Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Street Dance News

The Kate Prince directed and choreographed Into The Hoods, a hip hop version of the Stephen Sondheim musical Into The Woods, is returning to London from July 30th, at the Royal Festival Hall. I'm determined to see it this time *checks calendar*

Flawless are appearing twice a day at Thorpe Park's Cirque Du Freak, between April 2nd and 5th.

The UK representatives in the World Hip Hop Championships in July are from the 'Unleashed' crew, who belong to the Rushden dance school DanceVybz.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Snippets: Diversity, DOI, SYTYCD,

Two different reviews about Diversity's stage show - different, as in, different shows in different places, but both united in how awesome this street dance act is!

If, like me, you wanted to see Kieranne's Bolero - here it is! And rather lovely it is too.

Nigel's still tweeting, the dancers won't choose their own genres! And there's a press release today somewhere - you'd think it would be here, on the official site. But it's not. Yet. However, the lovely Corky Ballas tweeted this link, advising there'll be a Top 10, who will be paired with a different SYTYCD All-Star each week! Thank you, Corky :-) And Nigel's Twitterpage has updated to confirm since I put the link on! Typical ...

Dancing on Ice Official Results and Comments

Hayley Tamaddon was crowned the Dancing On Ice champion 2010 beating Gary Lucy to the title.

After six months of gruelling training, spending close to 600 hours on the ice, and having been whittled down from 14, the three remaining celebrities Gary Lucy Kieron Richardson and Hayley Tamaddon battled it out in the final of Dancing on Ice.

The three finalists’ first performance involved flying and then each celebrity performed their favourite routine from the series.

Everything was about the public vote and while the judges gave marks, these didn’t count and it was down to the public to determine who won.

The celebrities each performed two routines and then there was a public vote. Kieron Richardson was the first celebrity to be knocked out and missed out on performing the Bolero.

Kieron said: “I have had the best experience of my life.”

Skating one final time was Hayley and Dan with their version of the Bolero, Hayley said: “Amazing, thank you.”

On getting to the final two and skating the Bolero Gary said: “Absolutely amazing and thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

Below are details on each performance and the judges comments:

Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne skated to One Day Like This (Elbow). The judges awarded them a total of 24 points out of 30, his highest in the series.

Kieron said: “It’s a lot harder up there then it is down on the ice.”

Robin Cousins said (scored 5):“I was very worried in rehearsal as I thought it was showing a lot of ungainliness, but somehow tonight you delivered a very strong and confident performance.”

Emma Bunton said (scored 5): “I am such a fan and you should be so proud of yourself tonight, your posture was fantastic, for me you are like a different person and you should be so proud, in fact your posture is better up there, it was great.”

Jason Gardiner said (scored 4.5 ): “Surprisingly I was expecting to hate this but I didn’t. I think there were moments particularly off the ice you were great and ultimately you’re presentation has improved.”

Hayley and partner Dan skated to Songbird (Eva Cassidy). The judges gave them a total of points 29 out of 30.

Hayley said: “That felt unbelievable I feel like a fairy on a Christmas tree that was brilliant.”

An emotional Emma Bunton said (scored 6): “I feel emotional as I know how hard you have worked for this and you are doing this with one of your best friends, and it was just magical.”

Robin Cousins said (scored 6): “Absolutely beautiful and from the first moment when you look into each others eyes, I believe it is a love story on the ice, and the way you present every change of movement in the air is fantastic.”

Gary and partner Maria skated to Starman (David Bowie). The judges gave them a total of 24.5 points out of 30.

Gary said: “That is every boys dream to be out there.”

Karen Barber said (scored 5): “I will be honest the beginning of the week was a nightmare for everybody not just you, we looked at each other today, Jayne and myself and we went how did that happen, and suddenly you got it together, and it was fantastic, well done both of you.”

Jason Gardiner said (scored 4.5): “We are still in a competition and obviously there were things that were wrong with that, but you know what I will give you some credit, I wasn’t expecting you to do as well as you would. You’ve proved that actually you have a little bit of grace there.”

For their second performance, Kieron and Brianne chose to skate to Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have) (Buzzcocks). The judges awarded them 24.5 points out of 30.

Kieron said: “I really enjoyed.”

Nicky Slater said (scored 5 ): “I have always loved they way you commit yourself and attack your pieces you are given, you really sold it for me.”

Emma Bunton said (scored 5): “I felt like that was fearless you put everything into your performance, I know as you said you probably got a bit excited, but sometimes it goes a bit messy but I can’t fault you on performance.”

For their second performance Hayley and Dan skated to Jai Ho (A R Rahman featuring The Pussycat Dolls). The judges awarded them a total of 30 points out of 30.

Hayley said: “It was amazing I love this so much.”

Robin Cousins said (scored 6): “There is nothing worse in having to repeat yourself and what was great about tonight was you didn’t deliver what you did a few weeks ago, but it was better than a few weeks ago because it was tighter and maybe because it’s the final you were more focussed, but the arms and the timing you both had was absolutely flawless.”

An emotional Karen Barber said (scored 6): “Could it get any better, it did and the clarity of your movements are amazing. On our first session you said that you were going to work hard and you kept that promise, well done.”

For their second performance, Gary and Maria chose to skate to What about Now (Daughtry). The judges gave them a total of 25 points out of 30.

Gary said: “It was beautiful and it is a lovely song and hopefully it will not be our last one.”

Jason Gardiner said (scored 4.5):”For me you are very easy to watch, you skate beautifully but you are unable to commit to any emotion in your performance. You talk about doing this for your daughter, talk about milking the kiddy card (boo’s from the audience).”

Robin Cousins said (scored 5):”I have said all a long you have been one of, if not the strongest technically we have had in the show. You will not compete against Hayley on overall performance but what you did tonight was like Chris said you delivered with some passion and you believed in what you were doing, and that is why three of us gave you what we deserved.”

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Dancing on Ice: The Final

Opening with a Torvill and Dean Bolero spectacular, the Johan Strauss Orchestra and aerial silks. If this were a circus it would have been billed a death defying routine, as Jayne and Chris rely on body strength and a bit of fabric to soar across the studio. Completely awesome routine, unbelievable (Phil says it twice!) Incredible. Another beautiful frock for Holly. The required element,as we all know, is flying.

Jason's tie appears to have an erection. A sideways one.

First out, Kieranne - the training VT shows the strength of their friendship now - they're dancing to Morning Sun, I think it's called. I thought he controlled it very well and kept his arms and hands elegant. Well done! Score: 24 his highest score!

Emma's eyelashes have developed their own weather system. There were news reports of another snowy period, it's over in Elstree.

Hayliel. Why would you eat just before, knowing you're going on up on the wire? Liking the look of the signature move, pretty striking. the transition into it was a bit untidy though and it was a nice performance, but apart from that move and the travelling somersaults, a touch repetitive I thought. Score: 29. But what do I know. Well, not the song for a start. Anyone?

