Thursday, 27 January 2011

Glee: Finding their religion

And in a complete change to last week ... Finn finds religion - in a grilled cheese sarnie - but Kurt's anti-religious views affect the club, specially when his dad suffers a heart attack and lapses into a coma. The last thing his dad said to Kurt was that he was disappointed in him for snubbing the family dinner. (He comes round at the end)

As Sue says (To Kurt, re Glee Club): I mess around with you guys for fun; it aids digestion!

Songs of the night: Only the Good Die Young (Puck); I Look To You (Mercedes); Papa Can you Hear Me (Rachel); I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Kurt - have a hanky ready); Losing My Religion (Finn - it had to happen - after praying to win their soccer game/grope Rachel/be quarterback again, the injury to the existing quarterback makes him guilty!) Bridge Over Troubled Water (Mercedes) and What If God Were One of Us (All).

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