smooth out - oh, proper VW music, feels turny! Robsy - jive - bouncy, confident, Craig somewhat distracted by Robin's fishnet vest (weren't we all?) The Monster Mash, brilliant - and the first record Craig ever bought! There are feathers on the dress. Widdyton - paso - she's passionate about it. Born to it, says Craig, the way she's stomping around the room. Lemar says she should use a skateboard, lol. Wild Thing the music! Jamela - jive - fast and furious- Devilgate Drive - Craig served Suzi Q a cocktail once! Brendelle - jive - looking good, going to be her dance, spiky nature. Time Warp the music!

What does fear sound like? The bongos, the da da da da da da da, the "Here they are in training", the "Dancing the ..." Tess "The results ... are in" The elimination music, the heartbeats thudding. Clauds down in the stusio with the dishy Mark Kenyon, lighting manager, ooh, lots of lovely effects for us. Gavya shows us his grumpy face and they dance us out. Till 6.25pm tomorrow, don't forget spare cushions to hide behind!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Snippets: Dancing With The Stars, Strictly Come Dancing,

Apologies for the lack of posting - I've been on my holiday! And the internet connection was dreadful (I couldn't justify to my family spending many fruitless hours outside the cottage, trying to get connected!) This week's It Takes Two will appear over the weekend (before this post and before the main show rundown!) *crosses fingers*

So here to be going on with, are Trav's Thoughts on Dancing With The Stars, the main show and the results.

And Strictly Come Dancing aren't going with the whole badly-kept secret then launch show when it comes to the Christmas Special - you may have seen this on the feed over there>>>> John Barrowman is the first celebrity confirmed!

It looks as though Gavin Henson has taken a tip from 71 Degrees North presenter, Gethin Jones, and hired an acting coach for Strictly Come Dancing! Well, why not - it worked for Gethin!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: What a pa-leather!

Tonight ... Robsy, Jimavia, dressing up.

Training snapshot: Felicent, extravagant, signature splits are in; Scattalie coughing and sick; Brendelle jive training ok till tumble time, on crutches but now back and dancing; Jamela jive joy, like a 7 year old bouncing around; Robsy in ballroom boot camp, full on hard work jiving ... they take a break on the sofa, Robin (Putting on some flap) came up with the wig, Patsy (Bob just the job) loved the dressing up and says you get a stroke/slap from Len, as opposed to a punch from Craig! "Dance Your Way To Fitness with Patsy - Easy to follow instructions, classic dance moves. On a chair. On the floor. Guaranteed to increase flexibility and gracefulness!" She's a bit disturbed by that; Robin lets her know when she's getting floppy due to enegry levels dropping!

Desert Island Dresses: Su Judd loved Louisa's green jive dress, all beads and droppers creating movement, and Cherie's rumba dress, poise and elegance, homage to Chanel. Lisa Snowden and Jessica Brown dans le sofa. Fliss has crepe, special weave, stretchy, oram stones, a wine red burgundy, stoning on back; Ann in satin chiffon, three tiers, crinolin binding, red and gold, cape/shawl; Tina in pleather, plastic and imitation leather catsuit, lace! Kara invokes dress envy, seven satin panels, red, burgundy, orange, brown stones; Aliona in purple lace overlay, cutaway back.

Training snapshot: AT: Mattiona - sexy strength sapper; Jarina - intense, feeling weird with the passion. Paso: Widdyton - crikey, those jumps, gusto - the ground will shake with the artistic moves! Gavya - knee work; playing the devil's role. Artara - finding it tough, hoping it'll be alright on the night.

Jimavia on the sofa and Flav's getting tough, nods to Claudia's assertion that they were undermarked! She's gone all St.Trinians on Jimi (Frame grilled) bringing the cane to training. Technique is all this week.

Strictly It Takes Two: Giving it welly!

Tonight ... Artara, Len's dance clinic, Ian's midweek report, Mattiona.

On the sofa, Artara and Kara (Gr 8 scores) loved Charleston and was giving it her all but did think the music was slow and boring (I did say!) Artem (Russia's Next Top Torreador) agreed the music was a big factor but now knows of the required welliness. Going to Phanton of the Opera to look for the welly; Kara's dream to learn Paso.

Paso Doble Dance File: Story of the bullfight; Appels; Chasse Capes; Aggression. Man the matador; woman the cape, bull or flamenco dancer. Ian on the sofa: He prefers the paso, it's strong, masterful and masculine, like him! Jimavia is walking using his hips - a no no in a paso and needs to shape his arms; Gavya - not great cape usage, great for washing up; Widdyton - the steps are there, masterclass in paso basics; looks like she's trudging through mud!

Jive - Jamela, neat flicks and pivots, already complementing him with arms, an inner sense of posture, pretty hands and feet; Robsy - a good dance for her, similar character to Charleston, look at that, feet closed; knees together, love!

Viennese Waltz - Felicent, lovely spin, flexibility, acting, her eyes connecting with Vincent; Scattalie, brilliant free flowing movement but tends to tilt his head to the right towards Nat, must be upright.

Argentine Tango: Jarina doing a good job, decorations - AT needs to be connected at the top. Lots of finger fun with the graphics machine ...

Out of the Glitterball: Fortuna Forever (Wha-tever, says Vincent!) asks, if you could invent anything, what would it be? Len - a pair of dance shoes with a dial on the back - a cha cha, then twist the dial for a foxtrot; Vincent - my own dance, from the heart; James - a machine to make men's hair grow back; Felicity - a machine to blow up all the ammunition. Strictly Obsessive asks: What do you miss most when away from home? James - my wife; Felicity - her own pillows and sheets; Vincent - his bambino; Gavin - his well lit, confidence boosting mirror!

Len's Dance Clinic: To virgin dancer Bruce 42 - in Latin, learn the salsa first, slow it down and it's a rumba, add a step, it's cha cha! In ballroom, begin with the waltz. To Strictly Domino - tango is characteristically stalking walks, hence the knee flexing. To Dawn - the upper body produces the flamboyance, it's the melody to the legs rhythm. Demonstrates a flamboyant New York with our hostess - by George, Clauds has got it!

Mattiona take to the sofa, they had fun last week. Matt (On Cloud Nine) ecstatic with the score. Aliona (Ali-owner of the dance floor) mashed a number of ideas, the circus/42nd street theme was a bit random, evolved from Moulin Rouge! He nailed the expression this week, they loved the audience reaction to Bruno's 8! He'd got a unicycle for Xmas years ago, it broke the day before the show. Matt's not easily embarrassed, let's get him with a Blue Peter disco dancing clip, that'll do the trick. What very bendy legs you have, Mr. Baker! AT Giving him a full body workout.

End credits - graceful and well balanced people, not!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Karen's Choreography Corner

Tonight ... Brendelle/Michelin, choreography, Jamela, Gavya.

On the sofa first, a trio of loveliness. Brendan (Bren there Dan that) jealous not being with Michelle (she's a survivor) who feels empowered by her partners. Ian (Waite-ing for a recount) desperate for her to go through. Tha balance issue is down to nerves; heart pumping when the music starts. They've handed her over, it's jive next!

Out of the Glitterball ... Mystical 123 asks, which three famous peeps would you have as dinner guests: Ann - Jane Austen, Charles 2nd, Mother Theresa; Anton - Fred Astaire; Vincent - Sylvester Stallone; Al Pacino & Robert De Niro; Felicity - Ann Widdicombe. MGem2000 asks: Which kitchen utensil would you be and why? Aliona - a spoon, for picking up all the custard (that's going to run and run ... maybe she needs more cornflour ...) Jimi - a sieve, keep all the good stuff; Artem - a coffee maker cos coffee makes everyone happy; Katya - a stove, cos she likes to bake; Robin - a wooden spoon, cos he likes to stir trouble! Sooz asks: What's the best advice you've ever been given? Ola - Don't give up on your dreams, follow your dreams; Anton - don't worry about complaining, impove yourself; Felicity - don't moan, get on with it; Vincent - always be yourself, that's what I do. That's why you all love me, including you, I can see it in your eyes ...

Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner. Prop heaven on Saturday night, fave moments were Felicent's floor spin, so difficult, trust, seamless transition; Jimi was masterful with the cane; Mattiona's double cartwheel; Jarina just shaded it with theirs! Scattalie building up the music, soft, energising then BOOM - light and shade - Nat should be in make up! Gavya - loved the down to the ground oversway, it's really not just kneeling; Widdyton's beautiful outside swivels, keeping it pure; Robsy's classic gimmick free Charleston allowed her to express, pure.

Jamela in sofa residence and Pamela (Head Girl) doesn't care about the scores, James (Pamela Tames Jordan) wants to win. Pamela was concerned with her posture, James wants to win. Pamela has had her head replaced with a glitterball, James wants to win. Jive this week, Pamela is letting herself go, James wants to win - oh, and he did enjoy hist first tango! But to ensure the win, they're riding an elephant and have doves flying in specially. Or they'll maybe go with a Devil theme.

Gavya on the sofa and Gav (Gavin a hard time) lost concentration after the slip, shame as Katya (Kat's eyes on Gavin) said he was belting it out on Thursday, nerves got him. More training than anyone else - 140 hours - but proper stage fright! Stop playing with your hair! Still star struck by Peter Andre! Paso Doble next!

