Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two - Sneak Preview!

On tonight's show: Drama Queens; Half time scores; Quickstep into action, Darrynda settle on the sofa, Lynda (it's all gravy - I knew it was a teenager who wrote these) cried her eyes out at the end of the show, she was so relieved. Darren (stubbletrouble) we drink a lot of tea! The Paso is looking good - bring on the stroppy cow (who's enjoying herself now!)

Talking heads section - their first scaaaarrrryyyyy time out there... Matt (Game, Set and Matt) and Lilia (The girl done goody) are on the sofa for Half Time Score, Claudia is fixated on John Sargeant's Paso: "Isn't it in your head too?" she asks. "No," says Matt, very firmly! Ali needs to "come alive" more in her QS; Jostina will hopefully crack it with a strong Paso; Ravona needs more work, not least on his shorts; Jodan needs more tension, like a march (Claudia: John Sargeant, people John Sargeant *taps head*) Cravia - he needs to listen and connect more. Zojam's Paso looking the business already! Phitya - QS footwork excellent, more movement needed.

Chrola on the other sofa - they're lovely together, clicked immediately. Happy Birthday Ola! Chris (Early Riser) Stop being negative! Not good; Ola (One year ola-der) will kick his bum! They're are quickstepping and he's struggling to tell the difference between counting 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Come on, even I can hear it ... "She's great to work with but vicious!"

Vinalie's Nat (Here for a natter) nerves didn't kick in till the Saturday show! Vincent (forgets how good he is) reports she's power napping! Another strong looking Paso - roll on Saturday.

News in Brief: DWTS, SYTYCD, DOI, SCD

Catch up on all the latest news on Dancing With The Stars, show run-down, results and Trav's pick of the dances (including Donny's *swoon* jive)! An interview with Julianne Hough, who's missing her stint on DWTS, but will hopefully make an appearance while the Ballas Hough Band perform. Incidentally, Shirley was married to Corky; Mark is their son!

Dance coach Richard Marcel to perform a salsa demonstration on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend; he's also had a hand (feet?) in many a dance we've seen. I've never heard of him, until now!

Dancing on Ice news - apparently Heather Mills has signed up for it! In the same article, it reported that Sinitta has auditioned "three or four times" and never made it *casts mind to some of the competitors * Just how bad can she be!

So You Think You Can Dance latest auditions.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two - Dissecting Dance Steps!

On tonight's show - Lucked Out; Top Cats; Godfather of Ballroom, but first, Corrie Knicker King Craig had a pants weekend, says Claudia - she's good, isn't she! Craig (He gave it some welly) mentally prepared himself on seeing his name in the middle of the leader board; Flavia (She's our flavourite) chose the tango for the dance off, fearing the rumba too quiet a dance against Liliard's cha cha. Quickstep this week!

Choreography Corner with Len (The Gaffer) Thrilled with the mix of celebs and compares choreography with make up - get it right, it's fantastic, get it wrong ... used Lainton's tango to demonstrate that basic done beautifully is better than hard done badly. The cha cha, although a lawn without flowers - it's Strictly Come Gardening now - was intelligent, getting the basics down. Singled out Brendan, how pleased and proud he was of him, making Jo's rumba simple but effective. Loved the use of the 'Bang Bang' music in Vinalie's cha cha; showcasing Natalie's personality "like a puppy let off the lead". Choreography is like climbing a mountain - you need things (in the music) to grab onto. Blown away by Ricalie's waltz - great basics and great lines and shapes. Best advice? K.I.S.S - Keep It Sweet and Simple.

Zojam on the sofa, Zoe (Lucker be a lady tonight) says James (2009's his lucky year) is a brilliant teacher; he agrees his teaching is probably better than his choreography. Zoe is officially the worst person he's ever taught in how long it takes her to learn the steps! Paso on Saturday!

Phitya on the other sofa, cue Claudia's sample of cricket puns (Tuffers not out, knocked the judges for six) Phil (bowled the judges over) likes the waltz "floating around" - and yes, he was nervous! The Quickstep next "it's quick, it's lively and there's no mucking about" he says. Katya (Gives Tuff love) "He picked up the full routine in two and half hours today!" Carry on like this Tuffers, and your repuation will be shot to pieces!

They're Stayin' Alive, till tomorrow x

Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two: I've always loved Len.

Paul Ross has the backstage pass and seeks an audience with The Man, Len Goodman himself. Brendan tells Paul that Len's "not as nice as he is on the telly" ;) and Paul finally flatters the right person to set up an interview - where Len reveals his two superstitions - a little bit of cheese and a pickled walnut and the same pair of West Ham underpants for every show! Paul Allen for Strictly I say! And Sir Trevor for Prime Minister!

Liliard are on the sofa - BIG THANK YOU to Team Dark Horse and Lilia's Ladies! Or they'll go to Claudia's home *chuckles* Richard (Judges said neigh) told how Lilia (It's all over Kopy-Lova) didn't think Craig would have a paddle low enough (jokingly) but she was refreshingly honest about how hard it was for Richard. "If there was a trophy given out for dedication, he'd get the biggest gllitter ball."

The judges are on form, classic lines so far remembered; Craig (Revel without a pause) and Darcey (Don't mess with her tutu) are on the sofa. Darcey says she may be like Len. "Oh dear," says Craig, placing more cushions between them! Phil has really applied himself (is that a first?) Craig (the other one, with Flavia) needs to let himself go a bit; James is really testing Zoe; praise for Lainton's tango.

Ricalie on the sofa next, Natalie's coaching as they watch the highlights! Ricky (Chester cat) says he still has so much to learn. Natalie (Not just a barby girl) wells up at sight off her family; her dad says: "The house isn't the same ... it's tidy!" LOL. "Thank you sooo much" says Natalie to Claudia, who, being Claudia, quips: "I didn't go there and do it myself!" Ricky gets the giggles. Lovely couple, brilliant partnership - how much am I looking forward to their Paso? I can't tell you.

Jodan up next and Jo (Gran Rock) says she had her whole family in a terrible state and she's very nearly learnt the paso! Brendan (Toy boy or not toy boy) says she doesn't moan or whinge or cry and he's extra protective of her for that. She gets my vote for the fab attitude and potential to improve.

We're out of time; laters x

Monday, 28 September 2009

News in Brief: DWTS, Fame, SYTYCD, ABDC,

Interview with Donny *swoons*

Interview with Kevin Tanchoroen, 'new' Fame director, and one with Debbie Allen - promoted to Principal in the update!

Nigel Lythgoe cornered Paul Abdul apparently and got her to agree to being on So You Think You Can Dance - and told everyone on Twitter - would seem to be the perfect show for her, would it not?

Interviews with America's Best Dance Crew's Afroborike, We Are Heroes and Massive Monkees. And the Final rundown, with the champions revealed!

