Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Guess who? Sparkly top - tight pants - top to toe tan.

Tonight ... Gavya, Karen's choreography corner, Jamela.

Gavya on the sofa and Gav (has specs appeal) didn't think the jive was as bad as the judges made out, heartbroken at the comments; Katya (Lithuain't Going Yet) says Craig concentrates too much on the bad. Gav's wellappy with reaching the quarter final and loves this week's foxtrot song and planning on staying with us to the final. Mainly cos he's really freaked about the goodbye dance!

Strictly A-Z: J is for judges, who make or break you, educate, encourage and entertain. Craig's the grouchy one, Len the charming one, Bruno the outrageous one and Alesha the performance lover. K is for kicks and flicks; kicks from the hip, flicks from the knee.

Friends and family on the sofa, Gav's friend let slip the above quote. He was dying in the sub zero temperatures in 71 degrees north, while Gav tarted himself up. He's in Henson Heaven. Kara's dad says she laughs in the face of wrongness and Artem is the best partner she could have had, keeps her focus. Ann's friend said it's great to see her having such a good time.

Karen Hardy (no flies on her) and choreography corner. Mistakes the norm at this stage, 7 days a week, 8/9 hours a day training. Jamela delivered the choreography: Trust, musical interpretation, full package; Artara more of a west coast swing jive, maybe protecting the injury, don't mention the lift, may have cost them a point; Scattalie made a very small mistake in the feather step and then on the wrong foot, snowballed, exhaustion hit, the public will notice mistakes but he is a great dancer; Mattiona and the contemporary, emotional pull, let the music in, overswinging and overswaying, KH loved it, judges unsure, too different; Widdyton - opening out, struggling to find content, was dancing earlier in the show, choreography being lost for the comic effect.

Jamela on the sofa and Pamela (Wham Bam Thank You Pam) has gone festive already - Claudia couldn't resist, her eyes immediately drawn to the eyeshadow and hair thingy. James (Lifted by a girl) was petrified about her lifting him. New found respect for the lady pros! But it will never happen again. They were struggling to to nail it, 50/50, she loves the riskyness, him, not so much! Wonder Woman skit ... TOO MUCH INFO! That would be about James peeing ...he agrees. Why? Why would you show that?

End Credits: Your love keeps lifting me higher!

Strictly It Takes Two: Arrivederci Robsy!

Tonight ... Robsy, Mattiona, Alesha, Craig.

But first, JaredCam with backstage pass: Matt's dad snowed in; in search of Jaffa Man; Katya shuts up Brendan; playfighting - Ola's motherly streak; Anton's stage directing; Titanic before Jared's time; Gav has 3 times more food than anyone else; James graduating; Craig liking Matt's homage to a Dynasty drag act. Showtime!

Robsy on the sofa, Robin in his Craig vest. Patsy (Last Tango in Strictly) says the dream came true - Blackpool and the AT, a happy customer. Robin (Bin there, done that) says it was a great dance to go out on. Patsy shocked to stay in every week but stayed positive, didn't wake up thinking "this is it". Robin feels very much a part of the Strictly team. Highlights. Welling up. So sweet.

Craig (His glass his half empty) and Alesha (Hot off the Panel) at oposite ends of the judges spectrum. Craig says his scoring is much better than everyone else's! Alesha agrees but tries to be nicer. What appeals to one judge won't appeal to another. The couples are on the Blackpool comedown, everyone exhausted. Some of them with two jobs, Alesha can't imagine having to do that.

Scott's scores - in hindsight, an 8 says Alesha but knew Craig would crucify - what he did right was beautiful, Craig thinks he overmarked - points out that Alesha covered up much better when she forgot her routine. Mattiona a bit manic, not flowing, tension; Artara gave it away, she comes out and sells though; Gavya they can't stop laughing, out of his depth, tried hard, technically terrible; Widdyton, give Anton credit, basics, but it's time to vote off the weakest link, says Craig! Jamela - brave lady, Craig went "Oof" at the jarring landing bit. Could easily have fallen, great work.

Out of the Glitterball: Would you rather have knees of cheese or feet of meat? *Blank looks* *genereal confusion* from Vincent, Brendan, Artem, Brendan, James and Robin, who eventually chooses knees of cheese but doesn't know why! Best present from a fan? Flvia - Flavopoly, fantastic! Patsy - chocolate; Scott - no specifics, all fantastic; Matt - diamonte dog collar; Robin - lacey underwear for men, unworn; James - a glitterball cake; Brendan - I don't have any fans! *sob*

Mattiona on the sofa and Matt (Not gloss, he's Matt) felt amazing, so different, extraordinary; Aliona (Seeing red) thought he danced amazingly and happy that the audience was touched. (I refuse to make the obvious joke there!) They took a rishk, as the judges keep on about it! Game Show - Strictly Dance Distraction! Impro Man Matt. Nine million jobs, the difficulty is switching heads. He was upset by the VT showing them Having Words, because it's not like that at all. See, Mr/s Editor personage, the damage you can do! Jive this week - not started yet, taking to the Hebrides!

End Credits: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 9: The Moment of Truth

Pro jive first - Natalie and Brendan; Katya and Artem; Aliona and Jared - brilliant and, Phew! Fast and energetic much!

Recap and judges view - all messed up a bit - Ann, getting all showbiz according to Anton, as she says the judges are all lost in the Antarctic, dahling. Patsy needs oomph, thank God for Pamela, mistake creeping in due to tiredness, great dancing, dreadful dancing and everything in between.

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Mattiona; Jamela; Widdyton! Bottom Two: Robsy! Awwww. Alesha says every week you get the opportunity to start again with a brand new dance; always dance as though it's your last. Len says it's a marathon, not a sprint; a sign of relief after Blackpool; the fight for the final is on!

Pamela averts her eyes as James and Ola dance a raunchy rumba to Russian Roulette. There's a new catsuit on show and some huge lifts, including the no handed neck spin, completely awesome! Matt compares fabric with Clauds.

Movie theme next week: Matt and Patsy do Singing in the Rain; Kara does Flashdance; Pamela and James make a great Sandy and Danny; Ann is Dorothy; Scott and Gavin do the Full Monty. Only, not like, for real, cos it's a family show ...

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Artara! Bottom Two - Gavya; Scattalie safe! Bruno says the jive is hard, both technically and performance wise, you have to go for it. Still believe there is something in Gavin, stop thinking and go for it. Craig is hoping for good dancing and for them to embrace next week's theme and hopes to see some iconic moments.

Clauds teases Gavin about not being to understand him; James Blunt performs his latest, which I'm quite liking. Him too, since HIGNFY, very witty!

The Moment of Truth: It's Robsy! With a touching speech, she's setting me off. Lovely partnership, let's hope we see Robin again next year. Bye Robsy x

X-Factor, Week 8: Rock, Don't Stop.

Matt Cardle loves Rock'n'Roll, yes he does, love his energy. Then shows the understated, classy side with Nights in White Satin. Probably the hot favourite now.

Mary Byrne and All I Want Is You - accomplished, passionate delivery. Follows up with Brass in Pocket, loving the attitude!

Cher with Girlfriend - energy, style, strong vocal and again with Walk This Way, stamina in evidence, can really deliver even when dancing around.

One Direction with Summer of 69, thoroughly enjoyable, such a pro attitude on stage. You Are So Beautiful showing off the vocals. Likeability factor in buckets.

Rebecca and another fab vocal with Satisfaction - but would've like a little movement, how can you stand still to a beat like that? I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, more Chimes than U2, which is fine by me.

Katie. Everybody Hurts. Manages to turn an emotional song a bit meh. Sex on Fire a dreadful choice, shows how powerless her voice really is.

Wagner with Creep and Addicted to Love. Probably his strongest what you'd call 'proper' performances. He'd have been out ages ago if he'd sung like that throughout.

Results time: Safe - Rebecca, Matt, Cher, One Direction. No surprises. Katie, straight out the door. You know, if she hadn't been so fake from the start, I'd have said there was a future for her. She can sing, but it is a quirky vocal and under other circumstances, with the right songs, I'd probably be a fan. It's Wagner versus Mary and clearly Mary will go sailing through. So that leaves a Fab Five. My prediction? Mary to go next, then Cher. Rebecca and One Direction fighting for second place and Matt For The Win. But the top four will all have record deals!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 9: The Magnificent Seven!

Wardrobe have pulled a blinder; the ladies all look fab-u-lous!

Artara jiving first - loving the bit with Anton if they'd like to swap partners "you only have to lift this little thing" to Artem - Bright, cheeky, neat, full of personality, lack of training time showed on occassion, messed the ending up - but we wouldn't have known but for Kara's reaction! Len: First out, first class, full on, slightly hesitant, overall great start, well done; Alesha: on a real journey, full of content, cutesy, full of personality, lit up the room; Bruno: Purrrrrrrr, Kara von Teese, I feel all frisky, lost a little sharpness but again a great performance; Craig: clean and specific, attention to detail, precise, lost synchronisity and timing, haphazard ending, should've recovered better. Score: 34

Widdyton rumba - there's the bell Brucie mentioned earlier, lol. OMG, they're doing Titanic, complete with iceberg. Anton's face cracking me up - did she just do the splits? Some basic steps; Anton deserves a BAFTA. A flushing toilet and a foghorn to end! Alesha: Kate Winslet, eat your heart out, my favourite storyline of the whole series. Not much content but well done for remembering the steps (Alesha is the only judge who's got the hang of dealing with Ann - don't galvanize the "let's annoy the judges" brigade); Bruno: The Titanic follows the Ark Royal and sinks into the deepest darkest depths of dance disaster; Craig (here comes the icerberg - Ann) Frigid, passionless, the icerberg showed more emotion. Awful, testament to bad dancing; Len: I'm a James Bond martini - shaken, not stirred - there was hand to hand - Aida - opening out, off time and wrong footwork, daftest dance I've ever seen, laughing from start to finish. Score: 14 The glitter ball will reside on Anton's mantelpiece - he'll have earned it, quite frankly.

Robsy AT - atmospheric as I thought, not too taxing on her foot, focus and chemistry there if lacking a little attack. Bruno: started to focus and place legs, but lacked spunk, didn't get the fleshy passionate carnal feel; Craig: did lack flair and attack but had intent and purpose, did very well; Len: liked it , captured the mood, come out with more intent, sell it, go down in flames; Alesha: held the intensity, didn't take eyes off Robin, nice composure, pointed toes. Score: 30

Movie theme next week - but Widdyton have just done theirs!

Scattalie - American Smooth and he's dead on his feet. Some lovely choreography danced well, the big lift was brilliant, but a few footwork and positioning errors could drop him into trouble. Craig: terrible, terrible shame, the footwork errors, loved the lift, beautiful, do dance on the accents but a disaster; Len: Not a complete disaster, just not your night, you are a good dancer - try and stay awake and come back stronger; Alesha: felt for you, but you carried on, I still enjoyed it; Bruno: Sssssscotttt, don't worry, you're still smoother than anyone else, musical phrasing, don't beat yourself down, still very good. Score: 31 - a little overmarked if I'm honest, don't think it deserved nines, he admits he blanked - needs his fans tonight.