End credits: Sleepy byes!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Peterin Peter Out!

Tonight ... Peterin, Alesha, Widdyton, Felicent.

But first, backstage with OlaCam! Vincent’s eyebrow; telling off James for not eating all his lunch; James and Len take the mick; Artem’s body the result of bee stings. Len and James in snogging shocker!

Showtime ... recap ... Peterin on the sofa. Peter (Charleston Athletic) sick as a parrot, obviously. Erin (Kept us in Suspense) pointed out that Charleston not his dance and it wasn’t done till week 11 last year! Proud to have danced with a legend. Shilts now rooting for Scott and Jimi; Erin naturally supporting Team Widdybeke!

Animal Magic, judges carried away with our furry friends; Alesha on the sofa, minus the snake. Very excited by the current crop, you can normally suss out who’s likely to win but too many to choose from this year! Her heart’s pounding during the Here We Go moments; accurately and fairly appraises the couples.

Widdyton, bums firmly on the sofa – Anton (Ground Control) suggested flying in as a joke, along with other ideas, Ann (Blue Sky Thinking) totally went for it – and still in character while they released her from the harness. Anton very impressed, considering the fear of heights. Paso Doble next week, she’s the cape!

Felicent’s turn – the kiss was inevitable, lol. Vincent’s idea. I’m not so sure, he seemed surprised on Saturday! Fliss (La Dolce Vita) didn’t think it would be allowed. Vincent (Pucker partner) says he was a genius to come up with the apple and banana trick. Vincent’s Magic Eyebrow gets its own sketch show. VW next – dizziness a problem – don’t even go near left and right.

End credits: And a one - two – three – four ...

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 4

Strictly Pros to open with a super swinging jive to In The Mood and Rock This Joint. Men in uniform, Matthew Cutler choreographed. ‘Nuff said.

Judges view and recap; Len’s starting to fancy Ann; Bruno and Craig duet on I’m A Survivor; Love Bruce telling off Bruno for that 8!

Here we go #1: Safe – Gavya! Scattalie; Mattiona; Jarina; Robsy. Bottom Two: Michelian.

Strictly Pro #2 Gotan Project. Argentine Tango. Stunning.

Here we go #2: Safe – Widdyton! Jamela; Artara; Felicent. Bottom Two: Peterin – Jimavia safe, phew!

Neil Diamond prolongs their agony with Midnight Train To Georgia, properly live. Pop stars please note. Kristina and Robin accompany with some beautiful lifts.

The Moment of Truth: Peterin are out – no arguments there, he was the weakest this week.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Flapping Tangotastic!

Who’s that girl? It’s Patsy, in a Liza Minelli wig; she looks fab! Can’t say much for the dresses, there wasn’t much to them – Natalie’s tango dress was gorgeous – but screamed floaty foxtrot to me!

Jimavia out first, for my fave Charleston of the night, to Do Your Thing – and they did, had a blast, fantastic opener, cheeky, bright, fun, full on musicality, brilliant I loved it, just what you want in a Charleston, making full use of the window props. Len: Full on, went for it, great entertainment, not quite with the swivels, didn’t like the windows; Alesha: full of energy, lively; Bruno: character driven, full on, lost timing; Craig: *few technical things* energy, facial expressions, story, fabulous! Score: 27 the curse of going first, unfortunately, will need the votes.

Ssssscattalie, aw bless, his son, suffering the embarrassment! His timing is excellent, the musicality even in the walking start. Dramatic, intense. Len: Best dance I’ve seen this series; Alesha: Full of intent, the way you lead is superb. You mean business; Bruno: Ssssssscottttttt. Masterful, arrogance, slick and stealthy, from power and passion to romance; Craig: Strong and dynamic, great use of the floor, handled the gear change. Score: 35

Jarina with a Charleston tune from Bugsy Malone, lots of lovely jazz hands, slower and steadier but great movement from Tina. Alesha: Threw yourself into it, springy, cheeky and quirky, your best so far; Bruno: Cute little flapper, needs slightly more energy; Craig: Loved the double progressive cartwheel, character driven, altogether fantastic; Len: Together, sweetness about it, fun, entertaining. Score: 29

Felicent – who knew bananas and apples could be dance aids? Loving the opening choreography of their tango (she got the right leg!) Some brilliant moves, magical tango, cheeky Fliss snogged Vincent at the end! Bruno: Oooooooo, Fe-li-ci-ty, I’m not gonna give to ‘im, I’m not and then smackeroony! Craig: Lonely woman drinking, being seduced by short hairy Italian, great story! Loving the floor spin, gorgeous; Len: I liked the strumpet story with oily Italian, the opening beautifully choreographed and danced – good job, well done; Alesha: seductive temptress, loving the chemistry, some beautiful moments. Score: 29 Splits her signature move now; been wanting to do the tango all her life!

Robsy with a thoroughly enjoyable Charleston, kudos to her being on her own for a lot of it, got into character, lost a little energy towards the end but clearly having a great time. Craig: amazing start, bit sluggish toward the end; Len a thoroughbred this week, full on, entertaining performance from beginning to end; Alesha: loving the look, some moves nailed, having a good time is what it’s all about; Bruno: Look gorgeous, most true to form Charleston. Score: 28

Gavya talking the talk, can he walk the tango walk? Some nifty footwork, bit hit and miss, the fall on the steps put him off I think. Shame, I was looking forward to a strong performance. Len: Posture good, flexed knees, body contact; Alesha: Not bad, vulnerable, believe in yourself more; Bruno: there are some moments when everything comes together, then it crumbles; Craig: Facial expression, need to show some sign of aggression. Score: 23

Peterin and a visit from Gary Lineker – they just have to get him on the show, they have to! Charleston to Cabaret, great lifts but he was following Erin, timing out, Erin did all the work there. Alesha: So sweet, massive timing issue; Bruno: A penguin stuck in the mud; Craig: Glad you had a good time; Len: More comfortable in hold doing proper dancing. Score: 17

Jamela *Ouch* Billy’s picking up tips from James on how to “deal” with Pamela! Love is the Drug an excellent song choice for their tango, superb timing, passionate, kept the intent all the way through, stunning. Bruno: Like Catwoman, playing with a mouse, so musical; Craig: clean, precise, attack, style; Len: Right out there, good technique, consistent; Alesha; on fire, strong, feline. Score: 34.

Mattiona. Nice ‘tache. Unicycling to start, now he’s just showing off! 42nd Street and Phew! Another brilliant performance, full on, acrobatics, musicality, cheeky, loved it! Craig: Not perfect, a timing issue but I loved it; Len: Best Charleston so far; Alesha: Loved the routine, transported to another age; Bruno: Physical theatre, showmanship amazing. Score: 35 Bruno being booed for an 8!

Michelian, with an unexpected treat in the shape of a typically wonderful Ian Waite tango. Still a little soft, but her best yet, especially under the circumstances. Alesha: full of a character and intent, getting into stride; Bruno: Much stronger; Craig: balance a problem, definitely your thing, so much better; Len: Comfortable, bit in and out, but overall coped very, very well. Score: 27

Artara with probably the most technically proficient Charleston, her arm and leg work is fantastic – could have done with a better known song to engage the audience more, it didn’t have the same impact as, say, Jimavia. Bruno: Jazz hot baby, Cotton Club feel; Craig: Adored all the Josephine Baker references; Len: Competent, lacked a bit of impact; Alesha: footwork incredible. Score: 32.

Widdyton introduce us to a third style of tango – the Widdyton Tango. 60 seconds to lift off! What an entry, she’s looking at him a bit saucy like – Anton twirling while the harness comes off and then, they tango, complete with rose and shoving! Before Craig can get a word in, Ann quips: “They’ve de-commissioned the Ark Royal, try The Flying Fortress!" Craig: Dancing hippos, the beginning light and surreal, then you landed; Len: Seeing Ann descent in a truss worth 50% of the licence fee, lot of basic steps, nice foot placement, swivels; Alesha: Taking Strictly Come Dancing to a whole new level, I love you; Bruno: Truly out of this world, was it a bird, was it a plane – no, it was Starship Widdecombe! Score: 21. Best so far – and turns out she’s scared of heights!

Scattalie/Mattiona: 35; Jamela: 34; Artara: 32; Jarina: 29; Felicent: 29; Robsy: 28; Jimavia: 27; Michelian: 27; Gavya: 23; Widdyton: 21; Peterin: 17
If the viewer vote for the bottom three is as strong as we think, this could be a shock week!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Friday Night Sparkle

Tonight ... Artara, Jimavia, pick-of-the-panel, studia crash.

Artara on the sofa, Kara (Cart-wheelie good) and Artem (Easy for you to say) were a little confused with their QS mark from Bruno, but feel it gives them room to grow. Tointon's Guide to ... taking things seriously, not! Artem has changed his mind on the Charleston, thought it crazy, now loves it.