Garia, LOL, loving the Superman - oooh a bit of torso there. Starman the best song so far, slight stutter there, the wire seemed to dip suddenly. But there was more of an atmosphere (no pun intended. Oh, who am I kidding.) during that performance. Score: 24.5 his best.

Kieranne are doing Ever Fallen in Love, all punked up again. Good move! A little bit raggedy in places but it isn't about technique tonight. Bags of energy. Score: 24.5 his highest score and he's cut again! Is Nicky sneakily reading this - that's exactly the word I used!

Hayliel and Jai Ho - I never want to see the headbanger Hayley, btw! Incredible, really that one routine is deserving of the title. A slight off on the third spin, but the timing is phenomenal. Score: 30 perfect score again. Karen's a bit emotional, she just managed to finish speaking!

Garia are doing What About Now and it's a lovely routine again, his speed across the across the ice, he's very strong and full of emotion again. Score: 25 his best again! Oh yes, giving Jason some grief, that's gotta be worth a vote! Get in there Robin, disagreeing with Jason. Luvverly jubberly.

It's over to us now, there's no points from the judges! Lines closed! They're all ready for Bolero, who's missing out: It's Kieranne, aw. The journey man doesn't make it. I know I complain about this every year, but why can't they let them do their Bolero as a consolation?

The skating stars return, Sinitta brave,but not showing yet has a little stumble, as does Bobby. Jeremy and Tana are more relaxed, Heather does well. Dr.Hilary is faster! Sharron happy with Pavel, Emily sassy, Mikey brings the fun, Danny's topless *fans self* Daniella goes stalker!

Hayliel's Bolero is a beautiful, intricate and flowing routine, they nailed the scissor lift that time. Really, that was quite breathtaking. Robin's a big fan.

Garia's Bolero showcases Gary's excellent skating skills, a complete contrast of the tricks and lifts of Hayliel, his intent and focus on Maria was awesome.

In the immortal words of Donny and Marie "I'm leaving it all ... up to yoo...ooo...ooou!"

Where's Philip? Is he still in the loo? Nerves got to him? Oh, there he is! With the contestants we're going through best bits. This is it, says Phil.

The Dancing on Ice Champion 2010 is ... Hayliel!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Rule Change No.3

Nigel has now tweeted that there will be no Top 20 in the American show this time round! *Gasps* (on behalf of our cousins across the pond - we only had a Top 14 anyway, so not so much a shock for us!) There's still more to come! He's such a tease, isn't he?

Friday, 26 March 2010

Dancing on Ice Friday

Normal service resumed tonight - Sport Relief took precedence last week of course. A very succinct recap by Holly and Phil, culminating in them doing the Bolero - and Holly unable to get back up.

The ice panel on the sofa. Another discussion on technique versus performance; skating versus dancing. Like Robin says it's all up to the public, anything can happen. Karen says their flying was terrible at the start of the week, but it's all good now.

The finalists dress rehearsal for Bolero, they're all looking very spangly. The family begging vt - India may have secured my vote for Gary.

Ben and Coleen attempt the Bolero. They don't fall over but there were a few near misses for Ben. The judges take the mick and score them 30. There's a sneak peek at T&D with their silk curtain Bolero.

Snippets: Nigel and Len

The Examiner has turned their spotlight onto Len Goodman!

Nigel Lythgoe has tweeted Rule Change Number 2 for So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe he read yesterday's post, I dunno - but the partnerships will change every week! Which seemed logical, since there'll be an odd number every other week. I'm excited again already and this is for the American show; we have to wait another ten months!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Nigel Lythgoe is announcing changes to the format of So You Think You Can Dance this week - via Twitter! The new series in American will start soon, but presumably any tweak in the format will have a bearing on the next series over here, so I'll keep an eye on that! The first change is that only one dancer will be eliminated each week instead of a boy and a girl - so how that will work with regard to partnerships we can only wait and see. Hoping that we'll have a Top 20, it'd be good to see them mixed up every week - keep an eye on @dizzyfeet.

A nice exit interview with Mattiella, with Daniella promising to keep skating with Matt.

Ray Quinn is appearing in Grimsby in aid of the Big Red Heart Appeal, so get along there to support if you can.

*STOP PRESS* Major news story breaking - the ice dance finalists are wearing sparkly undergarments ... and sadly, Gary is the only one saying he won't give us a flash. Not fair, Mr. Lucy! Meanwhile, Kieron, bless him, is having a go back at Jason for calling him and Gary "pillocks". I might vote for the boys just to hack him off.

An Examiner spotlight article on the one and only *adopts Italian accent* Bruno Tonioli *waves arms around madly*

And finally, the April edition of Dancing in the UK is out now!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Snippets! DWTS, Cancer, Street Dance

Trav's back with his excellent and thorough thoughts, as the US begin another series of Dancing With the Stars.

Bowel Cancer UK want to get the UK moving with tea dances in support Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Steet Dance has come in from the cold, according to Sanjay Roy on Guardian blogs.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Dancing on Ice: Official Result and Comments

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to In My Life (Bette Midler) and scored 27.5 out of 30. Hayley said: “Honestly It’s petrifying. I can’t explain how it feels to not be with Dan every step of the way. I loved it.”

Robin Cousins(scored 6) “It was beautifully placed tonight and the one thing I picked up on was that there was absolutely no change in the quality when Dan joined you. It was nice and serene and controlled. You had everything right tonight for me. Very nicely done young lady.”

Nicky Slater (scored 5) “Well done for you. It was precise, poised, and your presentation is beautiful but your skating is slow over the ice. It’s more difficult to skate and do those movements when you’re skating fast and it’s slow. When you come together as a couple you have a lot more speed. You are a dancer on ice for me at the moment, you’re not a skater on ice yet. I think that’s the next level I’d like to see you move to. “

Jason Gardiner (scored 5.5) “Its called Dancing on Ice and that’s exactly what you do, absolutely incredible. You started off and I didn’t even worry about it and this is what we are looking for with this required element. There’s nowhere to hide in this solo spot. And for me you two moved so beautifully together, beautiful lines, it’s perfectly pitched, it was a sublime performance. For me though there were just some little moments when I would have liked some more release and some unfurling, particularly in the back drape movement. Otherwise exemplary.”

Actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov skated to You and Me Song (The Wannadies) and scored 24.5 out of 30. Gary said: “I’m just so relived, I didn’t trip, I didn’t drop Maria, I didn’t take the cameraman out. It went well! It was great!”

Emma Bunton (scored 5) “I’m so happy with you today you came out here and gave your all. Your performances are definitely getting much better. Sometimes you look a little self conscious that’s maybe the problem. Your solo was strong, you’re a strong partner and you’re starting to excite me and that’s great. “

Karen Barber (4.5) “For me you’ve have come such a long way. You were always very solid in the lifts, your skating ability I can’t fault it. For me you are on your toes a little bit, the lines were slightly off. Otherwise a strong performance, well done Gary .”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4.5) “What can I say Gary you’re like skating valium to me. I have been here every week asking you to give me a performance, there’s no dynamism, no thrill in any of your presentation. The punches up in the air, they were quite pathetic as well. You’re a good looking boy but you’re so boring. There’s more energy and personality in your VT than you brought to the performance tonight.”