Dancing round the world - the Laguna Festival. The surprise Splash Dance in Cincinatti, check out the video - not a welder in sight. *Note to self: check out the Chocolate Horse*

SCD's It Takes Two round up will follow tomorrow morning - too many interruptions tonight!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing: Running Commentary, Week Two, Show Two

Latin night and can those who excelled at ballroom prove they can deliver a cheeky cha cha or a sensual rumba? First out are Phitya, he reckons his Latin is better though he needs facial choreography- but if anyone can deliver cheeky, it's Phil. And he does! Who needs cha cha technique when you can have that much fun - I loved it, it made me happy! Len: From magic to tragic ... got through it; Alesha: You brought cheekiness to the floor, I loved it; Bruno: Natural easygoing sense of fun, ability to connect with people; Craig: Very flat-footed, flagellant arms *nips off for the dictionary* it means whiplike - a likeable personality on the dance floor; "Which means in this show you'll get away with murder" says Brodo, oops, Brucie (watching The Two Towers and not concentrating, sorry) Score: 22, combo 51. He'll be safe. Oh, he will - you know it!

Cravia rumba to Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Quiet start then suddenly livened up then quietened down again, I didn't really warm to it - off the dancefloor Craig is a bit too serious I think. Len: Good hips in the cucarachas; Alesha: Posture ok, real effort with hands; Bruno: Like your focus, came out like the Dark Knight; Craig: A bit stilted, you can dance and you will grow in the competition. Score 22, combo 44 - could be in trouble, tendency to overanalyse.

Lainton and Anton says there could be some chest action - ooh, there it is! Just a teensy weensy bit - Sway a great song choice but Laila not the firecracker we were expecting and loses her way again but there's the potential for much more - she's singing her way through it! Craig: Spins into back drop very clever; Len: Laila got a lot of potential, like a garden with no flowers, safe; Alesha: lacked the attack; Bruno: I cannot believe the waste of all that magnificent equipment! Score 25, combo 55 The tango would save her.

Zojam - love what they've done with Zoe's hair - she gets all silly when James asks her to be sexy - he should tell her to get jiggy with it instead, maybe that'd work. Oh I say - she has gotten jiggy - like I've said, not a rumba lover but that was the right side of filthy, fantastic connection. Alesha: Loved it, brilliant, sexy but tasteful, fantastic chemistry, acted from beginning to end. Bruno: I really felt it ... big and powerful (he's up out of his seat again *chuckles*) Craig: We're going to have to get Bruno a cage. Smackingly good; Len: Liked your arms, danced very well but, more suited to bedroom (too racy for Len, bless him) he wants developing romance. "They're overdeveloped" quips Brucie! Score: 31, combo 61. They'll be safe.

Jodan produced the song of the night for their rumba, a major favourite of mine from the Pretty Woman soundtrack - Fallen. The dance itself is sexyish in a sweet way, I thought - and is it the cucurachas, when they open out to the side - I thought they were alright. Jo was much more confident in this. Bruno: You did it and you should be proud of it; Craig - everything was wrong apparently; Len: Credit to Brendan for a full-on rumba; Alesha: Beautiful song choice, preferred tonight, suited you better, very sweet and sensual. (I'm working from my own script and not copying Alesha, honest!) Score: 18, combo 36. In trouble mathematically, but she's very likeable so ...

Liliard will cha cha - Lilia just admitted Richard has no natural rhythm. He's her man, out of sync on occasion but I was smiling along with him. Len: You came out confident, bright and lively, suddenly went berserk! Alesha: You're adorable, brought a smile to everyone's face - no technique but I don't care; Craig: Full of timing issues, left a smile on my face. Score: 19, combo 38. I fear for him if he's in the bottom two.

Ricalie. Brooding Sex God. One of the most exciting rumbas I've ever seen. That joint leg thing they did - oh, I don't know the techy terms, I've told you that - Natalie could well choreograph them all the way. Alesha: So refreshing to see a male celeb actually dancing at this stage, so fluid, blown away Bruno: So macho and so in control, those turns; Craig: Slick. Confident. Masculine. Sexy. Born to dance. A-May-Zing! Len: Too fast and sharp, got to blend but - you are the one to beat. Score 32, combo 65. If they're in the bottom two I'll high jump naked over next doors fence.

Vinalie - we need a big upbeat cha cha, starts off well - and a very brave Nat, out there on her own, does talk it more confidently than she performs it though, a lot more nervous than she thought she was! Craig: Liked it but not loved it, urban energy; Len: Love your enthusiasm - better than last night's tango; Alesha: Showcased her personality; Bruno: Not firing on all cylinders, come back and show us what you're made of. Score: 26, combo 50.

My votes went to Ricalie, Zojam and Phitya. Bottom two - perm any two from the bottom four. Not rocket science. They've all changed ready for the dance off, just in case; Laila back in her tango dress, Tuffers in tails.

PRO PASO ALERT! All very exciting *why with the rock music though*

Craig picks out Ricalies choreography and chemistry; Len says technique is important but in the early stages performance more so; Alesha: The biggest surprise Zojam, proving can do both; Bruno: Looking forward to seeing Laila - wants a hot and spicy Latin!

Pro Quickstep - Anton and Erin, Ian and Natalie, Vincent and Flavia. OMG - incredible, their feet were just a blur - and Natalie's jump into splits WOW! Darcey's back again - she took them all for a training session this week; the lads got their hopes up when she said we're going to the bar now, lol. And they want to know how not to mince ... Jamie Cullum entertains us along with Brian and Kristina - American Smooth foxtrot? S'wonderful.

The Moment of Truth: Safe: Ricalie *phew - that fence isn't too secure* Lainton - Zojam, yes! Phitya, yes! Vinalie. Jodan! Unless Craig really stuffs up I think he'll get it. The tango is better tonight - I can see what Craig (the other one) meant about the Bhangra now - Richard does much better too but I think Lilia knows. Craig, Alesha and Bruno all go with Cravia; Len would've picked Liliard. Flavia realises she's got a bigger job on her hands than she first thought - needs Craig to lighten up a bit. I feel quite emotional, Richard was such a sweetie. It's only gonna get worse!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing: Running Commentary, Week Two, Show One

Almost cut it a bit too fine, pesky family - they expect dinner every night?? Brucie looking dapper, Tess off to a toga party later ... the Pro dancers - wardrobe have excelled themselves, the ladies all look completely lovely as they dance a gorgeously romantic waltz to Three Times a Lady and a snappily fantastic tango! WOW!

Brucie has some words of support and encouragement for Alesha, quite right too, it's been very unfair this week - he's asked her the right question: How will the contestants be feeling? He then asks Craig if he's in a good mood, who replies: "I'm always in a fabulous mood ... until the dance starts!"

The nerves, the fear - and the medication - are all about to kick in says Brucie: Let's meet the stars of our show!

Vinalie out first for their Tango - Nat's playing Vincent at his own game, taking it in her stride if he falls for her, lol. She's wonderfully disdainful in a great routine by Vincent. Well done! Len: You should be happy, neat, attacked it, jolly good job; Alesha: Role play fantastic - get up close and personal; Bruno: Pull up, saw something funny (that was me, says Vincent!); Craig: Loved the adornment, loads of drama at the beginning and end. Score: 24 A good start.