Jimavia in the hot seat and Jimi (Mistry Bopper) said it's the first time they came in for constructive criticism, Flavia (Jimi'll Ca Catch her) thought rumba was a good one for him, natural rhythm, thinking of the posture did for him. He was out with Prince Harry last night, him and Goldie! Get you! Flavistry - the energy drink to give you a boost, overdoing it may lead to loss of control! They're over Moody Monday and Tearful Tuesday, by Wednesday it's wonderful.

The Friday Panel - Cheryl Ferguson (Waltzed in from Walford) Peter Andre (Defender of Dance) Craig (Revel with a Cause - telly went all funny, missed it, making up my own!)
Widdyton - A harness?? They jest, surely - but she promises something special before the dance begins! Moving round the floor, more finesse needed, the tango music ... Hernando's Hideway, is it? Jarina with another Bugsy song, We Coulda Been Everything That We Wanted To Be; Gavya is going to break them, looking better than it's ever looked, control, determination, the song - Toxic - fast, punchy, sharp; Scattalie really looking good, he's listening, moving around, much detail. His nickname is Nemo, according to Cheryl, goes fishing a lot! I know the music, but the title escapes - think it's most recently by the female violin group from Britain's Got Talent, whose name also escapes. Michelian has pulled her socks up and is looking really good - great song, Adamski/Seal, Killer. Dress is pink and bejewelled! Robsy a little sloppy, must be marking, don't freak out, perfect music - wish they'd tell us what it is!

Clauds on her way downstairs, celebs tell of relief when the music stops and then tensions builds again as they head over to the judges! She's there, with Tina, who reckons their charleston is camp; Pamela, who hates watching the others on a Friday, it messes with her head, and Gavin - who loves watcing all the others! It's Jamela to dance us out, brilliant start which descends into words and ends with Pamela doing press ups, lol!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: In a spin

Tonight ... Jarina, Felicent, Sequinned Sizzlers.

Tango updates: Gavya - liking the look of that, flexed, moody; Scattalie, learning process has gone well, seeing star quality, very masculine; Widdyton want to be the best they can, they're doing a Tangle. She wants to dance, no cop outs; Michelian looking stronger, she has to extend to reach Ian, no choice! Jamela - a chiropracters dream, quips Pamela, and it's a dance that matches their relationship, James is slightly scared, she's very strong! Felicent - her dream was to dance the tango with Vincent, drama, passion. In Your Face! They're on the sofa ...

Felicity (Fellicity Bendicity) can't do any of the bendy stuff without Vincent (Vincent-re of attraction) Feargal's happy. Felicity and Vincent in The Hard Life - he's chained her to the gym. "I'm going to concentrate on that bit," she says. "No, you need to concentrate on everything, really!"

Desert Island Dresses: Wardrobe Mistress, Su Judd - she'd take Natasha's white Paso Dress and Kelly's Red Tango dress. Hilary (Strictly Fashionable) and Jessica (Material Girl) on the sofa reckon fabric is the main difference from Strictly dresses to the high street. This week: Pamela, here comes the purple jungle cat on the prowl, godets, halterneck, organza wired underskirt; Tina - young short and funky, ostrich feathers, cute, layers of fringing; Ann - TangoTrousers, dramatic, elegant, shocking pink waterfall; Erin: the case of the incredible vanishing tuxedo, built around hotpants!

Charleston updates - Jimavia having a ball - and lots of injuries; Peterin, loving the hats, slight problem with co-ordination; Mattiona - no need to worry where your toenails are, all about enjoyment; Artara finding it quite difficult, slow? Robsy doing the funky chicken "not a good look" but if I recall, it worked for Cola, didn't it? Jarina finding the fun. Ooh, she's scratcehd, naughty girl, smothered in spots. They're on the sofa, Clauds assures her you couldnt see them. Oops. Sorry. Tina (Tina Turnered it around) said they were having their best week with the rumba! Jared (Ja-red, white and blue) is a swing champion, the styles compliment each other - they can't wait to be back.

End credits: To Spin or Not To Spin! Brendelle should so do that move one week!

Strictly It Takes Two: Double Pro Midweek Reports

Tonight ... Gavya, Mattiona, Robsy, the pro's pros check the midweek training - giving it straight, no mucking about!

Gavya agree that being left till last to find out you're safe was the worst thing ever. Gav (Scrum-ptious dancer) says it's a wake up call and this week has to be his dance! Tango - chances are good! And he was glad not to be kicked out in front of Peter Andre! Katya (Gavin's Prop) says Craig was harsh, he is improving and had nice lines, good movement and emotion. In response to Clauds nagging about competitiveness, she says it's actually all about the journey!

Tango training with Michael Stylianous and Lorna Lee - who are in pose, lol - these two trained the Jordans and Flavia and Vincent! Felicent - legs stiff, up on toes, weight too far back, drop the left, stretch to right; Scattalie needs lady on right, flex knees more but natural hold, nice free movement; Michelian - she's beautiful but heavy backed, hold up more; Jamela - good top look, kick sharp, she's capable, great potential; Widdyton, don't look at Anton all the time, doing very well. Top Tango Tips: Staccato, lady stay on right, flexing the knees into the floor.

Mattiona say 'yeah yeah yeah' (in a fun way) to the judges mixed comments - all they can do is enjoy themselves and entertain the audience to the best of their ability. Matt (Dancing Matt-ers) going to a new level, letting go of everything and being themselves, Aliona (Matt Vil do) loves the farm life, welcome to Mattiona's Dance Farm, where there's a chimpanzee stuck in the cupboard! Charleston this week - they're not holding back, dunno what Len'll say!

Charleston file - swivels, kicks, facial expressions, opposition limbs and entertainment! Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas take us through training. Jenny (Spinning Jenny) says there's a lot going on, need fluidity and Ryan (Flap-ease Artist) says the couples must get us involved. Jarina are back, need to use the floor, a little floppy; Jimavia - great energy, little flat footed and a hiphop move - kicks are wrong, more bicycle, less jivey. Artara - great facility, high kicks, swivels, great potential; Peterin - arms need work "throw not catch"; Robsy - doing really really well, got the character, work on opposition!

Phew, these pros tonight are tough - Clauds has been put in her place on more than one occassion!

Robsy are just going out and enjoying it, Patsy (Patsy'll do it) not worring about the technique so much, throwing herself in. Robin (Patsy's Ninth Wonder) pushing her harder now she has more training time. Before they perform Robin tells her to have fun; she tells him she's forgotten the routine! Their Charleston is full on and they're loving it, best time so far, a happy 'up' dance with a character - from The Great Gatsby. Big thank yous to everyone who's called in for them.

End credits - Frustration City.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's Thoughts are in, the show this week had a TV music theme tune!

The results are here!

And naturally, it set me thinking - what British TV shows could provide dance music to Strictly? And will they begin to introduce themes like their American counterpart?

The only one that sprang to mind was Double Deckers for a cha cha (Billy's doing Cuban Breaks!) Get Peter Firth there, recognise him - Harry from Spooks! I'm sure they'll be plenty more - Foxy, this'll be right up your street! Oh, here's another - Banana Splits - jive!

Snippets: Flashdance, Blaze, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, Glee,

Fab review of the Arlene Phillips choreographed 'Flashdance' at the Shaftesbury Theatre. And a review of Blaze in Glasgow.

Strictly Come Dancing judge, Len Goodman will be hosting his own three-part BBC Radio 2 show from next month. Co-judge Alesha Dixon is fronting a documentary 'Don't Hit My Mum' about domestic violence and reveals she witnessed it first hand and here's another interview with her. And Craig Revel Horwood will be judging Britain's Best Sausage. Seriously, stop making up your own jokes ... he's looking forward to checking out the best bangers. A health Q&A with Arlene Phillips .

Excellent interview with James and Pamela. And one with Tess Daly.

More Dancing on Ice possibles, Corrie stars Steven Arnold and Julia Haworth.

BBC Worldwide and ABC begin broadcasting Skating With The Stars next month.

Interview with West End star and former Dancing on Ice judge, Ruthie Henshall.

Cat Deeley's been taking dancing notes ... she came up with this by herself - warning: Swearing! They did ask for it ... I'm assuming it's either a joke or it was edited it out! Worked a treat though!

Glee's Matthew Morrison will apparently be duetting with Sting on his debut album.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Waite-ing in the wings!

Tonight ... Brendelle, no hang on ... Ianelle ... or Michelian ... or Williwaite, I just can't decide! Karen's Choreography Corner, Scattalie, Widdyton.

With Brendan flown back home due to the sad loss of his father, the lovely Ian (Stepping Ian for Brendan) Waite is partnering Michelle (Destiny'ed to dance) both on the sofa and on Saturday's show - and she's got the Tango King the week she has tango! You go, girl! (See above for a selection of temporary team names - you choose, I can't make up my mind!) Michelle reckons Ian is stricter than Brendan *shocked face*, Ian always thought he was a big softy! Their tango will be modern, dramatic, dark and mysterious - quite possibly Machiavellian ... is that a clue to what the team name should be? *Puzzled face*

Choreography Corner with Karen Hardy (Boogie Breakdown) The judges are challenging the pros, keeping the scores lower so they've somewhere to go later on. Mattiona's foot pattern combo, woodpecker and then solo - repetition, very clever; Gavya and she used the timing, stepping on the 1 of the beat, much easier for non dancers; Scattalie used slows to highlight the quicks, light and shade; Peterin hit the turns, lock step and chasses, mastered the top line; Artara and the element of surprise, the perfectly executed cartwheel, using the strengths in the music; Robsy well choreographed, time to gather herself; Felicent core strength not there, but showing the flexibility. Karen's loving the props, rivalry and new set!