The Magnificent Seven ride - how camp does Gavin look in that cowboy get-up? Patsy smoulders; Calamity Kara, suits her; Matt should win an Oscar; Pamela out Mae Wests Mae West.

Gavya jive - what on earth is he wearing? I take it back about wardobe. Gave it a good go, didn't look like he hated it that much. One kick was pretty good, overall though, I found this uncomfortable to watch (which I've never felt with Widdyton) one purely for torso fans tonight - but they didn't get to see that, either. Len: you hated it, I hated it, you just wanted to get it over with, gave it a good go *de ja vu*; Alesha: so funny, so cute, timing issues, really trying though, wanted to give you a big hug; Bruno: Clark Kent never quite turned into Superman, offtime, geeky thing cute. Unleash the Superman! Craig: bottom wiggle completely unneccessary, giving Ann a run for her money! Score: 22 He does have some funny little quips of his own, Gav, but I don't think that's what Craig meant!

Mattiona AS with some beautiful and ambitious choreography and he mostly nailed it, specially loved the shadow steps section, he gives it everthing and this I love. Different doesn't equal bad in my book. Alesha: very good dancer but a bit manic and erratic for me, little disappointed; Bruno: so much into it, total commitment, beautiful lyricism into American Psycho; Craig: the opening sequence and lifts fantastic, trying a little too hard *technical stuff*; Len: if you have to explain what you're doing then there's something wrong, something missing, good not great. Score: 33

Jamela Charleston, starting off with the mortar boards - who knew James woud take so well to props? Good grief - nearly 61 - you go, girl - not sure she didn't jar herself a bit on the landing from the big flip thing, great fun, great swivel action, timing and musicality. Bruno: funny, witty mini play set to music, a BAFTA from me; Craig: frisky, perilous, danced without fear or trepidation; Len: tickled my fancy, you enjoyed, I enjoyed; Alesha: Best dance of the night! Score: 38

Leaderboard: Jamela 38; Artara 34; Mattiona 33; Scattalie 31; Robsy 30; Gavya 22; Widdyton 14. Some marking a little generous tonight, Mattiona maybe should have been higher, but overall the top four are pretty interchangeable, irrespective of mistakes this week - in terms of dancing ability I'd say the bottom three are in the correct order. I'd love Robsy to have another week but fear for them, I threw a vote their way and live in hope. But then, I voted for the top four too, so ...

Till the morrow!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Russell's mine of useless information

Tonight ... Mattiona, Widdyton, Friday Panel.

Widdyton on the sofa, Clauds tells them the samba brought the house down, Ann (Party trouper) says she's never been happier. Anton (Goldswinger) the trousers, leave off! Didn't try not to laugh at Craig 's comments, expecting something awful. The trousers were proper illuminations. Anton's Salon, he's obsessed with hair extensions and tumbling hair, wants twizzles not flicking. I want that wig, it's fab. Rumba, oh, look out. Anton's very pleased, it's very nice! They love each other, not like that!

Mattiona on the sofa - it all came together and so much fun to dance it. Matt (fluid bounce) lost his bearings. Aliona (a smooth red) he only clapped cos she did! Animated training - missed most of that because someone who shall remain nameless, PHONED. *TUTS* I ignored it as long as I could ... which bit of: Not between 6.30 and 7pm in October, November and December - don't they understand? AS this week, slightly cautious, ooh, a twist, contemporary, unusual music in a good way.

When Strictly takes over ... they've all got the Strictly bug, every waking moment is thinking about it. Yep, for the fans, too.

Friday Panel - Craig (Revel Scoreboard) John (The Holly and the Jive-y) Barrowman and Russell (Vocal Accord) Watson. Mattiona AS - a mixture of everything, ballroom, lifts, acting, splayed hand, looks good, rise and fall, watch free arm and hand, nice arm shaping. Empire State of Mind, Alicia Keys, storytelling, romance - Ann's doing the JayZ bit; Scattalie AS - beautiful, graceful, Nat's domain, tired but looking lovely. John's dobbed Craig in for not being able to take constructive criticism! Fly Me To The Moon, perfect, classic, originally written as a waltz, Quincy Jones re-arranged it to swing; Jamela - Charleston - fun and challenging, complicated lifts and tricks, naughty, good acting, rhythm, hops and kicks. Let's Misbehave - you can see it already. Cole Porter, 1927; Robsy AT - looks good to me, chemistry, apart from the trainers, lot of good moves. I'm sorry, So Sorry a good atmospheric choice. Russell's 16 year old daughter has it; Gavya jive, very stompy, stuck to the floor, not a load of rhythm. Hey Ya! My jive song! Come on, Gavin, even I can kick and flick to that! Russell changes the radio station in the car, I choreograph my jive; Artara jive - precise, accurate, great lines, Runaway Sue - fabulous. Number one in the US charts, by Dion!

Mattiona dance us out; could be a spinetingling moment!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Bits and pieces

Tonight ... training snapshots, frocky (not) horror show.

Girls snapshot - Artara jive, skippity hoppy, injured Artem also with tonsilitis, the show must go on; Robsy AT - mysterious, dark, strong, intense, hopefully - caught a bit of the song, atmospheric! Jamela - James is an ickle wounded solider - stop whining - liking what we see; Widdyton rumba - time to gather wits, straightforward steps, dramatic embrace!

Strictly crib - Matt Baker: kids; wife; Meg the ex-Blue Peter dog is down on the "farm"; bow and arrow? Libary loo; Fencepost fire surround; BAFTAs for Blue Peter; pick a pack of puffs and pickled beets in the pantry; guitar; cat.

Friends and family - Matt's wife, Nicola (she got there quick?!) Ann's niece Fiona and Gavin's friend Emma, all proud of course. Best news is that Meg really is down on the proper farm. No "farm" about it!

Boys training updates: Scattalie - AS, walking zombie; Gavya - jive, hates it, horrible, could be a disaster. Fast feet! Mattiona AS, full on, trying to step up, liking the one-legged spinny thing. The cuddly bear is gone, there's a moose loose.

Hilary Alexander (Costume connoisseur) on the sofa, loved Nat's samba dress, everything worked, hair, skin, dress. And Kara's - incredibly sophisticated, low key, detail. Katya's jive - nude/pistachio stretch mesh, 12000-15000 stones, £1000! Pamela - charleston, stretch velvet, fringing, gloves, headband; Ann's rumba - black/purple glittery trouser suit, strong and dramatic; Kara's jive - black and silver foil, shimmery, fringy, sensational; Patsy's AT, classy, ruffle, 1940's Evita moment, angel sleeves; Natalie's AS, elegant barely there - trim, taut, terrific torso; Aliona's AS - burgundy velvet, gorgeous.

End Credits: My cousin shimmy!

Campaign To Find The Dream Strictly Come Dancing Line-up!

Warner's Leisure, who run the Strictly Come Dancing Experience Breaks, have launched a campaign to find our dream Strictly Line up!

Tell them the name of one male and one female celebrity you'd most like to see on the show (no matter how obscure or unlikely!) and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a break for two. If lucky, you'll get to meet some of your favourite Strictly stars and receive dance lessons from world class professionals, amidst lots of glitz and glamour! All entrants will also receive a voucher for £100 off their next Warner Leisure break and this is the link to the competition page.

The competition is open until 18th December, so winning could really make your Christmas! Good luck!

Strictly It Takes Two: Rage Against The Machine!

Tonight ... Robsy, Erin's midweek report, Scattalie.

But first, Len's Dance Clinic: Classical sequence dancing? A 16 bar dance repeated over and over in a circle, judges inside, everyone doing the same thing at the same time, they can compare technique, musicality and flair - will we see it in Strictly? Maybe next year! How can I get more sway? Lateral movement, comes from the feet, feeling is that you throw your hips, it's a torso thing, interjects Clauds. Why am I here, says Len! Any tips on shimmying? Don't use the hands, movement only in the shoulders. They have got to put Claudia in the CIN special next year and make her do a salsa!

Robsy, or rather, just Patsy (Copa-tsy-cabana) on the sofa, convinced it was them going, as Fliss danced so beautifully and she went wrong. AT this week - can't say it, how can I dance it? Two ambitions - to get to Blackpool and to dance the AT, a happy customer.

Out of the Glitterball: What type of fruit would you be? Scott - a date; Robin - mango; Kara - blueberry; James - apple. Proudest moment? Scott - birth of son; Robin - the Strictly launch show; Kara - Strictly; James - marrying Ola. Got a crush on anyone in Strictly? Ola - you can't ask me that, I'm a married woman! James - got a thing for that Ola; Pamela - maybe! Scott - not anymore, married man, turned that switch off! Ola - Scott! Robin - yes, but too shy to say!

Natalie (Loves a Nat-ter) alone on the sofa - Scott's been sent home to sleep! She enjoyed the samba, Scott was "whoohooing". They have a proper Fred and Ginge routine for the AS this week, Sinatra song, the works - she stopped herself saying it wasn't exciting but only in respect of it not having a big lift, like the one with Ricky last year, that Len didn't like. The three in this will be more in keeping with the style of dance.

Karen's Dance Files - American Smooth. Pure Hollywood glamour, waltz, VW, foxtrot, don't have to maintain body contact, elaborate lifts, spins, side by sides and other embellishments. Good frame, posture and clean footwork when in hold; beautiful musicality and wow factor out of it. Don't want much, do they?!

Erin (Erin doors) with the midweek report and she is loving the gadget! Probably the highest standard they've ever had, can't tell who'll win. They're all tired, lethargic, gotta find the energy from somewhere. Artara haven't trained until today due to Artem's neck. O.M.G! Widdyton rumba, doing basic steps, New York - pigeon toed, do something with the free hand! Clauds is glazing over; Erin's mighty with the electro pen's purple lines and red glittery arrows! Anton is now sporting a big tie! Mattiona - fabulous footwork into pivot, straight arm line but body should curve the other way or pivots will be wobbly; Gavya - jive, perfect timing but not yet full speed, spare arm just dangling; Jamela - charleston, really good, excited, so enthusiastic, concentrating with a smile. James now has ears, tail and a hat!

End credits: a reminder of some of the beautiful dancing we've seen so far.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dancing With The Stars, Dancing on Ice

Trav's Final Thoughts are in - the main show here and the recap and result here. He's feeling how I know I'll be feeling in a few weeks time - bereft!

Dancing on Ice rumours - Jeff Brazier and Denise Welch (I thought we already knew about her?!) Angela Rippon - that's ruffling a few feathers, sequins and general glittery things! And Robbie Keane's missus is also said to be er, keen.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Hair-raising choreography!

Tonight ... Artara, minus Art, choreography corner, Jamela.

But first, they're wheeling out the friends and family - Kathy, Pamela's friend, who thought she should book an appointment with herself; Giovanna, Kara's friend, who says she's thriving on being pushed by Artem. Pushed, eh? That what they call it these days? And Scott's mum, Janet, who needs to support of family and friends every Saturday night.

Lonely Kara (Twotenkaranem) on the sofa, Artem with the doc, says it was a dramatic day, rehearsal went well for a change, but then she felt herself crush his neck and then she felt terrible - but he's a strong Russian tough nut. AS her fave so far, may be doing a Robot Jive!