Zojam waltzing to Some Day My Prince Will Come - obscenely romantic and schmaltzey and for a first dance, pretty impressive! Len: Beautiful arms; Alesha: A joy to watch, made it look easy; Bruno: Transformed into the picture of elegance and poise; Craig: Sickly sweet at the start ...tasteful, simple, elegant - as if you danced all your life. Score: 30

Cravia tango and Craig's all leading man. Loved the posed start and the paso type pieces (which I think was what Craig (the other one) referred to as Bhangra. In the words of my heroine: I'm a moron, what do I know?) Craig: Needs improvement, nice effort; Len: You came out and had a go, you attacked it; Alesha: Chanting your way through, gave it your all; Bruno: Assasin? *clears out ears* went out with determination. Score: 22 What's with all the BOO BOO bits backstage??? Rav's got the giggles. Camaraderie in full flow!

Liliard waltzing very gently to Lionel Richie's Truly; it truly is a lovely partnership, Richard is so sweet! Bruno: A masterpiece ... compared to the mambo, there's hope! Craig: a very nervous beginning, balance and control need work; Len: Lovely standing spin, been on a horse all your life, it's a surprise you can walk - Richard Dun-goody! Alesha: You're so cute! Dont get bogged down by everything - go away and work on one thing. Score: 19

A quick dash to the group rehearsal - Jade is looking fantastic - Ricky can moonwalk! Karen says they'll have the time of their life - Lynda's almost enjoying herself! Needs to start enjoying it soon, though - otherwise the public will forsake her!

Lainton, in training: "You're not moving with me" says Laila. "I don't need to, I'm very good" replies Anton! The dress elicits a Wow as they take the floor for their Tango - no mucking about, straight into hold for very traditional tango, lovely movement but - did they stop? Or was it a bad camera angle and we can't see what Laila's doing? Didn't detract too much from a classy attempt. Laila seems close to tears. Alesha: You look amazing, wicked (and says what many are thinking - thank God Anton's got someone who can dance!) Bruno: Untouchable, sexy, distant; Craig: responded brilliantly to Anton - mentions the mistake "it was meant to be like that" says Anton; Len: You beauty - not you, Laila - no messing about, straight into hold, am I bothered (about the mistake) no, I am not! Laila's giggling now - keep a check on it before it becomes hysteria, Anton, she's so relieved! Score: 30.

Phitya waltz into the limelight - check out those elegant hands! Charming - adorable - completely at home on that dance floor, for all his "mountains to climb" - my fave so far! Len: I'm bowled over. Naturalness - best footwork of the night! Alesha: I was enjoying it with you; Bruno: Easy dancing Phil (I think?!) looked like you had a good time; Craig: In a show full of surprises, you're one of them. Score: 29 Scores a ten from me for taking me back to my youth with the song! I used to have hair like that ...

Jodan tango and Jo seems very sweet - and looks petrified! Covers the floor well most of the time, just needs a bit more confidence. Great song choice! Craig: Very careless, lacked any real line or form; Len: You didn't let anyone down - started with good posture and attack; Alesha: Keep composed, even if you make a mistake (and admits her own in her Paso - Bruno says he should have scored her less, with a completely dead pan face to camera!) Bruno: You did a Tango! Brendan weighs in with a very supportive "I'm more proud of her than anyone else I've partnered (for how far she's come).

Ricalie waltz right into the reckoning with an utterly gorgeous routine, even with a little slip, soft and dreamy choreography, a joy to watch. Bruno: Incredible; Craig: Natalie - beautifully and intelligently choreographed routine, a brilliant job; Len: You're the one to beat; Alesha: Best dance of the night, great control. Score: 33 - is that a record for a first dance?

Is that it already? Goodness - group dance on its way. Excellent, some funky grooves - and a funky Groves too - fab moonwalk! Ali going for it! Who stood out for Bruno: Lynda - rocking! Craig - can't believe he's saying it - Joe the most improved! Alesha - Jade and Ricky - do that moonwalk again! He did - Bruce tells him off for adlibbing! Len is asked: Has Rav justifield his place? Yes, he says, I can see improvement!

This is one tough season - no idea who might go tomorrow, the Latin will be just as close!

'Citing, innit?!

Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two - abridged!

Joe (The gloves are off) and Kristina (Not throwing in the towel) seem happy that it was nerves that got to Joe last week and are looking forward to the group dance. It's the Stats Man - Geoff Lewis: Alesha tops average score - 36.5; Celebs with model experience next - 32.2; singers - 32.1; women top scored in 13/14 dances - but the men are tops in the salsa averaging nine points more! Aye Carumba! Friday panel - Camilla (Up Up and Away), Lisa Snowdon (Model dancer) and Johnny Vaughan (Johnny be good), who's been paying attention and is making sure we know it! Ricky and Natalie waltzing to a song from Shrek, which sounded quite lovely, and rumba-ing to Duffy's Stepping Stone; Natalie and Vincent have traditional tango music; Phil and Katya waltzing to Sam, by Olivia Newton-John - I've got that somewhere! Cam's very impressed with Phil! Zoe and James have another fairy-tale song, from Snow White. Craig and Flavia's tango looking good. We're going live to the set "proper backstage" says Claudia, some in make-up, Brian and Matthew in Tess' area - Karen has choreographed the MJ tribute dance - we see a clip at the end - looking fab! Showtime!

News in Brief: DWTS, SYTYCD

Baz Luhrmann, director of Strictly Ballroom, will be sitting in as a guest judge on next week's Dancing With The Stars!

MJSbigblog has an update on the So You Think You Can Dance auditions - complete with video clips - check out Jean Lloret's slow-mo Matrix style spin!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: It's Hotting Up!

There's a training round-up of the eight couples performing tomorrow night, ballroom first: Phil, waltz - light on his feet; Zoe, waltz - looking elegant; Jo and her Tango Twizzles! Richard, waltz - relaxing into it; Craig, tango - genius/not genius; Natalie, tango - bringing full acting repertoire; Ricky, waltz - looking very smooth; Laila, tango - she's come on marvellously! Anton's so excited he's almost clapping his hands together and jumping up and down. One thing did catch my eye - the choreography all looks amazing - especially Ricky and Natalie!

Uncle Len tells the story of of three little girls - the new lady pro dancers, Katya (Cat on a hot sticky wicket) She was bribed into dance class by her mum - C$25! Aliona (Taming the WildThing) we could nearly have lost her to ski-ing! Natalie (How far can she go) is missing her dog :( Claudia asks Katya about dancing with Richard Gere, Antonio Banderas - and Phil! Claudia then goes into a world of her own about Richard. Or Antonio - missed which one; Katya says "they way he looks at you, right into your eyes" Claudia quips: "Is he shortsighted?" They all look so completely different - Natalie, demure - Aliona, gothish - Katya, classy.

