Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Got To Dance Auditions 1: A bicycle, a robot and Scatwoman.

In no particular order ... A big fat YES to the energetic and tight Eruption, great look, good moves, but Duo? Whaaaaat? Back2Back - gets an Oh Yes! Lovin' the bicycle and Bollywood! Theo, the Mini King of Pop, yes, we've seen it all before, but he's so cute - and right on the beat.

Tamara the freestyler; Sean & Stacey, the contemporary. One athletic and athletic, the others athletic, balletic and musical. Damsha Dreams is fab-u-lous and Olivia, the Tiny Dancer freestyler began so lyrically and beautifully then forgot to finish her lines in the rush to get to the next move - bags of personality though.

Robot Reflex, Aiden McMillan - blinding, and what an amusing, original and quirky piece of music - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite, what will they think of next?
Persuasive's signature move would be a yes, didn't see enough though.

Happiness. Jeez. No, she's definitely no SuBo. SuBo looked like she would be awful and wasn't. Happiness looked like she danced - completely lacking in timing, musicality and technique. Original, her own style? Quite frankly, David Brent was original but you wouldn't have put him through, would you? It was all talk about warming up and how she performs and then the bombshell that this is the first time in public? Matt Bell's fusion of ballet, hip hop and Morris was much better! And he's taking the mick. There's £250k riding on this - is she really going to keep out someone who can actually dance? Can the producers and judges on these programmes just not help themselves? And why do we not know if she made it through? Are they embarrassed with themselves? Seriously, if she can go through, I'm dusting off my leg warmers next year ...

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