A-Z of Strictly: H is for hands and arms, they have to tell a story, have to be gorgeous; I is for injuries, Jade, Laila, Michelle, Artem - they didn't mention Ali, who I think suffered more than most!

Karen Hardy (Kiss Me Quick Hardy) on the sofa for choreography corner, minus the Mickey ears/hairband - as soon as she saw it, she knew Clauds would be having a word! Pro dancers really dug deep, Artara's AS amazing, likes the swingy lift thing - it was more a showdance than AS, could see Len's point - but the audience looking for entertainment, judges restricted; Jamela from hold into promenade, beautiful elegant move, music made it creative, magnificent; Gavya, sadly, the big lift didn't come off. Got to take gambles though; Mattiona's bocha cadas, hip swivels, authentic steps, so much content, she would've turned a blind eye to the end; Scattalie, excellent choreography but looks like he hadn't the time to perfect, show no hesitation - the one thing you must do is nail the choreography. Robsy, very traditional samba steps, he always looks after her.

Jamela on the sofa and Pam (Hanky-Pamky) said everything was so special. James (Force 10 Male) says Brendan can't wind him up about lack of 10s anymore! The mike came off when Pamela grabbed him. Back to school - learning to count, again! Charleston next, full of fun, she reckons she's lifting him, working on a few ideas.

End credits: Speedy resolution!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Farewell, Felicent

Tonight ... Felicent, Gavya, Craig.

But first, JimaviaCam, behind the Blackpool scenery with Flavistry TV! Brendan mistaken for Anton??? Gav impressed with sunny Blackpool; Len on bongos, Gav finds the closest mirror; Anton not eating, got to fit into those trousers; James compares his ten-shades lighter than Gavin's make up; Warming up with Fliss and Patsy. Showtime!

Felicent on the sad but joyful sofa. Fliss (Final Curtain) never wanted to leave but felt the timing was right, a beautiful place, never been so happy. Vincent (Italian Smooth) agrees, it's always better to leave on a high. 215 hours training/coffee breaks later, she's taught him to act and use props. If you are ever asked to do SCD, DO IT! Wants the best couple to win, they say, diplomatically.

Gavya next, went to pieces after the lift went wrong, flawless all week. Gav (He's Got The Power) gutted, deserved the score. The dress was thick and slippery, Katya (Light as a feather) thought she was a goner! He knew it so well, Katya so proud of the singing part. Overwhelmed by the public support. Jive next - training at night too; Monday always a dark day. Claudia loves his dad!

Out of the Glitterball: What do you take with you when away? Matt - a laminated tick list; Aliona - spare knickers; Len - fur rabbit called Ruby Foolars; Vincent - my cute little perfect bod! If reincarnated as an animal, what would it be and why? Aliona - a fox, the colouring; Len - something small and cuddly loved by its owner; James - a panther, most beautiful and powerful; Fliss - elephant, wise and wonderful. What would your perfume smell like and what would you call it? Aliona - sweet, Sweetie; Matt - bit of a girls question, that; Fliss - musky, masculine, called something Italian; Vincent - my own perfume, La Passione.

Sound bytes from The Entertainers, with Len "One Liner" Goodman; Bruno "Oh, Matron" Tonioli; Alesha "Keep 'em clapping" Dixon and Craig "Dead Pan" Revel Horwood.

Craig (talking Dance Darling) on the sofa: Inconsistent, contributed to by highly springy dancefloor they're not used to. Normally one front runner, this year changing every week.
Mattiona - loving it, extraordinarily good, allowed entry and exit step, samba difficult, Matt studied and was free; Widdyton nothing at all funny about it (Clauds too, was in hysterics on Saturday); Artara, gorgeous, so what if not in hold, spanking routine, doesn't have to be foxtrot; Scattalie, didn't love, struggles with Latin hips, faking a smile, trying to apply rather than living it. Another week of training, he'd equal Matt; Jamela, adoring Pamela, goes for it passionately, no inhibitions, you can tell the joy; Robsy, love them going for it, although not her best, bit stompy.

End credits: Stunt Doubles! Anton/Ben Miller - Ann/Boris Johnson - Kara/Audrey Hepburn - Artem/Paul Nicholls - Vincent/Gino D'Acampo - Fliss/ZoeWanamaker - Patsy/Liz Hurley - Robin/Louis Spence - Aliona/Carrie Grant - Matt/Tim Henman - Scott/Jim Carrey - Natalie/Gwen Stefani - Pamela/Pamela Anderson - James/Sting - Katya/Kelly Brook - Gavin/East Island Statue, lol - seriously, check them out, they matched them up perfectly!

Engineer Records New Release: The World Concave - Harbour

The members of New Jersey based The World Concave crafted a “mini-album” of somber, thought-provoking songs, melodically gliding along an indie rock timeline.

Although reminiscent of classic alternative/college rock, their debut 7-song CD, Harbor, is a memorable batch of songs, sounding non-contrived in the modern day. There’s a good amount of soul-bearing going on here, yet suspicions of over-earnestness are dowsed in exchange for thought provoking conversations amongst the subject matter. Alongside detailed percussion, dynamic guitars and melancholic piano, there’s enough going on here to call this heady music for the heavy hearted.

Their debut track "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program" was released in April of 2010, on the popular Exploding In Sound FREE compilation, In Case Of Evacuation, alongside tracks by Wintersleep, Crippled Black Phoenix, Old Canes, The Twilight Sad, Caspian, We Were Promised Jetpacks and more.

Recorded at Portrait Recording Studios in Northern New Jersey, a beautifully converted 3-floor barn, turned state-of-the-art recording studio by Engineer/Producer Chris Badami, The World Concave's new EP Harbor was released on Engineer Recs, Nov. 20, 2010.

Check out;

Snippets: Daniel Radcliffe; George Sampson; Got To Dance, Move It

Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, will be appearing on Broadway in How To Succeed in Business - and is having dance lessons! From the clip I saw on the 'Making Of' documentary yesterday, he's not kidding about the shuffling! (Hoping to see Deathly Hallows next week!)

George Sampson is writing a book, his life story apparently. He's what, 16? 17? But Britain's Got Talent, Streetdance 3D, Waterloo Road - I guess he has packed a fair bit in already!

Got To Dance is being brought to life in an Exhibition at Excel between 4th and 6th March, featuring classes, perfomances and shopping. This is followed by Move It, Upper Street Events dance exhbition at Olympia between 10th and 13th March, also with performances, classes, seminars and traders.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

X-Factor Result: Paije Loses Out To Cher

We have the recap and begging, then Olly Murs, sounding great, properly live and another catchy reggae inspired piece of poptastic fun, typical Olly performance - the best I've seen from the so-called Pro guests this year.

The final 16 debut the Help For Heroes charity single, Heroes, nice tribute.

Here We Go: Safe - Katie! A "shock" exit tonight then, cos I bet Wagner is safe; One Direction; Rebecca; Matt; Mary; Wagner (told you)! It's Paije versus Cher - Pretty sure they'll save Cher, she's been a fave since the beginning whereas Paije has had to work far harder to get them on side. Paije already looks resigned but sings Stop, brilliantly; Cher sings Stay, emotionally. Louis may possibly send it to deadlock, but no, he sends Paije home too.

Another shock, not so much that the judges chose Cher over Paije, but that it was those two in the sing off. So if Katie's change of style has won folks over, and Wagner is as strong as ever, I guess I'd better start voting!

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 8

Bootylicious samba to open; Katya, Aliona and Erin snog the judges (Alesha gets left out!) Girl Power, let loose. Band and singer, brilliant.

Judges View: Best night so far, atmosphere electric, can go overboard (Patsy). Craig loved the Len booing! Matt captured the style, Craig would do 17 flip flops to annoy Len; Fliss looked like she had both legs down one knicker hole; Gavin needs lessons in blagging from Alesha - Scott messed up a few times! Pamela went for it like never before. Ann - they're still speechless, a game ol' girl. Fantastic night!

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Artara; Scattalie; Jamela *whoop x 3* Bottom Two: Felicent! "Oh, no no no" murmurs Vincent, aw. Alesha says Fliss didn't do anything wrong, just the standard is so high *cliches* Craig says Ann will go down in Strictly history, that performance is permanently etched on his brain! I've started giggling again, just typing that ...

Elvis is in the building! Blue Suede Shoes by Cirque Du Soleil from their Viva Elvis show and it's fantastic, a real WOW - especially that move where the man pulls the girl from the floor straight up over his head, unbelievable. Bet Matt would love to be doing that - and I bet it's given Aliona a few ideas for a show dance! Pamela wants a swing like theirs next week!

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Mattiona; Widdyton! Bottom Two: Robsy, Gavya safe.
Bruno reiterates that the competition is so tight; Patsy has improved enormously, bit nervy this week, but has done very very well. Len says the couples fed off the atmosphere created by the crowd. Patsy has gone farther than she ever thought she would; Fliss says if you have to go, this is the place to go.

Duffy sings a groovy little number, accompanied by lots of male dancers who aren't the pros, but aren't unwelcome.

The Moment of Truth: Felicent. Not unexpected, but Patsy is rooted to the spot. Fliss happy to have got so far; Vincent will love her forever and is starting to blub - stop it, you're setting me off. Have they considered my league table idea? I think they should, we don't need to say goodbye then!

Roll on next week!

X-Factor Week 7: Beatlemania!

Yes, it was Beatle week, which, though I'm not a huge fan, should ensure the acts get to actually sing a decent, written for the vocal, song, as opposed to adding words to a back beat, if you get my drift.

First out, the lovely Matt Cardle with Come Together. Loving the arrangement, and the energy in his performance, totally rocked the place and commanded the stage.

Cher Lloyd and Imagine, with the right amount of power and vulnerability, I enjoyed that and she's definitely earned her place in the competition.

One Direction sing All You Need is Love, guaranteed to make the litlle girls swoon, they're going to be loved forever. They draw you in, they're so animated and have a massive likeability factor.

Rebecca with Yesterday didn't move me the way she normally does but then I'm not a great fan of this song; mabe it was nerves made it less appealing. I wonder what they'll do if she's bottom two with Katie? I don't for a moment think she will be, I hope not! Cheryl alludes to last week's shock eviction! Er, well, whose fault was that then Cheryl? Bearing in mind you and your fellow judges make the decision?

Mary cleverly goes for a song associated with the legend that is Dame Shirley. Something is beautifully sung, full of confidence. And she's a groovy mover too!

Paije - oh, please can we have a song to show off his voice - yes, Let It Be! Soul Man indeed.

Wagner with Get Back (To where you once belong, says Simon!) combined with Hippy Hippy Shake and Hey Jude. I like the fringy dresses and how he dug himself out of the hole he dropped himself in with Cheryl!

Katie is singing a most appropriate song. Help? Seriously, she is. Predictable much. She's lost the wig. Ok, she can sing in tune but it's still the worst vocal apart from Wagner. Contrary Louis - make your mind up, can't have one rule for Wagner and one for everyone else! Singing or entertainment?

I fear for Paije, happy to lose Katie or Wagner, then it's a tough old choice from there on in, though Matt has edged it for me tonight. Laters x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 8: Viva Las Blackpool!

Oh, what a show we were promised, and got! The opening number was a bit frantic and end of the pier, complete with Elvis suits! Tess in palazzo pants; Anton in gold lame trousers. Grrrrr, go get 'em, tiger!