Actress Danniella Westbrook and skating partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to When Love Takes Over (David Guetta – featuring Kelly Rowland), and scored 23 out of 30. Danniella said: “I’m just so proud of myself for coming out and doing it on my own. I’m not a natural skater and I’m over the moon.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4) “Your presentation, as ever was super in places. You generate energy in your dance movement but it’s static and your skating skills are tentative by comparison to some of the others. This evening we’re looking at skating skills first, from my point of view, and that is why my mark is not quite so high.”

Karen Barber (scored 5) “The skating skills are there, there was a little slip but that wasn’t Danniella, that was Matt. But there was a lot about that, there was a very confident solo section, which was really good.”

Emma Bunton (scored 5) “ There is something about your performances that give me tingles. I get excited when you’re dancing. I think your spiral could have been better, you’re a little bit unsteady sometimes, but performance wise it makes me smile and you give me tingles.”

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt -skated to Time of Your Life (Green Day) and scored 23 out of 30. Kieron said: “After those three guys over there who have been absolutely amazing, it was a really tough act to follow. To get 23 (points), I’m just amazed. I quite like skating on my own, sorry Brianne”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4) “Lets break it down; the solo spot, I thought you performed it rather ugly. Yes you skate very well, but it was your arm movements and presentation that really let you down. Particularly because you were on your own and we got to see your arm movements, and a lot of them were gratuitous and pointless, there was no expression it that. In the death spiral you weren’t counterbalancing that and giving a continuously line with Brianne by using your free arm, it was anesthetised. Sorry, I was not impressed.”

Karen Barber (scored 5) “We have watched you grow Kieron not only in strength but in confidence. There was so much in that routine, you were doing some of the hardest things you’ve done so far. For me it was one of your best performances.”

Danniella Westbrook was the eleventh celebrity to leave the competition. Danniella and Gary Lucy found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote.

On hearing the news she said: “Too come this far is amazing, it’s been an absolute journey. Chris and Jayne the reason I joined this show was to skate with you.”

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Semi Final

Group skate with Torvill and Dean to As by George Michael and Mary J Blige, a beautiful routine to a beautiful song. Daniella and Hayliel are pulled by Chris; Gary and Kieron court Jayne. A proper VT assessing their chances. Required element: Solo spot!

Someone's nicked half of Emma's dress.

Hayliel out first to In My Life - lovely entry and,well, you can't argue with her solo spot, it's exquisite and when Dan joins in, so too is the rest of the routine. More sixes I think ... no, score 27.5 - a six from Robin, I'm happy agreeing with him!

Gary having trouble with his solo spot - is this the negative vt coming up then, Phil preparing the way, is he? No, he's not! Skating to You and Me - and Yay! Loved that, the audience mad for it too, confident skating, he's enjoying himself and you can see it. Score 24.5 his best. Bless, he's so sweet. Jason's off again. You tell him, Phil!

Mattiella have When Love Takes Over and it's a great routine, little bit shaky in the arabesque but no incidents, her acting and the dancing skills were brilliant, terrific lifts. Score: 23 Karen's putting Nicky on the naughty step again!

Kieranne and I missed the song (it was Good Riddance, Time of Your Life - thx to Jja 1987 in the land of the twitter!) Lots of tricks and confidence, specially in the solo, but that did affect the performance a little bit, not quite as 'out there' as last week, but well done. Score: 23

So who's going in the skate off! With a draw at the bottom no-one is safe! Catch you later ... we're back, quick recap before Alexandra Burke sings on a podium, while Alexandara skates with ? on the ice with an awesome one handed lift, joined by Matt throwing Frankie around and finishing with double headbangers!

Phil reveals ... no, he's going for a break - I thought he was going to add "just kidding" then but no ... we're back again. Safe: Hayliel! Kieranne! Wow - this is gioing to be a toughie! Mattiella versus Garia. Another good skate from Gary, just a fumble at the end, sort of! But that could be what does for him - I like both of them so I can't decide - but I think Daniella just shaded it there, she was more confident that time around. Here we go - no, they're going for Gary! No - two all, down to Robin - he's gone for Gary - it came down to the skating in the end. Which is fair enough I guess. It's certainly a see-saw vote isn't it!

Snippet: Football versus Ballet!

Brilliant article from ex footballer Paul Croughton, it's quote long but stick with it, it made me laugh out loud but also made me want to see Edward Watson dance. He's at The Royal Opera House, from Tuesday, in The Judas Tree. Contains scenes of violent and sexual nature - you wouldn't expect that from ballet, would you!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Showtime: Danny Tidwell, So You Think You Can Dance

Ok, I'll admit it, I was a bit lost tonight, kept thinking I've forgotten to do something. Did you also realise this is the first Saturday night since early September that there's been no reality tv dance show? I'll need to check but that's how it seems!

Blaze gets a cracking review, another show I never got to see. One day ...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dancing on Wheels: Euro Champs!

A recap of the show first and James and Caroline learn the good news - they have five dances all in quick succession! Which is all good, except for Caroline's injured toe and James' injured wrist, but they get there ok. James expecting more than Caroline, who doesn't want to get their hopes up.

Di and Mark are bringing dance to disabled children and the kids are brilliant - and then they tackle Mayor Boris and he promises to look into funding to allow wheelchair dancesport a place in the 2012 cultural Olympiad.

At the championships Caroline has an attack of nerves, intimidated by the experience and dedication of the other competitors. But other nations see potential in her and James! And they're off: Samba; Cha Cha; Paso Doble; Rumba; Jive. (Great music choices too!) They don't make it straight through and dance off again for their last chance at making the semi. It's a no - but to be fair it was a big ask and they do beat Germany and Finland to come 15th out of 17!

Go on-line at www.bbc.co.uk/dancingonwheels for information on how to participate in wheelchair dance.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Snippets:SCD, Sport Relief, DOI,

A behind the scenes look at the Dragons in the Strictly den for Sport Relief ...it's dated the 14th and says we'll see the result tonight - but they'll surely be showing it on Friday? I hope so, or I've missed it!

Is she, isn't she: Sharon Osbourne says Kelly has been signed up for the next Strictly Come Dancing, but Kelly says she hasn't. I personally don't believe she could be, having come third in Dancing With The Stars, it would be very unfair to the other contestants.

A majorly lengthy interview with the Dancing on Ice Judges; Robin, you tigerrrrr ...

Sound advice from Alesha.

Monday, 15 March 2010

National Dance CATs

No, nothing to do with the Lloyd Webber musical, National Dance CATs provide world-class specialist dance training as part of a broad and balanced non-residential education for 10-19 year olds and are involved in the Sound Moves event at the South Bank from 26th March.

Dancing on Ice: Official Result and Comments

Actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov skated to Hit me with your Rhythm Stick (Ian Dury and the Blockheads), prop was a Cane - scored 22 out of 30.

