Sunday, 23 January 2011

South Bank Sky Arts Awards - Tuesday

The South Bank Sky Arts Awards are upon us on Tuesday, having found a new home – note the ‘Sky’ slipped in there – but still with Master Melvyn at the helm. (Sky Arts channel, 9pm).

Nominated in the Dance category are: Abstract ballet Asphodel Meadows by Liam Scarlett; Hofesh Shechter’s Political Mother; Akram Khan’s Gnosis

And in Pop, the nominees are: Plan B for The Defamation of Strickland Banks; Foals for Total Life Forever; Tinie Tempah for Disc-overy.

I’m no expert in the arts but I thought I’d take a moment to chat about someone from the world of dance who crept into my consciousness last year and whose work I wish I could see more of: Matthew Bourne.

Matthew made an impression on me during the first UK series of So You Think You Can Dance last year, when the last five boys had the chance to showcase their skills via his stunning interpretation of Swan Lake. Considering there was only one natural ballet dancer among them it became one of my favourite routines from the whole series.

Then of course, I found that snippet where he praised Tom Chambers – would you believe, even now, there are still those who can’t admit that Tom can dance and seem to think SCD Series 6 was won by the wrong person! Crazy, isn’t it? How can you argue though, with someone of Matthew’s calibre?

Matthew, as you see, isn’t nominated in this year’s South Bank Awards; I expect they’re saving him up for a lifetime achievement award! As ‘probably the world’s most successful choreographer’, he’d get my vote!

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