Robsy samba first, party Patsy is back, Copacabana the song - excellent choice, got everyone in the party mood. Don't think the score will match up to last week though, she got a bit excited again! Len: full of energy, lots of nice basic steps, a moment on the wrong foot, exuberance got you; Alesha: committed to every step, captured the feel, the right person to start; Bruno: Glitzy and sexy like a true Vegas (s)trumpet, impetus made you go wrong in places; Craig: lack of hip action, zig zag line stompy, saw the showgirl. Score: 28 She's definitely over-excited!

Artara American Smooth and Artem injured in rehearsal, will they or won't they do the big lift? Cry Me A River - and they do it, at the beginning. Powerful, dramatic performance - that wasn't just dance, that was a performance art, should be on stage in a theatre M&S dance. Stunning. Beautiful choreography, beautifully performed. Alesha: seductive, smooth intense, mystical elegance, so brave, on fire; Bruno: fully inspired and inspiring smooth, blended paso with fluidity, a star turn; Craig: dramatic, impassioned, gorgeous lines, exquisite arm placement, timing, fab-u-lous! Len: confused as a baby in a topless bar - was it a foxtrot - didn't take up hold once! (There's booing, he's up out of his chair!) fabulous routine, artistry - but how can I judge it as a foxtrot! (No 40 tonight, then) Score: 35 (a six from Len; 10s from Bruno and Alesha!)

Mattiona samba and check out the backward walky thingies! What did Bruno call them? Bocha Cadas? Lots of bounce and hip, flik flaks to finish, Bruno's already out of his seat: Those Bocha cadas ... never seen a celeb move his bum like that - the best Brazilian to date; Craig: Hip action and bounce action very good, loved the acrobatic ending and finally, the thumbs are good! Len: almost in agreement with Craig, except don't see the need for the flip flops. Just cos you can do something, don't have to put it in. I knew a boy who could fart God Save The Queen, but he didn't do it all the time! Score: 38 Good ol' Alesha and Bruno with their ten paddles!

Felicent American Smooth, with red carpet treatment to start, along with shades! Me and My Shadow, perfect, gorgeous lifts, lovely routine, if she'd had a bit more swing and sway instead of walking it, would've been right up there. Craig: a little more rise and fall, transitions very good; Len: lifts were excellent, neat, nice feel, just needed a bit more movement; Alesha: delicate, classy approach; Score: 30

Gavya's American Smooth - loving Katya's hat. "Be brave, stop screaming" he tells her in training! Gavin on the mike, miming Elvis with hips! He's actually got a lovely free arm at the start there. Katya wobbly in the big lift, some nice dancing, bit pedestrian in parts. Bruno: Yoou're so big, so strong - why so nervous? Lost the drive of the dance through nerves; Craig: lame and lacklustre; Len: parts were excellent; overall very good; Alesha: posture and hold improving, lifts fantastic. Score: 27

Scattalie samba shimmy! Plenty of bounce and hips and rhythm and timing, loved it! Alesha: really gave it good go, right up there; Bruno: Sssscottt, super Brazil nut, always deliver, great; Craig: you tried hard without success, didn't like it at all. Score: 32

Jamela American Smooth and this is right up Len's street, fantastic storytelling, gorgeous routine, lots of movement, transitions a little sticky, they gave the no handed neck thingy a miss, thankfully and did much more elegant lifts in keeping with the dance, overall fab-u-lous! Bruno: Oh, come up and see me sometime, American Frisky, fantastically danced; Craig: very well structured routine, danced very well, gorgeous; Len : Best American Smooth of the night; Alesha: loved the storytelling, the Queen of Blackpool tonight! Score: 37 Alesha and Bruno with the tens! James has waited five years for that!

Excellent news - no ties! 8 points down to 1 tonight, now we'll get a truer picture of who's where!

Widdyton sarmba, without any sarmba rolls, which are Improper! I've figured what's keeping them in - it's Anton, not Ann, he's absolutely fantastic, the faces, the shimmies and OMG that finish - he's a genius! I've got tears streaming down my face. Shall I tell you the judges comments? Craig: overwhelmingly awful; Len: I've learned how crop circles are created; Alesha: highly entertaining, made the room light up (I'm chuckling again as I think of it!) Bruno: Lame canary, never took off.

My vote goes to Artara, Scattalie, Mattiona and Jamela - but that sarmba ending was the funniest thing I've seen in ages; I don't think Widdyton will be leaving us tonight!

Scoreboard: Mattiona 38; Jamela 37; Artara 35; Scattalie 32; Felicent 30; Robsy 28; Gavya 27; Widdyton 13. And I'm still collapsing into giggles ...

Strictly It Takes Two: Erin after Bruce's job?

Tonight ... Blackpool rehearsal, dance diagnosis, Jo Brand!

Behind the scenes of the Strictly ident - you know, the spinny bit before BBC shows begin, the swimming hippos etc - this is the specially-choreographed-by-Karen-Hardy-with-500-fans one! Is Karen wearing Mickey Mouse ears*? Did she borrow them from Cheryl?

Over to Erin at the Tower Ballroom, tells us Cirque Du Soleil and Duffy will be there and - is she after Bruce/Clauds/Tess' job? She is seriously good! Well, I suppose, if Anton takes over from Bruce ...

Karen's Dance Files (without the hairband*, says Clauds! Was she reading my mind?) Samba, the carnival dance, the samba bounce, effortless and carefree. Key moves: Samba rolls, voltas, botofogos, promenade runs, fun and full of energy.

Dr Peter Lovatt (Psyched Up) Ann is a systemiser, stays in the Anton bubble; Felicity an empathiser, plays to the crowd; Gavin being more zazzy; Matt needs a bigger challenge with harder choreography! Scott wears his anxiety on his sleeve .

The Power of Ten - if Anton gets one, he's losing the shirt and running around waving it ... with Ann running behind begging him to put it back on.

Panel of Dreams: Craig (Hates the number 10) and Jo Brand (Strictly Brand New) she's been a fan for 900 years, ish, and she's a fan of Craig's. That makes it two, with Clauds! Mattiona loved by Jo, he's turned into a proper male ballroom dancer. Training looks ok, energy, performance skills second to none, little too loose of hip. Jo's now gone off him - high heels and sweaty. Young Hearts Run Free the song, hm, not sure 'bout that, not very Latiny. Hope the samba songs won't all be pure disco. Scattalie, another a bit loose, free arm needs improving, more bounce needed, bit throwaway, haphazard - other than that it's perfect! Wearing Jo's dad's cap, high heels and eyebrows have turned her off him, too. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher I'm not so sure about either - they're both going to have to seriously perform, I love both songs, but never imagined them accompanying a samba! Gavya looks nice to me, Craig reckons bad hands. She's a Lady for an AS? Jill's cha cha song? Not loving the song choices so far. Widdyton just walking around the space, Jo reckons Craig's fattist, he replies: " Not at all! I don't mind porkers spinning around the dance floor!" But in a good way! Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel the song and finally, one of my faves for a samba (Yes, it's also disco, but it has a lot of latin sounding rhythms all through it, like, bongos and stuff). Jamela looking exquisite, defined, knows what she's doing, really going for it. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps gives scope for hanky panky storytelling, I like. Still concerned about how the lifts might fit in though. Craig anecdote: "I had a run in with a French woman to that ..." Clauds: "Did she borrow something of yours? Shoes?"

Back to Blackpool with Erin for fun bus gossip; Robsy and Mattiona tell tales on sweet-throwing Scott. Matt demonstrates the hips. Works for Erin, works for me! Mattiona dance us out (the song arrangment is good!)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Costume Drama

Tonight ... winging it, cos I missed the beginning, looks like I'm joining it for samba snapshots! Widdyton, dammit, just too late *coughs* Scattalie, rhythmically earthy, if he enjoys, could be another treat; Robsy having trouble with the steps, but Bring It On! Mattiona in the party mood, check out the ripply wiggly hips! They're on the sofa, Clauds temporarily distracted by Aliona's eyeshadow. When Matt (Thumb-pingly good dancer) gets it, he really gets it, sad that Craig was uncomfortable with the rumba. Aliona (Red-y for Blackpool) felt they were a little undermarked. ITT Presents: Matt Baker's Institute of Sorry. They have hours of it, we could've been watching a Ronnie Corbett sitcom ...Clauds is an expert on Countryfile. (Not).

Desert Island Dresses. Auntie Su Judd chooses Laila's Paso, a real one off; Kristina's gold lame last-waltz dress, channelling Marilyn Monroe. Ben De Lisi (The De Lisi Mode) and Jo Elvin (Fashion Pr-Editor) on the sofa - Strictly themed dresses will be on sale in the high street, with opulence, cut, covering, evening, in your face octane colour stylee. Samba frocks first - Ann in buttercup yellow, feathers, it's Ann-appropriate; Aliona is wearing - well, you need binoculars to see it, quite frankly, it's a foil encrusted bikini! Barely there is an understatement! Patsy in a wow - carnation and black, light and dark, tassles, bugle beads. American Smoothies - Fliss nude, pinky tone, Oscar worthy palazzo pants! Katya's white, feathers, magical quality, glide, all about the skirt, draped satin, chiffon.

AS snapshots - Felicent moved with the smooth, could be her best; Artara - loving that swingy roundabout lift; Jamela - ouch - watch the elbows, big lift coming up ... Jeez - the no hands neck thing *eek* Gavya - he's picking it up well, ballroom boy! They're on the sofa and Gavin (Smooth Operator) feeling more relaxed and comfortable and is competitive with everyone, not just the boys! Katya (Up-lifted dancer) says they had a really good week last week and has produced a Perfect Boyfriend Assembley Kit, with built in burps. AS going well, including a one-armed lift - Gavin says he was ill the day of the burping!

B*******l moment ... end credits: 1979 Samba, for all those who want to return to the good ol' days ...

Strictly Come Dancing Pudsey Special!

Harry Judd and Rochelle Wiseman are the stars shaking their groove thang for Children in Need on Friday night, be sure to tune in - partnered by Ola Jordan and Ian Waite, they both look amazing. I'm loving Harry's paso face!

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Show

According to this report, we now have five confirmed celebrities and their dancing partners:

Actress June Brown and Vincent Simone

Entertainer John Barrowman and Kristina Rihanoff

TV Presenter Fern Britton and Matthew Cutler

Comedienne Ronni Ancona and Anton Du Beke

Business Secretary Vince Cable and Erin Boag

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Ian's Midweek Report

Tonight ... Artara, Ian's midweek report, Jamela.

Artara on the sofa and for Kara (Art-ara Attack) the AT was the hardest dance so far, had to be so precise, but at least the hatstand wasn't as emotional as Artem! They had to change the routine slightly, due to said hatstand being too wobbly to take the hat! Artem (Artem-istic Merit) Nerves kicked in, tense, but this worked for the tango, they enjoyed their brief moment at the top! Kara is a natural mover but takes hours to get it! Kung Fu Kara skit - she's got a helluva kick! AS this week, lift-tastic, pretty scary. Artem not keen on the idea of the Fun Bus to Blackpool!

Ricky Groves going on about Blackbloodypool again. *Sings* You know it's filler ... filler time, and no-one's gonna make it cos Fun Bus Man's gone on strike ...