Gary said talking about his props: “It’s so difficult with two of them, to get them both to go in a line.

Robin Cousins (scored 4.5): Not bad at all, I have to say there was some major timing issues this afternoon. You did save yourself from the trip but you also immediately did the jump, which I thought was great, I wasn’t sure you were going to get there. Overall I thought it was a really good attempt.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4): “Actually you upped your game this week. I disagree with Robin, you were out of time with Maria in some of the steps, but I applaud you actually for putting in the required element from last week to show us you can do that, and you are growing as a performer so well done.”

Nicky Slater (4.5): “I found for me it didn’t have the commitment and the conviction at times to up my mark. There are times that if you could just let yourself go and hit the ground with those sticks, have a bit of an edge to it, you are a nice guy.”

Actress Danniella Westbrook and skating partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to The Look (Roxette), their prop was a Chair - and scored 27 out of 30

Danniella said: “It did good, the chair was a star, I have been so nervous all week.”

Emma Bunton (scored 5.5): “This is actually only the second time I’ve had goose bumps, the no fear, sexy, fun Danniella is back, it was brilliant. Also the lines are getting better and better every week and you are so strong Danniella and it always feels effortless.”

Robin Cousins (scored 5.5): “Fantastic, and I have to say even seating down where the skating wasn’t there your feet were crossed, pointing as much as you could in the skates and you took care of every detail of your body. The complete package, fantastic tonight.”

Karen Barber (scored 5.5): “I watched all week that routine grow and the character develop, that was fantastic.”

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to The Great Pretender (Freddie Mercury), their prop was a full length microphone - and scored 23 out of 30.

Kieron said: “I have got the worse prop as I can’t sing but I absolutely loved it.”

Nicky Slater(scored 4.5): “I love the commitment to the character at times, I do think dealing with one prop is probably easier than two that Gary had to deal with, but you did treat it very well, it did hit you in the face at the end but before that you were dealing with it very well and nice to integrate it in the lifts, a strong performance.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4.5): “It was full on for you, I mean you really turned it up a notch tonight, I would of liked more done with the actual mic stand, but that’s not your fault, but I think that said I think it was a very good solid performance.”

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head ( Laura Doherty) their prop was a chair – and scored 26.5 out of 30.

Hayley said: “It’s about looking after Dolly the brolly, it’s been really good, a good challenge.”

Karen Barber (scored 5.5): “Difficult to follow your amazing routine last week, but this was total contrast, it was gentle and romantic, always a pleasure to watch.”

Emma Bunton (scored 5): “I would just like to say if it’s not hard enough to learn a brand new skill and dancing, and then they give you a prop as well. It was seamless, beautiful, you had so much control over the prop tonight, it didn’t seem to faze you. There was just something missing tonight, and it didn’t give me any feeling, it wasn't spectacular, I didn’t get that energy from you that I usually get and that is why I marked down.”

Robin Cousins (scored 5.5): “It was a completely different standard and a completely different feeling, I gave you the extra points because the quality of the skating was fantastic, you skated it as you were asked to perform it and it was lovely.”

Actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to All about You (McFly), their prop was a Hat - and scored 25.5 out of 30.

Danny said talking about his prop: “When I first got it I was dropping it all over the place, but I didn’t drop it tonight.”

Emma Bunton (scored 5.5): “I just think your dancing is getting stronger and stronger each week, I think the hat is one of the most difficult and you did so well. I thought every week you just bring this different character, last week you were tough, this week you were cute and you are really expressing and having great performances, well done.”

Nicky Slater (scored 5): “You did capture the character from the off and maintained it, which was so important and you took a couple of risks with props as well were it could go wrong which makes it more exciting for me. The skating is much better the lifts are flowing you are putting her down gently.”

Danny was the tenth celebrity to leave the competition. Kieron and Danny found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. Karen voted to save Danny all the other judges voted to save Kieron.

On hearing the news Danny said: “Honestly I’ve had the most amazing time.”

Semi-Final next week! Dancing on Ice, ITV1 Friday and Sunday.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Ten

Props week, even Jayne and Chris struggle to sparkle with hats - another Country and Western routine? Poor Danny with a hat, poor Gary with another gimmicky song that half the audience won't remember.

Jason's raided some old dear's parlour - she's gonna want those tassles backs for her lamp you know, not to mention her curtains ... and Emma's just come straight from winning Miss Spice Girl 2010.

Garia and Hit Me With Your Rhythym Stick and he's showing a lot more rhythm than before, he's learnt to dance, great routine, got the spin, good use of the canes all round, including some terrific lifts. Score: 22. Jason and Nicky still arguing.

Mattiella have The Look, complete with spare wheels for their chair, all prim and proper office lady to begin with! Gets into character even before the music started, brilliant routine, Daniella so strong in every way - and the chair behaved itself, Daniella's best I'd say. Score: 27.5 the judges agree!

Kieranne have a weeble microphone and The Great Pretender ... loving the Freddie Mercury moustaches in the audience - isn't it amazing what confidence does for you? Very good performance, great speed and totally attacked it. Score: 23.

Hayliel have the umbrella and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. She's come down off the (rain?) cloud she was on last week! A lovely performance, very soft compared to last week, beautiful lines as ever. Score: 26.5

Dannie has McFly's It's All ABout You, great song, hope the hat behaves in a Chaplinesque routine - and it's very sweet and goes without a hitch, just a very teensy little bit at the end but we didn't notice. Score: 25.5 I'm shocked, as are they!

Wow, how close? Mattiella have my vote. What is Jason on about - Hokey Pokey? Still dreaming of Dannie with his top off? And check out those bags under Philip's eyes, make up please! Back later ...

... and first couple safe: Mattiella! Yes! Hayliel join them, it's a boy to go ... but it isn't Gary, he's safe! Oooooh, Strictly Irish, you can come out from behind the sofa, lol. Dannie versus Kieranne! All to play for, could be either. But they both put so much into the first performance, Kieron does it again - the hat could do for Dannie now. And I think it just did, what a shame. Oh, hang on - Karen goes for Danny, Nicky for Kieron. Jason - Kieron; Emma - Kieron and so too Robin, it's 4-1. Just when Danny was growing on me again.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Let's Dance for Sport Relief: Grand Final

Injuries abound, Cheryl Fergison can't dance, but they'll show the vid from last week, what a good call and you can still vote for her. Kate has major surgery on her back today but she's ok! All out for a group dance to Boogie Wonderland and the phone lines are already open: 09011323306 is the one for me.

The panel consists of reigning champion Robert Webb, impressionist Jon Culshaw and comedian Jack Dee and you feel they're all pretty in awe of the 'dancers'! That, or there's a definite "You won't catch me doing that..."

GMTV's Kate and Richard are Born to Hand Jive, it's Choreographer 2, Judgment day! They've changed it slightly but it's still enormous fun, a great way to kick off; Katy Brand up next, missing her call from Beyonce, Single Ladies as brilliant as before, a force of nature, Jon calls her; Grumpy Old Women have found their calling with Poker Face, they get it right this time and are making hip replacements sexy, says Jack.

