Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Four

This may well come down to music choices tonight; I need a picture of Karen for my hairdresser; Jason's a Slytherin. The required element, combination steps!

Kieranne have Play That Funky Music - how can people "never have danced in their lives, ever" do they not boogie around the kitchen to the radio. Is that just me? Oops, nearly dropped her but as Tony said, up till then it was great, well done, funky young man - you can dance! Full of energy and very groovy. Score: 15. He said: “Why are my scores going down every week, I had a bit of a wiggle on.”

Robin Cousins: (scored 3) “Every week is different, we are marking on exactly what we see out there. The good points, yes you didn’t have dance training you’re on the button musically, you gave it all you could, tough when you are working with a partner with the presence like Brianne has, you tend to be following her a lot rather than leading her. So while the dancing was good and musically was great, it was not as good technically as you were last week.”

Jason Gardiner: (scored 3) “Kieron sometimes I want to give you a shake but I am afraid you will snap in half. A lot of your movements there is no end to them, you throw everything away and although yes there was some good rhythm there it wasn’t enjoyable to watch.”
Emma Bunton: (scored 3) “It was fun I really enjoyed, yes we want you to become the leading man now but it was fun and you smiled all the way through.”

Jason Gardiner: “But it’s is about the quality of the movements.”

Commenting on Jason’s comments Kieron said: “You don’t have to have muscles to do well in this competition.”

Stuana to Waterloo - let go your conscience self Tana (classic 70's quote there!) it was a good try but still a bit tentative and out of time on occasion which made it worrying to watch, but she had a smile on her face at the end. Afterwards she said: “ I love that song and it’s just so fast and I really did have a good dance.”

Nicky Slater: (scored 2) “Well I do agree you had a break through in your smile and your personality out there on the ice compared to what we have seen. We’ve seen it back stage when you are smiling when you go past and talk to everybody, so put it over onto the ice was super, so that was excellent and you looked great out there. It’s a little delicate with the skating for me at the moment but you did the toe steps and you are daring to do things on your own, so all this is good. It needs more speed, it needs more attack but you know that, but I think this is a big step up from last week.”

Emma Bunton: (scored 2.5) “We are expecting more each week and that’s why we have to score like that but I want to say I really admire you. I know you’ve never danced before and you’ve never performed in front of an audience and I think you’re really attacking it and you can see you’re working hard and I loved your smile tonight you just looked gorgeous out there you were a joy to watch.”

Karen Barber (scored 2.5) “You’ve been determined to enjoy it this week, it’s your first up tempo routine. The element was there just a little bit cautious but you know we’ve all enjoyed your performance this week and you’ve worked really hard, well done.”

Dannie have If You're in Love With A Beautiful Woman and he's looking worried, a couple of moments but held it, nice toe pick dance moves. Didn't do it for me so much this week, the song too old for him, as in, a disco number would've been better. Score: 17 He said: “I think bits went well, bits could have been better but overall I’m happy.”

Jason Gardiner: (scored 3.5) “ OK first of all just to clear up Frankie this is called Dancing On Ice, and I understand you are teaching him to skate but I am here to judge his danceability and I want him to improve. With that in mind there were moments where you were great coupled with moments where you were not so great, almost a little bit like a bulldog with a bone, no offence Frankie! I just want you to take a lot more care, I just want you to take a lot more care with your dismounts, particularly from your lifts they are very unstable, particular in your step sequence it was a little bit all over the place but you are improving.”

Karen Barber shaking head (scored 3.5) “Jason where do we start with you?! Full credit you had a very difficult routine really, really difficult elements tonight you are a good partnership you are a good team. We are all teaching him to dance on ice which includes skating and we are seeing improvements, you are still going to be here next week I have my fingers crossed.”
Danny’s skating partner Frankie Poultney replied to Jason’s comments and said: “I am not sure by calling somebody bull dog with a bone is really commenting on their performance Jason.”

Fremily to Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - I've got this *ahem* Baccara, see Kate knows it! Oh, it was all going well until the leg sweep, good recovery though, other tricks were accomplished, did the combo on her own, less dragging by Fred. Score: 10.5 a bit harsh I thought. She said: “That was the one thing (leg sweep) I was scared off, it went wrong a few times and it was just really unlucky then.”

Robin Cousins: (scored 3) “I was probably a bit carried away as this is the first time I have seen you go out there and attack it, and you probably attacked it a bit too much. Having said that I’ve probably been a bit generous but at the same time you did the required element on your own, you made the 360, you’re the first person out there since the show started half an hour ago to make the full turn. It was still a bit sloppy and I think you need to get a bit more flexibility in your ankles, but basic skating skills are much stronger.”

Nicky Slater: (scored 1.5) “I see some really good promise in there and you looked relaxed and together. The start of it was very good but the end of it for me you were in a lot of trouble. You are being enabled on the required element of the turn you are being helped a lot and it’s better if you can do it on your own. I have seen some positive things but Tana was skating more on her own and I gave her a two so I just put you a little bit below.”

Emma Bunton: (scored 2) “I just thought it looked messy, unsteady. I felt like Fred was kind of like dragging you around. You are improving but very little.”

Mikanie with Cecilia and I had a smile on my face the whole way through, a couple of stutters but excellent skating and a lovely, warm, fun performance. Score: 20.5 top of the series so far. Afterwards he said: “You know when you are out there try your best just to stay focused and just to keep in the moment.”

Jason Gardiner: (scored 4.5) “Mikey I thoroughly enjoyed that, it was playful it was cheeky you told a story there was a great connection with you and your partner. What I will say to you though just to keep improving is that you sometimes sabotage yourself with your own arms but taking them too far out of your control range, make you a little bit unsure on your feet. Tell you what mate this is exactly where you need to be going.”

Robin Cousins: (scored 3.5) “I agree with what Jason is saying, and It’s because of that getting yourself out of your comfort zone where the feet go a little bit wobbly but the fact you do it on your own you have to get the credit for. Like I said to you last week there is a natural posture for you that other people need to learn and it’s now working to your advantage and it’s great to see.”

Karen Barber: (scored 4) “You’re great to be around and so great to work with. This is one of my favourite routines of the week and you didn’t let me down and I was looking forward to it, well done.”

Hatt and the Emotions, Best of My Love. I'm bloody impressed, you could see she had a huge problem yet she still carried on, the energy in the lifts was immense and she managed the toe steps. Score: 12.5 hopefully she'll get the leg sorted for next week. She said: “Yeah I had to adjust my leg as it keeps slipping out. Sharon’s been brilliant from physio and she has glued it in but when you sweat the glue starts to move. I am glued in now otherwise I wouldn’t be able to skate.

Robin Cousins: (scored 2.5) “As I said last week it’s great to watch you and see you push it and have a go. You really did try but unfortunately the choreography really exposed the challenge that you have, you were heavily enabled my Matt this week. What I am going to say is that you made an effort you did the required element and I am hoping the people at home will realise that this is the week to let you go by and bring you back next week and we can see what you did last week and see the Heather Mills we have seen before.”

Emma Bunton: (scored 2.5) “You are always smiling you really, really give it. I think the main thing is there was so much content and I love that because you are pushing yourself but I think it wasn’t as fluid because of that and it kind of hindered it a bit.”

Karen Barber: (scored 3) “I agree with everything you have all been saying but you sold the routine. You have great musicality, you can dance, the beginning was slightly mis-matched but you brought it back.”

Hilandra dancing to Sweet Caroline - charming I think is the word, certainly improved, much smoother. Score: 11.5 . What's Emma on? He improved, you can't ask for more. Classic quote from Phil: "Let him through, he's a doctor!" He said: “Fifty percent better than last week. I am more confident this week and it’s beginning to progress and flow and I have a great teacher here so yeah it’s getting a bit better each week and looking forward to the next one if the voters vote me in.”