Ian (Blip advisor) on the sofa for the midweek round up: Sambas - Robsy shimmy, travelling voltas, correct the lock step; Widdyton needs more knee bounce; Mattiona hip wiggling, needs some back and forth swing; AS - Felicent lovely line and kick, improve hold; Gavya looks really good, concern on pivots, sort out hands, strighten up; Jamela typical, lovely runaround into pivots, ronde, lovely shape in hold; Artara, lots of typical AS, shadow movement, so good so soon. Clauds is going to blow up the Frustrator machine at the end of the series!

Jamela on the sofa and Pamela (Suits You Madam) asks, do the judges want her to snog them all? James (Flash Jordan) pleased with the score, knew her action was really good, not sure what else they could want - difficult routine, how could it be safe? They will have danger and hanky panky this week! Dr. Pamela's Personality Clinic: How to deal with grumpiness. Now see, here's the thing - are they sacrificing Jamela to keep the other top dancers safe? Cos why such negative VT's, dwelling on grumpiness, James' sarky happiness persona? It's turning me off them, which is very annoying because Pamela is such a gorgeous, natural dancer. Please can someone have a word and re-discover the Jamela we had at the beginning. Thank you. They're dancing the American Rough so far this week; James saved her life as she dived head first towards the floor!

Len's Dance Clinic: Best age to begin ballroom dancing? Len was 21, Matt Cutler around 6, maybe do ballet and then move into it - start at 4, by the time you're 16, you may be fed up! Useful tips in feeling the rumba beat? Start by learning to dance on the one beat, then move to the two beat when you know the steps. Advice for siblings dancing the rumba: Act! Use your hands and act!

End Credits: Whose Baby? Robin, what a cutie!

Snippets: Dancing With The Stars, Strictly Come Dancing, Matthew Bourne

Trav's Thoughts are in, they're down to their final four! Here are the results and vids! Kyle brought it to the floor again, brilliant, and Derek's choreography in the hands/feet of Jennifer is awesome, those one-legged spins are gorgeous!

Business Secretary Vince Cable is to partner Erin Boag in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special - and as a social ballroom dancer performing an American Smooth and a Foxtrot, the only common denominator with Our Ann will be politics! It's also apparently been confirmed that Fern Britton is taking part, but no news on who she or John Barrowman will be partnered with, though Kristina Rihanoff has said she has met her partner!

Arlene thinks we still miss her on Strictly - sorry, not with comments like "salsa ... like cold soup" and "feet treading treacle" “She started off like a flying bedspread and at the end Anton was mopping the floor with her.” How is that constructive criticism? Give me Alesha looking for the positives, any day of the week. Arlene, you're best in So You Think You Can Dance, where you do give constructive criticism and praise where it's due, where you're dealing with proper dancers. The last audition for that, by the way, is in London on Sunday - see the website for full details.

A brilliant interview with choreographer Matthew Bourne - he's a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan who agrees with me! About everything - what Strictly is, Arlene, Tom Chambers, Ann - I love you, Matthew! Apart from the boys on SYTYCD last year doing a snapshot of Matthew's Swan Lake, I've not seen a full production - that will definitely be rectified in the new year!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Armed and Fab-u-lous!

Tonight ... Felicent, Choreography Corner, Robsy, Scattalie.

Felicent on the sofa and Fliss (The Not-So Good Life) pleased it was only a minor disarrrster and not a major one. Vincent (Mr.V-incent Live) says it was a lot to think about, they went wrong but loved it anyway. Coffee Time: Vincent's Italian Blend for instant lift! American Smooth next, feeling very good - there may be splits in the air! More Blackpool big-ups ... you're in danger of doing a Craig, Clauds, if you keep on about Blackpool.

Karen Hardy and Choreography Corner - how to get a perfect 10? Be perfect, nail the choreography, no errors, musical, connect with both judges and audience. Scott's jive a standout - she leaves him alone, risky, he knows what he's doing, fantastic choreography, not one error, storytelling, felt his toe pointing was immaculate. Blew her away. Artara took the AT to another level, solo, made the hatstand look amazing; Jamela - commitment and pure energy, demonstration re straight front leg and bent back leg - both judges right! Excellent change of direction. Gavya - slows it down, allows him to collect, topline, control; Widdyton, double whisk, working to her strengths, needs to bring her head up; Mattiona, fantastic lunge down, oozes out, in control of Aliona. Beware Blackpool - bigger arena, danger, quality, keep strong, eyes and head up, don't let it swallow you.

Robsy on the sofa and Patsy (Got a Pat-sy on the back) was completely lost in the dance, first time she's not been aware of Bruce or audience. Have we ever seen a score of 32 that low on the leaderboard with this many contestants? I can't remember anything like that before. She thought Len's 9 was really an upside down 6. Just the two of us, her love for Len, wants to take him to the dogs for pie and mash. He makes her feel all warm and cuddly inside. Samba this week, think Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie in the dance scene, she says, Robin's bringing out her inner drag!

Jodie's guide to the Vegas of the North. See, I'm fed up of hearing about Blackpool already ...

Scattalie and Scott (Scott Fast Feet) knew the choreography was brilliant but unsure whether he'd carry it off, lots of training did give him confidence though. Nat (Nat'll lead him) trusted him, no problem leaving him alone, she could enjoy, was a dream - got quite emotional behind the door at the end, best jive she's ever done! Great attitude from Scott - going into the dance to learn and complete it, not for 10s. Getting on top of the samba.

End credits: Excuses, excuses!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Byesie Bye Brendelle

Tonight ... Brendelle, Widdyton, Craig, Blackpool roll call. But first ...

KristinaCam, backstage pass: Brendan joshes Matt; Kara's crossed everything; Robin wants a hug from James ... aw, there it is; Michelle loves band call; pro rehearsal; James joshes Ola; the boys beat up Gavin; Erin reckons Gavin snogged her ... and she snogged him back - but don't tell hubby. Showtime!

Brendelle on the sofa - they're OK with elimination, Michelle (Liberty Belle) knew it was coming. Brendan (Cole-Scent) they went wrong early and just couldn't get it back, a wardrobe malfunction too. Feeling lots of love from the forums. Awww, she wants a copy of her highlights, and lovely words from Patsy and Kara.

Vincent's A-Z Guide to Strictly: F is for full marks (Matt & Flavia, Jill and Darren); G is for Group Dances, Katya's favourite part of the show.

Widdyton on the sofa - Ann (Combe-ing to Blackpool) says there was unintentional comedy in the foxtrot, Anton (Beke to Blackpool) says they got off on the wrong foot. Presumbably the one she stepped on. Thought they were going out, may be dispensing with dance in the samba. Anton loves Blackpool "vast, beautiful ballroom, Bruce is rejuvenated, the whole energy of the place is fantastic." Their samba will be more dramatic than a donkey ride. He'd love to tell us more but he's not entirely sure what's in it ...

Strictly Blackpool Bingo: 7 number of steps to negotiate to hit the dance floor; 2 Maximum Scores (Jill's Jive; Ali's VW) 6 times for Ian Waite, most performances by a pro; 17 the lowest mark (Craig and Flavia) 10 times judge Craig has said "Fantastic"!

Things You'll Never Hear The Judges Say: Bruno: Yeah, it was ok - cue Bruno at large montage; Alesha: We Are Not Amused - cue Mutley impressions; Len: Yeah, I'll give it a 6 - cue Se-Vens; Craig: I really didn't notice what you're hands were doing - cue picky comments!

Craig (Still Ten-tative) on the sofa, with more lyrical waxing about Blackpool. Appraising the weekend: Gavya come to form with an emotional expose, technique not great though; Scattalie lacked pointed toes which is why he didn't get the ten! Mattiona some lovely moments, thumbs still driving him mad (he demonstrates a lovely shaped thumb). Artara, fierce, brilliant, tiny little things prevented 10s. Felicent, overchoreographed the armography, too complex, needed longer arms. Jamela had a certain spark missing from the finishes; Robsy very nice, keep shoulders down. Back to two different dances this week, it's either the American Smooth (with three lifts) or a samba.

End credits: It's a jungle out there!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

X-Factor: Katie Does It Again!

And would someone please pass Dermot some throat pastilles. Take That were great, another one that's growing on me.

It's Katie versus Aiden this week, and while what I've seen so far in the show itself and in the sing off, he was pants, Aiden has proved he can be fantastic and the judges have all agreed at various points that's he's the perfect pop star and brilliant. So naturally, when Katie asks them; "Save Me From Myself" (and put everyone else out of their misery) they choose her over him. *doh*

What's the point of blaming Wagner for Aiden going? With Strictly, the judges cast their vote before the audience and then the audience make the final decision. Here, it's the other way around - the judges vote is supposedly there to save the better singer. But all publicity is good publicity - look at the amount of time and energy I'm spending on it and I haven't even watched the show yet! Will blog it soon as ...

Here we go, all with Elton John songs - Rebecca with Candle in the Wind. Class will out, making it all so effortless now; Matt and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - such a contemporary voice adds a whole new dimension to the oldies; Paije and Crocodile Rock, with his voice, it almost becomes Northern Soul, coupla moments, but overall very good, would've preferred Your Song or Are You Ready to really show him off. Mary and Can You Feel The Love Tonight and it's a return to form, the big emotional song sung with the depth it needed; One Direction finally give Harry a solo, he and Liam made me want to wave my arms to The Way You Look Tonight, excellent; Cher and Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word/Mockingbird mash up, strong vocal, musical rap, not so harsh, one of her best performances, really grown into it. Wagner and I'm Still Standing/Circle of Life. You know how a great dance to a song I disliked makes me like it? (Single Ladies, Glee stylee/Bleeding Love/Fight For This Love) Well, I've discovered it works in reverse - I've gone right off Jill's jive ...

Aiden does Rocket Man and this sounded much better overall than the clip I saw, very surprised his vote dropped enough to put him out. Katie with Saturday Night, better than some of her others but the vocal still doesn't work for me, bland. Now then - the Jedward video! If it isn't her, she's got a double, because the chin and face shape, figure, everything, is the spit of her! Slo-mo (hit stop/start alternately from .51 sec, 1.06, 1.29 and 1.47) and check it out for yourself! I am loving a bit of a gossip ...

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 7

Men in suits, ladies in beautiful dresses, for a Fred and Ginge American Smooth special to Beyond the Sea, gorgeous choreography. What a wonderful start to the show!

Judges view: war on the floor, so much going on,bedazzling; Pamela solid, Michelle boobed, warming to Patsy, Gavin performed, Ann should go, Kara, speechless, Felicity got her knickers in a twist, Matt working hard, spot-on-Scott.

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Mattiona; Gavya; Jamela; Scattalie. Bottom Two: Brendelle. Bruno says she tried very hard but it didn't come to fruition, kindly!

Annie Lennox sings Universal Child, accompanied by dancing candles. No dancers: dresses posed fire risk, health and safety said no.

The boys are going to Blackpool! No more words, says Clauds to Scott, who's jabbering!

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Robsy; Artara. Bottom Two: Felicent; Widdyton progress. No shock tonight then.

