Monday, 31 May 2010

Britain's Got Talent Semi Final 1

I was thinking there weren't many good acts, but there's a good four or five in this show that may easily have gone through in another - Spellbound the standouts, Tobias Mead, Olivia Archbold, Threebee, Josh Barry. But we'll see.

Simon reckons he'll be using the buzzer a lot ... I might too.

First out: Bollywood dancers Threebee: full of energy, nice Bollywood slant on the Bee Gees, a good mix of different styles, not as tight as maybe it should be - not sure it wil be enough but too soon to tell, Piers "you may have just danced into the final"!

Olivia Archbold next and I loved the song she chose last time - let's hope she doesn't go karaoke tonight. Ooh, Simon just said that! And it's a song not many people know - no, I don't know it but it's a confident performance, although her voice isn't as sweet as the first time round. She's very choked (it's a Kate Winslet song?) and I think that maybe affected her. Ah, the key change, singing from her chest as Simon and Amanda said. No, I preferred the audition performance.

Kevin Cruise *BBBBBBUUUUUZZZZZZZZ* Dear God Almighty, that took me back to holiday camps and not in a good way. And what was all that with the thrusting? Urgh. Amanda needs a shrink.

Stevie Starr: Now Amanda's paying the price, ha ha! If he does pull this off, I will be quite impressed. Although how do we know he didn't have that one prepared earlier? And still just another trick at the end of the day, has to be. See, brought up a phone he prepared earlier. Not something I relish seeing again.

Tobias Mead going for risky, something we haven't seen before. Great timing, super - loving the work with the ball, however that was done, very different, threw in a bit of pole dancing - excellent job, well done Tobias. Creative and inspired, says Piers. Outstanding, says Simon. My vote so far.

Sean Sheehan, a wood chopper? The sweat could make the chopper slip out of his hand and head for the judges. No worries, Amanda's got it covered ... *BBBBUUUUZZZZ* For God's sake buzz Piers, before he takes his hand off.

Josh Barry - again, song choice will be crucial and oh, he's gone for Neyo's Closer, brave, but not carrying it off, unfortunately. Picked it up a bit in the chorus, good dance moves, but vocally weak overall. Shame. Amanda's deaf as well as mad.

Spellbound - will have to go some to top their first performance - OMG - they just did, completely fantastic - the two girls at the front near the end, how on earth did they pull off that move. Unbelievable. Love the fire and ice theme too! It truly is spellbinding. Could we imagine you gracing the Royal Variety Show? Damn right! Sorry Tobias - have to make sure one of you makes it and trust the judges to put you through.

I'm watching Glee now, results will have to wait! So picking them up from Twitter - where would we be without it - Spelbound straight through, Tobias and Olivia up in front of the judges, Tobias goes through! But I missed Diversity, which is a bummer, so I'm off to hunt them down on youtube or the BGT website. Caio. Ok, found it on the BGT website - enjoy it again!

Snippets: Dancing in the UK, Strictly Come Dancing, Eurovision,

The June edition of Dancing in the UK is out now ... Interview with Kristina Rihanoff in the California Chronicle ... The Telegraph asks, is our part in Eurovision pointless (I'd have watched and reviewed had I not been out!) I'm all for the bit about Gary Barlow being at the helm, or, how about bands and singers, looking for a break, competing against each other for the chance to represent us, with their own music? Give them a record deal, market them properly, who knows where they could go from there?

Article about Brian Fortuna and Burn the Floor, in which he's starring with Ali Bastian; interview with Brendan Cole; interview with Flavia Cacace. And another interview with Kristina!

Alesha and the Dance Fusion launch.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dancing With the Stars Finale!

Trav has completely spoilt us with a mega run down of this week's final! Read all about the first half here with the second half including videos and the all-important result here! Enjoy!

Trav wll also be covering the US version of So You Think You Can Dance with as much enthusiasm, watch out for the links!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Barclays Live searches for UK’s hottest dance acts!