Debra Stephenson is MJ with a very Smooth Criminal that has started many conspiracy theories, according to Jack. Cheryl Fergison and Ice Ice Baby has pulled a muscle, it went 'ping' she says, such a shame but she won the vote last week so still in with a shot. And she's still standing. Rufus Hound as Cherly Cole doing Fight For This Love, complete with his own private cadet army. Absolutely, fantastically brilliant, even better than before, he simply has to win. Even more attitude and attack than the first performance. Worth £2 of anyone's money!

Steve reads the T&Cs in a most stunning fashion; the Billy Elliott boys are awesome. Don't want to worry Jack and Jon, but that's what they're doing in the next Let's Dance ...
Was the result ever in doubt? I think not - well done Rufus, an iconic dance now, right up there with all the 'proper' ones!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Dancing on Ice Friday

Mattiella, Robin and Jason on the sofa - and where are they getting off on saying Robin contradicted himself last week - see last week's blog post, first paragraph I paraphrased his words ...that woman, writing in, whoever you were - Barbara? You clearly didn't listen to Robin properly. And they're seriously letting Jason patronise him on the skating? Why is no-one pointing out that Daniella nailed the spin in the skate off? Pur-lease ... poor Daniella trying not to end up in Jason's sights. At least she gets to throw Scarlett 3, their chair, at him on Sunday (two are broken already) Will Scarlett 3 survive - it depends on the ice conditions.

Coleen goes back to the ice to test the props and disappears behind the umbrella with Chris ... have you not been reading the papers? More rumours ... Ben has another go and ooops, he won't try that again, ouch!

Dress rehearsal, as in dressing gowns and rollers. Stand ins for the panel, they even go through the skate -off, loving the two lads as Jayne and Chris.

Kyran and Christopher, tour judges on the sofa with Karen, we see a tiny taster, it's very sparkly. Eight celebs confirmed: Ray, Chris, Clare, Gaynor, Emily, Mikey and Gary, a great mix. Christopher is the Jason character, he's looking for some strange neckwear ... anyone else thinking: Noose? Sensible advice from Karen, Biggins commentates on Karen's headbanger!

Dannie on the sofa - they've a hat called Dr.H; Dannie will wear just sparkly pants if they make the final! What's his number? Snippet of Garia - looking decidedly out of sync at this stage! *Eek*

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dancing on Wheels: The Final

James and Caroline versus Diana and Mark; two routines each, a ballroom and a Latin. James not keen on the jive song they've got; I sympathize, I can't dance to songs I don't like either. Di unhappy when Mark has to miss out on a morning's training. Brian sends some tough love their way! But then he relents and lets James choose 'Do You Love Me' - Ola probably will! He gives them a break from training and takes them indoor skydiving - I want to do that!

Showtime! Di and Mark rumba first - not a favourite of mine, I have to say, but well done. Blimey, Ade just said exactly the same, spooky! Mark's posture made it a little uncomfortable.

James and Caroline Viennese Waltz - I loved that, thought James presented Caroline beautifully and really enjoyed it - Ade saw that too! For me, it's 1-0 to these two at the moment.

Onto their stronger dances, Di and Mark with a fabulous Quickstep, full of energy and fun, real sparkle and a standation from the audience! It's 1-1!

James and Caroline jive and it's a WOW, Caroline danced a blinder, James brilliant. It's 2-1 for me to these two - but I've a niggling feeling it'll go to Di and Mark.

The judges deliberations aren't filling me with confidence about James and Caroline's chances - I think Ola and Ade are veering towards Di and Mark, with James for his namesake and Caroline, who expresses her fears over their lazy reputation, although Ade now seems to be wavering. It's unanimous and judging on their strengths - so I'm still thinking Di and Mark's ballroom may get it when they announce it's James and Caroline! Yay!!

Last one in the series next week, we'll see how they got on in the Championships!


Nigel Lythgoe looks set to receive a philanthropy award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation.

Arlene Phillips is involved in bringing 'FlashDance - The Musical' to the West End's Shaftesbury Theatre in September!

Christopher Biggins will be taking part in the forthcoming Dancing on Ice Tour - judging, not skating!

Juke Box Juniors are in demand since their appearances on Got To Dance - and ambitious, too, quite rightly - they don't want to be the next Diversity, they want to be bigger than them!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Snippets: SCD, Showtime, Street Dance

Darren and Lilia are touring in a show named 'Latin Fever', which I think was a show they were performing in London last year. Will hopefully find the full intintery soon and let you know exactly when and where.

Anton is back recovering at home after being rushed to hospital on Friday, after collapsing at home.

And a real labour of love here - 35 top dance sequences in dance films and 10 random dance sequences in non-dance films! The Gene Kelly on skates from 2:18 is amazing! I may have to start compiling my own, there are tons more to choose from!

Sugar Free, another dance troupe we saw in Britain's Got Talent last year, are joining Diversity on their tour.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Dancing on Ice Official Result and Comments

Mikey Graham was the ninth celebrity to leave the competition. Mikey and Danniella Westbrook found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. Judges Karen Barber, Emma Bunton and Robin Cousins voted to save Danniella, with Nicky Slater and Jason Gardiner voting to save Mikey.

On hearing the news Mikey said: “There comes a time when it’s time to leave. It’s been the most amazing journey, such an adventure.”

It was Movie Night at Dancing on Ice this week and the award for first topless performance went to Danny Young, while Hayley Tamaddon scooped sixes across the board for the first time this series and received the first ever standing ovation from the judges in the history of the Dancing On Ice.

Actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to Gonna Fly Now (Bill Conti (Rocky)) and scored 22.5 out of 30. He performed the routine topless, the first time a contestant has done so.

Danny said: “That felt amazing, it was great. They came into wardrobe and said ‘here’s your costume’ I went ‘Can I have a top?’ and they said no! As an actor, you research your role, get into character. This show’s about entertaining so I got into character the best I could.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4.5) said: “Wow. I though you needed that boost last week because this week you had so much confidence it made your lifts stronger, it made you more fluid it made you focus better. I’m so happy for you, you were like a different person this week, you’re now a contender.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4.5) said: “I don’t think we’ve ever had that happen before. It was very distracting for me, incredible torso. It was brilliant on so many levels. That was a good move, a really good move! Wow.”

Actress Danniella Westbrook and skating partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to Summer Nights (Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta (Grease!)) and scored 19.5

She said: “The competition’s getting harder, I think it went ok. I couldn’t get my leg out of the float spin. It went ok in rehearsals but I didn’t hit it tonight. But that’s just ice skating isn’t it?”