Jason Gardiner: (scored 2) “ Look Dr Hilary, the thing is it’s not very good OK. You are improving very, very slightly but not enough, you have very tight and restrictive shoulders.”

Nicky Slater (scored 2.5) “Working below the waist rather than above the waist I think you are getting more speed across the ice, instead of rising on the turns and being almost afraid of it when you start to move if you can actually use the ankles and the knees more and make the ice your friend. It’s not about how old you are it’s about technique out there and if you could just relax a bit more in those steps then the flow will come. You have a kind of charisma coming out from the ice as well.”

Emma Bunton: (scored 2) “On a positive note, I think your posture is a bit better but I was glad there were no lifts and it feels like you’ve gone back a couple of weeks. Everyone else is leaps and bounds ahead of you so that’s what I am scoring on.”

Mattiella to Le Freak and it's YAY! Well done - loved that routine, great musicality and dancing and they nailed the neck snapper lift. Such a brilliant attitude to it too, fearless. Score: 19.5 She said afterwards: “I loved it, I am loving this experience.”

Robin Cousins: (scored 4) “So much fun and excitement it was really evident from the way you perform that you obviously trust Matt. The relationship is working, it is fantastic I loved it. I have to say the basic skating skills have not really improved that much but the overall package of how it’s all coming together is really working in your favour.”

Nicky Slater: (scored 3.5) “Yes I thought you looked great out there, I thought the energy and the commitment at the start of the program was fantastic. If you can get that when you are moving over the ice as well that would be a real win. I thought at times there was hesitation and it was a bit wobbly coming out of the lift.”

Emma Bunton: (scored 4) “You are so cute, it was really steady it was fun. It was such a shame there was a little mess up over here and I think that knocked you a bit I could see it in your face. You are a great performer and I really enjoy it every week.”

Sharrel - a visit from Jessica gives her a boost and they have a lovely tune, You've Got A Friend. See what they did there? Still needs to relax more, only broke into a smile when she nailed a bit of the choreography, needs to do that more, as she can skate elegantly. Score: 15. As for Jason's nasty little comment, words fail ... just no need. She said: “Last week was very tough, I kept taking my shoulder out of my socket last week and we didn’t want to complain about it, so we had to deal with that and the adrenaline can of ran out on Monday morning but we worked really hard and I love that routine and it’s a lovely piece of music.”

Jason Gardiner: (scored 2) “OK, I am giving you a two for improved arms and leg lines, but this is also about performance, you’ve got to give me a performance level.”

Karen Barber: (scored 3.5) “It’s a real test of character not when things are going well but when they’re not and you showed great sense of character. I thought it was a really polished performance, the lifts there is a really nice extension and there is a real quality starting to come out now and when you smiled it was great.”

Nicky Slater: (scored 3.5) “I think the music suited you more, maybe cos what’s gone on in the week. It was a softer feel and I did get quality in the way it was presented to me, I think you can extend more with your arms and go with the legs, you know that but that was a real step up.”

Garia and Easy - they made us all think it'd be something from Saturday Night Fever, what with him wearing that suit! Beautiful skating again, a couple of moments, but overall a pleasure to watch, needs added confidence and bring fun Gary out there. Score: 19. He said: “It felt fantastic, I had a few little s you are stumbles there which I’m gutted about but I had a great time and thank you for being kind. I am so far out of my comfort zone, I am skating and I’m dancing but I am really trying and Maria is working really hard, and Chris and Jayne are working hard to get me half decent and I am really trying really having a good time and hopefully I will relax into it if I am given the chance.”

Robin Cousins: (scored 4) “It’s lovely, it works so well with the relationship with the music the look is great it’s really comfortable. Every now and again you have those little moments where you are waiting for Maria to make sure you know what you’re doing next, there was 2 of those tonight and then the exit of the lift, and it’s like what Chris said tonight you are, there is no question, one of the best skaters we have out here, you have to just believe it a bit more and enjoy it.”

Emma Bunton: (scored 3.5) “I just love watching you, as Chris said you are one of the best skaters, for me I felt like you were constantly looking at Maria, I want you to show off a bit, make the performance about you and that’s what I am missing at the moment.”

Karen Barber: (scored 4)“Yes the performance is about you but also the relationship between you and I saw that connection, I am trying to convince you that you are as good as you are and you will be better.”

Hayliel and it looks like they've a Viennese Waltz! No More Tears the song, but should have been Dance Yourself Dizzy (Liquid Gold, remember that? I've got it ...) Full of enthusiasm, a little stutter, but the energy and performance there as is the big grin, as always. Score: 23 She said: “I do feel sick all the way round because apparently I hold my breath!”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4.5) “Save the best to last! You know what I love about you Hayley is; it’s 70’s week and we required a lot of energy and you have more energy than EDF. However what I will say is your weakest moment was your required element, however I absolutely loved the turn combination that was spot on, you are really our best in the competition so far.”

Karen Barber: (scored 4.5) “A mistake was made in the required element. Your attention to detail was amazing I loved it.”

Results: The usual recap - I'd agree with Jason's three he picked there, Mikanie and Mattiella got my votes (trying to cut down!) Safe: Sharrel; Mattiella; Mikanie; (YAY) Hatt; Hayliel; Kieranne; Hilandra; Fremily; Garia. It's Tana v Danny, as long as he doesn't forget the routine, Danny will go through - it all goes to plan, apart from the trip up the step, it's 5-0 Danny. Tana said: “I’ve had such a fantastic, fantastic time. I’m going to miss skating with Stuart and just everyone who’s been so supportive. I’ve had such a fantastic time. I’m exhausted! I’ve loved every single bit of it.”

Till next time (ITV1, Friday, 8pm!) and after that, Sunday!

So You Think You Can Dance: Cue Music 4!

Apologies for lateness of posting – I went out! That’s earlier than last year, didn’t go out on a Saturday night till March last year. So, I-Player to the rescue this morning!

Kicking things off with the girls’ group dance to Stephen Meah choreographed routine to Move – full of energy, Mandy and Yanet impressed.

First up, Yanet and Robbie, back together again, for a Lindy Hop by Ryan and Jenny. Hm, they’re doing to Yanet what they did to Hayley, showing her all negative. Robbie as a mad scientist – it suits him, lol! Bright and lively, a good job, thought they coped well with the air steps. Let’s hope it’s not 3 out of 3 for Ryan and Jenny’s dancers across the shows (Ricky & Natalie; Anabel &Drew) Sisco is well out of order – telling Yanet she’s the weakest before he’s seen any of the other’s tonight. After the comments to Hayley last week, I’m wondering if we’ll see him judging next year – doesn’t stick to the “constructive criticism” mantra.

Solos: Alistair to Get It On – T-Rex meets ballet! And it works! Lizzie to Poker Face, well yes – very nearly in that bra ... it’s a close call – Lizzie so far.

Charlie and Drew have a Kate Prince Lyrical HipHop with a clown theme, character driven piece performed beautifully, emotive storytelling, Drew a little behind at one point, but he’s got the resistance – what is it with Charlie and benches? Creative use of props. Loved it. Nigel agreed.

Solos: Tommy – Don’t Blame it on the Boogie – he just ran along on his knees! He did! He’s leading now, even though you think he’s off to a retro golf course. Mandy very, very classy, well done. Still Tommy though.

Lizzie and Alistair have a Rafael Contemporary piece to No Air and these pieces are really hitting the spot aren’t they? They married their ballet and lyrical hip hop moves into a gorgeous, fluid performance. No props, no outlandish costumes, just the dance. Beautiful.

