Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dancing on Ice: Live Blog, Week Two: Glimpses of showmanship.

What have they done with Vanilla Ice's hair? And the ice panel are being, quite, well, bolshy really, about who we should vote for. I'm not sure I like it ... here's a reminder of the team names.

Craigia kicking us off tonight, tough job already, learning by dvd. Skating to Sympathy for the Devil and he's presenting Maria very well, bit slow, but nice timing, no wobbles, big on personality, potential, great connection already. Score: 9 Robin says it's evident more time is needed; Emma likes that he's fun and wants to see more; Jason says the costume covered a multitude of sins and came up with a poo-based critique again. Jason, why so obsessed with the brown stuff?

Jennibonbon are the loved-up couple and we're going to keep repeating it until you believe it. Again. And again. And again. They probably can't really stand each other. Skating to Crazy For You (see!) a wobble and a slip out of the big lift spoiled what was otherwise a classy and elegant routine. Score: 11 or 12, I didn't write it down! Jason says nerves got the better of her; Robin says she's a natural quality skater and Emma agrees with Jason that we need to see the chemistry they keep telling us about.

Fravitty next with The Safety Dance and it was a bit, apart from attempting a jump! A little wobble and seemed to be concentrating very hard. Score: 11 Emma pleased to see him pushing himself; Robin picks out some technical stuff, including the jump; Jason says he has great moves for radio but he has potential.

Lukalen next and oh, dear - you don't question the choreography love, you just don't! Quite liking her actually but would you stop with the winking, please! Skating to Your Love Is King, transitions a little sticky, but I liked it overall, I think there's potential if she relaxes, she seems happy to try all the moves, some lovely lifts. Score: 11 She's poked her tongue out! Robin says it needs to flow more, Emma thought she looked uncomfortable and tells her to go for it; Jason asked where the passion was (being Spanish: She said she'll bring it next week).

Torvill and Dean accompany Ellie Goulding and Your Song with a beautiful, moving and lyrical routine. Is it just my telly that's playing up or is it ITV? First six VT ... oh, Ice's hair is always like that ... and ... oh, thanks Phil - it is ITV. Loving Johnson's matching bandage ...

Domandra up next - come on the cricketer! I'm not biased, no, I'm really not. Don't let me down, Dom. No pressure, but we just won the Ashes and Goughie won Strictly the year we won the Ashes ... Skating to Are You Ready (for Love) and there's an (n)ice easy way about him, acting it out, good connection, he enjoyed himself and I thought he skated confidently. Score: 11 Jason says he started stiff and rigid but he saw glimpses of showman; Emma says he's adorable to watch but he needs more confidence? Robin top scores him because he was impressed that he made Alexandra skate up to him, he had lovely control and a natural charisma. And Goughie is in the audience, channelling Ramprakash vibes .. 09016161005 is the number.

Michloe skating to Mama Do - famous daughter, d'you see what they did there? Most confident and accomplished skate of the night, you'd never think she was still really a beginner. Score: 16 She was top of Emma's leaderboard but she needs a bit more character; Robin says she's totally in control but watch the leg line and Jason tells her she's not dreadful; Karen says she deserved the high scores, she's talented and a natural skater and it was a very advanced routine.

Samiane and the ex-Ender is our experienced guy, from chasing skirt at the local ice rink on a Saturday night. Skating to Club Can't Handle Me? He can dance, nice to see some rhythm and grooviness and a terrific skate, big performance. Score: 21 Emma says he's brilliant to watch; Jason called it very strong, punchy and assured but don't rush; Robin says he's fantastic, there was instant chemistry but don't cheat on the detail!

Last but not least, Mattise, skating to Brush Up, it's a fun routine, a big lift I wasn't expecting, full of character - lose the fixed smile though! Score: 10 Gets a vote for having Matt in a uniform, that's always welcome. Jason says there are moments of promise combined with Matt skating with his mum (Karen calls him disrepectful) but he does applaud the commitment and energy.

Back at 9.30pm!

Recap - Robin concerned for Chloe and Dominic, a bit strange after what he said earlier, that they'd both be around for a while. Here we go moment #1: Fravitty; Samianne; Domandra, Yes! Michloe; Mattise!

It's Craigia v Jennibonbon v Lukalen to skate off! Yes, well we know Craig's a larger than life character Chris - but you want us to vote for skating not personality, so ... you could end up with a great bunch of skaters that bore the pants off people and the fans not caring who wins! It has to be a combination, has to be.

Craigia out first and does a good job, better than before. Jennibonbon next, another little stumble but nailed the lift, superb says Chris. Has probably done enough to stay in. Lukalen last up, another very nice performance but I doubt nice will be enough.

And the 12th couple is: Jennibonbon! Congrats to them and roll on next week!


  1. Have to be honest I'm hoping we're going to lose Elen and Chloe - really don't like either, even if their skating isn't as bad as some of the others.

    I'm happy to keep the other 6, thinking maybe Dave or Dom for the bottom two. Bless Dom for worrying about dropping Alexandra! I quite like Denise actually, nice to see someone who's excited on the ice rather than tense or nervous.

    Love the bandage Johnson was wearing - "we can camp anything up"! Class! :o)

    Jennifer definitely has great potential and Sam is Ray Quinn mark 2 methinks :o)

    Come on the skate-off - can't wait!

  2. I wasn't fussed before the show about Elen or Chloe, but Elen grew on me a bit - no-one really floating my boat yet though. I think the judges and T&D are putting me have put me off, it's like the audience are just doing what they're told - we could predict the finishing order now!
    But Sam the definite stand out in skating and charisma.

  3. I am very suprised by the publics choices the last two weeks. We've lost 2 great personalities and got some very bland (and poor) skaters through. With decent skaters finding themselves also in the bottom three. Very very strange.

    Annoyed me a bit that T & D were making it very clear who should go through last night. Must have been a bit of a slap in the face to Craig and Elen waiting backstage to skate!

    Mum is gutted! She was really keen for Craig to go through and voted for him in the main show and in the skate-off.

    Hope the public pull themselves together and sharpish. Having nightmares about all the entertaining celebs going out early! Eek! :o/

  4. I'm sharing those nightmares! Can't speak for the public, but I'm feeling a bit coerced into voting for the best and guilty for voting for anyone else - which means I might end up not voting at all!