We spend a day with Rav: He has a very calming voice BUT - no topless shots? None!

Latin round-up: Phil's cha cha - struggling with some bits, the beginning, middle and end! Zoe needs to sex-up her rumba! Jo, rumba - still struggling with those twizzles; Richard, cha cha - "what's with those arms," says Lilia, "you look like a traffic warden." I can't help but wonder what traffic wardens do with their arms? One holding the clipboard, the other the pen - sort of a narrow waltz hold? Craig, rumba - getting into the mood of the dance; Natalie, cha cha - going for it; Ricky, rumba - thinks he looks like a girl! Er, no! Laila, cha cha - taking hold of it and claiming it as her own!

AND - there's still a Friday ITT, complete with panel! Woohoo!

News in Brief - SYTYCD, SCD,

A round up of the Boston auditions and SYTYCD Canada have their Top 10.

There's a phrase that comes to mind, involving a pot and a kettle but I'm resisting ... not content with trying to steal Strictly Come Dancing's thunder by opting for a Sunday night results show - and then complaining when the Beeb switch the results back to an all-in-one Saturday show (you know - how it was at first, only, instead of one solid two hour show, we had the show, then Casualty, then the results) Simon Cowell has apparently decided to put together a reality dance show! For Saturday nights in January, no doubt! Jeez - where's the media outcry over that then? I demand someone asks questions in the house! What's the number for that Liberal Democrat bird?

Am I sounding off - you would too, if you had to read all the garbage I've filtered through today! I'm sending out an SOS - Save Our Strictly people! Now it's 'bad' food joining the 'beleagured' Strictly bashing - along with the sacking of Arlene, the two hour show, "stumbling from crisis to crisis" I mean, goodness - 250 official complaints about Alesha! 250 - imagine that, out of all those millions that watch. Come on, Strictly bosses - start fighting back!

PS: Message for Alesha: Don't let the barstewards (bump'n') grind you down!

Dancing With The Stars - Full Round Up

Courtesy of Trav - and complete with video links - Len is consistent, lol - you'll see when you watch Mya's Viennese Waltz! Donny's timing *Swoons* gorgeous foxtrot, reminiscent of Tom and Camilla's at the end!

Showtime: The Bench - SYTYCD

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tonight on Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two

Claudia's striking red shoes - funnily enough, I'd just dug out a new red pair myself, about to search E-bay for a dress match, for the next Strictly Kent event with Brian and Kristina! Camilla (Dancing Queen) and Matthew (Cutting his losses) check out the training footage: Jo's too sweet in her tango, needs more aggression to play the role; Laila - impressive footwork, needs to sell the performance more though; Richard doesn't look too comfortable yet - needs to tuck his bum in; Craig's rumba is almost there, gonna be a good'un. Matt reveals he's choreographed a theatrical showjive for the Pros this weekend *oohs and ahhs*.

It's a girl's night in on one sofa, with Jo (Model granny) who has never learned to dance (I'm guessing maybe she was too stoned ... geddit? Stoned ...never mind.) Crashing on, she reckons that Brendan shouts and she ... laughs! Natalie (Square dancer) feels physically ill; Zoe (Beginner's Lucker) says it's the most naked thing she's ever done - James forgetting she's not his wife? I thought they had special training clothes? Laila (In her Primeval) says it's a mumbo-jumbo in your head. They're all very nervous - "Hilarious" says Claudia. Love her! "We've all got to do a Grovesy" pronounces Natalie - and then they break out the wine and choccies and agree a boy's got to go next!

We meet the fixer - to the sound of Mission Impossible - the celebrity booker who runs a military style operation to ensure no-one meets anyone else before they should. I'm thinking, Paso or Tango for the Mission Impossible theme - have a think, leave your choice in a comment. There's Auntie Su Judd, the most famous wardrobemistress in all the kingdom. Keeping in the MI theme - Ricky's codename was MI5, only, he thinks he's MFI! Tuffers faithfully didn't even tell his family, bless him.

On the other sofa, a lads night in (beer and Frazzles) and the lady pros are dishing out the tough love: Craig (Coronation treat) has met Flavia's evil twin; Phil (Leg before waltz) can't be left alone for a second; Ricky (Soap Stud) is having Jedi mind tricks used against him; Richard (Hot To Trot) is being broken in gradually-"much more confident on the start line of the National," he says, "I knew what I was doing" - Tuffers butts in "not when I 'ad me money on ya, ya kept fallin' off!" Claudia treats the Whittle Watchers - ooh, check you out RW! And advises - if all else fails, take your top off! They're tickling each other, she says, it's adorable. Until the Morrow, fair dancing fans.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tonight on Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two

Ravona are in da house! Aliona (Strictly Newbie) still insists it was a jump, not a lift! Rav (Argghh, missed the tag - RAVishing Rumba?) Claudia tells her she's the new Brendan, they do a skit with Rav as The Incredible Hulk! Claudia tells him "Stop touching Aliona!"

Choreography Corner is back with Karen (Hardy misses a trick), she's looking fab-u-lous and takes all us morons through what makes very good choreography - a combo of musical interpretation, something that touches the audience, high and lows, quicks and slows - she picks Chrola, Alian and Jostina - yes, Jostina, to demonstrate her points.

We meet the demanding, hot perfectionist (James' words) Shirley Ballas (Ballas of Steel), multiple Grand Slam Latin Champion and one of Len's favourite women of all time; she was truly amazed at the mambo, given the lack of time - and gave us pointers on the second group: Ricky W. natural body rhythm, lacks concentration (Claudia: Naughty and rhythm - *tick* Cue howls of laughter!) Natalie's a good girl and gifted - totally dedicated Strictly girl! Phil, some rhythm, hard worker; Zoe - nice chemistry, working well together; Jo, passionate, dedicated, struggled a little. She finished by saying it's one of the best casts she's seen for a long time! Is it possible for me to be even more excited now?

The filming of the trailer took place dahn the Whitechapel Frog and Toad *wonders if the Hospital Tavern is still there* Phil Tufnell appears to be preparing for ballet; niiiice tie, Richard! The eye belongs, not to Bruce, but to Marianne, a model. Would've been more fun had it been Brucie's though, wouldn't it?

Claudia reveals her secret weapon to keep order this year - she's had a foghorn transplanted into her hands. On the sofa we have Jade (Going for Gold) Ricky (Rocket fuel Ricky) and Lynda (Loose Woman) who said that it was only the love of the people that stopped her putting her head down the toilet. Claudia: "Everyone paired with Darren has the time of their lives." Lynda: "Really?" And all of Ricky's dances will have a Ricky's Mouth section specially choreogaphed in. It's tea time.

Dancing With The Stars are Go!