Out of the Glitterball:
Sid 1979 again - overkill Sid, much ;) I'm kidding ... What's your guilty pleasure? Vincent - woman (he said singular, possibly he meant plural) Anton - dinner with girlfriend (not quite sure he understood the question, possibly he meant dinner with best friend's girlfriend or something, who knows?) Ola - food; Felicity doesn't feel guilty about any kind of pleasure! What on earth would Tom say?

IIILoveYou - choose another partner: Robin - Patsy; Ann -Anton; Jared - dunno (they're really not very good at these) Jimi - Shilts (Hooray!) Vincent - Ann (now we're getting somewhere) Anton - Ann (ah, well) Shilts - Ola! Wouldn't expect anything less of an England footballer, would you?

Littlemunchkin - Fave Breakfast: Aliana - anything with custard; Jimi - veggie sausage sarnie; Artem - porridge or a full English. Oh, he's so ours.

Widdyton on the sofa -Ann (Ready to T-Ann-Go) didn't think the QS would work; went with the 'just run and keep up option'; Anton (Hen-Beked) is re-writing history, it was marvellous, without any of that gimmick malarkey! Cue the Ann and Anton Hyenas, hidden deep in the heart of Newton Abbot. Tango is excellent, reckons Ann. They got two steps right today - in a row!

Scattalie sofa'd and Scott (Great Scott) was anxious and losing weight but found it a brilliant experience, loved the running around, suits his hyper nature. Nat (Waltzing Nat-ilda) says the song was being hummed by Scott one day and that's when she decided to use it! He's delivering everything she asks of him, he's a sponge. Nerves and fear of failure keep him on his toes! Cut to Scott Maslen's World Dance Tour (vocal only!) Cuba - Germany - Mexico - Great Britain - USA - coming to a country near you! Loving the tango, the story, the passion, it's all: come 'ere you/now get away/I can't stand you/but I need you!

End credits - it's all making (non)sense. Come on, you Dodo!

X-Factor Live Show, week 2: Heroes

And in no particular order ...

Dannii at it already - Aiden clearly hated and struggled with Jealous Guy, showed in the performance. Picked up in parts but mostly sounded like he was being strangled. A real shame.

Wagner does Tom Jones - what's with the chicken impressions from the dancers? Much more listenable than Aiden. Are the female dancers happy letting the boys boobie grab in front of millions? Then Simon asks Wagner if he's getting it on with Mary? What's happening here? Wagner was a perfect gent - good answer!

Katie and I completely forgot to note the song. I can't remember it at all. Stripped down, yes and shows that her voice isn't that musical. Completely soul-less, still appears fake to me, just doesn't engage. Rawness, Simon? Really? Appears totally manufactured to me, every note.

Belle Amie much much better with a rockin' Rollin' Stones number they could really go for, more confident.

One Direction sing My Life Would Suck Without You. They look like they're having a great time, so engaging but Zain badly needs to be ready on his cue, or they need to give lead vocals to Harry; Liam consistent.

Mary Byrne does it again, Dusty Springfield, goosebumps, genuine emotion.

Matt Cardle does Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are. He's definitely on it. Very assured.

John Adeleye and A Song For You, so effortless, so much presence, so much emotion. Simple, effective, lovely.

Rebecca Ferguson. Nina Simon. Feeling Good. Clearly. Love the phrasing, no need to belt it out, just oozes ...

Cher Lloyd with A Hard Knock Life. Her heroine is Annie? Back on par with her first audition, vocally and performance wise. But nagging feeling she'll be this year's Danyl.

Paije Richardson - If I Ain't Got You - I love this song but the vocal is too on one level for him - still better than most though.

Diva Fever, Barbra Streisand. Didn't work for me this week, even with the multitude of strapping men in pants.

Storm Lee, Born To Run - trying to emulate The Boss was always going to be tough. Not raw enough for this.

Treyc and Prince and why oh why are they always given his most tuneless little ditty ever, Purple Rain? Thank God the girl can sing. First one to do it and not make me cringe.

Results Run Down

Lady Ga Ga's Telephone for all of them, altogether, they don't sound bad. Recap. Diana Vickers - I suppose you're allowed to indulge yourself if you've had a number one. Very professional, considering her age. Avoid the leotard look in future though, really. Katy Perry - yet another top star proving how much work goes on in the studio ... great in the chorus, stronger towards the end.

Safe: Katie, John, Matt, Rebecca, One Direction, Mary, Cher, Paije, Treyc, Wagner, Aiden.

First out: Storm! Diva Fever v Belle Amie in the sing off.

Diva Fever choose I Will Survive - they've gone for UberCamp; I'm waiting for his hair to unravel, looks unrehearsed.

Belle Amie sing Big Girls Don't Cry, nicely understated, showing off the vocals. They're all crying now, they lied!

It's a clean sweep to send home Diva Fever, Simon saved from having to choose.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Pozegnalny Paulla!

Tonight ... Paulla, Craig, Jamela, Peterin.

Behind the scenes, band call and first time with live music, Vincent singing (keeeeep dancing, Vincent!) welly wearer Matt, the Murillo clan all dance , no-one wanted to do Vincent in make up!

Ola (unemployed magician's assistant) on the sofa, Paul joining on the jellybone. They did the best they could - Paul requested for the rumba not to be sexy or raunchy, so they went for comedy. Ola knows a magic trick! Pick a card, any card - behind the back it goes "Is that your card?" "No!" Wait ... wait ... wait - Yes, that's it! Lol. This week would have been a logistical nightmare, lots of trips away for shows: Kismet, says Paul. Ann thought they were endearing, she thought he'd be safe too.

Grumpy Len - tip top to cream crackered - Craig (Very Revel-Headed) on the sofa, blames America! Or Len's trips to it, anyway. Len's on the phone, confirms that Jamela were heading for a 9 until the aeroplane spin, likewise Matt. Craig justfies his 4 for Brendelle - lots of small things wrong, also Jimavia - no hip action in the walks, but side to side and rotation good. As funny as Ann is, she's also applying herself, this he likes. Technically abyssmal but applying herself! Ssssscattalie - loved it loved it loved it, coming along beautifully, show biz pizazz ... pizazz.

Jamela on the sofa - confession time - it was Pam (Dr.Who is No.1) who insisted on the spin, one of many ideas they had and put in against James' (Last Jordan Standing) better judgement! He is now known as the all seeing, all knowing rumba God - and she's the Old Bird! Mother of 5; nanny of 2, who call her Goddie (Goddess!) the boy doesn't like the boobies and short dresses on show though; youngest daughter, 22, found the rumba too much! Tango this week!

Most impoved Peterin on the sofa, cue footie puns - Erin's putting her foot down "stop with the football chat in training; it' not football, it's dancing!" Peter (Showman Shilton) excited, might have been the hair Erin (She likes to Boagie) happy it all came together on the night. They have Charleston this week - lots of kicking and a couple of lifts - no dropping now!

End credits is Jarina's rumba from Wednesday's training, Bleeding Love the song and it looked very nice, relaxed and some lovely armography. Will they do that on Saturday or do they have to learn tango or Charleston?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 3

The Strictly Pros open the show with a bright and cheeky Charleston; Happy Feet indeed - a Karen Bruce choreography creation. And I have to say - James and Ola really stood out for me. It's that or the tango next week for our lot!

Recap - judges view: five or six potential winners.

Here we go #1: Safe - Widdyton! Jamela, whoop! Peterin; Robsy *major shocked face again, lol*. Advice for Ann from Craig "Dance better!" And Len, re Peter: "Shoppers of Britain are relieved!"

A Flavia production - Tango Unleashed. Spectacular; she's got Robin, James, Arten and Vincent in vests and her the only girl, in bondage. She's not daft, is she?!

Ann's just told off Clauds now, even though they're wearing matching tops!

Here we go #2: Safe - Jimavia; Mattiona, yay! Artara. Bottom Two - Paulla! Aw.
Alesha understands how they're all feeling - petrified! Bruno says Jimi's Mistry is solved - overdid it.

Paul says he's better qualified than most to go - don't give up yet!

Peter Andre sings Defender, quite a hip hoppy r'n'b vibe going on, I like! And the dancers are excellent.

Here we go #3: Safe - Scattalie *Phew* Felicent! Bottom Two - Brendelle; Gavya safely through.

The Moment of Truth: Paulla! Ooh, the audience just got serious ...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Seven-th Heaven!

Slight controversy tonight, as 'seven' seemed to be the most popular individual score, regardless of the dance - Patsy and Peter's scoring the same as Matt's and Kara's by some judges. And Alesha seemed to have mislaid the rest of her paddles for most of them!