Len says that the Tower Ballroom is to dancing what Wimbledon is to tennis. Mecca. Iconic. Don't forget the CIN Strictly Special next Friday! 7pm, BBC One - or at your local somewhere!

Stepping away from the desk - Alesha Dixon and the show pros - all the profits of 'Radio' to charity, nice one.

Felicity unsurprised; Michelle guessing whether she can be a survivor again.

Letters Home: The Soldiers. With Vincent and Flavia and a bucket load of tears; even V&F being so awesome can't upstage.

The Moment of Truth: Brendelle. Sad, but never has to worry about the bottom two again.

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing On Ice!

A Daily Mail interview with Len Goodman ... interview with Alesha Dixon ...and Jimi Mistry has joined the tour, whoop whoop! Craig is the director this year, so hopefully there'll be some new jokes in the warm up! And another interview with Len.

Tess' hubby, Vernon Kay, has signed to present the US version of Dancing on Ice, Skating With The Stars. Jennifer Metcalfe and Kerry Katona are both said to have signed for Dancing on Ice.

For those who haven't seen it! Ann Widdecombe and the OMG cat!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 7: Channelling The Halfpenny!

Loving Tess' hair; top dresses are Fliss (again!) and Patsy - hats for Kara and Pam!

Jamela out first again?! Good job James wasn't wearing the kilt on the hill! *Oh My Eyes* brilliantly themed cha cha, confident opening solo from Pamela, plenty of basic steps and a wow move - how low can she go? Len: exciting start, you're an excellent dancer, tad on the careful side, overall lovely; Alesha: basic steps, control, polite, clean, well choreographed; Bruno: Always very precise, need a little more hanky panky; Craig: straighten legs, more hip action, lacked dynamic but great spins, frest finishes, fantastic timing. Score: 32

Brendelle paso - she looks amazing! There was yelling in training - but she's got an attitude now, the skirt is a star, love what Brendan's doing with it, covered the floor well, great jumps and musicality. Alesha: liked the routine, determination, kept the character; Bruno: Suitable aggression, lines didn't flow, loss of balance; Craig: gnarled, knotty, nodulistic? I looked it up - it doesn't exist within the pages of the OED. So is he referring to: head movements; falling asleep; a point in the network at which paso lines intersect; a small swelling (as per Bruno after Gavya's QS) We'll never know ... Len: didn't think it was nodulistic (gives Craig a funny look) started off well, went a bit soft. Score: 24

Robsy VW finishing school - gorgeous opening, great storytelling, lovely movement, really enjoyed that, beautiful. Bruno: renaissance of Patsy - ease of movement, confidence, musicality, sophistication, elegance, blossomed; Craig: classy, confident, loved the waltzing passing steps; Len: like sparkling champagne, bubbles rising to the top; Alesha: vulnerability about you, wysiwyg, genuine connection, you dance with your heart. Score: 32 Love her '9' face!

Gavya QS - more rugby bods for us. Bruno's knocked out after a smacker from Gav, gimmicky routine (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?) But lovely footwork when they're dancing, would like to have seen it flow rather than stopping and starting. Bruno's making me laugh, he's still staring at him with Bambi eyes. Craig: Finally, some personality, quantum leap forward, structured routine, bit of a shambles technically, monumental breakthrough; Len: That performance will see you in Blackpool; Alesha: Slight timing issues aside, loved it, improving, dancer emerging, QS suits you, your best; Bruno: Am dreaming? Do it again! You can dance, strongest perfomance, engaging. Score: 33

Widdyton foxtrot, coped well with pivots and you know what, she kept up, didn't stumble - I've seen worse from previous contestants. And such a genuine connection between them. Len: I just sit back and enjoy, you're here for as long as the public want you. Alesha: a real dance; Bruno: you tried, very laboured; Craig: don't let centrifugal force get the better of you. They agree there were steps! Score: 20

Artara AT ... is stunning, simply stunning! Intricate, intense, passionate, another confident solo start, excellent routine, sparse music created a mood and it was all in the dance, brilliant - Kara like a pro. Brucie agreed! Alesha: footwork, lines, superb, passion, queen of technique; Bruno: Fantastic choreography, dancing, tango; Craig: One word - A-Ma-Zing! Score: 38 You just know from Bruno's little smile, the ten paddle is coming out!

Felicent salsa, a slow motion salsa, not sure why they put so much armography in, when she was clearly struggling with it? Got a little lost, but some nice stuff in there and she's clearly loving it! Bruno: in a tangle, started well; Craig: not my favourite, got jammed, a minor disarrrrster; Len : Some parts very good, got a little mangled. Score: 26

Mattiona rumba *drools over arms and hands* his, not my own. Lovely shapes, intense, he's a born actor! Craig: I felt a little uncomfortable, too placed, worked hard to nail it, manful and on it; Len: beautiful lines, masculine, authority, tad jerky and lost musicality, but overall, you're a lovely dancer; Alesha: danced exceptionally well, chemistry, romance, storytelling, loved it; Bruno: switched on the raunch factor, difficult dance danced beautifully. Score: 35 aw, he's so sweet and modest.

Scattalie jive - bloody fantastic flicks and kicks, not seen the like since The Halfpenny! Musicality, intrepretation, full on, energy, way to go Scott - back in the game, my son, as Len might say. Great end to the show! Len: becoming battle of the ballroom, dancing on the edge, flat out, I loved it; Alesha; back in business, kicks and flicks incredible, timing fantastic, energy, personality, excellent; Bruno: Ssssssscotttttt on fire, ready for Blackpool. Agrees re The Halfpenny! Craig: Finger lickin' good! Score: 39

Scoreboard: Scattalie 39; Artara 38; Mattiona 35; Gavya 33; Jamela 32; Robsy 32; Felicent 26; Brendelle 24; Widdyton 20. A clear gap now betwen top six and bottom three. On previous form you'd have to say it will be between Felicent and Brendelle this week. Till the morrow folks.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Power Panel

Tonight ...Mattiona, Aled, Craig, Len, Girl Power.

Mattiona on the sofa - every dance different but consistent in the scoring. Matt (cream of the crop) let the VW flow, just lovely, his tails caught the swing but the movement added to the dance, says Aliona (Under the Thumb) Do they want a 10? No, it's all about good dancing (of course they do!) Rocky/Billy Elliott territory. From farmer to ballroom dancer. Feeling the rumba; Clauds attempts his rumba face, lol.

Karen's Dance Files: Rumba; tease and run theme; arms; hips; 3 signature moves to look for: Spot Turns; Walks; Fan Position. Plus strong connection and storytelling.

Vincent's Strictly A-Z: A for Argentine Tango; B for Brucie; C for Choreography; D for Disarrrster, Daahhling; E for Elegant.

Aled Jones plug, for Christmas Gift ... on Demon Records??!

Aled (Music Maestro) glad he's not in with this lot, Len (Don't doubt his clout) and Craig (Thumbing a lift) on the panel: Felicent salsa - got a bit of rhythm, slightly wide legged; lumpy, but will come good. All Night Long, my samba song, fab choice; Scattalie jive, sharp kicks, musicality, rhythm, point feet, little flat footed, energy. Hit The Road Jack, fantastic; Widdyton foxtrot, doing the steps, cocking her leg up, she's a cling-on, moving through the movement too much. You Make Me Feel So Young, classic, They're all swaying; Jamela cha cha, syncopated New Yorkers, lovely musicality, uses arms well. She's good, ol'Pam, detail in the dance, places free hands. I Want Money, funkylicious; gorgeous dress, bejewelled in AB crystals, drop shoulder sleeves; Robsy VW - stronger posture, musicality, looks lovely. Anyone Who Had A Heart, fabulous, perfect; Gavya QS - storytelling or mucking about? I know the song, one day I might remember the title - Aled shares my concern, not well known enough for a silly quickstep. The trousers are rolled up ands there's syncopated leg swinging (like in the singing corner, remember that? No? *Sighs*) Brendelle Paso - bit spindly, chasses capes, all right, pull up more. American Woman the song; I see what they've done there. Good choice.

Girl Power - six girls left, four boys down - and Tina was wearing trousers the week she went! Lads are considering wearing high heels, lipstick and flirting with the judges.

No studio visit, no end credits; Felicent dance us out from earlier in the day.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Dress Sense

Tonight ... Widdyton, frocks analysed, Robsy.

But first, training snapshot: Gavya quickstep - looking pretty good, nice feet, jazz hands; Artara Argentine tango full of drama, can't do splits; Mattiona rumba romantic, hands on, he's got to be Mr Lover Lover, I think this is going to be good; Robsy Viennese waltz, looks lovely, she's warming to it, nice choreography, much steadier than previous waltz. They're on the sofa, Patsy (Patsy Ken-Make It) thinks it's lumpy. She met Kylie before last weekend and channelled her. Robin (A royal visitor) is slowing the music down to cope with her speeding through it because she's too excited.

Ola and Kristina meet the Chelsea Pensioners and are led around the makeshift dance floor with aplomb.

Ben De Lisi (Likes cutting comments) and Hillary Alexander (Chic critique) are on the sofa. To design a foxtrot dress is Ben's dream and his fave last week, was, unsurprisingly, Pamela's foxy number; Hillary tells us embellishment is big and loved Fliss' dramatic, subtle, midnight lace paso dress. Fliss' salsa dress is sensational, long sleeves dangerously alluring, bum ruff (ruff, not fluff) drop waist, pink; Kara's AT - well, there's not much to it; Michelle's paso has a Latin feel, white, hints of red, cascading, hard to tell from sketch; Natalie's jive, more ruffles, gold and magenta, swing and lift; Katya, major fringing, gorgeous blue, molten rayon; Ann, ostrich feathers, actually quite lovely.

Training snapshot: Felicent salsa armography a bit *eek*; Jamela Cha cha they say is fun, but didn't show us much, keep focusing on the pretend arguments, which will see them voted out?! Why are you doing that, Mr. Editor, why couldn't we see how she's actually doing the cha cha? Did you learn nothing from JadeStropGate? Scattalie filled with excitement, watch those hands though! Brendelle Paso, struggling a bit, Brendan's wearing the skirt; Widdyton foxtrot, musn't skip, could be her best actual dance though! "Again" the watch word! They're on the sofa.

Ann (Get Down Widde It) says ballroom is serious, Latin is the fun, foxtrot will be straight dance, if they make it to Blackpool, the samba will be fun. No idea what's she's doing, always surprised when it's the end of the dance! Anton (Ann's Ton-ic Again) says choreographically, foxtrot can be quite simple, it's the movement around the floor. 50cent is a fan! Widdy and Fiddy

Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn was brought up with ballroom dancing. We'll Meet Again still brings a lump to the throat.

End credits: Kiss Kiss!

X-Factor Week 5: Excessive use of force by Dermot allows judges to save Katie again!

I actually felt sorry for Cheryl - Dermot, which bit of "come back to me at the end and I'll send it to deadlock" didn't you quite understand, hm? Did you think the press and the public were not going to notice? Clearly, she should've been left till last, as they did with Simon when the sing off was between Diva Fever and Belle Amie. But it's all flame to the fire in the gossip that says it's a fix for Katie to stay as long as possible. Cos she ain't gonna win, is she? Specially not after a performance like this week, which was quite possibly one of the most boring renditions of an impassioned Gwen Stefani song as I've ever heard. Unconvincing, dull.

