Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Newest EastEnder star says NO to Strictly!

EastEnders latest signing, Jamie Foreman, told me “No no no no no!” when I said that now he’s going into EastEnders, we’ll probably see him on Strictly Come Dancing in due course!

I was privileged to meet Jamie on Saturday night, at an open air screening of the film Ironclad, about the siege of Rochester Castle by King John in 1215. He attended with fellow Ironclad star James Purefoy, to benefit the Restore Rochester Castle fund. Both stars were brilliant and lovely and stayed for as long as their fans wanted them.

Jamie insisted his wife is the dancer in their house. I’m guessing that no-one told him, to do EastEnders is to do Strictly. It’s the Law. Anyway, read the full interviews with Jamie and James here and a full review, including more quotes, of the Rochester Castle event here, with picture galleries.

Derek Branning may become the hardest man to grace the Square, but he’ll always be sweet and cuddly Jamie to me!

Monday, 22 August 2011

My two favourite things ...

Yep, chocolate and dancing - don't do both at once though, you might choke. Settle back instead to watch (catch it quick if you're a Kent local, catch it slow if The Smoke is your thing) as Chocolat - the Ballet, takes the stage at the EM Forster Theatre in Tonbridge.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

X-Factor - Potentials

New judges, big build up, stirring music, hopes and dreams yadda yadda yadda ... first up, young and extraordinarily honest 18 year old Frankie Cocozza, interested in working with animals, social work and saving the planet. What's that? Sorry - money, women and cars! Seven different girls names tattooed on his bum and drops his trousers to prove it! Very cheeky, cute and likeable but ... can he sing? Dodgy start but picked up, brave arrangement of Valerie, not sure he'll deliver in other styles but certainly deserves a shot.

Kitty Brucknell and already I'm thinking, delusional, but no - she has a voice, a strong voice but she's annoying me already. Stop talking! Strange one, there's a lot of sideways glances in the audience, we're not sure. Possibly this year's Katie, kinda telling that no-one came with her. Oh, please. Get. Off.

Cue lots of cringy bad stuff and Gary's impression of Simon. So why don't they put sick Goldie to the end of the day? Because we're going to hate her audition and put her through, obviously. Louis has found his Wagner, yep, there he goes. Gary the sole voice of sanity as Kelly and Tulisa blow their credibility with a double dose of semtex. We expect it from Louis, ladies, you were supposed to bring some class. Ah, well, business as usual.

Shy Irish lass, Janet Devlin. Raw, nervous, taking off now, breathe love, breathe. Unusual, fresh, natural - it's a Yes from me, different, quirky voice and very sweet.

Roxy Yarnold - stunning, the one note we heard *tuts*; Soso Status sounding very strong; Heshima, I'm not sure, plenty of personality but didn't hear enough of the vocal.

As usual, it appears we haven't seen the best. Maybe next week. *Doesn't hold breath*

The Strictly Come Dancing rumour mill grinds on!

Latest ... Nancy Dell'Olio, (I can't help it, I just think it's a great brand name for Olive Oil, it pops into my head whenever I hear her name) Edwina Currie and Peter Mandelson. Yes, I know. I can't even comment.

More becoming Strictly is the rumour of ex-Aussie soap star and singer, Holly Valance, who they're setting up to be this year's Kara. And Craig wants Gino D'Acampo but he's also wanted the Middletons and no doubt Wills and Harry too. Like he says, his wish list never comes true!

My wish list includes Brian Blessed and Dawn French - and Philip Glenister, in character as Gene Hunt. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Alesha Dixon's Search for Streetdance Stars

Former Strictly Come Dancing champion and current judge, Alesha Dixon, will be searching for Britain's top Street Dance stars with a new show on CBBC coming soon, Alesha's Street Dance Stars. The winners will be invited to appear alongside Alesha at Dance 2011 at Manchester's The Lowry, which is open all day for families to go along and join in.

In another interview, Alesha says she couldn't judge the show and send home a 10 year old - so dancer Turbo, choreographer Kenrick Sandy and So You Think You Can Dance semi-finalist Lizzie Gough will do the honours. Perri Luc Kiely and Jordan Banjo from Diversity will mentor the youngsters in the show which begins on August 22nd, with two airings, 9am and 5pm.

On the subject of Street Dance, did anyone else see the fantastically talented Peridot crew on Channel 4 Sunday night, scooping the Street Dance XXL title (they were totally the class of the crews) and then taking on the Americans - and beating them! Good luck to them in their full time careers as dancers!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Rumours!

Alex Jones of the BBC's One Show has apparently signed on for the next series of Strictly; sadly, there are rumours that Russell Grant may have pulled out due to a back injury.

Also said to be signed is 80s heart throb and ex-Joseph star, Jason Donovan, and ex-politician Edwina Currie.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Former Strictly Divas News: Camilla and Kelly

Have a nose around Camilla's living room - check out the painting, isn't it gorgeous? Well worth every penny Cam, however much it was!

And Kelly Brook has expressed an interest in musical theatre, to utilise the skills learned during her stint on Strictly, so good luck to Kelly in that venture. Did I mention I met her recently, at this cafe in Rochester? No? *tuts* how remiss of me! I recommended the sandwiches, how lame was I? Seriously, I think it's great that she's able to come back to where she grew up and enjoy a day out in our historic town. Not being a 'proper' journalist though, I didn't hassle her for photos or anything *kicks self* ...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Gong for Nigel; Strictly in 3D; X-Factor marathons.

So You Think You Can Dance supremo, Nigel Lythgoe, will receive the Founders Award at the 2011 Emmys.

The Strictly Come Dancing Final from the Tower Ballroom will be in 3D ... if you're watching the HD channel. And as previously reported, a Children in Need Special will come from Wembley Arena.

Big changes in both X-Factor and Strictly? Er, well X-Factor is now going to subject us to three hours of dreadful auditions apparently, and Strictly are having a double launch show!! *Whispers: They've done it the last two series* Who writes this stuff? Do they actually watch it?

X-Factor' biggest single change of course are the new judges: Gary Barlow, N-Dubz Tulisa and Kelly Rowland replacing Cheryl, Dannii and Simon. But we've still got Louis, so fear not, there's bound to be a 2011 Jedward/Wagner character as usual. *Said with a hint of sarcasm*

Monday, 1 August 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Ticket Draw Opens!

It's that time of the year again folks - the BBC Ticket Website is open for Strictly Come Dancing random draw! As usual, no more than 2 tickets per household and though you can apply for as many dates as you like, you'll only get tickets for one. The phone lines and website registration will be open until 14th August.

The red carpet launch and celebrity unveiling will be on September 7th, with the first show scheduled for Friday, 30th September and followed by another on Saturday, 1st October, so it looks like they're sticking with the popular formula of a ballroom and a Latin for each contestant before elimination. Yay! This year's final will be at Blackpool on December 17th but, prior to that, the show scheduled for the 19th November will come live from Wembley Arena in aid of Children in Need.

Why are you still here? Go put those applications in!