Solos: Robbie argh – Robbie or Tommy, Tommy or Robbie? Ah, I was out anyway, it’s not like I can vote! Yanet with a mix of styles, love the music – they’ve all chosen better pieces this week. Still Rob/Tom.

Mandy and Tommy have Broadway which is Fab-U-Lous – had plenty of pizzazz far as I was concerned! So together, loved the Spanish themed section, gave it added pow, terrifically enjoyable, my favourite performance from Mandy so far. Nigel agrees again – it was in their eyes from the start and all credit to Tommy for carrying off choreographical moves he’s never heard of!

Solos: Drew and his amazing pirouettes, not so keen on the phone though; Charlie fluid – still Tommy and Robbie though.

The boys group dance: The Cygnet Dance from choreographer Matthew Bourne’s own production of Swan Lake. Some comedic elements as it’s baby swans trying to find their feet – how brilliant was that? Hands up who’s now going to book tickets for a Matthew Bourne show! Nigel’s right again of course – it’s toughest for us to choose who to vote for. ‘cept me, obviously, until next week!

Results Show: Group dance to open, Relight My Fire by Take That’s choreographer Gareth Walker, getting everyone in the mood.

The girls: Mandy and Lizzie are safe; Yanet v Charlie and Yanet is a goner, judging by earlier comments but Charlie was criticized too so who knows *shrugs* don’t know why I’m discussing it really!

The boys: Tommy and Alistair safe; Drew v Robbie and I think the solo could do for Drew this time, even if he does nail 18 pirouettes. But I love both of them and Tommy and Alistair so I was always going to be upset from here on in!

The solos: Yanet with her mix, Charlie her character piece and I think she’ll take it, especially if last week is taken into consideration. I counted 10 pirouettes and then more spins in Drew’s but don’t think it’ll beat Robbie.

Mika performs Blame it on the Girls, he’s gone for outlandish characterisation too, plus city suits with samba ruffles on the dancers. Strangely enjoyable.

Judgement Time: Unanimous for boys and girls – Robbie and Charlie go through, sadly we say goodbye to sweetie Drew and Yanet. Semi Final next week; Leona Lewis also appearing! Don’t miss!

Street Dance snippets ...

Informed London interviewed Kymberley Jay: Serious about Street Dance ... there's a chance to gain a CDTT Street Dance qualification which will be unveiled at Move It , an event not to be missed for teachers and dancers... Flawless will be appearing at Live at the Grand in the Event Show.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Strictly snippets ...

There's going to be a DVD Game for Strictly Come Dancing fans! I can just imagine the old man's delight when I tell him and the kids "It's family play time - and look what I've got!"

And Hip Hop star Mark Calape is full of praise for Pro dancer Katya Virshilas, saying the Viennese Waltz he performed with Lizzie Gough on So You Think You Can Dance was the highlight of the show for him.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Dancing on Ice Friday

Back to the 70's! There's dressing up. It's not all good. Holly and Phil recall last Sunday fondly; Phill tricks Holly into predicting a Top 3! Jayne and Chris on the sofa, they've done 26 hours of choreography this week and their own routine to Tiger Feet is quick! Chris says their minds still think they're young but their bodies disagree - Jayne says "speak for yourself!" Coleen voluntered to bring Chris oxygren. And a bit for Jayne. Then became all unnecessary over the idea of Chris in uniform! Emma joins them - which of the panel would she take to a desert island? Jason! Entertaining you see, but with the additional bonus of being able to leave him there ...
Training updates: Hilandra - trying to make him appear more confident; Mikanie, a comidic and therefore difficult, routine to Cecilia; Stuana dancing to Waterloo, she loves it, loosened her up a bit; The dressing up box distracted the rest.

Dannie and Fremily on the sofa, the two youngest in the competition - Danny points out Frankie is old enough to be his mum "I told you not to bring that up" Saucy Little Pirate. There's an unrehearsed back flip waiting to happen in their routine! Classic DOI 70's moments, including Duncan's hair. Well, it wouldn't have been complete ... yes, we do love the theme weeks! Fremily is a costume addict - not just the ladies; the celebs weigh up their opposition; we see snippets of Hayliel to finish, looking ominously composed!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Backstage!

The dancers were let loose with a camera again!

Strictly Tour Latest and snippets!

Mark and Kristina, Ali and Brian and Austin and Lilia are still leading the way! We’ve moved onto Birmingham, where show #8 was won by Mark and Kristina, scored 29 for AT and 30 for salsa (no Len) with Ali and Brian runners up on 29 for VW and 27 for samba; show #9 with all four judges saw another win for Mark and Kristina, with an almost perfect 80 points – 40 for the AT and 39 for salsa, with Austin and Lilia as runners up on 40 for their tango and 35 for their jive. Show #10 saw a first win for Ali and Brian, again just three judges, scoring them 29 for VW and 27 for samba, with Austin and Lilia runners up on 30 for tango and 25 for jive. A few mishaps at this one – a wardrobe malfunction for Ola and Mark fumbled some steps in his AT! Onto show #11 – no Arlene in this one – and it’s a win for Austin and Lilia, 30 for tango and 25 for jive, with Ali and Brian runners up with 30 for the VW and 26 for samba. Show #12 saw the same result, but with Austin and Lilia on 40 for tango and 33 for jive; Ali and Brian 39 for VW and 35 for samba. Ditto show #13, Austin and Lilia 40 and 35; Ali and Brian 39 and 35.

Overall it’s 7 wins, 2 runners up spots for Austin and Lilia, 5 wins and 1 runner up spot for Mark and Kristina, Ali and Brian with 1 win and 7 runner up spots, and 1 runner up spot for Zoe and James. All the stats can be found here if you're that way inclined!

Other news in brief – Alesha is apparently going to be replaced by Liza Minelli, whilst Mia Michaels is returning to SYTYCD in the US. There’s a general outpouring of support for this, there’s major respect for Mia’s choreography, so hopefully we’ll see her over here sometime. Jeremy Sheffield has a part in the Street Dance movie starring Diversity – and no ice involved, he says, relieved! Diversity are also fronting a new government health campaign, Let’s Dance with Change4Life. Check it out here there's a link at the bottom that will take you through to enter the competition to win a dance workshop with the group themselves, as well as dance lessons! See Sisco Gomez, of So You Think You Can Dance, and his group Dance 2XS here , their final performance together. And the Hip Hop community did their bit for Haiti too.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interviews and Quick Recap!



Got To Dance Semi Final 1

But first - the incredible performance by Diversity - the attention to detail, every little hand movement and flick of the head, they're just awesome, so in tune and the slot machine section - choreographer Ashley will be in demand for the rest of his life.

Thrilled that Juke Box Juniors made it through, also creative and inventive, bundles of energy - the breakdancer in the blue suit is amazing - no wonder Ashley's a fan! Also through was Freestyler Emily Crow, with a more emotive and musical performance this time which I enjoyed, though Kimberley did echo what I'd said before regarding her lines. Love that she'd use the prize money for tracksuits! And stage school, of course - I look forward to seeing her in ten years time on So You Think You Can Dance, trying different styles.

Sad to see Status not make it through, following another creative gem, a real show piece; Martin Sierra could be a great dancer if he stopped with the cringy stuff and danced seriously - be interesting to see what a contemporary choreographer could do with him. Bhangra Heads truly entertaining but not tight enough, while Parallel, although some fine ideas - specially the Tom Jones break! - not quite there in dancing terms yet, but again, entertainment very much to the fore.

Monday, 25 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Clips!

Alistair and Hayley Hip Hop to Chris Brown: Forever

Drew and Lizzie Disco to The Trammps: Disco Inferno

Mark and Mandy Contemporary to Maria McKee: Show Me Heaven

Charlie and Robbie Lyrical to Maxwell: Woman's Work

Tommy and Yanet Salsa to Eddie Palmieri: La Malanga

Dancing on Ice: The Cold Stats!

