Thursday, 27 January 2011

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, X-Factor, Let's Dance for Comic Relief, Got To Dance

Bruce Forsyth was honoured at the NTA's... and then proceeded to frighten the life out of Tess, who could be seen to utter something along the lines of: Don't do that to me, Brucie!

He'd accepted the Special Recognition Award and said: This would be a good night to announce my retirement (the collective gasps were heard throughout the nation) ... but I'm not bloody going to!

X-Factor picked up the Talent Show Award, which Simon Cowell promptly dedicated to a show producer, Shue Green, who'd beaten cancer this year.

Steve Jones will be joined by Alex Jones for this year's Let's Dance for Comic Relief, with Claudia being too busy with Film 2011. Celebrities lining up are: Noel Fielding; Penny Smith; Rebecca Front; designers Colin and Justin; Russell Kane; Andi Osho and Ed Byrne! Routines will include Crazy in Love, Bad and I Love To Boogie (Billy Elliot).

Sky have launched a voting app on I-phone for Got To Dance and the top 28 have been revealed, with the first semi on Sunday at 6pm.


  1. I inhaled and nearly choked on the Malteser I was eating - thanks for that Bruce!!

    Good quote though. See, he is still funny sometimes ;o)

  2. Ha ha, I know - he totally had me! Fantastic timing, the pause was just long enough to let the shock register before the punchline! Genius! Tess' reaction cracked me up too!