Barclays Live is marking the launch of a host of new Barclays new state-of-the-art branches by unveiling a new competition to find the UK’s hottest dance acts.

The competition is open to anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to become Britain’s next dancing superstar, be it as an individual, duo, group or troupe.

To enter visit or send us a link to a YouTube video showing us your moves or email us directly at along with your dance clip, name, phone number and postcode.

The top ten entries will be put through to the live auditions, which will take place at respective regions. These contestants will perform in front of a celebrity panel of judges that includes Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole. He will also be giving a dance master class at each venue!

The top five acts will then be subject to a public vote to decide the winner via the Barclays Live website

The winning act from each region will be waltzing away with a pair of VIP tickets to see Brendan Cole in action as well as dancing all the way to the bank with a cool £1,000!

Brendan says “The Barclays Live competition is a great opportunity for talented dancers in the UK and I am really looking forward to experiencing some fabulous performances. If you haven’t entered the competition already, make it the very next thing you do!

Brendan, 33, is a champion ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin American dancing. He is one of only a handful of professional dancers to compete in all seven series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing as well as judging four series of Dancing With The Stars in his native New Zealand. Earlier this year, Brendan enjoyed great success and critical acclaim during his first nationwide solo tour, Live and Unjudged.

For more information please speak to the Barclays Live team at Mischief PR – 020 7100 9999 or email

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

An Audience With Michael Buble

Or, 'The Buble' as he's known - because they don't make many like him anymore!

I tuned in for the man and his music and found myself quite happily listening to him chat as well as sing. And happily just watching *ahem* ... from the dramatic opening of Cry Me A River, Michael showed all the aspiring Britain's Got Talent hopefuls what it actually takes to be a star.

Silky vocals, personality and showmanship held the audience in raptures - not just the women, I might add - as The Buble quipped his way through the evening, from agreeing with Dermot O'Leary that he was indeed not just massive, but universal, what with his good looks, intelligence and modesty, to Fern Britton reminding him of his reply "I'm your man!" to her invite to hang around for the This Morning piece on clitoral stimulation!

Musically, perrenial classics Feeling Good and How Sweet It Is were sung alongside the original Buble of Everything, Home and Just Haven't Met You Yet, and all in all, it's a wonderful advert for his live show. I might join you yet, Foxy: he's got me, he's so got me!

Snippets: Streetdance, Diversity, Paula Abdul

Streetdance 3D topped the box office this week - as news breaks that Diversity will be supporting The Saturdays at the Rochester Castle Concert on Friday 16th July. And Paula Abdul will be lead judge and mentor on the US version of Got To Dance.

Friday, 21 May 2010


The "world's biggest streetdance" wants dance enthusiasts to join them in a parade during the Big Dance Festival between 3rd and 11th July. See more info here.

With the Streetdance film on general release today, the soundtrack will be a must!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Snippets: SCD, DWTS, SYTYCD, Glee

Lots today, the media are gearing up for the usual frenzy of who might be on Strictly Come Dancing this year - Gary Lineker and wife Danielle Bux, maybe Posh Spice Victoria Beckham - ought to go for David, since he's not playing footie now - and Amy Winehouse. They're also after Bill Clinton's daughter and/or mistress, Monica Lewinsky, Kimberley Walsh, Patsy Kensit and Lembit Opik! (This is The Sun I'm quoting, btw) Then, further down the article, they impart the news that it's only a twelve week run! So less couples overall then - back down to fourteen? If they do the double dance weekends like last year, which proved so popular, with all couples doing a ballroom and a Latin before elimination, fourteen fits the equation for a three couple final (assuming they PUT THE CONTINGENCY PLAN IN PLACE: ARE YOU LISTENING, POWERS THAT BE???) And also that at least three shows will come from Blackpool's Tower Ballroom, with more floorspace allowing more fans in to the show. And then it goes on to say how crap the line up was last year - they still don't get it, do they, that actually, we don't care, we'd watch it anyway- the so-called "big names" won't get through because they're a big name - they have to engage us and a brekkie show host did that better than anyone last year.