First up was actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston who skated to You’re No Good (Linda Ronstadt) scoring 19.5 out of 30. She said: “There is a huge amount of pressure now the boys are in the competition and they are fantastic, so we have to up our game.”

Karen said: (Scored 4.5) “That was totally different to your first routine, you made it look effortless, it was seamless, you covered up how difficult it was. I think you’re such strong competitor, you’re going from strength to strength in this competition.”

Nicky said: (scored 3) “Your spiral was super and I loved you’re presentation, but I’m not convinced about you’re skating skills when you’re on your own.”

Disagreeing with Nicky, Jason said (scored 4) ‘”In week one I asked you to give us a more sincere performance and you absolutely did that. I thought it was incredible for the first person out tonight and I disagree with Nicky, you have beautiful flow over the ice, it shows great control.

GMTV’s Dr Hilary Jones with his skating partner Alexandra Schauman was next up and skated to (They Long To be) Close To You (Matt Monro) and scored 7.5 out of 30. He said: “I’ve been having trouble with that turn and if you’re conscious of the weakness it plays on your mind, but I’m having great fun.”

Robin said: (scored 1.5) “I was more comfortable watching you last week. I’ve written down three things, scary, laboured and uncomfortable which is how you made me feel. It just doesn’t look natural seeing you out there, I thought you did really well to save yourself.”

Emma said: (scored 1.5) “I literally couldn’t breath through the whole dance and then you lifted her I felt physically sick I was so nervous for you both. I just didn’t enjoy it and I am glad you were smiling because I wasn’t.”

Karen said: (scored 2) “It’s not easy, we work on flexibility and it doesn’t come naturally to you. There was improvement on last week and the elements you have done this week are harder, but I was glad when the music ended.”

Next up was actress Emily Atack and skating partner Fred Palascak skated to Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) and scored 13.5 out of 30. She said: “It’s better than the first one that’s all I can hope for, I’m not going to be perfect over night.”

Jason said: (scored 2.5) “Ok from my point of view you have a pretty face but you have legs of a ninety year old. Watch what your legs are doing especially during the acquired element which was the spiral, that was not good my darling at all. You have a very stiff neck and there is absolutely no release in your upper body.”

Emma said: (scored 3.5) “I disagree I can see that you have been really trying and its definitely better. But what I want to see now is you taking a bit more risk, your still so young so take the risk - but it’s much better.”

Robin said: (scored 3) “I can still see the effort and what you are trying to do and it’s great to have that effort but I would like to see a bit more pliability in the body. Let it loosen up a bit, it was a bit stiff.”

Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to Evergreen (Will Young) and scored 16 out of 30. He said: “I am completely amazed by that result, the lifts went up and I’m a skinny boy and I did it.”

Robin said: (scored 3.5) “I have to be honest if doing your day job takes your brain away from the skating then sometimes if you take a step backwards you can come out and do a performance. There is still a lot to do and I would love to see the blades glide a bit more.”

Nicky said: (scored 2.5) “I look at three things here, the style the tech content and presentation. You’re technical content and your skating ability impresses me and there is a lot to admire with your lift - the back arm looks like a wet fish, but was a good effort.”

Tana Ramsay and partner Stuart Widdall were next and skated to Piece of My Heart (Beverly Knight) scoring 12.5 out of 30. Afterwards she said: “I did enjoy it, it was a great routine and we had fun and I hope I did better this week.”

Jason said: (scored 2) “Tana for me you have the sensuality of a frigid school mistress. You have a look on your face like you have sucked lemons, there’s no movement in it. You didn’t convey anything in that number – there was no physical expression, you need to work on expressing the entire movement with the entire body.”

Emma said: (scored 3), “I can see your physically shaking, I know how nervous you are but I didn’t believe the story between you two. I know you can be sexier you need to loosen up, but it was definitely better and that’s what I am judging on.”

Karen said: (scored 3) “This week was a massive challenge. You were well out of your comfort zone, when you have no performance background you have nothing to relate back too. I think if you ask most people could they do that they couldn’t so you’ve done really well.”

Actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to (You’re The) Devil in Disguise (Elvis Presley) and scored 17 out of 30. He said: “My mouth is really dry, my legs were shaking and (referring to the ‘Frog Lift’) my bits are in tact so I didn’t have to go and pick it up!”

Karen said: (scored 4) “Full credit that is such a hard lift, fifty fifty they have worked and then not this week. For me the tricks are taking over from your basics, we are going to go back to the basics and improve the flow of the ice, but full credit you did great.”

Jason said: (scored 3) “There were two gear changes musically in that number and I didn’t think you matched them with your performance. You looked unrefined and unfinished. You attack the moments great but you don’t finish anything off, and watch in the face because at times you look like you are going to attack her.”

After Jason’s comments Danny joked: “Jason you always seem angry, get up and give me a cuddle.”

Heather Mills and partner Matt Evers skated to Frozen (Madonna) and scored 16 out of 30. She said: “None stop fun, I love it and it’s a total privilege.”

Emma said: (scored 3.5) “I just think you looked really confident and I can see you totally trust your partner. All you need to do now is relax your face and just feel it. You just said you love it so want to see that a little bit more on the ice.”

Jason said: (scored 3) “It was a very confident performance. I want to ask you something, with the artificial leg can you turn out from the hip in order to get a better leg line, especially with the foot, is that something we can do?

In response Heather said “If we could make a lighter leg I can but it’s just so heavy it want turn the foot.”

Robin said: (scored 3.5) “There was no hesitance, and you have no boundaries of what you will try.”

Next up was actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov skated to I’m Yours (Jason Mraz) scoring 18.5 out of 30. Afterwards he said: “I had a bit of a shoulder injury and I was just pleased we go through it and India (his daughter) is just enjoying this so much.”

Robin said: (scored 4) “I hope you’ve done enough to stay out of the skate-off this week. The quality was really quite lovely. You run the risk of everything just being nice, nice three turns, nice lifts. Make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd and a good required element at the end.”

Jason said: (scored 3.5) “ Gary ’s second spiral was cheating as it was to the side not to the back.”

Head judge Robin retaliated and said: “To the side is a legitimate spiral.”

Gary responded to Jason’s comments and said: “There were two(spirals), we had to go front and back.”

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies with skating partner Pavel Aubrecht was next up and skated to These Words (Natasha Bedingfield) and scored 14 out of 30. She said: “I really enjoyed this week.”

Nicky said: (scored 2.5) “The synchronised swimming idea - was great. Your arms in the water are wonderful and if you can get that on the ice each week, it will be such a different dynamic. The spiral was really well held and I think there is potential, but I would encourage you to go and do basic ballet classes.”

Jason said: (scored 2.5) “There were a lot more through energy, breath in them (arms). You’ll do a nice arm movement and then a really ugly one. So try and sustain your arm movement and lock in your core as you have a very solid body, its impressive, great legs.”

Emma said: (scored 2.5) “You put you’re arm around his (Pavel) shoulder a lot, which was quite clever as it masked it.”

Jeremy Sheffield and partner Susie Lipanova skated to Stay With Me (Faces) scoring 12 out of 30. Afterwards he said: “It’s still scary, and just co-ordinating my feet at that speed.”

Karen said: (scored 3) “The speed is creeping in, but the routines are getting harder. To focus on the positive the spiral was really good, you had two hard lifts but to keep your place, you need to keep pushing yourself like you did this week.”

