Thursday, 30 September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing - First Impressions!

I trust you've all found the Strictly Come Dancing feed over there >>>> and have been checking out the training videos! It's got to be said, there are some talented individuals, lots of natural rhythm on show, plenty of elegant waltzes going on and some cheeky, fun cha chas - and all so likeable. It's fair to say, I'm gagging for it!

There'll be many who'll assume it will be Ann or Paul to go first, being possibly the least technically proficient at the moment - but we know that means nothing! Paul actually has pretty nifty feet! And Ann - well, she's Ann! As a combo, her and Anton will make a big impression, one way or another! Goldie and Jimi are a-wiggling; Matt has hands the judges will fawn over - as an ex-gymnast, he knows how to finish his lines! Gavin needs to relax; Scott very smooooth; Patsy and Pamela both looking elegant and comfortable; Peter as steady and dependable as he was for England. Kara, Michelle and Tina will be vying for the title of Latino Queen - although I think it'll be Michelle's personality that will win her more votes than her dancing. And once Felicity has nailed that routine, she just might nick that title from them!

9pm tomorrow, BBC 1 is the place to be - have you decided who'll get your vote already or will you wait and see them dance?

Trav's Thoughts are in on the encores and results for Dancing With The Stars!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, Variety Club Award, Dancing On Ice, Dancing With The Stars

Double the fun with not just one, but two, interviews with 2008 Strictly Come Dancing champion, Camilla Dallerup! And an interview with Strictly hostess, Tess Daly.

Alesha Dixon will once again be co-hosting the MOBO Awards, alongside Reggie Yates.

OK Magazine and The Variety Club have opened polling for best entertainment show, you have to choose again between Rhythm of Life favourites, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent!

Victoria Cross hero, Johnson Beharry, has been linked with Dancing on Ice - I wonder, will Jason dare to criticize in that charming manner of his?!

Cue that theme music - Trav's Thoughts are in, for week 2 of Dancing With The Stars!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

X-Factor Run Down - Boot Camp!

I was out last night, so I'm youtubing like mad and ITV Player is still useless - can't get past the bloomin' advert breaks ... will give you what I've got!

Four categories, one song for each: The boys with Man in the Mirror; girls with If I Were A Boy; groups with Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now and the over 25s with Poker Face. They really dislike the oldies, don't they? Simon admits, none of the judges want them!

Over 25s struggle, as expected - but come on - Lady Gaga! Some show their potential regardless, seems a no-brainer who'll be going through from this category. The groups we simply don't see/hear enough; the boys is always a tough group - Tobias pitched in too high - but then, every year, those I feel are the best never make it through to the live show.

So onto those I found: Matt Cardle, pick of the bunch from last night. Pitched it perfectly, lovely audition, impressed me more than the first time I saw his face ... oh, you knew it would happen!

Harry Styles didn't have the same impact as the first time round; Stephen, John Wilding, Carl and Kerry I can't find at all; TreyC Cohen deserves a shot after missing out last year. And I've found no vids of the groups at bootcamp!

Cher Lloyd - brave song choice and very, very different, proper performance, loved it. Well done, Cher.

Chloe Victoria needs to leave it for proper singers with proper attitudes. Liam Payne is maybe a bit too smooth; Tom Richards goes for it big time and he can move too; Simon impressed with the boot camp dance challenge. Storm Lee surprises me, wasn't expecting to like much, but that may be cos he needs wardrobe attention.

Katie Waisal, another how wants to just be famous *tuts* good song choice, think she'll struggle overall though; Diva Fever - just stop talking, just stop ... ok, stop singing and talk again ... Elfman, Justin - didn't hear enough; Twem chose a good song and sounded sort of ok, from the little bit I saw, but I know they can't sing ... long haired man whose name I missed again but with that likeability factor ...

Aiden Grimshaw - another unique one, I like him. The fact he's so into the music is good enough, I don't need him to make eye contact with me, I get it.