Artara hit the floor first and it's WoW, what a rocker - stunning start, pure power and energy all through, what an opening quickstep! Band were fab! Len: An excellent performance throughout, clean of foot, good movement; Alesha: Liked the modern twist, so confident; Bruno: Pacey and lively; Craig: A cartwheel in heels, know how tough that is, have done it myself! Score: 31 Bruno booed for a 7! Possibly would have scored higher had it been later in the show.

Felicent rumba - that back bend - splits - arabesque -back bend, lovely mirror back bend move to finish! She's very bendy! Len: Hip action, chemistry, flexibility, your best dance; Alesha: Oozing sex appeal, very tender, blown me away; Bruno: Didn't know you could be so bendy; Craig: Forward and back basic very good, back bend ama-ZING! Impressive. Score: 29

Robsy slightly misfire at the start, but better once in hold and she goes for it again, a happy dance, well done Patsy. Bruno: Keep your confidance, a quickstep from the Wild Wild West; Craig: Yes it was Ye Ha and hoe down, too fast; Len: The quantity of steps was there, very ambitious routine, came out with confidence; Alesha: Good effort, a charm about it, don't beat yourself up. Score: 24

Paulla rumba, bless, he did his homework. Magical beginning, funny spin, utterly charming storytelling, they're so sweet, it warrants an "Awww."Craig: Armography blocky, spent the time ogling Ola (didn't all the blokes, say Brucie; Len: I did! Paul: I did really well!) Len: Parts were magical, parts were comical, parts were diabolical - whole thing entertaining; Alesha: So sweet, really trying, want more; Bruno: Ola and the giant pepper pot! Score: 16

Mattiona feeling the pressure, it's another full on rocky QS but he's not his usual smiley self, I think they went slightly wrong? but it was still a wow, lots of spectacular diamond moments. Alesha: little bit serious at times; Bruno: Brilliant timing, complicated choreography, relax, you can do it; Craig: kept up brilliantly, mainstained frame, brilliant; Len: I admire you, a little bit manic, too full on , needed some calmness, don't need all the gimmicks, just come out and perform. Score: 31 Len booed for a 7 - never thought we'd see the day!

Gavya rumba: Katya says "I'm thinking sexy thoughts" Gav replies "Good for you". Much better than last week, some nice movement, I've seen a lot worse. Len: really gave it a good shot; Alesha: Nicely done, a big improvement, go for it - your bum looks great in those trousers! Bruno: Driving me crazy, I think you can do it, the turn into drop smooth and beautful, you have the ability, have to break through; Craig: My floorboards at home have more movement, get your mind, body and soul into it. Score: 22

Scattalie and the much anticipated QS to King of the Swingers and I'm not disappointed, fantastic timing and musicality from the pair of them, loved it. And easily best song of the night! Bruno: Ssssscott, action packed adventure of a QS, great story telling and technique, choreography superb; Craig: Agreed, I relax and feel at ease when you take to the floor, assured, swing and sway; Len: You are very close to being a very good dancer; Alesha great song, great outfit, musicality incredible, your dance. Score: 34.

Brendelle rumba. Come On Michelle! Better arms, nice spins, still a little fragile looking, good effort. Alesha: Storytelling and chemistry believeable, sensitivity, well done (nice one Alesha, for buoying up her confidence); Bruno: Well played, good lines and extensions (Bruno's doing it too) Craig: hit some really nice lines , need to move through more (Et tu, Craig?) Len: Lines and chemistry very good, needs a bit more authority, reduce heel size maybe? Score: 24. She stills seems a bit crestfallen though, but they were encouraging comments - chin up, love!

Peterin for their QS, he looks very debonair, easily his best so far, some nice footwork, much more comfortable; Alesha: very comfortable, massive improvement; Bruno: improved, some timing issues, comfortable; Craig: Erin, you have been drilling, tentative, can improve on swing and sway but did very very well; Len: A proper quickstep, nice hold and posture, if bottom two, I'll show my bum in Tescos! Score: 26.

Jimavia, he's a bubble about to burst! Ooh, he's looking all moody. Gorgeous song, Ain't No Sunshine, great support for Flavia, something funky going on there, a little jerky in places - trying a bit too hard, nice synchronised finish. Len: Parts I liked, neat feet but soft legs; Alesha: chemistry, loving the partnership; Bruno: lost fluidity, pushed it; Craig: A curious nature to your shoulders, less is more in this instance. Score: 25.

Widdyton, the runaway train QS, lol. Get Anton, all top hat and cane, Putting on the Ritz - didn't she do well! She gave it a proper go, lots of steps, just stuffed the end a bit! Bruno: Twirling around like Flora the red menace - it looked like a QS; Craig *list of faults* You did at least dance! Len: Have to lean to the left! I can tell you worked very hard; Alesha: So many more steps than last week (Ann - that wouldn't be difficult!) Score: 18 Ann tells Tess - You do go on, don't you?!

Jamela, she's aiming to shut James up about the trip - she does, beautiful lines, hip action, chemistry, it was all there to a fab song - she's so into it, even closes her eyes at one point. Craig: Fab-U-Lous; Len: Good technique, chemistry, musicality, so beautiful and poignant, why spoil it with the aeroplane; Alesha: So romantic, genuinely touched, born to dance; Bruno: You sang with your body, every movement, on it completely satisfying at every level! Score: 35 - As with Mattiona, Len marked down for the move he felt detracted from the performance.

Jamela 35
Scattalie 34
Mattiona 31
Artara 31
Felicent 29
Peterin 26
Jimavia 25
Brendelle 24
Robsy 24
Gavya 22
Widdyton 18
Paulla 16

Till the morrow! 7.30pm, BBC One.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Pop Panel

Tonight ... Widdyton confess, Lulu & Jason, Gavya, rehearsal.

Gav (In a Scrumba) - very honest - relied on chest as can't dance ...yet, adds Katya (Virshual - reality) Not so Dirty Dancing, though Katya wants mothers to close their daughters eyes for their rumba. Worked on technique and exensions, really enjoying it.

Widdyton missed out half the routine; there was only meant to be one spin at the end! Ann (Always Right) calls it her Mandelson Moment! She'd love to have done it perfectly, the missing bit was her favourite - where her feet didn't have to move! Anton (At Ann's Beke 'n' Call) says Craig laughing was the highlight of his life and that Ann is developing beautifully, doesn't like to be shackled by a routine, likes to be spontaneous. She's allowing him to wear a suit, he's negotiating to lead. She's after making Craig cry this week!

Jason Donovan (Aussie Rules) and Lulu (Flower of Scotland) join Craig (Horwood to please) on the panel. Artara doing well, song will rock out, says Lulu. Len won't like it, says Craig! Wearing lace, halter neck, says Jason (he's on dresses!) Jamela and another teeter moment, lovely back and leg lines, beautiful, spectacular, unbelievable, looks like a pro, Adele's You Make Me Feel My Love - gorgeous; Paulla - worrying arms, need to extend - great song, Rihanna and Take A Bow; Peterin - looks much better and a proper QS song - The Lullaby of Broadway. Lulu bigs up the band, Erin's dress has a lot of flares! (Thinking: it's a good job they concentrated on frocks during the week!) Felicent - you can tell she loves it, playing the character well. Super supple. True Colours by Cyndi Lauper, "lots of leg going on in the dress" lol. Robsy needs to soften and have more body contact.

The Celebrity Adrenalin Rush as Clauds heads downstairs ... and nabs Matt, Jimi and Scott, Scattalie her victims tonight - we don't see much as the credits roll, keeping it a surprise!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Seeing Spots ... and beading, sequins and crystals!

Tonight ... Mattiona, Robsy, fabulous fashion.

But first - Tina has chicken pox and will miss Saturday's show - she'll have a bye through to the next week and one couple will still be eliminated. If she doesn't compete the following week, she's out. So, please, Powers That Be - use a bit of common sense and ensure that the couple eliminated this weekend carry on training, so they can step back in if need be and keep us on track for a three couple final, pleeeeaaase! It ain't rocket science, I'm just sayin' ...

QS Quick-stop:Kara worrying that the QS could all go wrong, she thinks too much laughing is a problem; Artem says she can do what she likes (in a good way); Widdy learns slowwwllllyy, Anton says their QS is very Fred and Ginger; Patsy likening it to aerobics; Erin's getting Peter there; Scattalie - nice slide, liking the look of this; Mattiona busy busy busy ... they, and Robsy, sofa bound.

Patsy (Confi-dance boost) still so shocked, likens herself to an elephant, but she's feeling The Robin Effect: Feeling old? Can't do it? You need The Robin Effect - everyone should have one (with added shimmy.) Matt (Here Comes The Quickstepper) ok with the end of the foxtrot (tried it on the wife first) it was the bits before that he was worried about. Aliona (Flame Haired and Fabulous) is pushing him to breaking point, the QS going like a rocket. It's all very emotional, Clauds thinks she's turned into Jeremy Kyle. Asks Patsy for one word to describe her QS: Appalling, she replies immediately. Oh dear!

Rumba report: Gavya - no heels in Latin; he's abused for four hours; Paulla are attracting each other with hips - could be tricky but they're perfect for his height, says Paul, even with squeaks. Flav succeeding in making Jimi love every dance with "a little bit of this, a little bit of that" - I hope that's not a clue to their song *eek*; Pamela also in love with dance, she's always wanted to stick her leg on a man's shoulder; Brendelle have a diamond moment; Felicity understands the emotion he needs, another diamond moment there!