James Jordan agrees with me about the furore over Arlene's departure, while Ian Waite says it is time for revamp; Kristina talks fashion.

Rumours abound that Pineapple Dance's Louis Spence will take over from Cisco Gomez on the So You Think You Can Dance panel.

An interview with Harry Shum Jr, Glee's amazing streetdancer, Mike Chang.

And finally - Trav's Thought's are in on the Dancing With The Stars Semi Final, show here, results here. I have to agree with Len on Erin and Mak's Paso, a bit funky for me! Very entertaining though. Stunning choreography in Derek and Nicole's Argentine Tango, I particularly loved the final lift. I don't know why they bother with a chair for Bruno, lol! Len sums up Evan and Anna's Paso; their foxtrot is a joy, I dare you not to smile all through it.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Snippets: Streetdance, Don't Stop Believing, BGT

A review of the Streetdance 3D film, making me want to see it even more, were that possible!

Fun streetomedy act from Britain's Got Talent, Twist and Pulse, tell of their connection to Diversity and Flawless, plus UTV have linked the video.

And Emma Bunton will host a new Glee-style reality show, airing on Channel Five, called Don't Stop Believing. This means as soon as Over the Rainbow has finished I'm going to migrate music over to this blog too, since it'll include both dance and music - and I need to cut down on how many different sites I'm adding to, before I start to post music links on Rochester People and tell all of you what's happening at the Cathedral this summer!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Snippets: SYTYCD, Streetdance 3D, DWTS

Diversity are setting their sights on Hollywood as Streetdance 3D premieres - general release May 21st.

MJ brings us a few snippets from Nigel Lythgoe as the US prepare for their new series of So You Think You Can Dance.

And Trav has changed his website! But he's still covering Dancing With the Stars in full, with videos of this week's star performers Derek and Nicole - incredibly musical numbers, Nicole's timing is so spot on with Derek's. A real pleasure to watch, I preferred the foxtrot which was pure joy from start to finish.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Dance CATS Website!

Do you have the dedication, aspiration, commitment, potential, enthusiasm, talent, drive, artistry, ambition, creativity and passion to pursue a career in dance?

Then welcome to the National Dance Centres for Advanced Training! Professinal training for young dancers:

"I love my training, it is by no means easy, it's very intensive and it takes a lot of hard work, commitment, motivation and as the Fame movie says 'Sweat'! No matter how good you are if you don't have that passion & drive to want to do it and you don't work hard you'll never reach your full potential." The Place CAT, London Contemporary Dance School, male student age 17.

Is that you? So what are you waiting for? I'm waiting for the word 'young' to be deleted ...

Monday, 10 May 2010

'Dance Yourself Fit' Interview with Ian Waite

A nice in-depth article with Ian Waite in the Mirror, on the benefits of dance in respect of fitness.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's Thoughts are in, click here for the main show and here for results plus vids - Evan and Anna's Argentine Tango comes highly recommended!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Akai Wins Into The Hoods Role

Little Akai, the Got To Dance winner, is following previous Britain's Got Talent winner, George Sampson, into the latest production of Into The Hoods.

The production is also holding open auditions between 7th and 12th May at Dance Attic Studios, North End Road, London and the contract for the summer run of the show at the Southbank Centre is between 1st July and 15th August.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Snippets: DWTS, SCD, Politics?

A couple of brilliant snippets of Brian Fortuna and Derek Hough dancing (Not with each other, I hasten to add) Apparently it's Kym Johnson with Derek, possibly Julianne Hough with Brian. If you know for sure who the female dancers are, please leave a comment!

Brendan Cole interview with STV. He's half Scottish, don'tchaknow!

And a very interesting article on how dance is sneaking it's way onto the political agenda.

Gossip wise, Christine Bleakley is being touted as Tess' replacement on Strictly Come Dancing. But since Tess is signed to present series 8, it's going to be at least 15 months away and it's paper talk at the moment, so don't get too excited just yet. In fact, I'm wondering why I bothered to mention it at all really ...