Annastacia and Elesha don't work for me, not lyrical enough. Husstle, full of energy and commitment, hard working.

Rebecca Ferguson chose Corinne Bailey Rae and is possibly too different for the X-Factor, needs original material. Interpreting standards in the live show should be interesting, if she makes it. Personally, I think a major label should just sign her up now.

Nicolo has a nice quality to his voice when singing softly, less so when loud! Paije still has the passion; Jo Beetlestone not dynamic enough; John Adeleye is a Yes from me, as is Raquel Thomas; Mary Byrne is intense.

Gamu is so natural, gorgeous voice, she just sings, no frills, doesn't have to work at it. Aw, bless, Louis is crying.

There's now 32 going through to judges homes, instead of 24 - the Overs 25s have bcome the over 28s and 8 acts through in each category.

The girls: Katie; Raquel; Kerry; Treyc; Annastacia; Rebecca; Cher; Gamu.

The boys: John; Nicolo; Paije; Aiden; Marlon; Carl; Matt; Tom.

The Over 28's: Stephen; Yuli; Storm; Wang?; Justin; John; Mary. A.N. Other??

Groups: Twen; The Reason; Diva Fever; FYB; Princes and Rogues; Husstle. Only 6?

So Harry and Liam didn't make it through ... or did they? Of course, they're making up a boys and a girls groups with the left over individuals, including Harry and Liam, who they feel deserve another shot. It worked well last year, so why not!

And who's getting who?

Dannii - the boys; Cheryl - the girls; Simon - the groups and Louis is left with the Over 28s!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's Thoughts, plus lovely vids are in, for the encores and results! For the Widdyton #scd fans worrying about the height factor - stop right now! Take a look at Cheryl and Rick - Widdyton have nothing to worry about ;)

First thoughts are, I'm glad I don't have to vote - there are some serious contenders in this series, judging by those first dances. And let me warn you about the Jennifer/Derek training clip - it's an emotional thing!

National TV Awards!

The voting is open and all our favourite shows are competing against each other to claim the title of Best Talent Show.

The nominations are: (You'll have to imagine your own clips!)

Strictly Come Dancing; Dancing on Ice; X-Factor; Don't Stop Believing; Britain's Got Talent; So You Think You Can Dance; Let's Dance for Sport Relief and Over The Rainbow.

You can vote here and have until 11th Ocober. The ceremony itself takes place on January 26th at the O2 and will be screened on ITV1.

So who ya gonna vote for?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

X-Factor Run Down

Chloe Victoria's eyelashes mesmerised me, but sadly not her voice. Acapella she's got something but can't see her coping with the variety ... hate is probably too strong a word but she was a bit on the annoying side. Yuli Minguel, on the other hand, had everything on her side, not least the audience! Full of confidence, great vocal, total natural. Liking her a lot!

Hazel Jackson. Jeez, where's a big red buzzer when you need one? Aiden Grimshaw - how cool? Like a modern Elvis Presley, proper passionate, feeling the song. Rachel Chu - I tried to resist switching off ... I failed.

Rebecca Ferguson. Now, don't ruin the sophisticated look by snivelling, jeez, you ain't the only single mum ... voice better be worth it ... and it sooo is! Unique, like a love child of Billie Holliday and Nina Simone, needs more confidence but way to go Rebecca. Nicole is so right, so is Simon. Major likeability - Leona Mark 2 anyone?

Damien Devine *rolls eyes* close your mouth Louis, the flys are on their way; Tobias Sumpton very strong vocal, needs to uncross his arms though.

Harry Styles, brave, singing Steve Wonder, does brilliantly, suited his voice, will be interesting to hear something completely different though. Diva Fever - is it just me or does the one on our right look like a young Jim Carrey. Both decent voices, got the audience on their feet!

Richard Thomas tried too hard and lost the musicality, nice voice, bit unprepared, tried to wing it, can hear the pub/club voice in there.

Marlon Mackenzie has a fantastic attitude and the voice to match, terrific original version of Ain't No Sunshine, power and passion, one to watch!

