Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We're gonna party - the Strictly Come Dancing launch show

Normal service is finally resumed on my telly - it's back!

Strictly Come Dancing unveiled the partnerships on Saturday night, welcomed a couple of new faces, danced us through television centre to a funky theme tune - relax, it's only a one off (although I actually really enjoyed the vocals - the band are on form) and let us settle down for more bad Brucie jokes (although the one about the new face on the judging panel - Craig had more work done over the summer - did make me chuckle) tons of fake tan, sequins and the best feel-good show on the telly. I'll say it now - if you're just going to moan your way through it, SWITCH OVER AND LET THE REST OF US ENJOY IT!

I must apologise to Johnny Ball, as I think I may have labelled him a musician before, when he's actually best known as a TV presenter. So I thought, I've mixed him up with Kenny but ... he is actually a musician too, writing the songs and music to accompany his live maths shows - which must be what's stuck in my mind since I was a kid! So there's something you maybe didn't know before!

So which teams are looking strong and which teams will be looking on, enviously?

Fern and Artem - Team Arfer: No dodgy dealings here - why would Artem be moaning, after Fern showed out on the Xmas floor and Sport Relief? She's fun, she can move - be grateful for that, Artem.

Dani and Vincent - Team Vani, the Dancing Munchkins, two small but perfectly formed packages will be looking to follow the yellow brick road all the way.

Victoria and Brendan - Team Brendleton. Brendan thinks he's fit *sniggers* it'll be like Gabby and James all over again! Except hopefully not with the early exit.

Sid and Ola - Team Sola, bringing a ray of sunshine to the floor.

Nicky and Karen - Team Kicky, looking forward to the Jive.

Johnny and Aliona - Team Johniona. A chance to see some less adventurous choreography from Aliona? Will it all add up to some decent scores?

Kimberley and Pasha - Team Kisha already are high on people's lists; if her personality can match her moves - and on the VTs we saw, it looks like it, they should be right up there.

Jerry and Anton - Team Arry should be elegant, shouldn't they? Loved the "I'm hoping to inspire drag queens all over the world" - if she's got a sense of humour, we'll have fun.

Lisa and Robin - Team Robisa we'll all end up adoring, I just know it. Have we ever yet not loved Robin and his partners?

Denise and James - Team Jamise, Essex and Kent come together. She's a pro so he'll have no complaints. I expect some great routines. No pressure.

Michael and Natalie - Team Michalie. I hope she didn't see the World Twenty20 warm up yesterday or Michael will be hit for six ... although if Michael's not sledging* her I'd be very disappointed. *not a euphemism

Louis and Flavia - Team Flouvia should be one to watch - he's fit and can move but he needs to not be too cool.

Richard and Erin - Team Richin will have fun, I think he'll be a great partner for her.

Colin and Kristina - Team Colina are already the ones I want to see do well - Kristina deserved a top 2 finish last year and Colin's just, well, he hangs around with James Bond!

So there they are! I believe it's a similar format to last year, an opening weekend of two shows and no elimination till they've had the chance to dance twice. Keep up to date with all the news and exclusive clips on the official BBC Strictly site here.

Come on!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It's Official - Series 10 celebrity line up

After all the speculation, Auntie has finally released the full line up of celebrities for Series 10.

We've been drip fed many of them over the past week or so and little snippets here and there suggested a couple of others had made a mad dash for the line late on. You know I won't chose my favourite now - but who do you have your eye on?

Actor Colin Salmon (a good guy in the Brosnan Bond films and a bad one in Death in Paradise); Dani Harmer, Little Miss Tracy Beaker, following a good showing in Let's Dance for Sport Relief; Showbiz veteran Denise Van Outen; presenter Fern Britton - high hopes for her, always been on my list for a stint in this; former model and rock star beau-ess, Jerry Hall; Zoe's dad, musician Johnny Ball; Girls Aloud band mate Kimberley Walsh; ex-Emmerdale and You've Been Framed star, Lisa Riley; Olympic hero and all round fit guy, Louis Smith; former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan, who set us on a road to glory with Ashes victory in 2005; Westlife's Nicky Byrne; Daybreak presenter and Let's Dance finalist, Richard Arnold; cheeky chappie Sid Owen and our Olympic Queen of the Cycling Track, Victoria Pendleton.

Obviously, I will be willing the sportspeeps on as usual, this always being so much more out of their comfort zone than anyone else's - but I will also admit to a sneaky liking for Colin Salmon. I think he'll do justice to a tuxedo. How many days to go? Saturday, 6.30pm, for the Pairing UP - don''t be late!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing; The Voice

The Sun has printed a list of this year's line up - see it here if you wish - I won't tell you in case you've managed to avoid it and want to wait till the launch show. If I thought it was pure speculation I'd go with it but sadly, The Sun got it right last year. Spoilsports.

If that list is correct though, it's a fab line up, with all the usual accusations being readied: "Profile raiser" "Experienced dancer" "Has been" or, a perfectly balanced cast, all of whom are successful in their chosen careers. Whether you've heard of them or not.  I think this year you'll have definitely heard of them unless you live in a bucket, head down. The official list and bios will no doubt appear in full here after the launch.

Sir Brucie has been included in the Guinness Book of Records 2013. His mammoth TV career - making his debut at 11 years old - means he is recognised as having the longest career of any male entertainer,  at 72 years. And counting.

The Voice UK finalist, Tyler James, has released a new single, A Single Tear. It's a grower and in the style Terence Trent D'arby influenced style he honed on the show. And he seemed to enjoy making the video; Will.i.am will.be.proud.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The judges are ready - are you?

The BBC have released a trailer for Strictly Come Dancing Series 10. It features Darcy being fought over by Len, Bruno and Craig, each taking a turn to twirl her around in readiness for the launch show on the 15th. See it here and find confirmation of the professional dancers lining up for celebrities this year here.

Latest rumours for celebs are Zoe's dad, Johnny Ball and Olympic gymnast, Louis Smith.

Aleks Josh, the young'un eliminated in the fourth live show of The Voice, has released a video for his first single 'Cruise'  from his forthcoming EP. See what you think - I like it and I think it'll grow on me even more. He's very much in crooner mode but the arrangement is totally up to date which gives him his own original sound.