Dancing With The Stars first night report - unfortunately it looks like the videos are a no go for the UK - courtesy of the L.A.Examiner - it was the men out first but they also had two dances, a foxtrot or cha cha and a relay dance, Salsa or Viennese Waltz -I'm intrigued, hopefully Trav can explain - I've assumed it's a group dance for just four couples, with each taking a turn in the spotlight. I shall see what I can find on Youtube!

America's Best Dance Crew - Two left standing!

Some of the Strictly Come Dancing ladies brave the make-up free zone!

There's terrific little magazine you can subscribe to - it's South East based but is full of lovely dancing bits and bobs - not least this isssue, which has an article about Vincent Simone, complete with cute pictures of when'e'were'tlad.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Claudia's Back!

A big part of the fun on ITT is the captions under the guest's name - I shall do my best to share them, and where there were none, make some up! On tonight's show if you missed it - Matt (It's a Cut-throat Contest) and Martina (Too Many Foot Faults and No Second Serve - I dare say there could have been more!) Camilla brings us the backstage report - Chris impresses her with his moves before the show - typically, the family all barge in and I miss some - apparently somebody wanted a lift and I forgot to pass the message on: Hel-lo - which bit of "It Takes Two is on" don't these people understand? Cam tells Aliona about the first couple to dance rule - no pressure! Chris now dancing with James- wise man! James and Brendan have a bit of a thing in a flower bed. Ricky was doing something funny with his head. Lynda hadn't realised how choked she'd be to lose someone.

Alesha (New Kid on the Bench) Darcey (Biding Her Time - no, I don't get that either) and Craig (Mr. Pink Tie) join Claudia, who invents a new word to describe the criticism aimed Alesha's way - she confirms she's there to give her perspective, since she's been on the end of the judges comments herself. She's also a fan with opinions - like the rest of us. So let's give the girl a chance, shall we. Craig defends her admirably. James and Brendan are at it again. They normally have the saved couple but not tonight - it's Ali (Winning Waltzer) and Brian (Feeling Fortunate) and hey - Fortuna's Fantastics Rock! Chris (Needs Manhandling) and Ola (Ola-y Ola-y Ola-y Ola-y, feeling hot hot hot ... after Saturday, yes? No?)

News in Brief - SYTYCD, SCD, Fame

Tyce Diorio ...mmm, Oreos ... sorry, Tyce Diorio has won his first Emmy and SYTYCD's fifth, with the Adam/Eve "Silence" Contemporary piece, which this news report have very thoughtfully embedded for us. Former SYTYCD contestant Kherington Payne has won the role of Alice in Fame.

The Google Alert for Strictly was depressingly full of paper talk of how much "we" hated everything about it, from "Bring Back Arlene" to "We Want the Sunday Show back", which is kinda funny, cos last year and the year before, "we" were all saying the opposite ... still, there was a ray of sunshine at the bottom of it, ie ME! Cos I love Strictly - whatever night, whoever's judging, whatever time - I don't care, I love it! I suggest those that are having such a tough time enjoying this year just well, I dunno - bugger off? And leave the rest of us nine million to it.

Talking of Fame, it's just as tough to get into La Guardia as it is to make it to round two of Strictly!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing: Running Commentary, Week One, Show Two!

The Latin round! Be prepared for a complete turnaround - this format ensures it's going to be mighty close! There'll be those that are more comfortable, those that will have a blast, those that will be more tense. Lynda makes the biggest entrance, lol - real diva stuff!

Ianade up first this time for a cha cha - walks out with attitude - a sexy start -and, ooh, funky! Work it girl! Bit untidy again but how groovy? Full of hips and rhythm, loved it! Len: feet a little bit flat but legs strong - hip action -fun, enjoyable, liked it very much; Alesha: really suits you, excellent rhythm; Bruno: You are fit! Those legs could crack walnuts, enjoyed it; Craig: Legs could've been straighter - great split, fanatstic body roll, exuberance and energy. Score: 27, combo: 52 - should be safe.

Alian next out for a rumba, looking very nice in training, aw, they're so endearing together - lovely shapes, little bit stuttery in places but in others fluid movement - one of the sweetest rumbas I've seen, I'm not a great fan of them. Len: Lots of posing (no, Len, sorry - seen more static ones than that); Alesha: simply stunning to watch; Bruno: Have you any idea how amazing you can be? Could be one of the best dancers we've ever had! Craig: Loved all the posing, made it for me. Everyone talks amongst themselves for a bit whilst Craig and Len argue ... Score: 30 combo: 60. Safe. Very, very likeable couple.

Darrynda bring on the cha cha! Lynda's here to entertain - showing terrific rhythm up on the stage but sadly left it there and tensed up on the floor. Lost her way a bit - but - she has lovely arms! Alesha: Great enthusiasm; Bruno: Like watching Carry On Strictly Matron, playful; Craig: Sharp, neat, personality shone through - vast improvement on last night; Len: Entertain us you did! Score: 23 combo: 44 - probably safe, because at this stage it's all about how they make the audience feel - and she makes you feel good.

Ravona rumba - no wonder Rav's smiling again, very smooth, nice hips and hands. I think he's cracked it with that, much better. Bruno: Smouldering hulk, control, improvement; Craig: Awkward - unnatural - Aliona did all the work (but did enjoy the filth ridden gyrations - I take it he means the hip action?) Len: By and large, pitched it about right; Alesha: hip action, seductive eyes, weird arms. Score: 22, combo 41. In trouble I think - Aliona may come to rue the points docked for that lift. Tess manages to keep her hands off Rav's thighs. But only just!

Chrola will rumba - and, oh - it's just come to me who Chris reminds me of: Michael J Fox! You see it don't you - just a shade pudgier around the face but that same cheeky chappie charm -anyway, Ola loves her job, she said, with her hands on his hips! Strong partnership, I'm liking them a lot already. Really comes across in this dance, for a non-actor he's really believable, lovely dance, manly and yet sensitive! Craig: Rather brilliant, fantastic storytelling, a real emotional connection (didn't I just say that?) Just cut those fingers off! Len: That was good, Chris! (it was the way he said it, Uncle Len seriously impressed, methinks!) Alesha: Showcased Chris really well - moved Ola around effortlessly; Bruno: You're a dancer! Excellent. Score: 30, combo 56. Should be safe, good, musical routines plus likeability.

Jostina have cha cha - but, for all the gossip, I'm not seeing a connection - it's clear Joe adores Kristina - possibly this is why he forgets to dance, he's so captivated. Very stiff, no rhythm. Len: Came back and gave a commendable performance, maybe a slow bloomer; Alesha: More personality, well done; Bruno: Footwork poor; Craig: (To general boos) Rigor Mortis. (I'm sorry to say I can't disagree) Score: 16, combo 32. There's a lot of people going to be red-faced if he goes first week; bookies will be happy.

Mattina rumba, bit floppy, not very fluid between moves, almost there but not quite. Didn't make the same impression as the other rumbas. Alesha: Flyaway arms, soft quality about you; Bruno: Some beautiful shapes, falls apart in transition; Craig: Liked the routine very much, but blocky, flat footed, nice ronde, handshaping gorgeous; Len: Work on toning, very nice to watch. Score: 24, combo 46: Will be in trouble.