Karen Barber (scored 4) said: “There are strengths and weaknesses in the routine. Your strengths are you totally commit to the character, there was a lot of good footwork in that. The weakness was the spin was only one and a half rotations and the end of that last spin. So there were little things that brought the mark down. But otherwise it was a good performance

Robin Cousins (scored 4 ) said: “ I thought after last week you were going to be a lot more tentative and this afternoon in the dress rehearsal I thought she’s not going to be able to deliver that confidence that we’ve seen from week one with you. Its not that the scores are going down, you are all skating so much better that Jayne and Chris are giving you more difficult material. Don’t give up on yourself, not yet.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4) said: “You did something every little girl dreams of tonight. You looked gorgeous. The solo spin wasn’t confident, you didn’t execute it very well tonight. Please don’t let last week put you off, you are a strong skater, you are a strong performer and we want to see that strong performance again.”

Boyzone’s Mikey Graham and partner Melanie Lambert skated to When You Say Nothing At All (Ronan Keating (Notting Hill)) scoring 19 out of 30

He said: “Very happy about that. My head is still spinning. It was a busy week but last week was really tough, to have that fall before I went out. I’m really happy with that score tonight to be a new start to climb back up.” Asked about skating to Ronan’s song, Mikey commented: “There was something strangely comforting about it, I’ve heard it so many times before. I felt I was at home.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4) said: “You got an extra point five from me with the spin. The relationship you have has always been positive but I want to see the skating get better. I believe you can skate better than this. You can do better, I’ve seen you skate better than you’re skating at the moment.”

Karen Barber (scored 4) said: “You do try really hard. The spin was very strong. I see a lot of nerves in your legs still. Limited training, injuries, confidence; it’s not great preparation for a live show but next week should be a better week.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3.5) said: “It was an alright performance, not your greatest. I see you’re really concentrating to stay upright, there’s a lot of times you’re looking at the ice. We’re week nine, come on. This was a romantic piece and you were in and out of those moments.”

Actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov were next and skated to You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry (Pulp Fiction)) scoring 20.5 out of 30.

Gary said: “I just had a great time it really brought me out of my shell this week. I did my best I just wish I could have another go at that spin, its just one of those things. Its not something that comes naturally to me.”

Nicky Slater (scored 5) said: “I took point five off for the spin because it wasn’t there. Why I love it so, is it was soft, you related very well together, your skating is superb, you really move over the ice we can all see it. You’re going fast the lifts are secure and strong and I love the confidence and ease over the ice.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3) said: “For me if you watch this back there were a lot of tiny issues. you started off very well and then you lost it. It became restrained and constrained and you didn’t keep the character going throughout and the required element wasn’t executed. This is week nine, you’ve got to be nailing the required element.”

Robin Cousins (scored 4) said: ”You are Mr Nice Guy, you’ve been really nice throughout the whole thing and we just wanted to get you out of your shell. The skating quality was fantastic but now if we can get a bit more bite and performance out of you it will be fives across the board.”

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra version (The Pink Panther)) and scored 21 out of 30.

Kieron said: “When I was backstage I nearly through in the towel and I’ve got a 21 I can’t believe it! I completely have no confidence in myself but 21 what can I say?!”

Robin Cousins (scored 4) said: “I don’t know if it’s the pink panther it’s more like the tortoise and the hare and the tortoise is coming through big time at the point in the competition where you need to really nail it. You are the first competitor to come out here and deliver with confidence regardless of what might happen. Technically a few glitches but I loved the attack and energy.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4.5) said: ”It was a great fun routine. You’re growing every week I love that you’re putting character into the performance and I’m enjoying it more.”

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to Jai Ho (A R Rahman featuring The Pussycat Dolls (Slumdog Millionaire)) scoring 30 out of 30, the first six score of the series and a standing ovation from all of the judges.

Hayley said: “Thank you so much that was just the best time of my life, that was unbelievable. Thank you. The four spins had only happened once before so tonight was a fluke.”

Robin Cousins (scored 6) said: “And that’s the first time we’ve spontaneously stood up for a contestant. You took it to another level tonight that I didn’t think you were ready for yet and it was absolutely on the money.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 6) said: “From the minute you stepped on that ice you were in the zone. I just knew it was going to be electrifying and I want to thank you for coming out there and giving us probably one of the best performances we’ve ever seen.”

Nicky Slater (scored 6) said: “I concur, when you’re performing I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It was so clipped, so sure and powerful and yet with that deft of touch. Absolutely beautiful.”

We start over again, Dancing on Ice, ITV1, Friday and Sunday

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Nine

It's definitely movie week! T&D and the pros out first with a terrifically smooth and sassy Luck Be A Lady Tonight. Couldn't make out one of the guys - looked like Barrymore. The required element: Solo spin, minimum two revolutions. Loving the long dresses - bit dodgy on ice, though, yes?

They told Jason it was Panto night - he's come as Dandini. Oh, nice one Holly!

Dannie and 'Gotta Fly Now', the Rocky theme - he's got to undo the all the goodwork in finishing his lines! Oh yes! Kept the intent all the way, great spin, deserves a vote just for getting his kit off, quite frankly. Score: 22.5 It was one of Jayne's better ideas to have him topless. Jason is now in love.

Mattiella have Summer Nights from Grease and Daniella is already excited! Aw, I was smiling all the way through, she played Sandy perfectly, fantastic lifts, just managed the spin, toe down half way through the second revolution. Score: 19.5 reflects that and the slight mistime exiting the float - but they could have been a bit more positive in the comments, really put a downer on it.

Mikanie dancing to Ronan's When You Say Nothing At All from Notting Hill. This is where they need to do simple well, rather than pushing for difficult, regardless of the lack of training. There you go, gorgeous! Lovely skating, great spin (and a beautiful one from Mel) Score: 19

Garia , bless, he can't do The Twist, and dancing to You Never Can Tell from Pulp Fiction. Ooh, shame about the spin - but a brilliant skate, got the character, loved the deep lunges with jumps. Score: 20.5 There's bickering among the judges: Jason scored 3, Nicky scored 5 - Robin scored a 4.00 and says they're both right. But Jason's being a pratt and won't shut up - you've only yourselves to blame, DOI people, you have only yourselves to blame ...

Kieranne - The Pink Panther - going for fun, and a twenty! Who's the cute bloke with David Seaman? Very good performance (Kieron, not the cute bloke) timing a little out on the steps and didn't nail the spin but another improvement overall, especially in the characterisation. Score: 21. He's a happy bunny. They just showed Cute Guy again, who is he? And who stuck sellotape on Emma's cheek bones? Or is it a make up faux pas a la Nicole Kidman? Answers after the break ...

Hayliel have Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionnaire - why doesn't she stick with just the three spins? Because she knew she could do four! What a performance, WOW. Nailed the spins, timing incredible - sixes across the board and a standation from the panel, had to be really. Score: 30

Hayliel way out in front, but only three and half points cover the other five. Mikey will be safe; I fear for Garia and Mattiella, negative vibes around both compared to the others - and they could have found a highlight for the highlights for Garia rather than showing the spin, could they not? But it's really too close to call. Back later!

Safe: Hayliel; Garia; Dannie ... and: Kieranne! Mattiella and Mikanie in the skate off! Could go either way.

