Saturday, 31 July 2010

Barclays Live - Live in London!

The competition to find the best new up and coming dance act round the country moved to Leicester Square in London today, so I hopped aboard Southeastern's finest and joined the crowd to enjoy 10 acts fighting it out to make the judges top 5.

First up were Bromley's Breeze Street Crew (I think that was their name, apologies if that's not quite right!) who I thought pretty tight and full of energy - and a nice tribute to judge Brendan Cole, with a spot of salsa! And boom - knicker flashing to end, very cheeky - no pun intended! Judge Manny, Kiss 1oo DJ said it was a good job with nice choreography; Lionel Johnson, the dancing Barclays staff member said well done, an amazing performance; Brendan loved the changes within the routine and advise making it cleaner and crisper if they get through.

Soloist Saban next, promising a 'journey into music and sound' - he has quite a unique style, very fluid and used the best bit of music - Rick James 'Give it to Me Baby', which he acted as well as danced! Manny like the expressions while popping and locking, good energy; Lionel said he had great body control, comfortable - make it a little tighter; Brendan enjoyed the engagement with the audience.

Another soloist, George Phipps is slick and tight but needs to inject some personality into it, to engage with us they way Saban did. Manny said the popping and locking was more creative than the floor work; Lionel said it was amazing at the beginning, creative and good use of the stage but needs to engage more; Brendan said there's some real talent there but he needs to sell it.

Fusion Dance Group next and from an acrobatic beginning they launch into a fantastic, energetic spectacular, taking more than a hint from Diversity. The sheer numbers (22) mean it isn't as tight as it should be but they're great performers, full of personality. Manny loved the music choices; Lionel said they kept the whole crowd entertained; Brendan said it was marvellous (but not in the style of Anton!) everyone was smiling and to get 22 of them together like that was incredible.

Definitives were the first of what I'd call a real, urban street crew and didn't disappoint. The slightly older age range meant we got a bit more sass and sexier moves. Great interpretation of the music, co-ordination fantastic, powerful, slick and tight, loved the inter-action between them. My faves so far. Manny said it was a good job, very tight, top choreography; Lionel was captivated all the way through, individually very good, kept the energy; Brendan said it had a little something for everyone, slick, tight, energetic.

Calthorpe All-Stars were a dance/cheer/acrobatic group - and had everyone's hearts in their mouths as they launched a couple of girls upwards, since the stage roof was not that high! It didn't make for relaxing viewing, and although the dancing had personality and energy, they needed to be more together and smoother. Manny enjoyed the energy and that they were enjoying it; Lionel loved their smiles and the good use of stage; Brendan has never been so nervous, enjoyed the many different things going on but individually they need to keep involved.
Dem Lot have plenty of attitude and are potentially a very tight crew. Nice rhythmic choreography, but being a small group of youngsters, lost a little energy towards the end. They got Manny's attention with their name and he advised to work on tightness; Lionel said the good crowd engagement kept him watching; Brendan called them an exciting little group with good content and music changes.

Next up, Gravesend's Remix - Dutch Open Champs and BGT semi-finalists! They really had the whole package - I'm not biased because they're (fairly) local! Personality, energy, well choreographed, good music choices, very together. Manny was wowed, everything good; Lionel said great choreography, expression, memorable; Brendan said they're what this competition is all about, thoroughly rocked it.

Soloist Krisha brought us something different as she danced Bollywood to the now classic Jai Ho, a fab choice for her, very stylised, very smooth and clearly loving every moment. Well done! Manny wasn't expecting it and loved all of it; Lionel said her confidence showed in a really good performance; Brendan said it was beautiful to see something different, did fantastically.

Last up, the explosive Retaliation, great co-ordinaton, even when split in two sections doing their own thing - and they did that backwards slo-mo thing I like! Full on all the way and the seguing (not sure that's a word, but whatever) into Madonna's Like A Virgin, sending it up in a good way, was genius. I have to single out green jacket girl - in a stage full of experts, she really stood out with personality, attitude and charisma as well as technique. May have nicked my vote. Manny impressed they could go from Sierra to Madonna, good energy; Lionel said great timing and formations, creative choreography; Brendan said they mixed it up, very entertaining, went to another level after the start.