Rickin have cha cha - and there's a glimpse of rhythm in training! Keep smiling, keep ... er, ok, stop with the mouth ... or at least sing along properly; it's like feeding time for littlun's goldfish, hilarious but FUN! He's just saved himself with the quip about Erin "She's coming on a blinder!" Talking of Erin - did the hairstylists leave early? She's normally so elegantly coiffured! Bruno: forget technique (he did Bruno, he did) rest was fun; Craig: That mouth of yours, gave it some welly; Len: I was smiling from start to finish; Alesha: Most entertaining dance of the night! Score: 26 probably a bit high, but they'll be safe anyway.

I've got my votes in - Alian, Ianade and Chrola all the way for me! Think they'll be safe anyway - gut feeling is Jostina and Mattina for the dance off, with Mattina saved. Whilst the votes are cast, we're treated to a sassy demo from the new girls: Aliona with Matt, Natalie with Ian, and Katya with Brendan - having lost Camilla, Ian apparently was able to try out the new girls and given the choice - he took the tallest ...

Craig reckons the biggest improver was Ricky; Len praises the all-rounders - Chris, Ali, Jade; Alesha lets the audience pick the most entertaining - Ricky again; Bruno says Ali has the most potential.

The other professionals return with a medley from Sweet Charity - watch out for Tom and Camilla, that's where their showdance song came from - I didn't know Big Spender was from that - you see, Strictly is educational as well as entertaining - and Rhythm of Life has long been my pick for a showdance (see my Jottings!) A more relaxed Tom this time, did however, mean the lifts were a little shaky, but what a fab dance. A year on, still tingling.

Tess reckons Rav will be reconstructing last night's Mambo on Crimewatch, we meet Darcey - whose earrings are to die for; Jade and Ricky stood out for her - Bruce tells her her chance to dance with him will come, lol. Special guest Katherine Jenkins sings I Believe and lovely though she is, we want to see Flavia, whose outfit is amazing, and Vincent, perfectly demonstrating what the judges mean by core stength, with an immense final lift. Interviews with the celebs reveal their reasons for wanting to continue - Ali and Chris the only two to mention their partners, I'll say no more! It's The Moment of Truth: Safe - Alian! Yay! Chrola! Yay! Rickin - a nice "thank you" to camera; Ianade! Yay! Darrynda; Jostina - it's Battle of the Rumbas, Ravona v Mattina. I prefer Ravona's, but thinking back to the comments, Mattina may get it. Alesha is damned one way or t'other - favouritism if she saves Mattina; disloyal if she doesn't - give the message boards a miss tonight ... The judges agree there's improvement - Craig and Alesha save Mattina, Bruno elects for Ravona - Len says the greater improvement came from Ravona - they're through! Sad to lose Matthew, but the right decision I think.

Well then - only a week to go, start the coundown again!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing: Running Commentary, Week One, Show One

Ok, so the live blogging bit the dust pretty early (along with Joe's 'favourite' tag) when trying to type and watch proved impossible; I finally let the laptop slide gently off my lap (along with Joe's 'favourite' tag) so I could concentrate on the awesome start to the show, with the Pro dancers showing us a medley of all the dances we'll see, before we say hello to the judges: Len, looking to see how they shape up with two dances and glad he's no longer next to Bruno, though I don't know Alesha will be much quieter; Craig is NOT going to be nice; Alesha's holding Bruno down already!

First up then - Ravona (see here for the team names if you're wondering, what the hell?) with a Tango. He looks the part, very strong and ... is he trying not to laugh? What are you like Rav! Seems to be leaning forward too much. Oh - I should tell you - I know nothing about dancing, never trained in my life, so I'll say what I see - don't expect any techy type talk, ok! But I do know you're not allowed to lift, naughty Aliona's "it was a jump; he's so strong" worth a try! Len: You came out and attacked it; Alesha: a bit stompy, but for a first time, well done; Bruno: you managed to RAVage the tango; Craig: Rather excited when you first came out... velcro hands, a few sticky moments. Score: 19 Don't write him off - remember, that's what Darren Gough scored first time out!

Rickin - Bruce talks about an old banger and Erin in the same sentence - she is not amused! She's gone lighter and shorter again with her hair this year, much less severe and they seem to be getting along well - which sadly didn't come over during what was a lovely waltz, apart from that. Ricky looked rather dashing, I thought. Elegant and light on his feet, just needed to smile more. Len: Elegant; Alesha: Moved around the floor well; Bruno: Didn't buy it; Craig: Terrified spare part. Score: 21

Chrola - Tango! Somebody wrote Bruce a funny - Chris has played football, John Barnes did well; he's played cricket, think Ramps and Goughie; he was also on GMTV .... showing a nice line in humour and real togetherness. This was a good, strong effort, nice interpretation of the music. Craig: fine effort; Len: Great body contact, a very good job; Alesha: great synergy ... telling the story through the face; Bruno: A decent effort. Score: 26 - excellent for a first night.

Ianade, and Jade sums up SCD in one sentence "There's never too much bling!" She also wins the prize for the most beautiful dress of the night, plus they get best song too- "When will I hold you again" even if it is a Manilow. Gorgeous choreography, if a little ungainly in places but another romantic waltz courtesy of Ian. Alesha: Great potential; Bruno: a watchable quality; Craig: long elegant lines, hampered by hands and wrists, tense ...all in all, first class routine"; Len: great musicality *WARNING: TALL PEOPLE ALERT* oh, well, best to get it out early ... elegant throughout, but clingy left hand. Score: 25.

We take a peek at the group mambo training - Shirley Ballas choreographing- must be related to Mark and/or Corky surely? Oooh, check out Natalie's bruises, vicious! Ricky is threatened with the 'small chair' and Craig (dancer not judge) say's it's like toffee - "it's fun but it's hard!" Cut to Phil, saying the pink satin matches his eyes, lol. And they're all one big, slightly dysfunctional, family!

Mattina waltz, lovely opening but a bit stiff, dreamy open spin, think they fluff the ending a bit but covered it well. Bruno: so elegant, but tight; Craig: Not dancing as a unit yet, major potential; Len: A doughnut with no jam, foot faults, good job overall; Alesha: really lovely, comeback more confident. Cue "she's jealous/bitter" from Bruno to his own raucous laughter, and mine, if I'm honest. Martina's a bit on the serious side isn't she? Needs to chill and bring that onto the floor.

Darrynda are Tangoing and Lynda threatens to be the comic - Darren hopes her dancing isn't as lumpy as her gravy! Looking very sassy, dancing to Under Pressure, she keeps shooting the funniest stern looks at the judges I've ever seen! Good musicality, if a little scary! Len: Open your legs and get round that floor!; Alesha: Fierce; Bruno: Plenty of facial expressions; coy, stern. A bit more dancing would help!; Craig: The longest one minute thirty (cue boooooos). Score: 21 - still respectable at this stage.

