Thursday, 20 January 2011

Glee - Britney night!

Brittany is hilarious. Official. She's also a stunning dancer and was the star of this week's Glee! Emma's cute dentist boyfriend turned up and induced sexy dreams in everyone. Not because he's cute but because of the dental gas! Will tried to convinced everyone he wasn't uptight and didn't manage it until Sue convinced him to let Glee club do the Britney number - by insisting that they shouldn't!

One of those lines you almost miss: "Students who ate the ravioli today and not up to speed with their tetanus jab, see the nurse!" Principal Figgis, before the big show number.

Big songs of the night: Hit Me Baby One More Time; Stronger; Toxic - the song; the only video of the dance I could find - you'll have to somehow open them at the same time!

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