The judges retired to deliberate and their top 5 turned out to be: Definitives; Retaliation; Remix - my top three - with Dem Lot and Fusion also there. With so many streetdance crews, I thought they might be tempted to put Krisha in there to mix it up and I slightly preferred Breeze Street to Dem Lot and Fusion, but overall, there's no disagreement from me! Visit the Barclays Live website to see videos of the Top 5 and vote for your favourite.

However, I have to say the stars of the day were the Barclays Guards Precision Marching Band! Never have I seen a bunch of grown men having such a blast - all the qualities you want in performers were there, engagement with their audience, inter-action with each other, great music choices, creative choreoraphy, they had rhythm - there were even moments of slickness, particularly in their Vogue segment! Whoever put them together, I salute you! And how they got James Nesbit and Piers Morgan (in the middle there!) to agree to it, I'll never know ;-)

The lovely Brendan held a salsa masterclass for us - apologies to the girl behind me whose foot I stood on! He also assured me his head is fine, following his encounter with Edam cheese on Shooting Stars, there's no lasting damage! Strictly Come Dancing should be with us around the beginning of October and he was intrigued to learn some of the rumoured contestants! The pros, of course, don't find out their partners till three or four weeks before!

We were also entertained throughout the day by a fantastic tribute band, Kins of Leon. If you weren't into dancing, you could have mooched around quite happily just listening. They have a Facebook page if you want to look them up!

And the pro street crew, Funkstylerz, showed off their incredible moves, no doubt giving the 10 acts plenty of inspiration.

A thoroughly enjoyable day, if you have the chance to go along to the remaining rounds, you won't be disappointed.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Camilla, Over The Edge

Trav's Thoughts are in for the recap and vids of So You Think You Can Dance - a bit of a scare re more injuries but it's ok and the eliminations this week are on merit.

2008 Strictly Come Dancing champion Camila Dallerup and Kevin Sacre were married in a simple ceremony in Ibiza this week. One question: If you've no interest and can't be generous to wish them well, why bother commenting? Honestly, some people ...

And a review of an intriguing sounding show at the Barbican, Over The Edge. No, not a live musical version of an animated Bruce Willis movie!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Snippets: Burn the Floor, Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, Barclays Live

Burn the Floor with Ali and Brian is under way, but with limited shows until 5th September, you'll need to get in quick! One off Sport Relief Strictly Come Dancing winner, Kara Tointon, stole the limelight apparently, at the launch.

Interview with Glee's Jane Lynch; interview with Arlene Phillips.

Trav's Thoughts are in! No injuries but two to go this week!

Brendan Cole and the Barclays Live gang will be on stage in London's Leicester Square on Saturday 31st, with things kicking off around 10.00am. Tribute act Kins of Leon will be there, along with Funkstylerz and the top auditionees. See you there!

Kempton's Got Diversity!

UK Dance sensation Diversity are set to be the mane event at Kempton Park Racecourse this summer, performing a one off spectacular on Friday 13th August.

The dance troupe, who shot to fame in the final of last year’s Britain’s Got Talent, will bring their unique show to the Surrey racecourse for Come Dance – a night of horse racing, family entertainment and breathtaking performances from finalists of last year’s biggest national talent contest.

Having beaten Susan Boyle to claim the crown of Britain’s Got Talent winners for the 2009 show, Diversity have since taken the country by storm – with sell-out tours, countless TV appearances and a coveted spot at the Royal Variety Performance. They now bring their unmistakable street dance flavour to Kempton Park for one night only.

Other Britain’s Got Talent stars joining Diversity on stage include urban dancer Aidan Davis and father/son act Stavros Flatley, two acts who captured the nation’s hearts and won over celebrity judges on last year’s show. Amy Starkey, managing director of Kempton Park Racecourse, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Diversity to Come Dance this summer for an evening of entertainment that racegoers are unlikely to forget in a hurry. The UK fell in love with their moves on last year’s Britain’s Got Talent, so we’re expecting their performance, combined with a great evening of racing and family fun, to be a real one off experience.”