Strictly dresses, from idea to creation: Chrisanne and DSI responsible, meeting the dancers during the summer, most know what they want. Pamela's waltz dress was changed to blue/silver from blue/gold because of the song - with just 3 days to go!

One fitting, build a layered stand which decreases as the celebs lose weight. One and a half million crystals; 15-50 hours with 6 people per dress; 3,500 metres of fabric; 300 dresses to come.

Hilary Alexander & Jessica Brown on sofa, both picked same three fave outfits: Flavia's elegant foxtrot dress, Nat's salsa gingham; Pamela's sexy but suitable salsa frock. This week - Michelle has a Grecian thing going on, plaiting detail, spine cleavage, split front for leg extensions; Ann's silver & red, clever twist, jacket incorporated, godets; Pamela, hot - looks amazing, serpentine dress, beading sinuously wraps, rusching! Patsy in cherry red, fluid and Hollywood glamour, satin corset, sheer top, mesh, silk, georgette, satin, godets - 7 metres in circumference. And feathers! Katya rumba frock, barely there floral boudoir effect, underwear to be seen! Let's hope it's a warm night ...

Snippets: Dancing With The Stars, Akai, Strictly Come Dancing,

Trav's Thoughts are in - I wonder if the small round stage will make it to Television Centre for the AT's? Main show and Results.

Interview with Got To Dance winner, Akai.

Beyonce joins in a streetdance!

Peter Andre will perform his new single 'Defender' on Saturday's Strictly show.

Gareth Gates is taking on the role of Marius, in Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre.

Paula Abdul's Live to Dance show will feature Kimberley Wyatt as a judge, as does the UK equivalent, Got To Dance.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Darren's Midweek Report

Tonight ... Paulla minus the Paul bit, Felicent, Darren's midweek report, Scattalie.

Ola (She's Ola-right) is accompanied by a magic hat and was very pleased with their scores on Saturday, was prepared to go home. Rumba next - Paul writes everything down and videos Ola doing his steps so he can practice at home! There may be a rabbit on Saturday!

Karen's quick guide to Quickstep - 20's foxtrot/charleston mix ... spin turns ... chasses ... lock steps. Who'll light up the dance floor this year? Darren (Has the low down) will tell all - ooh, a punditry machine!

Quicksteps: Widdyton has the steps, bring hips to Anton, create better posture; Peterin looks like he's saving a goal, we want nice hands, like a reindeer, fantastic back line, good movement; Mattiona, lots of very fast footwork, watch the gapping.

Rumbas: Jimavia's hip line needs to be over his feet, very nice; Brendelle beautiful shape, bring arms to the fore; Jamela , ooh, look at that walk, musicality, oh so together. Keep length through the neck. Firecracker moment! Clauds can't resist. Gavya has good feet, fantastic foot stretch, take it all the way up through the body.

Felicent on the sofa and Felicity (Felicity Ken-do-it) feels the foxtrot could have been better, has to obey orders more! Much happier with the comfortable snuggling up to Vincent. 'Feargal' asks, are you settling for polished and clean, not taking risks? Watch this week, says Vincent (Simone says) we asked for the show to be moved to after the watershed! Shut up and drive - she's not used to changing direction - marked her hands and wears different coloured shoes! But loving the rumba - and there's a diamond!

Out of the glitterball: Mystical 123 - what's your ideal day off? Jared- skydiving; Artem - motor racing; Jimi - horizontal, watching movies; Ann - what's a day off? Paul - boating; Anton - golf; Ola - duvet day with James; Vincent - motorcycling. xxxBeckyxx: What superhero power would you have? Katya, Erin and Aliona all want to be Invisible Woman; Artem - healing powers; Flavia and Robin both want to fly.

Scattalie - love the gurgles as he shimmies. And so masterful: "You're not going anywhere!" to Natalie and grabs her! Nat (Definitely not Lowe today) wanted to use as much of the stage as possible, hence the mezzanine. Scott (He's scott the moves) says putting in the hours gives him the confidence to go for it. The evolution of MAsleN. Well carried away in rehearsals, monkeying around - oh, it's a clue to their Quickstep song from Jungle Book! Whoop - looking forward even more to that then!

End credits, look away if of a nervous disposition - it's all hits, trips and falls!

Ubisoft® Launch of Just Dance® 2! Or, Schmoozing With The Stars ... in pictures!

What can I say, other than I had a fab-u-lous time at Studio Valbonne (many thanks to Lexy!) Here's a few photos - the celebs were having a fab time too, giving their all on the wii games set up! The screens were far too much for my little camera though, so you have to take my word for it! Here’s a video hint of the fun you can have!

The lovely John Partridge - you may know him as Christian in East-Enders, but I know him from Over The Rainbow!

The adorable Vincent Simone from Strictly Come Dancing

Pineapple Dance's exuberant Louis Spence

Bright and shiny Tinchy Stryder ... sorry 'bout that!

From Dancing on Ice, Zoe Salmon

Sophie Ellis Bextor ... spot the Blue Peter connection there.

The gorgeous Jeremy Edwards from Dancing on Ice

X-Factor behind the scenes Star Maker, Brian Friedman

X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke

National Lottery's Jennie Falconer

DJ Yoda kept us all moving ...

Dizzee Rascal: The smiley photo wasn't as clear, sorry!

Coronation Street/Waterloo Road actress, Angela Griffin

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Question Time

Tonight ...Peterin, choreography corner, Jimavia, Brendelle.

Peterin - cracking save! Peter (having a ball) final two the worst experience of his life (even more than that Maradona incident!) Nice shirt though. Thanks his voters. Erin (Shilton's defence) convinced they were goners. If he can get the steps and the performance together, it'll be good. Sports Star to Sequin star/broadway luvvy production of My Fair Goalie. Quickstep next week!

Choreography Corner with Lisa Bellinger (Giving it a whirl) Current UK Closed Pro Latin Champion (Karen's on her hols) Looks for three diamonds to highlight a dance, not technical - a WOW factor: Artara's use of the scarf as prop with the back bend; Mattiona's gymnastic finish; Scattalie's Scott solo spot - try saying that after a couple - Jamela's dangerous spin - all pros trusting their partners, she wouldn't give her students risky moves the 2nd week! Felicent leading with the leg spin; Robsy perfectly in sync, with Patsy in front. Whoever did her eye make-up has to move in with Claudia! A lot of perfomances had diamonds and risk ... in week 2! Paulla needs more repetition; Gavya had harder choreography, may be why he struggled; Jarina, the spin queen - more the merrier!

Glitterball, glitterball on the floor ... Sid1979: Do you collect anything? Ann - bears on plates, skating, knitting, anything; Paul - magic posters; Vincent - aftershave; Artem - hotel keys (?) Jimi - dirty socks *wrinkles nose* Waltzing Matilda: What makes you cry? Peter - losing penalty shoot-outs; Jimi - people with no sense of humour; Flavia - anything; Artem - movies; Robin: soppy movies; Erin doesn't cry *throws the card* SarahCucumbers?19 (can't read my writing, sorry Sarah!) Favourite Potato (fab question though, lol - Jared struggles!) Jimi - French fries; Vincent - heartshaped (watch out for a piccie of him later, with me! Poor man.) Jared: balls? (they're roasties, says Claudia) Paul - home grown; Robin: chips!

Jimavia on the sofa - it was amazing. No, really! Jimi (Jimi'll Fix It) had a total blank just before their go. Flavia (Mistry Caller) Oh, no, not again, please! Ok, she didn't actually say that - but she'd seen the panic in his face! Loved being out last to wrap the show. Shimmy Spielberg asked if they felt they were a tad undermarked - but they were delighted, thought it amazing, in fact! International Man of Mistry does impressions - helpfully, caption guy told us who they were! The celebs all very supportive, everyone is giving it everything. Feeling good about the rumba this week!

Brendelle's turn on the sofa - what does she have to do, here we go again! Michelle (Bench Marks) felt good about the foxtrot ... the numbers can only go up though! Brendan (Using the handrail) says their foxtrot was a proper foxtrot and felt Bruno undermarked. The nutty, bubbly lady is coming across, don't worry! Rumba next week, she needs to get closer, go for it and touch Brendan. Better you than me, says Clauds!

End credits, all you need is a hug.

Strictly It Takes Two: Goodbye Goldina

Tonight ... Goldina trot-foxed, was the real Craig abducted by aliens, Artara and Jamela.

But first, behind the scenes - Len's all twitchy, the mere mention of salsa makes Anton smile, Goldie in pants; Vinent beaten up, Ann doesn't get nervous, she gets ready! The nervous excitement is apparent!

Recap - reminding me how much fun Saturday night was. Goldina on the sofa and Goldie (Unlucky star) feels bad for Kristina (Goldie's retriever) who was shocked as he'd improved so much. Middle of the board, looked to be safe, his voters all out partying. Ooh, don't go there with the dance off, Goldie, makes you look a little churlish. Seriously. Yes, you'd have been saved - but then Peter's fans will have spent their hard-earned for nothing! We pay to vote, we choose - that's fair. Some people are very forgetful of how it was pre Series 5! And how they had to change the semi finals in series 6 and 7 because of public outcry over series 5!