You feel for Treyc, who began this song in the style I've been waiting to hear from her all series, beautifully lyrical, however, it's another rock song and so it loses the melody as it goes. She ended up in the bottom two with a rock song a coupla weeks ago, did they not learn? Still a stunning vocal though. Still think this is the best performance I've seen from her. Don't think Cheryl's heart was behind her; wardrobe, song choices and then to not have a pop at Dermot on her behalf before it was too late.

Cher Lloyd sings Empire State of Mind surprisingly well, it's a toughie, does it her own way, totally comfortable on stage, interacting well with the dancers, but do agree with Simon that it couldn't be as good as last week's.

Aiden Grimshaw sings Nothing Compares To You and he's back on top, intense as ever, but musical and captured the mood of the song. Captivating - and only 24 hours to rehearse!

Rebecca Fergusson sings Make You Feel My Love. Spinetingling, her strongest vocal yet, top notes gorgeous, effortless. And so, so likeable. Special.

Wagner. From the sublime to the ...oh, you know I don't mind - the public gets what the public pays for. Viva Las Vegas/Wonder of You in the usual format, the usual performance, the right attitude so fair do's to him.

One Direction and Kids in America, having a great time, great attitude and energy.

Mary Byrne and There You'll Be, bit dodgy this week and she knows it too, not quite the performance we normally get, pressure seems to have got her.

Matt Cardle and audition song First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Haunting, passionate, emotional *gulps* Love him.

Paije Richardson and I'm A Believer/Hey Ya mash up - I'm intrigued! The stamina has improved, unusual mix, strong vocal for the most part, great fun.

Apart from Wagner and Katie, it's coming down to the business end!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Team Cola's Midterm Report

Tonight ... Jamela, Team Cola, Len.

Team Cola on the sofa first, to look at how the boys are getting on. At this stage, they were in panic mode, then came the red catsuit, then Blackpool and that foxtrot, the rest is 'istory! Personally, first impressions counted - and their week one tango was excellent - that's week one, folks - how many male celebs come out with an attitude like that on week one? It's not perfect, but I just wanted to remind people it wasn't just the charleston, rumba and foxtrot that made an impression. You're a good dancer Chris, stop referring to yourself as rubbish before we all begin to believe it!

Anyway, they said Scott has had a wake up call now which will spur him on even more; Gavya allowed to get his kit off in the paso; Chris given a polo neck - what're wardrobe trying to say! Needs to let himself go before it's too late; Matt is supertalented, be careful of the Whittle factor, needs to stay on toes.

Jamela on the sofa, Pamela (Stephenson's a rocket) is always nervous, she's puffing in James' ear all through. James (Fantastic Mr Foxtrot) says the jive was tough for them while every else came out strong. Till Strictly Do Us Part, they're like a married couple. James has found a happy place and is making everyone nervous. Cha Cha next week, possible teeter territory!

Len's Dance Clinic: How much of my own style can I put in a jive without compromising technique? It's a free and easy dance - don't be overloose, hands control your arms, place them, don't throw them; shake it all about while you can! How can I relax and not lead in the jive? Girls are the bosses, except on the dancefloor. Blindfold yourself so he can lead you, trust. I've done it before (not neccessarily on the dancefloor!) Have faith, like a Jedi! What is a drunken sailor? Most pros will teach this to their celeb - pas de beret? in posh terms. Len and Clauds mini masterclass - it's that kind of mini grapevine move - step to the left, right foot step behind, left foot step again step to the right and left step behind - try it, take a breather, try again.

Strictly Cribs: Robin and Artem's bachelor pad, filling in the furniture blanks, a fridge, a steamer, two beds, lots of trainers (Artem worse than any woman) a seal called Snowy and an exercise band.

Team Cola back to look at the girls: Felicent improving every week, Vincent getting the best out of Fliss, paso fantastic; Jamela - Chris has offered James some help, he won't say what the reply was; Artara a joy to watch, Artem brilliant and pushing; Robsy a slow burner, second division who could go premier league in one week; Widdyton more entertaining than John Sargeant, couldn't have been paired with anyone esle - but must see some improvement now! Brendelle have had the toughest time, just need the perfect dance and music. Words of advice, do not hang around, get out there and enjoy, every dance could be your last!

End credits: Fitness training!

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Tour

The dates and the first six celebrities have been released:

From this series, Patsy Kensit, Pamela Stephenson, Tina O'Brien and Kara Tointon are in and we also have the runners up from series 3 and 7, Colin Jackson and Ricky Whittle!

Now that's a pretty amazing line up already - seeing Colin again will be amazing, Ricky was one of faves from last year and the four girls from this year are fabulous! It will be particularly nice to see Tina having another chance to really go for it. Can't wait to see who else they book!

Former Strictly star (3rd in Series 3) Zoe Ball is hosting the show - shame she couldn't double up! The show begins in Nottingham on 14th Januaryand finishes its run at Glasgow on 13th February. It will visit Sheffield, Wembley, London, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester in between.

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's Thoughts are in on Dancing With The Stars and here's another theme we'd best look out for on Strictly - Instant Dance! The couples have to prepare a dance - without the music! Sounds like a daft gimmick doesn't it, but it's actually how professional competitions are run - all couples doing a jive or whatever to the same piece of music. And it sounds as though these couples all did a fantastic job!

And here are the results and vids - can I just say, I want Jennifer's dress and I loved that quickstep ... then I watched Brandy's waltz and actually became quite emotional - and wanted her dress even more! Kyle's jive was brilliant and fun, adored it (but think I'll give Lacey's dress a miss!) Can't believe they did that without knowing what the music would be - just shows how fabulous the pro dancers are!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: All paid to sit down (on the sofa)

Tonight ... Brendelle, Darren and Duncan, Craig, Felicent.

Brendelle up first and Michelle (Michelle Ma Belle) is beginning to understand the dance, goes straight for the hold in training. The mission is to keep improving her score. Brendan (Fruity Kiwi) says his ballroom dances are always proper, no messing about, straight into dances; has a pop about the illegal lifts and the stupid scoring and Craig (But only cos he's there!) Jimavia were gorgeous together - he then defends Ann and basically tells the public and media to deal with it/get a life/get over it. Michelle is beating him up in training; it's all on camera for the lawsuit. Paso this week!

Strictly all around the world - a snapshot of a global phenomenon. 32 versions; 75 countries; 250 million viewers, differing formats, some with snakes, some with dancing duffers, that's showbiznizz. Darren Bennett (Turkish Delight) and Duncan Cooper (Global Foxtrotter and Flying Producer for BBC Worldwide (like flying doctors without the gore) are on the sofa. Darren helping out technically in Turkey; Lilia judging. Some can't do live shows due to time zones, some tour and perform in sports halls!

Craig under fire: Thought Bruce was great with the off the cuff interjections on Saturday, all jolly banter. Felicent and Brendelle are shouting "We love you!" Craig (Paid to sit down) is quite upset that the others pointed the finger at him and with his dancing hat on, hopes the public do start to get it right. Justifies the 4 for Scattalie's rumba. I still maintain Len only gave the 9 to counter it - not that it made any difference to the leaderboard position. Some dodgy choreography let Artara down, get more intothe music, it's a 10. Jamela the sort of cheesy stuff that makes him sick. Grotesque. The 5 to Gavya was generous, Widdyton not worth more than 2, wants her to come out and dance, stop playing the comedy card, she could be improving properly. Jimi had the heart and soul and passion for the dance, which is why it's such a shame. Mattiona - took Craig years, dahling, years to get the thumbs right! Brendan guiding Michelle a little too forcefully, Felicent capable of more, transitions bothered him.

Out of the Glitterball: Where will you be in 10 years? Jared - married with kids; Nat - in Oz, sun 24/7; Ola - with kids and a dog; Matt - aged 42! Has anyone got any annoying or silly habits? Patsy, no, nothing; Nat - James ... ; Matt - James keeps pinching my bum! Robin - James & Artem keep tickling!

Felicent on the sofa, Fliss (Bull Ring Beauty) loved loved loved the paso, felt like the first time she truly danced with Vincent (Don Juan of Dance). She learnt the dance in sections, would explain the transitions. Vincent enjoyed the drag and they danced like it would be their last time. Is Vincent a mini Gavin or is Gavin a blown up Vincent? Annoying habit #2 - Fliss talks far too much. Vincent just nods and raises the eyebrow! Salsa this week, tricky but lovely, might be good, you can have fun.

End credits: Internationally yours ...

Strictly It Takes Two: Jimavia Jilted!

Tonight ... Jimavia, Gavya, Artara, Karen's chorry corner.

But first, behind the scenes with IanCam, access all areas. Taxi for Len; Pam's slimfit trews; Natalie's tanning addiction; James in snogging shocker #2! Boys In The Hoodz ... at TV Centre? I think not! Band call, Bad Boy Brendan judging, love it! Vincent predicts shock exit; Len predicts it all kicking off (but didn't imagine in that way!) Making up Matt; Aliona Not A Natural Red Head Shock! Last minute practise ... Showtime!

Jimavia on the sofa and Jimi (It's still a Mistry) is still in shock; Flav (Can't Cacace Her breath)felt more safe than in any other week. Clauds has to give Jimi cuddles from random people. They thought they had a long way to go yet, some great routines coming up. He's been inspirational to work with, says Flav. Highlights set everyone off again.

Choreography Corner of the weeeeek, with Karen (Tries her Hardy-est) Willy nilly lifts no longer allowed, only in Salsa, AS, charleston, AT and showdances. Artara, the walkover/the cartwheel into the drop - trust, skill, landings *phew* Scattalie, beautiful use of arms and hip action, never a 4 but up against many strong dances; Brendelle - Karen explains that rhythm is a regular occurrence of accented beats. Clauds speaks for most of us when she says "?" Felicent flamenco work, out of her own, brave, the actress embraced the role; Jamela - simple, graceful, underarm turn into hold a difficult move; Mattiona - stance, body incredible. ThumbGate - maybe when the elbow drops a little lower, topline fab.

Gavya on the sofa and Gav (Gaving it his all) delighted to beat Scott, well'appy. Katya (Gavin a good time) said it was a smooth week, relaxed, pick up the routine quickly and she was a genius for using the rubgy ball, lol. In the last three men standing and "Scott''s the worst and I'm second best, just got to get to Matt now!" Hot and Cold War - she wants the heating on, he wants it off - their sense of humours are so similar, it's a good match! QS is a very silly dance, got to get his head around being silly. Clauds is going to make him some bunny ears!

Artara on the sofa - angry with herself?? Kara (Model Pupil) says she messed up the easy bit and she was a bit moody last week. Aretm (He has lift off) didn't think the routine that difficult until the dress rehearsal when it all went a bit Pete Tong *coughs* down wiv the kids innit ... Kara says, you just have to go for it, too late to change. AT next, stressful Monday as usual, says Artem. Speak up, make eye contact, snaps School Marm Clauds!

End credits: Food glorious food!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 6

Well, I missed the beginning and was going to wait till I watched I-Player tomorrow - but with a result like this one, I couldn't, could I?!