Come Dance forms part of the Racecourse’s Summer Series – a range of events being held at Kempton Park offering floodlit racing and feel-good family entertainment over the summer months. Adult admission is £15 with value added packages starting from £18. Under 18s go free and for this event there is a maximum of two children per one adult. Hospitality is available from just £37 which includes admission, racecard & two course meal. Call 01932 753518 for more information or for further details and to purchase tickets for Come Dance visit

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Week Two

Introducing Three Spires, Roulette, Blok, The Redroofians, Dawson's Academy and Singlive to Like A Prayer/Living on a Prayer. They seem a lively lot.

First up, Dawson's Academy, a performing arts school, been doing it for years, doing a mash up of Michael Jackson/Take That with Kim Gavin, TT's choreographer. Only there wasn't so much of Back for Good and I don't think it acutally worked that well, not all the vocals were strong either BUT - overall, a bloomin' good effort, enjoyable and a great theme. Chucky says Michael would've been flattered; Tamsin loved the concept; Anastacia tells them to take in more oxygen, overall a god job; Duncan says he didn't hear a bum note. But then, he was in Blue.

Nathan Clarke creating for Roulette, with a mash up of Take on Me/Starry Eyed. I was a bit concerned that we had another bad 80's video unfolding but it definitely improved with Starry Eyed coming in, which blended really well, with an interesting arrangement for the Take on Me vocals. I didn't care for the electro theme, too fast. Anastacia says they're not at the top of the vocal category, very interesting Bjorky sound; Chucky says they didn't quite own their individual moments; Duncan says visually strong, the concept of the pods worked well; Tamsin says it was creatively beautiful.

SingLive next and they're more in unison than the big group last week, mostly in time and a wall of sound to Queen's Radio Gaga and One Vision. Chucky said they executed it well; Anastacia says a splendid job; Tamsin loved Chris' voice, a massive smile on her face; Duncan said simple and effective.

The Redroofians sing and dance to Teenage Dreams and they're doing it for Rosie's charity. Kim Gavin directs and they sound great together at first but not so good invidually, lost some of the energy. Bright and cheery and they're very excited. Tamsin says the energy and enthusiasm made the performance outstanding; Chucky says they made the stage they're playground, awesome; Anastacia loved the energy; Duncan liked the inter-actions.

Blok we've seen before, but I can't remember which of the other shows it was! Nathan Clarke directs them in a Girls Aloud number - what is it with all the high octane stuff tonight? Phew, well I'm exhausted. Probably my fave so far, slick, tight - good move to have the non-dancing singers just singing while the dancers got on with it. Duncan says it's a hot performance; Chucky more excited than watching the Laker's cheerleaders; Tamsin says they're the best vocals so far; Anastacia didn't like that there seemed to be two separate groups.

Three Spires named after the Coventry skyline and it's another sob story - which they really did not need, as Sam is by far the strongest vocalist tonight. I loved the beginning of this and was thinking this could be a wow moment that blows me away when ... high octane, screw up the vocals time again! Choreogrpahers tonight - get yourselves out of the bloomin' eighties big hair hi-energy mode for crying out loud - that could have been so much better. Great theatrical presence ruined by going karaoke again. Anastacia cared for all of it; Chucky says it was rock star ready; Tamsin says complete theatrics; Duncan says they came together as a show choir.

Ok, they all worked hard - but I think the professionals let them all down quite frankly, that could and should have been a much stronger show. I haven't voted, I'm disappointed.

The Supergroup do Boys and Girls and invidually on the VT they're fab, but again, I think it's the arrangements letting them all down - too scrappy, too busy - less is more, Duncan said it earlier - simpler is sometimes more effective.

Votes are in, second and third are: Blok; Singlive. Straight through to the final are: Three Spires. What a surprise. Bloody hell Emma, that was longer than Brucie makes us wait.

Well, I think Blok were pretty together but Singlive impressed the judges earlier and from their comments there I think they'll take this. I'm still trying to figure out why the sailor suits. Decision time: Chucky - Singlive; Anastacia - Singlive; Duncan - Singlive. Tamsin would have gone for Blok. Ah, well. There's always next week.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing, Burn the Floor, Glee,

Big news this week - (Foxy, you might want to sit down for this!) Matthew Cutler and Lilia Kopylova have decided not to take up roles in the Strictly Pro group, although Ian Waite and Darren Bennett have. Best wishes to Matthew and Lilia in their future projects and we may still see them guesting on the show.