Nicky said: (scored 2) “I’m so frustrated when I see you skate as I can see the potential. Get your marriage gear forward and bend your knees and your ankles. OK here’s a tip on what you should do, your hips are back all the time, imagine you have a grenade in-between the cheeks of your buttocks and you’re holding it there and if you let it drop there is going to be a real problem. If you get your posture right you have potential to do great work out there.”

Boyzone’s Mikey Graham and partner Melanie Lambert skated to Just Say Yes (Snow Patrol) scoring 18.5 out of 30.

Karen said: (scored 4) “You’re such a treat to work with. Everything’s in place, you just need to get consistent with it. You will be in our final set, I think you’re really capable.”

Nicky said: (scored 3) “It’s very close on being on level with Gary , you have really skated well with your lady.”

Emma said: (scored 4) “It was such a strong performance it gave me goose bumps. I hope the luck of the Irish is with you tonight.”

Last up was actress Danniella Westbrook and partner Matthew Gonzalez and they skated to Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) scoring 18 out of 30. She said afterwards: “I am happy, things could of gone a little better but I am over the moon with that.”

Emma said: (scored 4) “It was gorgeous, so fluid and the lifts were gorgeous. I enjoy watching you and I think that is really important. I love the fact that you are pushing yourself, I think it’s really brave. Well done.”

Robin said: (scored 3.5) “When everybody has slow music they think they have so much more time, but you are so exposed technically because everything has to take longer, the edges have to be longer. A few movements were a little tense and tight, but this evening everyone who has had a slow number has had to cope with pushing themselves technically. I thought you did a really nice job tonight, well done.”

Jeremy Sheffield was the third celebrity to leave the competition. Jeremy and Sharron Davies found themselves in the bottom with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. The judges all voted to save former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies.

Jeremy said: “Well I’m disappointed, absolutely. But I’m every so slightly relieved I’m not going to be in pain.”

This week saw the all the couple skating together for the first time. Join them again, ITV1 on Friday and Sunday!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Three

No routine from Chris and Jayne - simply no time, with 12 couples to choreograph! Jason's clunk-clicked into his seat, no need for a (hot) air bag, he's already got one ...

Hayliel out first, dancing to You're No Good, and it's very sensual, fantastic routine again, a complete all round performance. Score: 19.5 Holly's ended up gagging Jason and Nicky, as Phil says, it's going to be a long night. First vote will go to her.

Hilandra next and, oof, I felt that! Dancing to Close To You, it's tentative, nearly a smooth drop and roll, heart in the mouth moment but all credit for staying upright and make the spiral! Score: 7.5

Fremily to Beautiful. The cry baby is gone! Much more confident, very nice, the spiral there, maybe needs to loosen up a bit. Score: 13 Pliability - that's the word, thank you Robin!

Kieranne - please stop with the negativity! And why can't Hollyoaks give their reality show guys a break? To Evergreen, lovely routine, nailed the lift and the spiral. Another who needs to relax a little (easier said than done, I know!) Score: 16

Stuana to Piece of my Heart - it's a feisty start but she doesn't carry it on, nice skate but the sultryness is awkward, too ladylike, should have taken notes from Hayley. Nice aeroplane spin and spiral. Score: 12.5

Dannie *fingers crossed massively* to Devil in Disguise. Wow, nailed the frog lift and the spiral, full of personality, very positive, really attacked it. Score: 17 He's funny, I like him a lot - go on, Jason, give him a cuddle! I would ...

Hatt to Frozen, spiral looks fab in training, confidently done, she's so much more focused than the other girls ('cept Hayley) so far. Hope she's done some weight training on her eyelids, those lashes look heavy! Score: 16

Garia up next, and aw, his little girl is so lovely! I'm Yours the song and this is more like it - much more connection and warmth, gorgeous skating, very smooth - and I'm a sucker for the Mack and Mabel train. Good job. Score: 18.5 That's it, milk the kid! That's enough, don't overdo it, Gary. Oh, another fight! But a vote from me.

Sharrel - loving the sparkly bootylicious leggings thingies! These Words the song, a little wobble but much improved, nice lines and lifts, on her own a fair bit too. Well done. Score: 14

Jeresie, fighting the fear to Stay With Me. Well done, needs to work on posture to support Susie more, but definitely more speed, lovely arabesque, as you'd expect. Score: 12

Mikanie - The Iceman's frozen! Ronan *swoon* Just Say Yes the song, never heard of it, but very nice, lovely skating, fantastic partnership, very assured, loved the variation on the spiral. Score: 18.5 A vote for them too!

Mattiella on last to Because of You. She's so positive, skating through the pain. There's a genuine joy and warmth to this partnership that makes them so watchable. Lovely performance. Score: 18. My last vote.

It'll be close - those safe from lower down before will have a tougher job to climb out of it this week, so I think we'll see the skate off between the bottom half of the board. Here we go: Safe- Garia, yes! Stuana; Dannie, woo! Fremily; Mattiella, yay! Hayliel, yippee! Mikanie, goodie! Kieranne; Hilandra; Hatt. It's Sharrel v Jeresie.

Nicely done again by Sharrel, she's good under pressure. I think she's got this, Jeresie couldn't improve. Yep, there it is! Shame to lose him, like Nicky said, there was potential there - but there's potential in all of them. The competition in the dance shows this season is fierce!

Got To Dance: Adam Garcia wants your undies!

Loved this interview with the Aussie judge so much, I'm posting it all here, in case the link disappears some time in the future! It's courtesy of Dina Behrman of Mirror celebs, who I think may be responsible for Adam now getting his wish!

Adam Garcia: ‘I want the women of the UK to send me their knickers and bras’
By Dina Behrman 24/01/2010

The Aussie all-singing, all-dancing Got To Dance judge, 36, on his penchant for British ladies’ underwear (and British ladies in general), wanting to be David Attenborough, and his unusual pulling tactics…

What’s been the most memorable moment of Got To Dance so far?
Adam Garcia: Aside from the woman whose top came down mid-dance… I would say Matthew Koon has been the most memorable act. He’s a 15-year-old boy, and when he came on, that was when the bar was set.

Were there any awkward audition moments?
AG: The worst was when a woman came on and thought she deserved to get through simply because she had the desire and because she was 40. She was so genuinely and aggressively upset that we didn’t think she should go through. It was really a moment of sublime denial, there was some delusion there.

Do you think dancing is a good way to pull women?
AG: Are you kidding? Don’t you like a guy who can dance? Don’t you like being thrown around a room?

Um, yes please. So did that make you very popular with girls growing up?
AG: Actually, no. That came after school, when you enter the real world and people go out to enjoy dancing. But I think girls are a bit smarter than that. A guy can dance really well, but also be, ‘Hey, I’m a buffoon!’ But it does help.

You’ve done TV, film, stage… Which do you prefer?
AG: My immediate response would be theatre – there’s nothing quite like the pressure of having to perform live. But I also love the medium of film. I’m going to go for theatre, but I’ll do it all.

What was your childhood ambition?
AG: I wanted to be David Attenborough. I still do. He’s a remarkable man. I think I wanted to go around the world eliminating poaching. Perhaps I can still do that and go down to the whaling ships of Japan, as they try to collide with the Greenpeace ships, and sink them.

What were you like at school?
AG: Probably pretty average. Most of my reports said ‘has potential’. I was quite naughty, I didn’t know when to shut up. I did get detentions and things like that, but I was fairly diligent and obedient.

Describe yourself in three words?
AG: Pretty good fun!

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
AG: Very early on in my career I had to go to a big shopping mall dressed in a black lycra cat-suit, including a head-stocking, covered in gold jewellery and dance publicly on a catwalk. That wasn’t a great gig, but it was $50 and I was about 16. Luckily, I had the head-stocking on, so the scorn and derision I received wasn’t too bad.