Craig (Revel-headed) the lean mean judging machine but on Saturday - Zipperdeedoodah! Why? They improved and there was good dancing. But doesn't like the judges desk being used, had to move his notebook! Surprised to see Goldie go, just proves the show not solely based on dance. Well, Duh. Peterin very staid, velcro stuck feet; Robsy, didn't think was capable then Bang! Gavya being discussed by him and Katya at the BBC bar over cupcakes (if we're paying for those, I want one.) Scattalie and he's releasing his inner self, finding his feminine side in a butch way. Widdyton made him "properly speechless in 900 years of Strictly" except for "Tip of the Mess" and "Catastrophic"! Jarina still not alive and thrilling, some chemical missing from the relationship.

Artara so happy with a 9! Kara (Getting Kara'd away) doesn't wish to dwell on the previous week's slip anymore; Artem (Artful Dancer) thrilled at judges loving his choreography. Well into the Bond character; he's Mr. Tough in training. An appreciation of his body *fans self* thanks Clauds. Aw, bless, he's blushing.

Jamela, revisiting the stumble and - when they can all stop laughing - Pamela (Psizzling psychologist) confesses, if she was going to go, it would be with a shimmy at the judges. James (Ladies Love Cool James) was convinced he wouldn't get there in time, surprised to see her still standing. It will be forever known as the Firecracker moment! Fabulous partnership.

Hip action end credits!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

X-Factor Results: Facing The Music

The finalists, together, singing Rhythm of the Night, all very jolly; Belle Amie looked and sounded much more comfortable there; Mary and John duetted well.

Usher shows how to sing and dance simultaneously - just dance and let the backing track do most of the work! Working the crowd, what a star! Now, wouldn't we like to see him in Strictly?

Who nailed it? Louis - Aiden; Dannii & Cheryl - Mary; Simon - Wagner!

Joe McElderry's song not my cuppa but no denying the voice. Dermot needs to gargle.

Here we go: Safe - Treyc and John, whoop! Aiden, yay, and Diva Fever; Cher and Storm; Belle Amie?! and Matt, yes! Wagner?! Jeez, a couple of gooduns could be going here! Rebecca and Mary *phew*One Direction and Paije! One going immediately - it's Nicolo. F.Y.D versus Katie in the showdown. Nicolo and Dannii gutted, but really - Lady Ga Ga?! Horrible feeling they'll put Katie through. Will Simon vote for her?

F.Y.D and a credible version of Please Don't Stop The Music, love the movement, energy - maybe should have gone with Beggin' - in my heart I don't think it'll make a difference. Katie, well, she could hardly forget the words to that one, could she? And she's duly sent through, everyone bar Simon voting for her. The audience are not happy, they were calling for F.Y.D during Cheryl's intro to Katie. I can normally find something positive to say about all the contestants - but I really can't stand her.

If you believe the gossip, the judges had no choice. Or, if you're feeling uncharitable, they're happy to keep the less popular act to protect their own. The question is - how many times can they save her?

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth

And no-one wants to be the first to leave ... judges happy, pressure off. Recap ... this will be tough.

Here we go #1: Safe - Robsy, her face=pure shock! Brendelle; Jamela - woo! Jimavia, yay! In the bottom two: Peterin, unsurprising. How do the judges feel? Bruno says the standard is so high, competition is fierce; Len was concerned for Patsy - now she can cast off the shackles of inhibition for the quickstep or rumba next week. Peter surprised to be in the bottom two, but that's being an optimist for you.

Strictly showdancers show off a gorgeous, classic quickstep to a contemporary song.

Here we go #2: Safe - Jarina; Scattalie, whoop! Gavya; Mattiona, Yay! And now, we wait! Craig says Gav needs to believe he can do the Latin. Alesha say if we lose a great dancer because there's no dance off, she'll miss them but it's a public show and they should have the final say.

Robbie Williams sings Rock DJ and shows off his dad dancing skills; they simply have to get him on the show, he clearly loves it. Did he borrow those trousers from MC Hammer?

The ballroom bug, strictlyitis - they've all been struck down with it, big time.

Here we go #3: Safe - Felicent; Artara; Paulla. The Bottom Two: Goldina, which means Widdyton are safe. But we knew that! Goldina versus Peterin - leaving tonight are ... Goldina! Not a major shock, not enough time for him to impact, when the less skilled are either so funny or an England footballing legend.

X-Factor: Going Live - with wildcards

In no particular order, since watching live is not an option!

Matt Cardle - I do not care if he closes his eyes; I use my ears when I'm listening to music. Call me old-fashioned. Quiet start, picked up - delivered totally on another dodgy Dannii song choice. More to come, definitely.

John Adeleye - sung beautifully, delivered passionately, lovely performance. Probably too understated for the X-Factor audience, low key song.

Rebecca Ferguson - 'Teardrops' showing a lot more confidence, classy, stylised, different - love what they did with this. Delivered like a pro.

Storm Lee - came across more personable there, strong performance, still not completely sold on his vocal, but well done, a lot to cope with.

Belle Amie - gave them a second listen - still pretty dreadful, a real shame, because they can all sing. There's no tune, no melody, picked up towards the end a bit.

Char Lloyd - almost as much anticipation as for Widdyton! Just Be Good To Me the song, the rap added a whole new dimension, which was just as well, as her singing is quite ordinary, better when hitting the attitude. Think the judges are going a little overboard.

Diva Fever - Sunny the song, and sunny the performance, paticularly strong lead vocal, thoroughly enjoyable.

Paije Richardson - shouldn't have needed a wildcard ... Killing Me Softly, Fugees version, wise - stunning, mature voice - please keep still, losing the vocal with too much prancing around. Stay still!

Katie Waissel 'We Are The Champions' She's paid her doos. All style, no substance, no genuine passion. She had to work harder to win me over; she failed. The audience ... crikey, Louis just said what I said ... aren't exactly going mad for her, are they? Simon loves her ... anything in that rumour, that she works for Sony BMG, his firm?

F.Y.D - likin' this already, vocally strong, visually strong, complete performance from a well oiled machine - check out the dancing - assured and confident, watchable, top performance.

Treyc Cohen - another who should have gone straight through - no well known song and huge production for her though - well, she can sing, can't she. Terrific vocal performance - but the song won't grab the audience, unfortunately.

Aiden Grimshaw - Again, he doesn't have to project himself - it's his voice we want. It's A Mad World - intense performance, brilliant vocal, unusual choice but very effective. Loved it.

Wagner - no Yuli? *tuts* Brazil to Dudley, why? She Bangs - he's actually very likeable, warm, genuine. Bongos - Love Shack, he's having a ball.

One Direction - Coldplay, Viva La Vida - great choice, Liam to start and finish, should have gone with Harry instead of Zain, very honest performance, well done.

Nicolo Festa and Dannii has given him 'Just Dance' - I can't take him seriously, it's karaoke, no matter how much production is chucked at it, not the strongest of vocals.

Mary Byrne - It's a Man's World. Stunning. The most complete performance of the night. Great song, delivered with passion, vocally supreme, star presence. Brilliant. Listen to the audience. If she does that every week, the others don't stand a chance. Really. Pretenders, one and all.

Here's hoping that Treyc, F.Y.D, Mary, Rebecca, One Direction, Aiden, Paije, John and Matt all make it through.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 2: The Big One!

Love the rusching on Tess' dress. I had curtains like that once. Dresses of the night: Felicity and Aliona, both stunning.

Mattiona first out for their foxtrot ... crikey, we thought Scattalie's waltz was raunchy, that's the most tango-esque fiesty foxtrot I've ever seen! *Phew* Follow that, everyone else! Len: You're getting on my wick - not supposed to dance that well in week 2! Over emphasized the heels, toe nearly stuck Aliona's bottom. Great start; Alesha - sexiest foxtrot I've ever seen; Bruno: Passion, relentlessly intense courtship: I'm going to get her; Craig: Sharp, clean, timing and frame, ludicrous heel leads. Score: 31

Peterin salsa, great attitude in training - Mambo No.5, great song. Had a good go but a bit too static. Len: We saw fun and chemistry, brave attempt; Alesha: A lot more confident, you enjoyed it; Bruno: The animal still firmly in the cage; Craig - stompy, wooden, lacked hip action. Score: 17
Jarina foxtrot, good move to take her out, lovely start to Sunny Side of the Street, stately and elegant, a bit too 'proper' maybe? Alesha: Graceful, delicate and charming, grow a little more confidence; Bruno: A little princess, so much better when relaxed; Craig: Timing out a little, lots to like, underarm turns fantastic; Len: Performance very good, lovely when apart, work on frame, enjoyed. Score: 26

Robsy salsa on only three hours training. OMG! Canned Heat a fab choice and a bloody good effort, she really went for it! Well done Patsy! Bruno: Spiced up, killer pout, the way to go, Len nearly fainted! Craig: Took ownership of the space, fantastic, full of rhythm; Len: Nearly had me eye out, commanded the floor, so much better; Alesha: A different woman, attacked it, about letting go and having fun. Score: 28 - a 7 from Craig!