Alian are waltzing and Ali has a lovely attitude and is looking very Ginger Rogers. Reach out and Touch is the song and they do just that, with a beautiful routine - and she showed an amazing leg extension - Brian's been Twittering about her being fab - he's right! Craig: Topline needs minor work but - FAB-U-LOUS! Len: Fantastic waltz; best dance so far; Alesha: best natural dancer I've seen so far; Bruno: You have the potential for magic. You've got it! Score: 30.

Jostina have been pre-show favourites for ever - proving why I never, ever, give that side of the show a thought - it never works out! Bless, the poor lad was like a rabbit in headlights - none of his aggression came through - best too much rather than too little. He really didn't do very much - let's hope it was just nerves and he'll come out fighting tomorrow *groan* sorry, it had to be said. Alesha: Love the chemistry, come out with a bit more personality tomorrow; Bruno: Boring ...get down on her. Embarrassed silence followed by nervous sniggers. Craig: Passionless; Len: Looked the part, but only a dance a mother could love. No aggression. Score: 16. Everyone's a bit shell-shocked. Claudia's hair has turned auburn due to the shock.

The group mambo, messy, but then it always is and how can you watch them all - Ricky stood out for all the right reasons, Jo for all the wrong ones! Len: Ricky stood out; Alesha: Laila and Zoe, hot; Natalie 110%; Ricky, hot. Bruno: Richard - not a clue(he's out of his seat again) Craig: Phil's tongue drew my attention; Brendan - good luck, darling!

My faves tonight - Chrola's tango and Alian's waltz - *fingers crossed for their Latin!* Back tomorrow to do it all again, with the added bonus of a special from Tom and Camilla!

We're almost there ...

8.30pm BBC1 - as if you didn't know! I will hopefully have a running commentary up not long after, trying my hand, as I am, at a bit of Strictly Live Blogging! (Then probably edit afterwards!)

In the meantime, The Daily Mirror staff can't make up their minds - it's Swarovski crystal covered sequinned handbags for Polly Hudson and Sue Carroll! I wonder what they all do during the off - season?

Then there's a fun things-we-don't know-BUT-are-they-really-true-or-is-it-mere-paper-talk-again article. And have you seen the splurge for Arlene's new Sun column "doing what she does best, criticizing the dancers" - exactly why I think she's better suited to a competition with serious dancers, rather than celebrities doing it fun or upping their profile! Promises to be full of the usual Sun-type revelations. *Yawn*

Across the pond, here's an in-depth article with Carrie Ann Inaba, on the red carpet at the Emmy's but not resisting the chance to talk Dancing With The Stars.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

News in Brief - SCD, Sport, Fame

The sporting world and dancing collide again - the Uni of Bath encouraging their sportsman to sequin up and Formula One fans bemoaning the lack of any ex-F1 drivers partaking again, with a nice little satirical dig at their own sport!

Ali Bastian is black and blue - Brian dropped her when practising lifts. Butterfingers!

Stuart Holdham, warm up guy - he's the one who was also on the Tour and showed us the disco dancing moves. Remember the light bulb screw, the trolley, the towel dry. No? Tch, pay attention next time!

Fame premieres on September 25th - unfortuntely the promo vid can't be viewed outside the U.S ??? Do they think we're not interested then? Strange ...

So You Think You Can Dance News

"There are certain people in dance who inspire, and Patrick Swayze inspired a generation with 'Dirty Dancing.' He just made it so machismo. Everybody wanted to dance. That is a brilliant thing. There are certain members of the world that do that: Michael Jackson and John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever.' There are certain milestones that come along and Patrick Swayze created one of those." Nigel Lythgoe's tribute to Patrick Swayze says it all. Read another interview with Nigel about Season 6 here.

Run down of the Phoenix Audition here and here and here!

Adam Shankman is now a regular judge, having previously guested.

Showtime: Tony and Cheryl Dirty Dancing

courtesy of Trav! Just wondering if Tony's nickname is Snakehips only ..., well, see for yourself! *fans self*

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

News in Brief: DWTS, SYTYCD, DOW

Mark Foster talks about his time on Strictly Come Dancing and his involvement in Dancing on Wheels, which will air on BBC3 in January. Somebody in the Beeb is a dance nut!

Dancing With The Stars will pay tribute to Patrick Swayze in their results show on 23rd September.

And So You Think You Can Dance will air a special programme profiling their Top 20, as proposed by Nigel Lythgoe and embraced by the fans!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Showtime: Patrick Swayze R.I.P

BBC Nabs So You Think You Can Dance! Woohoo!

And OH YES! Nigel Lythgoe is bringing SYTYCD to the BBC in January (auditions beginning in Oct) and having seen footage of the American counterpart, I'm convinced it won't be a dance version of X-Factor; we'll only see the absolute cream of who they find, to fight it out for the title of Britain's Favourite Dancer. So from January we'll have SYTYCD on the Beeb on Saturdays, Dancing on Ice on ITV on Sundays and Just Dance on Sky (which I don't have and won't be getting so I'll just wing that one) *Hugs self with excitement* Arlene Phillips is set to be on the judging panel for SYTYCD and rumours are they'll bring Cat Deeley back over to present; Davina will be presenting Just Dance.

And other news in brief ...

Strictly has entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the most successful reality show!

Butlin's are holding a Dance weekend, with Ian and Camilla their star turn *wonders if hubby will mind me going away with friends*

Dancing With The Stars Tony Dovolani tells how he became hooked on dance.

America's Best Dance Crew news, they're down to the final four.

Here's an intriguing article - on tennis's connection with ballet!

Craig Kelly admits he's never danced a step!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

SYTYCD, SCD, ABDC - News in Brief

Some excellent articles and interviews from all over the place today!

Dance Premier League - no, you don't have to suffer Wayne Rooney attempting to cha cha, this is India's upcoming show courtesy of Sony! A dance league is a terrific idea though, isn't it - and no doubt a Fantasy Dance League would follow - who would you have in your team?

Making a case for America's Best Dance Crew as their top reality dance show.

Stars of Footwork, performing and creating.

SYTYCD judge to host World Championship Dancesport in Canada.

And a charming article/interview with Anton, Erin, Vincent and Flavia (in the Daily Mail, of all places!)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Talking with the stars; Dancing round the world.

Interviews with three Dancing With The Stars contestants - Kathy Ireland; Tom Delay; Chuck Liddell.

The Lion King cast will be appearing on the first results show of DWTS - a must see - I've only seen the abridged version in Disneyland Paris and it was fab *adds it to the list of 'shows I will see one day'*

And a nice article about the benefits of sampling dance in other cultures, that made me want to disappear off to the Rio carnival now!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Handbags at Seven Paces!