What’s your most embarrassing drunken escapade?
AG: There have been a lot! Probably when I was in the Victoria snow fields with a friend when we were 18. I decided to go skiing after getting really drunk on schnapps that I couldn’t handle. In my underpants. If I hadn’t fallen over, it may not have been such a silly idea, but I did fall over a number of times. And I couldn’t really get up. I was really, really cold, but didn’t realise until I came in and then that burning-cold feeling set in.

Do you get a lot of fan mail?
AG: There have been times when I have, mostly when I’ve been doing a show. Every now and again I get recognised. People stop and do that, ‘Is that my brother’s friend? He looks familiar.’ Or they’ll say, ‘Are you the guy from Coyote Ugly?’ If I say yes they’ll say, ‘No, you’re not!’ But if I deny it they’ll say, ‘Yes, you are!’ So depending on my mood, I’ll say either.

What kind of fan mail do you get?
AG: Fluffy toys, letters asking for signed photos. Unfortunately, no knickers or bras. Actually, can you write this down in quotation marks – send immediately. I think perhaps I’m too sweet-looking or I haven’t had sexy enough roles, but I think it’s probably time I got sent some knickers.

Do you prefer Britain or Australia?
AG: I’ve been in London for 13 years and I adore it. It’s one of those places that truly moves and shakes the modern world. But I grew up in Sydney. Imagine going to school, then coming home and going to the beach for a surf. It’s a great lifestyle. Saying that, I like lots of things about Britain. I love the accent, and I love British women. Yes, send knickers immediately!

Have you ever had a big fashion disaster?
AG: People would argue that in general my wardrobe may be a complete fashion disaster. It certainly was in my early teens in the late 80s and early 90s. I mean, what was I thinking? Seriously. Trousers that looked like curtains. Why?

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
AG: The most romantic thing is walking up to a woman completely drunk in a bar and saying [slurs], ‘How about it? Grab your coat, love, you’ve pulled.’

Do you ever use chat-up lines on women?
AG: No, although I was with a friend last night who has a four-month-old Labrador pup and, by gum, if that puppy isn’t the best chick magnet! Girls were coming up to us saying, ‘Aw, isn’t that dog beautiful, what’s its name?’ And we’d say, ‘Let’s do it.’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘No, that’s the dog’s name, Letsdoit.’

Very good, better than a cheesy line…
AG: Well, my friend, who luckily is very good-looking, he would put a 10p coin in his eye like a monocle and say, ‘Can I borrow 10p?’ It doesn’t make sense, it has no relevance, it’s completely random, but it breaks the ice a bit. But because it’s on the verge of someone who is a bit nuts, moving on from that is somewhat difficult.

THERE’S MORE• Adam was speaking to us from his family’s home in Melbourne where it was 9.30pm our time and 7.30am his time. He got up super early especially to talk to us. What a gent.• While we shivered in the snow he told us he was looking out of the window at blue sky and 28°C heat. Jealous?• Adam totally charmed the pants off us when we asked him whether he ever used chat-up lines and he replied, ‘What works for you?’ Um, just talking to you works quite well, Adam…

Got To Dance is on Sky1 and Sky1 HD, Sundays, 6pm

Saturday, 23 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Cue Music 3!

Start picking your individual favourite tonight - ten solos; five duets; two groups! Cat beat me to the "Sisco's in the army now!" Nigel says they need to take the adrenalin and use it!

The girls do Bollywood, and very well too. All having great fun with it, I couldn't pick out one more than the rest.

Lizzie and Drew start the show with Disco to Disco Inferno, choreographed by Karen Bruce. Drew's found his second home, awesome energy, great partnering, the lifts and throws incredible, Lizzie found her disco mojo!

*Puts extra credit on the phone*

Charlie and Robbie solos - these are far too short and similar in terms of content, so I'm sitting back and will do a head to head knockout, you know, like you do with fit actors on the internet. I don't do that, obviously *ahem* but you know what I mean. Robbie it is so far.

Mandy and Mark have contemporary to Show Me Heaven, choreographed by Henri. Mandy in her element, really into it and Mark joining in too - I'm disagreeing with the judges, I think, their comments are mixed - thought both lived and sold it, great job.

Hayley and Alastair solos - not so keen on the solos music - still Robbie so far.

Yanet and Tommy salsa by Richard Marcel; Yanet took Tommy clubbing and he's got the moves, lively, totally with it;, Yanet of course, supreme in her specialist genre. Great fun.

Lizzie and Drew solos - she's so fluid ... ok, they're all fluid, I still don't know, though Drew has now taken over from Robbie!

*Puts more credit on phone*

Hayley and Alastair Hip Hop by Simeon Osyea and, well, I loved that routine! Creative - and dancing on wheels! I thought they did a cracking job, considering both way out of their comfort zone. The judges again seem mixed and leave us feeling rather flat.

Mandy and Mark solos - still Drew, although I could watch Mark all night.

Charlie and Robbie and a Tyce Diorio choreographed lyrical piece - almost the same 'Cancer' dance as on the U.S version of the show and it's completely mesmerising. Anyone watching who hasn't shed a tear, is your heart made of stone? All the more poignant as Nigel reveals that Tyce was called home to his mother, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Charlie and Robbie are spent emotionally.

Yanet and Tommy solos - still Drew, but oh, Tommy, argh - loved that too!

The boys are The Jets in the West Side Story group dance by Tyce. It's fantastic. I don't want any of them to go. Cat says it - why can't we just have a performing show and everyone stays! I'm voting but it's tight and I'm having to be methodical - Robbie and Drew for all three of their performances; Charlie for the lyrical and Hayley for the wheels and last week.

Results! And what a start, incredible routine and it's not fair the lines are shut because there's others I should have voted for. Which would have defeated the object but still!

The girls - safe: Charlie; Yanet; Lizzie

The boys - safe: Drew; Robbie, Alastair

It's contemporary Mandy v showgirl Hayley; and the two Hip Hop lads, Mark v Tommy. Glad I'm not a judge - would rather Hayley, but no idea how they'll choose. Solos over, we have a musical interlude with JLS and One Shot. A ballad? A house ballad? What a shame, if they took that nasty cliched scratchy bit out I'd have loved it.

The judges make unanimous decisions: It's Mandy and Tommy who stay. A farewell to Hayley (Nigel making it clear he couldn't favour her, knowing her family for so long) and Mark (did the fact he's already won a show this year have a bearing?) But they've got the satisfaction of having been a part of two of the best routines in this series, Take a Bow and Speechless.

So You Think You Can Dance: All Change!

So, you think you want to know who's partnering whom tonight and what dance they're doing? Ok, I'll tell you at the bottom of the post, so if you don't, you can avoid it! I know some people like to be surprised - don't watch the video either!

A short snippety snippet - Pixie Lott was taught by Hayley, during her time at the Italia Conti stage school.

The rules change slightly from tonight - the couples will be randomly drawn from now on for each remaining week, but we'll be asked to vote for our favourite dancer, singular. I'm tingling, I'm very excited by the partnerships and what they're doing, even though it means the decision of who to vote for will be hellish ...

So you're clear!

Charlie and Robbie dancing Lyrical
Hayley and Alastair dancing Hip-hop
Lizzie and Drew dancing Disco
Mandy and Mark dancing Contemporary
Yanet and Tommy dancing Salsa

Strictly Come Dancing Snippets!

An interview with the legend that is Erin Boag ... Liverpool Daily and Worcester News reviews of the live show .... a review of current touree and Strictly cricketer, Mark Ramprakash's autobiography - seems there more for dance fans than for cricket fans! And Strictly singer Hayley Sanderson reckons Arlene's hilarious!