Dancing in the UK/Dancing With The Stars

The September edition of Dancing in the UK is out - and features the lovely Len from Strictly Come Dancing on the front cover!

And Trav's Thoughts are in on the premiere of the new season of Dancing With The Stars :)

Talking Strictly Xmas, already?!

Yes, apparently, the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special that usually features half a dozen previous contestants, may be expanded this year to allow two weeks training, in order to feature wish-list celebrities (Gary Lineker and Fern Britton to name but two potentials) who can't normally commit to the whole season! Fingers crossed!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Snippet: Strictly Come Dancing

Nice interview with Strictly Come Dancing judge, Bruno Tonioli. He paints a lovely, cosy picture of Strictly without all the daft so-called controversies, a welcome change!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Barclays Live, Bristol - The Freestylers Victorious!

Freestyle outfit The Freestylers have been crowned dance queens of the South West after wowing the judges at the Barclays Live Bristol heat at Broadmead on Saturday 14th August. The Freestylers emerged victorious after a hotly-contested online public vote.

The group made up of Skye Reed (aged 8), Katie Wheeler (aged 9), Emily Hickory (aged 10), Jessica Scott (aged 11), Jody Thomas (aged 11), Ashley Matthias (aged 14), Ellie Matthias (aged 14), Sophie Franklin (aged 14), Sophie Griffiths (aged 14) and Shayleigh Goldsmith (aged 14) have won VIP tickets to see Brendan Cole in action and will be dancing all the way to the bank with a cheque for £1,000!

The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges including Strictly Come Dancing's Brendan Cole, Star FM's Breakfast Show presenter Craig Wright and Brett Sutor from Barclays.

Videos of the five finalists were then uploaded onto the Barclays Live website where they faced a public vote to decide on the winner. The other finalists were individual freestyler Chuck, dance duo Cobera and hiphop crews Crusaders and Hype Juniors.

Brendan Cole says “Congratulations to The Freestylers for winning the Barclays Live Bristol heat. They were outstanding on the day and overcame tough competition to become champions. They're a young group with huge potential and I look forward to hearing more about them in the future.”

Paula McCann, dance instructor of The Freestylers says “This is absolutely fantastic, we're chuffed! Everyone has worked really hard for this, it's the best thing that has happened to us as a group and we're over the moon.”

The brand new branch at Broadmead is packed full of ideas developed to make banking faster, easier and more enjoyable and includes a spacious new premier lounge and innovative technology.

Barclays Live has also teamed up with award winning streetdancer BROOKE to develop Your Name In Dance, an interactive dance tool hosted on the Barclays Live website that allows you produce a bespoke dance for your name. This can then be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Brendan Cole (33) is a champion ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin American dancing. He is one of only a handful of professional dancers to compete in all eight series of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing as well as judging four series of Dancing With The Stars in his native New Zealand. Earlier this year, Brendan enjoyed great success and critical acclaim during his first nationwide solo tour, Live and Unjudged and is currently involved in the eighth series of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

Find Barclays Live on Facebook at and follow Barclays Live on Twitter @BarclaysLive

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Butlins Street Dance Festival Weekend

Butlins first ever Street Dance Festival will hit the Minehead resort this November, showcasing the UK’s top urban dancers, including Street Dance 3D stars Diversity and Britain’s Got Talent stars Twist & Pulse.

To celebrate the festival, the hottest talent on the British urban dance scene took to the high streets recently and treated unsuspecting shoppers to awe-inspiring performances. Disguised as members of the public, the dancers stunned passersby with jaw-dropping routines to launch the event.

Mike Godolphin, Head of Entertainment at Butlins said: “Shoppers had the time of their lives when they saw the phenomenal performances. The Butlins Street Dance Festival will be absolutely amazing – we’ve even got Diversity exclusively previewing their up and coming UK tour. This was only a hint of what we’ve got on offer for the UK’s dance fans!”