Paulla foxtrot - love that Ola's learnt his catchphrases! Nice timing in the opening, think he went wrong early doors though, which put him off, it didn't appeal as much as last week; he's putting earplugs in for the judges! Bruno: Some sections actually not bad - why can't you do it properly all the way through it? "Because I can't remember it!" Craig: Admire your honesty, so much better than last week; Len: An ease about it, appealing, a tad pedestrian; Alesha: Ballroom suits you, there's more to come. Score: 21

Scattalie salsa to Let's Hear It For The Boy - coo, leap down those stairs - he's dirty dancing - hey, I liked that, very showy in a stage showy kinda way! Len: Go on my son, great hips, energy, really good; Alesha: Energy, pizazz, equally as good in Latin and ballroom; Bruno: Scott - strong, tight, footloose, eyeing the prey - you're gonna get it! Craig: Flame grilled and red hot, seriously hot! Score: 32

Brendelle foxtrot - Kelly Rowland pops in to perk Michelle up. Bench alert (borrowed from So You Think You Can Dance?) Brendan side slides his way down the banister, very cool! It Had To Be You the song and it's another wonderfully presented Brendan foxtrot, floaty and elegant. Alesha: quite charming, very god effort; Bruno: Beautiful and elegant, small slip; Craig: A lot of hard work and effort, I commend you; Len: Far superior to last week, body contact, lyrical, nice movement around the floor. Score: 26

Goldina foxtrot - a snazzy one! Nice movement around the floor, love the ending, cool cat leaping*(See Craig for the techy terms!) Bruno: I liked the beginning and end, free jazzy feel; Craig: weight a little too far back, interpretation fantastic, loved the *double click heel into the soda burst turn?!* Alesha: Your own little Goldie swagger. Score: 26

Jamela salsa and the Doc's in control, even if James doesn't know it! James on the couch (Judges table! The song Dr.Beat!) Loving the play acting - major armography going on, fantastic energy and rhythm - even with the slight unbalanced moment - she actually laughed as she carried on. Terrific! Craig: Off like a firecracker, fantastic rhythm, claimed the floor again; Len: Confidence and diversity, coped brilliantly; Alesha: Your body moved effortlessly, had everything I expect from a salsa; Bruno: Stumble apart -rhythm and fluidity - best salsa of the night. Score: 32

Felicent foxtrot, nice touches, well acted, demure, needs to be more lyrical. Len: Everything ok, but all needs improvement; Alesha: Coped well, bit average; Bruno: Classy, unhurried, stately; Craig: foxtrot/tangoness, lovely back attitude turn and swivels. Very well done. Score: 25

Here it is - the Widdyton salsa! "A jolly hockey sticks stomp" to Mambo Italiano - love her attitude. Anton's ripped his shirt off ... Ann's buttoned it back up, lol! Brilliantly hysterical, what a good sport, nearly did the splits by accident. Alesha: Highly entertaining; Bruno: unique and compelling, an out of body experience, watchable; Craig: "Oh, don't bother," says Ann, "you haven't got a zero." And he's cracked, he's cracked. There isn't one word in the English language that could describe ... and now he's speechless! Len: Bit hokey-cokey, legs in and out but no shaking it all about, wonderful entertainment. Score: 12 Boo! But she's probably the safest any safe contestant could be!

Artara foxtrot to From Russia With Love, another tango influenced foxtrot, beautifully controlled, lovely movement; Bruno: Mission Accomplished, Mr Bond, sophisticated elegance; Craig: Danced very, very well, sort top line, relax your left index finger, darling (Picky much! Len's face, lol) Len: You wonder why I get cranky! You did a heel turn, beautiful! Alesha: a fine dancer, stunning routine. Kara's unguarded words will be lost on younger viewers, luckily! Although there may be awkward "What did she mean?" questions to mums and dads! Score: 32

Gavya salsa - there's a bit of attitude but could've done with less throwing Katya about and more trying to dance, there was potential there, sometimes rhythmic, not even the shirt ripping could save it. Craig: No timing, rhythm or hips; Len: Have a bit of decorum! Everyone's expectations were high - didn't live up to it; Alesha: Disappointed; Bruno: Self conscious and hesitant. Score: 19 Tess thanks them on behalf of the nation's ladies.

Jimavia foxtrot - Flavia using a cane on him! Enjoying it far too much. Another moody foxtrot, to Fever, timing excellent, lyrical, a little bit funky at the start! Len: It grew on me more and more to a higher score; Alesha: Loved you throughout, sexy foxtrot; Bruno: Took off with real pizazz, well played; Craig: Dramatic intensity, adored, leading well, clever - danced all the little accents. Score: 30

And they're all done! Scoreboard: Jamela 63; Mattiona 62; Artara 62; Scattalie 61; Jimavia 56; Jarina 50; Robsy 50; Brendelle 50; Felicent 48; Gavya 47; Goldina 46; Peterin 38; Paulla 37; Widdyton 29. My faves tonight - Mattiona, Jamela, Scattalie, Robsy and Jimavia. But I'm concerned for some, as the draws mean there aren't many points between them - I'm pretty sure Widdyton will be safe! Till the morrow then, 7.30pm, BBC One!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Panel Ponderings!

Tonight ... Scattalie, Jarina, Friday panel, crashing rehearsal.

Scott (Scottie the hottie) finds the music helps him understand what he needs to do; Nat (She's Scott herself an eastender) is told what to do by the music. He's got a shimmy, we saw a glimpse! I love her eyeshadow, sparkly jade!

Jarina and Tina (Getting Corried away) is keeping mum on any more mistakes; Jared (American Boy) concurs. They all agree, wardrobe are magic

Friday Panel: Craig on dancing; Chris de Burgh, music (De Musician) full of admiration for the celebs; Louise Redknapp, dresses (Eternal-ly happy) surprised by Matt, he looked like a dancer. Assessments: Gavya - not great, stuck in the mud, flatfooted but Rihanna's Please Don't Stop The Music a great choice, you can relate.
Artara - she's looking great, really suiting her. Matt Monroe's From Russia With Love (See what they've done there!) All the detail on the back of the frock, but then, she'd look fab in a tracksuit. Widdyton - lol - you have to watch! Craig all stern, Chris and Louise cracking up. What do they have to do to score? Simply dance! Dean Martin's Mambo Italiano - fab choice!
Mattiona - an interesting start and finish which they don't show. Lovely feet, legs, lines, gorgeous to watch. Plan B and She Said - risky but will work!
Jamela - knockout! Extraordinary, so much energy - and The Miami Sound Machine's Dr. Beat! Best frock, ruffles, sexy. It's red, points out Chris, I know a song about that and, on cue, they play it!
Brendelle - it's ok, not perfect "slightly sway of back and a bobble bottom" - Craig. Sinatra, It Had To Be You - perfect. Gorgeous, classic dress.
Peterin - "Hip Replacement" - Craig. Needs more energy, work the floor and ... we're out of time!

The stars are paranoid about the stairs, even the three little ones onto the floor. Clauds is in the studio, gives us James and Artem in black vest tops, who in turn give us press ups! Tess' Tower will become Claudia's Castle for the results show, says Alan, the floor manager. Felicent are the lucky? couple to dance us out, to Something Stupid. Clauds is swaying!

Barclays Live - Manchester Result

Manchester dance group Precise Crew have been crowned winners of Barclays Live Manchester after wowing a panel of celebrity judges at Piccadilly Gardens and winning an online vote via the Barclays Live microsite.

Laura-Anne Gill (23), Mitch Clarke (20), Jake Harris (17), Yong Ro (23), Hannah Stokes (22), Jenny Goodare (25), Lou Parsons (24) and Kirsty Williamson (20) have won VIP tickets to see Brendan Cole in action and will be dancing all the way to the bank with a cheque for £1,000!

Precise Crew was formed two years ago by choreographer, Laura Anne Gill who has worked with such names as Alexandra Burke, JLS, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, George Michael, Pink and Katy Perry. As well as winning Barclays Live Manchester, the troupe recently made it to the World Street Dance Championship Finals.

Precise Crew Choreographer, Laura-Anne Gill said:

“We are so happy to have won Barclays Live Manchester and want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us! The voting was incredibly close between us and the Shockarellas as they’re super talented and we have huge respect for them.”

The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges including Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole, football legend Chris Kamara, Key 103’s Trevor Jordan and Helen Armstrong from Barclays.

Videos of the five finalists were then uploaded onto the Barclays Live website where they faced a hotly contested public vote.

The Barclays Live competition celebrates continued investment in branches across the region.

In addition to attending the Barclays Live events you can also check out the Your Name in Dance tab on, a new interactive dance tool which allows you to produce a bespoke dance for your name.

Barclays Live teamed up with award winning street dancer BROOKE to develop the online tool which you can share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, or can copy the link and send it by email.

Brendan Cole says “Congratulations to Precise Crew for winning the Barclays Live Manchester heat. Precise Crew have a huge amount of talent for such young dancers and definitely have a great future ahead of them.”