Dancing On Wheels

The date for airing this series on BBC3 has been announced - it's all systems go on Thursday 11th February (How pleased am I it's not on at the weekend!)

The wheelchair dancers are Carolyne Underwood, Diana Morgan-Hill, Harry Maule, James O'Shea, Paul Jacob and Simone Milani, partnered by celebrities Heather Small of M People, world champion swimmer Mark Foster, TV presenter Caroline Flack, Hollyoaks actor Kevin Sacre, actress and singer Michelle Gayle and rugby league legend Martin Offiah, with judging duties given over to James and Ola Jordan and paralympic athlete Ade Adepitan.

Together with their wheelchair partners, the couples are competing to represent the UK in the International Wheelchair Dancing Competition in Tel Aviv.

Week One will see three couples dancing a cha cha, with the remaining three a tango. Here's the preview:

Friday, 22 January 2010

Dancing on Ice Friday

Breaking news first ... Danny doing the frog lift! Daniella takes a tumble but she's ok!

Hilandra and Hatt on the sofa, Heather needs a new leg socket, she's lost muscle and it's slipping about; Matt tells how they've devised special moves (eg. a three step teapot!) to allow for her leg. Someone also needs to make prosthetics lighter too! Hilary is reminded how old he is again by Coleen - he prefers the phrase 'diminishing youth' - and says he hit the press-ups trail with Danny backstage, he doesn't feel old!

There's an even more pronounced Boys v Girls theme this evening, Coleen and Ben are upping the banter - is it tougher for the guys, who have to lift and lead, or for the girls, being thrown around and touched up? (Don't hear them complaining!) A quick shufty at Sharrel's training - she's looking more elegant.

Post Sunday show, Jayne and Chris answer questions on the forum; Chris gets bored on his day off, Jayne plays with the kids, but can't wait to get back to work - about six hours later! Dannie training - sounds like they're dancing to Devil in Disguise! T&D at the NTA's - Holly thought they'd be far too busy! Ben reckons they were the only ones to leave sober, lol. Coleen gloats over her award. In a nice way! Chris reckons they've all upped the ante - he says it's harder for the boys, Jayne disagrees!

The required element this week: The pairs spiral! Control the core and a nice running edge will see you through it. Jeresie snippet - speeding! An intro to the New Kids on the Ice-Block - Brianne, Matthew, Molly and Alexandra.

The ice panel on the sofa - Karen, Jason, Robin and they've pointed out Karen's killer heels, complete with label ... Robin says it's tougher for the boys early on ... but it evens out. Very diplomatic! Fremily practising, Karen's begun to slap her about a bit; Garia practising a roll-up -no, not that sort - it's a lift. Kieranne show their connection by snuggling - it had to happen, the judges are squabbling. We finish with Mattiella, they've gone ... and they're back, looking pretty competent!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Tour Latest

The tour kicked off in Manchester last weekend, with early results suggesting two couples dominating!

Show #1 saw Austin Healy, dancing Tango and Jive with Lilia Kopylova, score 39 and 32 respectively, win the show from Mark Ramprakash and Kristina Rihanoff (Argentine Tango 36 and Salsa 39) following the public vote.

In Show #2 the result was reversed, with Mark and Kristina taking the win from Austin and Lilia. Only three judges in this show (I'd been wondering how Arlene would be in two places at once!) so the scores were M&K Argentine Tango 28, Salsa 30; A&L Tango 28; Jive 24.

Show #3 ended with victory again for Mark and Kristina, with Austin and Lilia as runners up - scores: AT 29, Salsa 30 and Tango 30 and Jive 24. (No Arlene).

Show #4 saw Mark and Kristina win again, with scores: AT 38, Salsa 40, with the runners up spot taken this time by Ali and Brian, scoring 38 for their Viennese Waltz and 35 for their Samba.

Show #5 was all change as Austin and Lilia again took the win, scoring 40 for Tango and 34 for Jive, while runners up this time were Zoe and James, scoring 40 for Waltz and 35 for Rumba.

Moving onto Liverpool for Show #6 (without Len) saw another win for Austin and Lilia (Tango 30, Jive 25) with Ali and Brian runners up (VW 29, Samba 26).

Show #7 and it's the same result (A&L win, A&B R/U) without Len again, the scores were Tango 30, Jive 25; VW 29, Samba 26.

The overall results so far then:

Austin and Lilia: 4 wins, 2 R/U
Mark and Kristina: 3 wins, 1 R/U
Ali and Brian: 3 R/U
Zoe and James: 1 R/U

The other couples are Matthew Cutler and Kelly Brook, Ricky Groves and Aliona Vilani, Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan and Natalie Cassidy and Darren Bennett.

For the full results and to see how your favourites are scoring, see this thread by Digital Spy forumite SCDancing34, an absolute star! And if you're still thinking of going along to a show, check out all the dates on the official tour thread here.

Snippets: SCD, DOI, Sport Relief

Sport Relief will once again be using dance to entice us to part with our dosh this year - there's a special Strictly Come Dancing, coming from the O2 and featuring two, as yet un-named, celebrities, together with another Let's Dance for ... show. Will it turn up another unexpectedly superb performance a la Robert Webb? Let's hope so. Guaranteed fun at any rate and well worth a dip into the pocket for the cause.

Those general media types have got their knickers in a twist over the extra-long Dancing on Ice this weekend. Since when has two hours twenty minutes been nearly three hours? Helloooo - it's closer to two, and just an extra thirty five minutes on the previous weeks! Wish I knew a way of adding an extra forty minutes into every hour; my God, that'd make my life so much easier!

Strictly stars Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe revealed their fantasy dance partners (Vernon Kay and Bruce Forsyth respectively) to ClickLiverpool - I think I prefer Nat's other choice, Matthew McConaughey!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Recap and Exit Interviews

No time to watch the whole show? See the highlights snippet here:

Gavin's exit interview:

Chloe's exit interview:

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Snippets: SCD, SYTYCD, GTD

A taster of what's in store on the Strictly Come Dancing tour - I'm thrilled there's a group Charleston number, they look fab!

JLS are confirmed for So You Think You Can Dance, performing their new song One Shot ... Anton and Erin's Steppin' Out show review ... excellent article 'Born to Dance' by Davina Morris in The Voice.

In Got To Dance, judges Ashley, Kimberley and Adam have whittled 98 acts down to just 18, for the three live semi finals, the first of which is January 24th. Two acts will be voted through by the public to the grand final.

Monday, 18 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Clips!

The dancers each took a camera and recorded their first week with the show! This is what they came up with:

Saturday's performances:

Yanet and Robbie - Hip Hop to Black Eyed Peas: Boom Boom Pow

Chloe and Gavin - Broadway to Ann Miller: Too Darn Hot

Hayley and Drew - Contemporary to Lady Gaga: Speechless

Mandy and Alastair: Cha Cha to Blackout AllStars: I like it (like that)

Charlie and Tommy - Pop Jazz to JLS: Everybody in Love

Lizzie and Mark - Viennese Waltz to Bryan Adams: Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

There are clips of week one now on the BBC Youtube site!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Two

Time to kick ice, say the boys, but first - it's the Pro boys with T&D: It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing - lucky Jayne, all of 'em to herself. Love that train move, very cool, no pun intended! They're looking to eclipse Ray with this crop of lads - toughest first week routines ever!

Jason's already taken a scalp - it's tied round his neck.