Rumours wise, Tina O'Brien, who played Sarah Louise Platt in Coronation Street, is said to have signed, before taking up a role in Waterloo Road.

Alesha will be switching on the Blackpool Illuminiations.

And Yay! Our Claudia will be fronting the Sunday results show with Tess in place of Brucie! They made a great team last year when Brucie was ill, so good on the Powers That Be for going with it again permanently.

Trav's Thoughts are in, apologies for them being a little late this week - why does everything happen all in the same week! The show report here and the recap and vids here, three excellent hiphop routines tonight and a twist in the result!

Brian and Ali are burning up the floor!

The Stage interview Glee's Matthew Morrison.

Tamzin Outhwaite wants to bring a little music to Eastenders and hasn't ruled out Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice in the future!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, Glee, Got To Dance

More rumours for Strictly - Frank Bruno, Jennifer Metcalfe (Hollyoaks) and the Masterchef guys, John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

The Got To Dance audition dates have been announced - time for you to apply!

Glee writers have been dropping hints about Series 2!

And sorry to end on a sad note - but there was a message from Cutest Blog on the Block this morning to say my blog background will disappear and I have to choose a new one! Devastated doesn't descibe how I feel, I love my background, it's the prettiest one I've come across! So just to warn you, because I don't know what else is out there, I may take the opportunity to change the look completely, so bear with me if things become a little erratic in the next couple of weeks!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Week One

And we're live, from wherever it's being filmed! Here we go! Thirty acts, broken down into groups of six.

Your judges are Anastacia, Duncan James, Tamzin Outhwaite and Chucky Clapow. Emma Bunton tells us what's'appenin'. The public winner of each show is guaranteed a place in the final, next two face the judges.

Introducing, to I Gotta Feeling, it's Manchester Show Choir, The Classix, Singer Station, Dice, Step Up, Eschoir. And this is now a proper mash-up, as they mix in Don't Stop Believing!

First out - Dice! Nice lot of gentle ribbing in the VT, they clearly get on well but there could be stretchers? *eek* Nathan Clarke choreographs Do Your Thing and VoulezVous mash and it's a WOW - now that I was not expecting! They were fab, full of energy, the level didn't drop. A great opening to the show, well done! Chucky says it was executed with a degree of professionalism he was not expecting; Duncan says their energy to open the show was fantastic; Anastacia says the vocals were spot on, very good; Tamzin says the performance was amazing and slick.

The Classix, musical theatre singers and I'm loving the description given by Fatty - his words! Steve Sidwell the musical director, for a new spin on Video Killed The Radio Star. Hm. Pop songs don't show off musical theatre vocals, I never liked that song and how it is a new spin, since that seems to be just like the original, even down to the dodgy glasses? Dated, did nothing for me, I'm afraid. Chucky says it was very clean, precise, rehearsed, stepped up in originality *eh*?; Anastacia is very into Classix, tremendous blend and poise; they blew Duncan away and Tamzin says it's an experience to watch them. Yeah, a De Ja Vu experience ...

Step Up step out next, they're a group with a message, giving it back to the community. Nathan Clarke overseeing for Signed Sealed Delivered mashed with Think. I think all three lead vocals lost their way in parts, it was all very bright but not a lot going on - I'm a little disappointed, thought it would be a lot more urban and raw than it was. Duncan says Stevie would be proud of them; Anastacia says there were great, independent vocals; Chucky, now Chucky, he agreed with me - tells them they could dance bigger, not to settle for what they did there; Tamzin says she'd like to be a part of that group.

Manchester Show Choir and Daniel, founder and creative director has to sit this one out while Kim Gavin creates to Bad Romance and Poker Face. Great theatrical look and feel to it but it seems busy without the high energy levels required for Lady Ga Ga stuff. Some strong vocals, some weak, some pretty dreadful towards the end. Chucky says they needed to keep up with the electricity of the songs; Duncan says they were some smaller groups within the big group; Anastacia would like to have heard more harmonies and intricacies within the vocals; Tamzin says it needed more vocal variety.