And Daniella nails her spin and final move this time round, fantastic performance, much better! My legs have gone to jelly, dunno 'bout Mikeys' ... he skated well there too and nailed his spin, tough for the judges? Who're they going for? Oops, Mikey nearly went then! One vote each! But Daniella nailed the spin too! Two each - down to Robin - who doesn't go by the spin only - I have to agree, well done Robin. *Phew* for Daniella. Where were the Boyzonemassive - out at a gig I think, unfortunately. Great quip from Mikey - Ronan's best when he says nothing at all! Aw, bye Mikey *mwah*

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Let's Dance for Sport Relief

And I'm loving these segments of "Steve" and "Claudia" dancing! I've also been wondering who Justin Bieber is. Jo Brand, Vic Reeves and Denis van Outen are the judges tonight.

The Bill out first, Mickey and Jo for Hips Don't Lie. Yes, really! Ha ha, and they're brilliant, Mickey especially is loving it. Maybe a little too much!

Grumpy Old Women, great vt - so it's definitely not going to be dignified and graceful. They don't disappoint, all four done up as Lady Ga Ga for Poker Face, LOL. Lesley Joseph's hi-leg leotard is worth an OMG on it's own! Magnificent is indeed the word, Claudia! A few hunky young men too, can't argue with that!

Cheryl Fergison and Ice Ice Baby, full on energy - get her with the caterpillar! Nice touch with the ice cream, universal appeal in that! Well done Cheryl!

Stephen K Amos is doing Sammy Davis, The Rhythm of Life - this could be way too cool! Denise singing along, it's excellent, full of jazz hands attitude. Cosmic, says Vic.

Bellamys People and Rasputin. Lucy stole the performance - and is seven months pregnant and jumping around like that. Even more impressed.

The footballers are the Men in Black. Peter Shilton, 108 England caps and Jason Cundy. I know, who? However - what a mover! Shilts is game, isn't he; Jason is fantastic.

Toughie again, my vote went to Grumpy Old Women - but my heart is still with Rufus. Justin Bieber arrives, they park the pram out the back. Isn't it a bit pervy that grown women are lusting over him? I mean, he looks younger than my littlun. And why's he wearing those blue plastic overshoes they give you in leisure centre swimming pools? Is that high fashion these days? Chicago cast perform All That Jazz, always classy, so precise.

Results: Out go The Bill, Stephen K Amos, Bellamys People; through goes Cheryl Fergison;
Grumpy Old Women versus the footballers - unanimous for the Grumpies!

We have our final: Rufus Hound, Katy Brand, Kate and Richard, Debra Stephenson, Cheryl Fergison and the Grumpy Old Women. What a brilliant line up!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Dancing on Ice Friday

I'm thinking it's Movie Theme this week. That's a yes!

Garia, Hayliel and Robin on the sofa. Everyone's scores except Dannie's went down last week; Judges seeing them differently, T&D have upped the ante. Required elements are important but not at the expense of the whole performance.

Hayliel have a Bollywood theme; Garia doing 'that' routine from Pulp Fiction.

The Ice Oscars:
Best Fall - Gary, for his knee
Best Costume - Kieron, for Ever Fallen In Love
Best Comic Performance - Mikey, for Cecilia
Most Romantic - Hayley, for Endless Love

Jon Culshaw on the sofa, along with Mikey, Pierce Brosnan, Ray Winstone, Jason the otter, Ozzy Osbourne, Michael McIntyre and Gordon Brown.

Ben on ice - they start with the ice equivalent of the snow plough. He admits it's not easy.

Nicky and Emma on the sofa, Sinitta auditioned four times, finally makes it and goes straight out! Scott Mills wouldn't leave the side apparently. No-one outstanding enough to score a 6.0 yet. Mikey recovering well.

A quick peek at the pros; Dan burns Matthew's toast. They're practising Luck Be A Lady Tonight; Frankie and Dan are the naughty children. Final clip - Dannie dancing to Rocky's theme.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dancing on Wheels: Semi Final!

Pep talk - a warm tribute to Harry the morning after; Mark and Di, as you were - James and Caroline, work harder!

Harry and Michelle have a samba and Harry learns to shimmy! But he's not so keen on the burnt orange top - but agrees it's better than what they've given James! They've nothing to lose so very positive, we don't see an awful lot of the routine except the great shimmies! Slight slip from Michelle, not great technique but they make up for it in chemistry.

Di and Mark with a slow waltz and there's adrenalin overload for Mark as tiredness sets in - but it's all forgotten at the tea dance, where their routine is roundly applauded, and in the show itself it's beautiful, very touching, Mark dancing the best I've seen him and a terrific trick ending.

James and Caroline have salsa ... and a gorgeous puppy! Until he did whoopsies on the dance floor, into the play pen with you! Caroline forgets the routine at the salsa club but it's all about getting the feel - which they do! Their routine is a real WOW, timing great, full of tricks, brilliant. Even with James in a Bruno cast off!

They're still having a dance off - the one couple straight through is James and Caroline. And I don't see how they could possibly let Di and Mark go - they don't, it's unanimous, although everyone is so sad to say farewell to Harry and Michelle. At least we get to see more of the samba.

Final next week, with the big prize up for grabs!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Snippets: SYTYCD, DOI, Move It, Diversity, Pineapple

A backstage behind the scenes look at how the fourteen So You Think You Can Dance finalists were accomodated for the duration of the show.

Pineapple Dance Studios have seen a surge in interest in the wake of the tv dance shows and their own programme on Sky, aired alongside Got To Dance.

There are five pairs of tickets up for grab for Move It, courtesy of Fabulous online mag.

Your chance to bust some moves with Diversity! Go on, have a go - they talk you through some basic steps, all you need to do is stand up!

Hayley and Dan are on the West End's wish list!

Maria Fillipov and Melanie Lambert talk about the benefits skating brings!

Apparently, there are thousands of free dance classes on offer! So what are you still doing reading this? Go get 'em!

Dancing on Ice: Week Eight

I went out on Sunday and missed the main show, although I did watch the results - am therefore reviewing the clips off the DOI website in full possession of the result but without the benefit/hindrance of the incriminating/discriminating VTs and quite probably in a complete different order to how they skated!

Kieranne - the much improved lad skates on, big lifts, acting skills to the fore, good speed over the ice, couple of scrappy bits didn't dent the overall performance, landed the jumps. Score: 18.5

Hayliel with another top notch performance to a fab song, she's the only one really nailing every element in terms of technique and performance in the same routine. Score: 26

Mikanie started off looking ok, considering the huge fall, fell off the knee thingies but I wouldn't have said it was the major disaster they seemed to imply in the catch up, a few wobbles certainly and clearly he'd be bottom of the leaderboard - did the jumps and obviously the BZ massive weren't going to let him down because of one 'off' week.