Starting then, with Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Felicent; Gavya; Artara; Jamela. Bottom Two: Jimavia!!!! Crikey, I didn't see that one coming *shakes head in shock* Temporary madness says Bruno, doesn't deserve to be there. You think? Len hands out a warning re lifts - they won't be tolerated in certain dances and will be penalised accordingly.

A gorgeous pro formation foxtrot to please the purists, a creation of Anton and Erin. Kara's with Len on the no-lifts rule, she was terrified. Straight on ...

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Robsy; Mattiona; Widdyton! Not Scott too, please no! Bottom Two: Brendelle. Gutted for them, relieved for Scattalie. Alesha says also not deserved, massive improvement, personal best, feel for her. Craig says Scott needs to work on his Latin technique.

Brendelle and Jimavia agree it's better to go out on a night you do your best than your worst.

Bryan Ferry in the studio. He's ageing well, wonder what his secret is? And I wonder how many complaints the Beeb will get because he isn't wearing a poppy a week early? A barefoot Nat and Brendan contemporary number accompanies.

The Moment of Truth: Jimavia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If ever there was an O.M.G, this is the time for it. Think Michelle is more shocked than them. I'm amazed, truly amazed, I thought he had a lot of support. Jimi can't speak, so so gutted. Alesha looks like she's about to cry, so does Jimi and he's setting me off. Bruno's pointing the finger at Craig!

Ok, now before the Widdyton backlash begins, remember - there were five other couples below Jimi on that leaderboard - his vote deserted him, for whatever reason. Which also means that the top 3 may only have been a point or two away from the bottom overall too. How many times does it have to be said - no-one is safe, no-one! The leaderboard could be getting flipped on its head practically every week!

Aside from that, if you didn't vote for Jimavia, you have no right to moan about the result (I was out, no-one got my vote last night!) I can imagine a lot of Scattalie supporters, who may normally have chucked a couple of votes their way, giving them solely to Scattalie last night. To those that have a favourite dancer but throw a sympathy vote - you may have to reconsider that strategy now; it could be your fave next. But - if you're voting for someone at the bottom of the board because you genuinely wish to see them back, then fair play to you. Bigger BUT - if you're part of a betting syndicate with Widdyton at 10,000/1 then please BUGGER OFF. (That's what my dad keeps telling me is happening!)

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 6: Craig on a mission to help them! Seriously!

Fliss steals the dress honours again but Michelle is our Belle - looks like a proper princess!

Artara to open with their salsa and Wow - what an opener! Dynamic walkover, musicality and whoa - another big move - if he'd missed her *doesn't bear thinking about* Footwork not always as crisp but fantastic routine! Len: Full on, high energy, flat out, brilliant, highlights, right on the edge, slight loss of control but loved it! Alesha - one of the best openings to a show ever, you use every part of your body, missed the armography but didn't care, steamy, saucy, wicked; Bruno: you little bombshell, an explosion, may need a neck brace, wonderful; Craig: extremely ambitious, done briliantly, loved the walkover, spin, timing, amazing; Score: 36

Jamela foxtrot and the transition into hold is seamless - but then she trod on the dress, it's far too long, a couple of stumbles and nerves set in but still managed fluid and lovely, beautiful, classy feel. Alesha: Classy routine, mastered it beautifully; Bruno: Pamela goes to Hollywood, back to what you do best; Craig: coped well with the nature, head and frame placement, pivot, lost balance, didn't like the cheesy end; Len: Loved it, romance about it *stumbles* whole thing beautiful, lovely elegance. Score: 33

Felicent paso - hopefully she'll be incredi-bull, says Vincent! I do like this flamenco beginning, lovely shaping from Fliss, kept the intent and attitude all through, quite sedate though. Vincent gets his top off and drags her over to the judges. Masterful. Bruno: more drama than a full season at RSC, intense, impressive; Craig: Storytelling wonderful, loved the Spanish "por de bras?!" (I don't speak Spanish, sorry!) Sort of liked it! Len: atmospheric, captured the mood beautifully, expression made up for lack of aggression; Alesha: drama, determination, intent, more attack needed. Score: 29

Jimavia QS - great jazzy solo spot, Mr Pinstripe, excellent inventive choreography, Jimi's the Magical Mistry Mask all through! Craig: Virtuoso section very good, get up on the balls of your feet (Bruno's up: What! He was dancing on air *illustrates by flapping his hands, chicken like, lol* If I want your opionon, I'll ask for it "Scuse me, Joan Crawford!") but Craig did really like it! Len: bright breezy busy QS, movement around the floor, be a little cleaner and sharper, your best yet; Alesha: liked the opening section, light, bouncy, fluffy, made everyone smile. Bruno: Slick and polished, captures jazz era feel,very entertaining, very well danced. Score: 32

Mattiona VW - no idea what the song is, but doesn't detract from a flowing and gorgeous dance. Len: bit concerned Alan Titchmarsh might appear at the start, lyrical movement, truly fabulous; Alesha: leading Aliona around the floor, posture and frame brilliant; Bruno: Looked like a prince, natural lines like a ballet dancer; Craig: missing a few heel leads (don't get pedantic, says Len!) thumbs driving me insane??! Score: 35 Thumbs up from everybody!

Widdyton Charleston to Let's Fall In Love, we've gone Sepia but her dress is a lovely shade of ... oh, that's better. Love the attempted cartwheel, we have lift off. Anton's having a ball but *whispers* there's not a lot resembling a charleston really! Alesha: the actress is emerging, comdey sketch, thoroughly enjoyable, headband the only thing charleston! Bruno: Vera Duckworth's grandmother in the depression; Craig: I'm here to try and help you, dahling *lists eveything that wasn't in it* Ann answers back, taking it a tad too seriously for me. Len: AA, could've done with it, but never a chore to watch, makes me laugh. Score: 17

Brendelle waltz and fun Michelle is definitely back! Completely beautiful, made it look effortless, gorgeous routine from Brendan. Belle not beast! Lovely, her best. Bruno: much better, superglued to Brendan; Craig: Brendan doing the work, wasn't bad, wasn't good, help him more; Len: I thought it was good! Full on proper waltz, lovely posture, well done. Score: 30

Robsy cha cha and she's gone into full Kylie mode, groovy, funky, song didn't really have any highlights as such though, but lots of basic cha cha. Craig: cha cha chavvy, didn't need the bump and grind but very clean New Yorkers, very confident; Len: fun, cheeky, hot and saucy, calm down a little; Alesha: sexy, confident, great basic steps, keep at it; Bruno: very good at sex (please can someone remind him what time it is!) like a little Brigitte Bardot (Under 30s all saying "Who?") don't stop the energy. Score: 29

Scattalie - rumba to Wishing on a Star, sexy start, fluid, romantic but macho - hard for me with rumbas, cos the male never looks like he's doing very much - but timing in evidence and had the right attitude. As good as any male celeb I've seen ('cept The Jackson, of course!) Len: masculine and lyrical, pulled it off by and large; Alesha: nice lines, good attempt, bit stagnant; Bruno: Sssssscotttt - not quite so hot; Craig: jolted, uncomfortable, awkward. (Eh? I didn't see that!) Score: 28 - and that only cos Len countered Craig's 5 with a 9! Anyway, remember The Ramps, s'all I'm sayin' ...

Gavya cha cha - with a rugby ball? Seriously? Oh, it's a silver glittery one, so that's all right then - nice catch Len (He looked surprised!) Don'tcha the song and the ball certainly focused him! Much more movemement, great square steps section (no idea on the technical term, sorry) fluid and snake like hips in the bumpy grinding bit! Alesha: Never seen you so happy, hip action, outdanced Scott! Bruno: getting better every week; Craig: little flat footed, knee spin very good, gorgeous rotation in the spoon section; Len: the dancer is emerging! Score: 29

And we're done! Leaderboard: Artara 36; Mattiona 35; Jamela 33; Jimavia 32; Brendelle 30; Robsy 29; Gavya 29; Felicent 29; Scattalie 28; Widdyton 17.

Wow - the problem here, is that with the three above Scott getting the same points, the bottom of the board is effectively mid table scoring! As in: Artara 10; Mattiona 9; Jamela 8; Jimavia 7; Brendelle 6; Robsy, Gavya and Felicent on 5, Scattalie 4 then Widdyton 3. I've always felt this was the wrong way to do it - they should divide the points they would have had, equally between them ie. 5-4-3 = 12 gives 4 points each, which would be fairer on everyone and give a better reflection of the judges positioning (it currently favours the bottom couple too much) Having said that, I think Scattalie will have a big enough share of the viewers vote to escape the bottom two. Top four should be safe *crosses fingers* so it won't be a shock if it's 2 of the couples in between Jimavia and Scattalie. Till later then!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Paige Turner!

Tonight ...Widdyton, Gavya, Elaine, Jodie.

Straight down to the studio with Jodie. Jimavia and Artara agree the Friday rehearsal is just as nerve-wracking and then pretend they'd be glad to see the back of each other. First mention of Blackpool: "I used to go" says Jimi; "I've never been" states Kara. Now, I like both Jimi and Kara - but which one deserves to go to Blackpool? There's only one way to find out ... Daaaaaaance!

Widdyton on the sofa and the paso was every bit as good as I thought it'd be, says Ann (Cape-tured on screen) the curmudgeons (judges) weren't watching - she remembered the names of all the steps, Anton (Step Beke in Time) so proud! Doesn't mind the 2 from Craig Devil-Horwood! Training looks ... well, it just looks ;)

Gavyarrrr on the sofarrrr - taking the top off worked on all levels, says Clauds! Gavin (Man with the Golden Guns) was less nervous, knew the steps! Katya (Glam Slam) says his framework and body positioning was stunning! Katya's Strictly Guide to Rugby - handling skills; footwork; get in the zone; The new Saracens signing says he's missed the proper contact, lol! Has picked up the cha cha much more quickly. There will be hips!

Pro/partner - partner/pro - mutual appreciation society!

Panel Ponderings with Paige and Prenger. And Craig. Elaine (Front Paige News) remembers how exhausting it was (Sport Relief Tango with Matt D); Jodie (Blackpool's Illuminations) has sequin nostalgia; Craig (not of ten) says it'll be technique all the way tomorrow, no tricks, proper dancing.

Scattalie -rumba, Pablo went on siesta, lose the chewing gum, more rotation in the hips. Oooooh - Wishing on a Star - I've been waiting seven series for that, beautiful. And someone who can dance has it, whoop! Nat's costume? Slight overstatment! Presuming the hamstring is ok! Robsy - cha cha, coming into her own, enormous sense of confidence, nippier footwork, straighten legs. All The Lovers by Kylie! Fringing or feathers or beads and not a lot else! Mattiona - VW, looking beautiful, liquid, gorgeous, beautiful free arms, gothic, brooding music, couldn't catch what it was; Felicent - paso, perfect for them, doing amazingly well, goes for the entire look and character of the dance. Proper Spanish sound, you'll know it but I can't think of it; Brendelle - waltz, confidence high, dancing right with him. Right Here Waiting the song, lovely. Clauds sang it to someone when she was 15; he was a Capricorn. We needed to know, really. Jimavia - QS, puts his heart and soul into it, great job - very jazzy music.

Down in rehearsal, Jamela dance us out with their foxtrot to another of my top Strictly tunes I've been waiting for: Let There Be Love. Gorgeous.