Singer Station, musical performance group sing True Colours from the heart, it's very touching but not vocally strong enough and isn't a big enough performance I fear. Tamzin agrees it's an emotional performance; Chucky says it was the perfect choice for them.

Eschoir and lots of fun banter, seem like a lively lot. Ooh, grit and raunch we like! They've gone for Sex on Fire, strong vocally, lots of testosterone but they can't do that every week - will have to show some versatility if they make it through. Anastacia says there was plenty of sex but was distracted by the girl, although it was well executed; Chucky said the power of the peice was the less is more approach, smart; Duncan said it was a rich, deep vocal but reminded him of Thriller ... in a bad way.

We begin to meet the Supergroup and there's a medley mash up with Don't Stop Believing and Alicia Keys' No-one and U2 in there but then I lost the plot - I know they're the Supergroup, I found it bitty - thought the curly haired blonde bloke very strong though! If you're sitting at home singing along - they're auditioning in Portsmouth on Monday and Tuesday - you could be there next week!

The lines are closed - I can't see Dice not getting the win tonight, no idea on which two will fight it out for the judges though. The results are in, ooh, second and third first ... Dice! What? You are kidding me? Joining them - Manchester Show Choir. So who got the win then? Singer Station! Well, the public do love a bit of a sob story, don't they. But really, my flabber is well and truly gasted. If the judges don't put Dice through, I'll, well, I'll just get on with it, but really ...

Dice faultless again - let's see what MSC can do - they can't better that, surely? Oh, don't drag it out Emma, the judges clearly don't want to say they don't stand a chance and they've already made up their minds. They tried, stepped it up a bit but still out of sync. Over to the judges: Chucky - Dice; Tamzin - Dice; Duncan - Dice; Anastacia - oh, we're not going to ask, even if it is academic, because majority rules. So Dice have to come back and compete against the other runners up for the final place in the final!

And I'm thinking already, are we going to be stuck with sympathy votes winning out over truly talented acts? Which will be a real shame - Dice were the only act close to fitting the Glee show choir scenario and that's the inspiration behind the show.

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, Don't Stop Believing

BBC bosses are dispensing with a set fee for each contestant this year. Instead, the celebrities will be on a performance related pay contract - how much they receive will be determined by how long they star in the show! A good move, I think - an incentive to do their best and not mess around, plus the licence fee payers pay more to who they vote for.

News on Gavin Henson: GH fans, just scroll down to the bottom.

A surprising article from News of the World, re Brucie. Just doesn't strike me as a NOTW type piece!

Tamzin Outhwaite and Emma Bunton both discuss Don't Stop Believing (7pm tonight, Five, don't forget!)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing,

Trav's Thoughts with the recap and vids are in - Comfort and Twitch sound like a Disney film, don't they?!

And Derek Hough has confirmed on his Twitter page that he will NOT be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing and wonders where the rumours come from. Well, Derek, there are these things in the UK, colloquially known as 'Red Tops'. They use a system called 'Six Degrees of Separation', whereby they came to the conclusion that you would be on the show because:
1. You are a dancer on Strictly's US version, Dancing With The Stars.
2. Cheryl Cole wants to crack America.
3. You danced with Cheryl Cole in her video.
4. You went on holiday with her (and look where that got her!) and obviously, therefore, must want to marry her and will come to England to do so.
5. She judges a rival show that is on the opposite channel to Strictly Come Dancing at the same time.
6. Ergo, you must be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing. See, simples!

I knew you wouldn't be, I don't know why I succumbed to sullying my blog with the damn rumours. Likewise, Pammy and Nicole will not be doing Strictly either!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance, Don't Stop Believing

So the rumours are almost confirmed ;) Ann Widdecombe, Patsy Kensit and Gavin Henson are apparently signed for Strictly Come Dancing, with Felicity Kendal also said to be appearing - and, I heard elsewhere, Charlotte Church! Maybe it will bring her and Gavin back together, who knows? But the BBC has yet to confirm any of this, obviously!