ITV bosses are a bit upset - Strictly has been scheduled at a later time on a Saturday, thereby overunning with X-Factor for an hour and they're scared no-one will watch - because, clearly, given the choice between watching something live with no adverts and a recorded show with incessant talking and adverts, what are we going to record? Not rocket science, is it! Personally, I'm thrilled, it's normally too much of a rush around tea-time and I end up watching Strictly on I-Player! And as soon as that DVD recorder is tuned in *raises eyes to heaven* I'll be recording X-Factor anyway! I agree with the BBC man re their schedule, but some people are easily outraged aren't they (see the comments!)

Nice article with James and Ola.

Mrs Overall to star in Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice!

So You Think You Can Dance is underway - since I'm unable to watch, I've found two excellent blogs who give you a rundown, both Travis and MJsbigblog I've mentioned before and have an extensive commentary for your delectation and delight!

Showtime: Black Mambo - SYTYCD

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

SCD, DWTS, SYTYCD - News in Brief

Strictly Come Dancing will be returning to Mecca - the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool on November 7th, according to Mr @bbcstrictly, see the official website for more details. And the Stars Talk, not just about, in fact, very little about Arlene but they go on for three pages ...

Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson, partner of Donny *Swoon* and her diary of their 3rd week of rehearsals.

TV Host Ellen DeGeneres is a huge dance fan and got to live her dream with last season's top 10 from So You Think You Can Dance - make sure you watch the video, it's terrific; can't wait to see Jonathan Ross do the same on his show ...the schedule for the new season SYTYCD has been released.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

DWTS; Dancing for Housing; Tango Fire! Baryshnikov and ABDC.

Dancing With The Stars has created a new gay show, with SCD judge Bruno Tonioli Show and Tell on-line dance show at

DWTS also seem to have adopted the format the British counterpart dropped - same sex nights, with the men taking to the floor first and the ladies a few nights later, according to Pro dancer Maksim!

Erin and Anton, doing their bit for charity with Dancing for Housing.

Tango Fire in Wales - when are they coming to us? It says worldwide - let's have a Google - here we go! Looks fantastic, doesn't it?

Baryshnikov and America's Best Dance Crew news.

Monday, 7 September 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - Canada!

Finally, a video from SYTYCD Canada! So they're out there on Youtube somewhere!

Dancing With The Stars - News in Brief

Informative profile of Debi Mazar, plus Australia crown their winner, country singer Adam Brand, who'd been coming last with the judges - it can happen then!!

Strictly News in Brief

The draw for tickets to the live shows has been extended - go for it, but be aware that, even if you are successful, you need to get there early and queue to be sure of getting in, as more tickets are dished out than there is space for - owing to the fact that some people don't turn up! Can you imagine!

Richard Dunwoody is still talking - the man is obsessed! He's even got his ex-girlfriend at it!

Some lovely pics in this article about Flavia and Vincent.

Ricky Groves is injured *crosses fingers for a full recovery* we don't want another drop out year! And Phil Tufnell is on the way to being injured - by his partner Katya, if he doesn't start knuckling down!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Strictly Pro Tour

Details of the Professionals tour between April and July can be found on this very handy website, where you can register your details for alerts if any more dates are added!

Featuring James and Ola, Vincent and Flavia, Brian and Kristina, Matthew and Aliona and Ian and Natalie it is going to be awesome! See you there ... :-)

Showtime: All That Jazz - SYTYCD

Cat and Richard Get Chatty

Cat Deeley expresses some 'trepidation' at So You Think You Can Dance staging another series so soon after the last one - wouldn't worry Cat, as I think there's an even wider audience now; Richard Dunwoody cannot stop talking and twittering about Strictly, bless him - he's going to be very well supported by the time the live shows begin - it happened last year, when Kristina Rihanoff took the opportunity to engage with the fans on the Digital Spy forum. Celebs please note!

Dancing With the Stars News in Brief

It's doing wonders for their weight - but not so much for the rest of their bodies!

Health Watch and Debi Mazar

Tom Delay

Ashley Hamilton


Talking about rehearsals:

Kelly and Louis

Mya is intimidated

Donny and Kym - Kym is also blogging for OK! Magazine

Ashley and Edyta Video

And Chuck Liddell's peers have their say!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Showtime: Shake - SYTYCD

Here's a link to mjsbigblog where you can see all Top 16 routines - I'm going to work my way through them, because I'm pretty sure they'll all end up in Showtime!

The Dance World is all A-Twitter!

As you know, I've been updating the Twitter list down there, so it now includes some Strictly contestants, although very few of them are twittering at the moment. The list also includes dancers, choreographers, judges and presenters involved in SYTYCD, SCD and DWTS, and anyone else I find who I think will be of interest.

However, if all sixteen celebs on SCD decide to do it, I will make them a separate post - cos otherwise the list will disappear off the end of the page if I do that every year!

Likewise, this is a list of the DWTS contestants, all of whom are Twittering!



So follow your favourite for the real up-to-date gossip from a reliable source!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Justin Lee Collins: Ballroom Dancer!

Don't laugh, you'll hurt his feelings! It's true - coming to your living rooms at 10pm on Thursday on Sky One - and he'll be helped out by none other than former Strictly champion, Karen Hardy!

In the first series of SCD, when Justin hosted the magazine show on BBC3, he had a little tickle at a samba, with Paul Killick. For your enjoyment, if you haven't seen it ...

So You Think You Can Dance News (in brief!)

Artem Chigvintsev, a finalist from Season One, has joined the cast of Burn The Floor - is it too much to hope that this Broadway show will be brought to Britain? Producer Harley Medcalf whets the appetite: "I wanted to create a showcase that is a fusion of the wonderful traditions of ballroom dancing, a combination of the sensuality, discipline and commitment of the dancers, with the technology, creativity and energy of a rock and roll production."

Interviews with Jenna-Lynn Higgins, Jayme Rae, Kim, Daniel, Vincent and Nicholas , some of SYTYCD Canada's Top 18.

Slumdog choreographer, Longinus Fernandes, brings Bollywood to the show airing tonight, if you're lucky enought to get Canadian TV! Unfortunately, I can't - and neither will the videos on the website play outside of Canada - I'll keep youtubing in the hope of finding something, been unsuccessful so far :(

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

SYTYCD marathon; Tango World Champs; Channel Hoppers Anonymous

There's a So You Think You Can Dance marathon before the tour kicks off on 20th September, featuring the Top 10 dancers from Season Five, giving sneak previews of their routines and with numerous prizes up for grabs.

A Japanese couple, Hiroshi and Kyoko Yamao and have outdanced the locals and won the traditional salon category in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires. Click here to read more info on the competition and for a gallery of photos - I warn you, it's a big one - but I couldn't access the videos unfortunately - and once you try to you can't seem to get rid of what appears to be an advert trying to pop up, so be warned!

And we think we have it bad with ITV and BBC competing for our affections on a Saturday night - dance fans in America, we sympathize - looks like the channels for the main three dance shows are putting them on head to head - DWTS v SYTYCD v America's Best Dance Crew!