Mattiella - this was decidedly better than the skate off performance, she looked like she was enjoying it as usual but the steppy nature of it meant less fluidity, more technique and less crowd pleasing, hence the result. Thankfully she did enough - sorry Daniella, I went out for a curry - will try not to again! The song sounded better this time too, more oomph, it's an updated version - I'd drifted back to the hazy days of '71 before, thinking what next, Chris? Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep? Those Were The Days? Please God, no. Score: 22

Dannie finally breaks through the 17 barrier! Best song of the night, fantastic jump, still not particularly musical but an intricate and confident routine with terrific lifts. Score: 22

Fremily looking more confident, performance level not quite up with the rest but a good routine, big lift, did the jump, just a little stumble at the end. Score: 18.5 her best; goes out on the high note.

Garia - loved the Olympic theme throughout, a real sense of the competition, couple of stutters and while it was fast itself, Gary could have a been a bit stronger in the feel of speed, if that makes sense?! Score: 21

Official Results:
Emily Atack was the eighth celebrity to leave the competition. Emily and Danniella Westbrook found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. Judges Karen, Jason, Emma and Robin voted to save Danniella.

On hearing the news Emily said: “I’ve had the most unbelievable time. It’s changed my life, my attitude, it’s given me so much discipline. I’ve had the best (skating) partner; I’ve made a friend for life. It’s been such a privilege working with Jayne and Chris."

First up was Boyzone’s Mikey Graham and partner Melanie Lambert who skated to Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen) scoring 13.5 out of 30, his lowest score of the series. Philip asked Mikey if he hurt himself. He said: “No complaints, it is what it is.”

Robin Cousins (scored 2.5): “It is a very difficult performance there was so much more effort. The jumps happened so that is some good news, but I don’t have to point it out everybody could see all the mistakes that happened throughout. It is one of those things, you have go and put it behind you. If you get the chance to come back then you can prove to myself and everybody else what you have worked for.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 2.5): “It’s a shame as you looked like you were dancing in the dark mate with all those stumbles, I mean it wasn’t a good week for you but you know that. This isn’t the progression we were hoping for and hopefully if you are around next week you will be the Mikey that we all love and know.”

Karen Barber (scored 3): “I saw Mikey just take the fall before it went live on air and I was really concerned that all wasn’t well. That performance reflected that things aren’t right and we will get that sorted out, but that’s not the Mikey I know.”

Actress Danniella Westbrook and skating partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to Rose Garden (KD Lang) and scored 22 out of 30. She said: “I ripped my hamstring on Friday night so I have it all taped up but that’s ice skating that’s what it is all about and at 36 I’m lucky to be out there at all.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4.5): “Every week you do come out and give it everything and I love that child like no fear kind of attitude it’s brilliant, but it kind of missed that sparkle for me. I think because you had so much content you were thinking about it more than usual and I think that’s why it wasn’t as special for me.”

Karen Barber (scored 5): “I thought it was great there was a lot of content, it was very together very precise. OK the element wasn’t strong but it was still there, but for me it was a great performance I really enjoyed it.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3.5): “I do disagree because I am looking at it from a performance angle and this week it stayed at one level. There were a lot of things lacking for me and I know you can do better.”

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to Careless Whisper (George Michael) and scored 18.5 out of 30. Talking about his fall earlier in the week, Kieron said: “This week has just been absolute hell and I am not going to lie I am quite vein and it did disappoint me. I had a massive scab (on my lip) and I ripped it off because I care what I look like. The jumps were obviously a lot better (earlier in the week) and I was happy with what I did then.”

Nicky Slater (scored 3.5): “What I am seeing from you is a transformation from the guy in pink Lycra who said I’m too weak to do the lifts, to somebody who has who has inner steel. You skated out very quickly and then there were a couple of stutters but you didn’t let it put you off, that show’s character. The lifts are good, you are covering the ice well and you daring to go for the difficult lifts.

Emma Bunton (scored 4): “I really feel you have made such an amazing progress, you can tell you are physically shaking and I am not surprised after the fall in the week. I enjoy watching you, you are so fast on the ice and you are getting there with the confidence, I enjoy watching you.”

Robin Cousin (scored 3.5): “The speed for a start, the way you are attacking it is great, you were visibly shaking right the way through it. You could of easily said no and just barley left the ice but you made the attempt and you went for it which was good.”

Next up was actress Emily Atack and skating partner Fred Palascak skated to Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals) and scored 18.5 out of 30, her highest score of the series so far. She said: “I am at that stage now where nothing can hold me back and I really enjoyed that.”

Karen Barber (scored 3.5): “That was your most challenging routine so far and the lifts were as strong as ever. The jump was done with confidence, it was just the end and I deducted a bit but overall great performance well done.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3): “Emily the thing about you which is really annoying is that I don’t see a performance from you still. We are so far into the competition and there is just nothing. Your movements and your chorography are very lazy, I don’t know what more to say to you.”

Emma Barber (scored 4): “I disagree as I think tonight you put in the performance and also with that lift it just shows you are gaining in confidence. You trust your partner, so well done Emily you have definitely improved.”

Actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to Yeah Yeah (Georgie Fame) and scored 22 out of 30, his highest score of the series. He said “I am over the moon, I am so happy.”

Karen Barber (scored 4.5) “You know when we had that schedule, that extra session he was concerned that people would think that he could not skate. All it was, was to bring to your attention the detail that was missing in your performance, and you know what it was all there tonight. That is the best I have seen you skate.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4.5) “2.5 last week 4.5 this week. It was a touch held back for me but the jump was so super I gave you an extra 0.5. The big lift was super, this is a massive break through for you.”

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to Don’t Stop Believin (Glee Cast) scoring 25.5 out of 30. Phillip asked her if she was feeling the pressure. Hayley replied: “Absolutely, I feel it more and more every week.”

Robin Cousins (scored 5): “You have always been a great performer from week one. You were giving it everything up top and not really worried about the feet. Finally tonight the skating matched the performance. Two tiny little glitches but in terms of the performance and the quality of what you are now doing with your feet you are getting there young lady, it was great to see.”

Emma Bunton (scored 5) “I loved it once again and I think you are so lucky to have each other because it’s such a big part of this show, is being able to trust your partner. The security you have with each other that allows you to push yourself, and that makes it exciting for me and you never forget about us as an audience, and that is what makes it great.”

Actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov were next and skated to The Race (Yello) scoring 21 out of 30. He said “It was so fast and I am absolutely exhausted but it was wicked.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4.5): “Gosh it was so fast. What you have to learn is deepen those edges and control it. I wanted to give this a much higher mark but there were stutters and also the catching of the edges because you found yourself going so fast, but a great routine.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4): “First of all I would like to say is that this is not an easy routine to put a performance in too. What I would of liked with the music is this real sense of urgency and excitement, and to get the pulse racing, I didn’t get enough of that.”

Robin Cousins (scored 4) “I think because you have the talent Chris and Jayne push you to this level. It was a very difficult ask and when you are mirroring a partner like Maria who is doing every move as she would of done for how many years, is going to be tough, but it was a good effort.”

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