Derek Hough will be making a guest appearance at some point, although Bruce is not going to front the results show, which will again be aired on the Sunday evening.

Trav's Thoughts are in, with news of another injury in the US So You Think You Can Dance, this time to Ashley.

And the Don't Stop Believing chat has stepped up a notch, what with the show beginning this Sunday on Five, 7pm - 8.30pm. Tamzin 'blasts' Xfactor - she doesn't, but you know what headlines are like - Emma says she'll keep the judges in line and Duncan says Blue won't be making an appearance.

Dancing in the UK's July Magazine is out - previously Dancing in the South East and now expanded, I've put a permanenent link to their very informative website over there in Official sites >>>

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Wicked, Diversity

LA Times have an interview with eliminated So You Think You Can Dance front runner, Alex Wong.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy and JJ Abrams are both being considered for the film adaptation of Wicked.

Diversity are keen on setting up their own streetdance academies.

And for MySpace members, there's a webchat with Emma Bunton, due to present Don't Stop Believing.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing

Trav's Thought's are in with the recap and encores for the US So You Think You Can Dance, and the disappointing news that Alex was eliminated due to his injury.

New Strictly Come Dancing professional, Robin Windsor, appears to be promising something a little bit different and isn't afraid to split the audience and judges. Trust me Robin, that'll happen anyway, whatever you do! Half the forums will already have your poster on the wall, the others will be taking out their frustraton at losing Darren on you!

A Quick Chat with Camilla Dallerup, who loves wellies, sequinned or not!

Vincent and Flavia chose little six-year old Theo as the winner of the What's On TV online talent show, So You Think You've Got Talent - I'd advise seasickness tablets before you watch the vid ...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Barclays Live!

Winner of the Birmingham show were Steadiflux, made up of Nathan Marsh (19) and Jordan Breakspear (18), both students in Birmingham.

Performing judge Brendan Cole was full of praise for them, saying: "Congratulations to Steadiflux for winning the Barclays Live Birmingham heat. They are a very innovative dance duo and worthy winners – I wish them all the best for the future."

The London show is on July 31st, with the Barclays Live website accepting uploads of auditions, so don't miss out!

And congratultions also to Brendan, who recently married girlfriend Zoe Hobbs, with Anton Du Beke, Erin Boag, Bruce Forsyth, Karen Hardy and Jo Wood in attendance.

Snippets: Diversity, Flawless, So You Think You Can Dance

Interviews with members of Diversity and Flawless ... and Trav's Thoughts are in on So You Think You Can Dance, with the bad news that Alex, who produced that fantastic Hip Hop with Twitch last week, has a possible rupture Achilles and, having been unable to perform will automatically be in the bottom three - and if the Doctor says no to continuing, he's out! Gutted for him. Let's keep everything crossed.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Snippets: Karen Hardy, Strictly Come Dancing, Glee, League of Extraordinary Dancers.

Karen Hardy Dance Studios has set up a blog and first piece of news is that she'll be performing at the Chelsea Summer Gala on July 23rd.

Strictly Come Dancing have their own make-up range out for Christmas! You'll have to scroll down past the Sex and the City and Fearne stuff - unless you're interested in make up of course, then feel free to peruse!

There's an interview with Glee star, Matthew Morrison, on T4.

And finally, The League of Extradordinary Dancers - this will launch on Wednesday and among the dancers is Glee's Harry Sum Jr. (Mike Chang), who also choreographs - what a fantastic notion: Superhero dancers, I can't wait!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Camilla

Camilla Dallerup launches the UK's first free dance directory.

And Trav's thoughts are in for the recap and encores of So You think You Can Dance - Alex and Twitch: O.M.G - if you watch no other, make sure you watch that one, it's incredible!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Snippets: Flawless; So You Think You Can Dance

Britain's Got Talent finalists and Streetdance 3D stars, Flawless, are appearing at this year's Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford this month, on Sunday 18th July. The show is held each year to support the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust and is staging special tributes this year to mark 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Trav's rundown of this week's So You Think You Can Dance US style - results to follow!