Garia out first - roller blading experience, he's at Lea Valley - that was my local haunt when I went through a phase of ice skating! Musically, he prefers something slow as Dancing Is Not His Thing - but they've given him All Right Now! Let's hope so - good, clean skating, very calm, too calm, needed to inject a bit more personality and general oomph, let himself go and get into the music. Polite, Jason said - I'd have to agree. The calmness belying big nerves. Score: 17.5 Gary said: “I’m so pleased to get through it without dropping Maria. It’s good fun.” The judges said:
Jason Gardiner (scored 3) “It was alright now and then and the reason being is because you were incredibly polite, almost borderline dull. Watch your free arm because there’s no life or energy in it. There were, however, moment of grace so I think you have potential to grow in this competition.” Karen Barber (scored 4) “You hate to make mistakes, you hate to get things wrong but it’s part of learning. A lot of it is right everything’s in the right place We’re talking about confidence and that little more showbiz and presentation that Jason is looking for but otherwise it’s a great start.”

Hilandra wants another eight weeks to train, but he's been inspired by the girls. Dancing to Everlasting Love, the Doctor has potential, not too shaky, he's got lovely elegant arms. And he's so nice! Score: 11.5 Hilary said: “We’ve all been injured and had aches and pains but I’ve loved it.” The judges said: Nicky Slater (scored 2) “That reflects the speed and some of the lack of confidence in certain moves. But I find myself smiling you when I watch the pair of you skate. You have a good neckline so I think you’ve accomplished a lot for your first week.” Emma Bunton (scored 2.5) “Firstly you, I would like to say, the oldest contestant we’ve ever had on the show and I think as you get older you lose nerve so I think it’s very, very brave of you. Your posture wasn’t great and I felt you needed to support your partner a bit more but it was surprisingly endearing. I loved it, it was sweet.”

A flying visit to the girls' training: Daniella says this week's routine is a million times harder than last week's; Tana's working on chemistry; Hayley going for sexy not cheesy; Sharron is emotionally exhausted; Emily says Fred's getting tough; Heather can't imagine it getting even harder!

Dannie - a quick learner on their hands, so they've given him a toughie. One word: Sinitta!! Viva la Vida ... fantastic skating, musical, he went for it and nailed all the fancy footwork, even while singing. He is the cheeky chappie too, engaging. Score: 18 Danny said: “it was amazing, one of the best things I’ve ever done I really enjoyed it.” The judges said: Emma Bunton (scored 4) “Yes I thought you were first, exciting and flirty, I would love to dance with you. You lost the timing a little but I couldn’t take my eyes off your muscles.” Jason Gardiner (scored 3) “There were moments that were great then at times you looked like Frodo on steroids. You’ve just got to watch it as you have infantile arms. I did think you had great partnering and good life and with a bit more focus and practice I think you could be lord of your rink.” Robin Cousins (scored 3.5) “Be very careful you will need the basics, you have such potential I can’t wait to see what the weeks bring.”

Bobblly: Their challenge, if they choose to accept it - he's a busyBobby! Got My Mind Set On You, a good tune for him, he went for it but possibly trying too hard to be Mr Personality. Skating tentative but that's probably lack of training time. Score: 10.5 Bobby said: “I’m just glad I got round without falling over. I loved it!” The judges said: Nicky Slater (Scored 2.5) “The skating skills need development but the entertainment you had me smiling from ear to ear from the first moment. I hope you stay in because you’re such an entertainer.” Jason Gardiner (scored 2) “I thought you were going to be dreadful and you were. Technically a lot of problems there, posture also you have hands like a Mickey Mouse watch – you’ve got to work on your presentation skills I think what we do have with you is a great showman.” Karen Barber (scored 2) “It was a little bit like watching Todd (Carty) in time but it’s not been easy for you – you really struggled but you want this as much as all of them.”

Kieranne borrowing confidence from pal Chris Fountain for Beat Again and it works - full of energy, timing great, having fun. Good job. Score: 17.5 - but what bizarre scoring 2.5 up to 4.5. And did anyone else's screen go dark for a second there, or is it just mine on the blink? Kieron said: “I can’t believe it I’m on Dancing on Ice, how mad is that?” The judges said: Jason Gardiner (scored 2.5) “Look what I will say is that there was good energy I didn’t feel a connection with your partner. I think however you will progress and make sure there is a connection with your partner.” Nicky Slater (scored 4.5) “I saw a flowing over the ice – I saw you doing moves that linked with no gaps. A load of development to come and you worked well as a couple.”

Jeresie - an ex-ballet dancer - so I'm expecting some nice lines. No skating skills though, and a hamstring injury and gangrene too, by the look of his leg! It's a Mans Mans Mans World. Slow but smooth and lyrical, expressive, with more training time on the ice, who knows? I'm throwing a vote his way to see. Score: 12.5 Jeremy said: “I’m so terrified I’m happy its over!” The judges said: Robin Cousins (scored 2.5) “What it needs is some passion and drama for this particular performance. It’s also about the speed and you made everyone look like speed demons. It was really quite slow and very laboured in places. It is great that you have this wonderful stature you have the dance training it now needs to help you catch up.” Emma Bunton (scored 3) “I love my job you look so gorgeous your body is amazing. I thought your lines were beautiful, I would obviously like some more speed in your skating but you conveyed so much emotion for me personally. I really enjoyed it.” Karen Barber (scored 2.5) “Training hasn’t been consistent. It was slow it was cautious. I hope you’re here next week because I want to see you skate more. I see you more relaxed in training and that will come out now hopefully, with more confidence. ”

Mikanie, a poignant start followed by a bumpy ride! But then - he gets it! Let's Dance and he did - enjoyed himself a bit too much and stumbled, losing confidence a little, but overall, thoroughly enjoyable and lovely skating. His attitude is fantastic, totally going for it. Score: 16 Mikey said: “It was difficult a couple of stumbles there. I am happy enough with that.” The judges said: Jason Gardiner (scored 2.5) “It was a shame about the trips. I don’t think that you bounced back from those slips, certainly the one into the end - really got away from you. Good chorographic interpretation, keep your head up you tend to look down onto the ice too much.”
Emma Bunton (3.5) “I know how difficult it working with a band then having to come out and do something on your own. It’s your time to shine baby! Your performance was strong, your moonwalk was very cool, such a shame about the slip up. For me the boys have been stronger, more elegant, more graceful than the girls last week and I’m quite surprised by that.” Robin Cousins: “Very, very strong. You said at the beginning you’re used to standing behind the other boys in the band, if you hadn’t have had that slip these boys here would have been standing way behind you. You have a natural skaters posture which is great, you can’t teach it, you just have it. I’m very excited to see how you will progress in the weeks to come.”

Hm, a tale of two halves, as they say - four competent skaters versus three less so - it's going to be mighty close and my head is saying the two at the opposite end of the spectrum, personality wise, for the skate-off - Gary versus Bobby.

The Skate Off: A quick recap first, before The Saturdays perform with Mel and Fred; Lukas and Alexandra. No, I've no idea where Lukas came from either. Danny stood out for Robin; Jeremy a let down for Jason.

Safe: Hilandra; Kieranne; Dannie; Jeresie - Ha! In Your Face, Jason, ner! But oh, dear - if Bobblly aren't in the skate-off, the judges are well stuffed! Safe: Mikanie! Of course they are, you think the Boyzone fans would let him down? So it is Garia V Bobblly and normally, I'd say Garia were through, but after last week, who knows? Don't understand Robin saying that neither should be there - Bobby was bottom of the leaderboard?! Garia didn't make a mistake, so theoretically ... yes, safely through unanimously, even with the confusion over what day it is! Loving seeing Phil get the joke a couple of seconds late! And a shame to lose the bubbly Molly so soon.

Bobby said: “I’m obviously extremely disappointed. I know I wasn’t the best skater and lets face it you’ve got to be the best skater to win this - that’s what I believe and I didn’t cut it. I’ve had the most fantastic time.”

Tune in again, Dancing on Ice Friday at 8pm, ITV1 and again on Sunday, when the remaining twelve will take to the ice.