This 3 day street dance event is the first place you’ll see Diversity, stars of box office hit StreetDance 3D, giving us a preview of their up and coming UK tour, plus performances by Twist & Pulse and Peridot, as well as finalists from the 2010 Street Dance XXL Championships.

The weekend ticket includes 3 nights accommodation, free access to all of the star performances, live urban dance shows and street dance classes for all, plus Splash Waterworld, funfair rides, sports coaching and so much more – all included in the price.

So get you, your family and friends down to Butlins Minehead 19-22 November 2010 to experience the unique style and culture of street dance at Butlins family Resort in Somerset. Top tip: the better grade of accommodation you book, the closer you’ll be seated to the stage when Diversity perform live in our concert arena on Resort. Book early to avoid disappointment – these places go quickly!
Also - George Sampson's Street Party! Appearing on dates between September 17th and November 1st 2010!

Don't miss your chance to experience the street dance superstar and Britain's Got Talent winner, George Sampson in his very own show, George Sampson's Street Party - exclusive and live at Butlins on every weekend family break in 2010! This amazing show will feature George singing, dancing and offering willing volunteers up on stage to join in! See full details of both events here.

Glee stuffage!

Matthew Morrison, Glee's much put upon, curly haired genius and Spanish teacher, Will Schuester, has learned to trust the writers!

And here's a little appetizer while we're waiting for Season Two, coming soon!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Snippets: Flawless, Dancing on Ice,

Marlon from Flawless talks about their involvement in Eastenders spinoff, E20.

Another Dancing on Ice rumoured celebrity - 90's hip hopper, Vanilla Ice.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing on Ice!

Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer Kristina Rihanoff was nursed back to health by Joe Calzaghe, following an operation for a benign ovarian cyst.

Dancing on Ice rumours are stepping up - Brian Moore, Faye Tozer and Jilly Goolden are the latest ones.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

X-Factor Rundown: Louis, my hero???

If ever there was a show to test my patience, this was it. When you think of all the crap they do put through, Simon, Cheryl and Pixie Lott (who I just saw on the Heroes concert and was bloody shocking, quite frankly) have the nerve to say 'No' to two of the best vocals I've heard, because they "don't get it". It was down to Louis to save the day. Yes, Louis, the man who brought us Jedward, gave both lads a chance and managed to get them through. Unless it was all a set up, of course, which, if those lads weren't in on it, was downright cruel.

Right, rant over. Cash the flash. I've got a bad feeling about this. He's attempting Neyo. Uh-oh. Stunned silence. Diana's coming out and gets sent straight back in. Vivian? *EEK* Dominic *LMAO* Wicked Witch, no. Rob, 55 I like him - he's fun, was in tune and had lots of energy!

A mystery girl, will we ever know? Oh, it's a yes. And onto 16 year old Tom - finally, someone who wants it so badly he's actually bothered to have singing lessons. Sings The Script beautifully, not afraid to use the stage but for the vocal should have stayed still. Simon doesn't like it and makes him sing again - This is the Moment, from Jekyll and Hide, he's got a fabulous voice and Simon doesn't like that either! Jeez, like it makes any difference when they get to the live shows and are given such crap songs by their mentors ...sorry, lapsing into rant again ... he stops him just as he's going to build into the big moment. And says no. And then Pixie Lott, who, while I agree he'd be fantastic in the West End, also says no to this wonderful voice! Thankfully, the audience force her to change her mind. *Phew* See what you think:

Bun'nd'cheese and 'Listen' and er, no, I don't think we will - but they didn't bother anyway - unrehearsed much? And such an attitude! Nicolo Fester. Modest bloke. Different, not sure I could listen for long. F.Y.D potential, Raquel Thomas - Oh. Yes. Should be leaving Maccy D's soon. A few we don't dwell on but sounding good, plus Jo, the equine dentist who's made her nan cry.

And then we come to Paije, an R'n'B Frank Sinatra, raw, likin' this, ooh, scatting - and then Simon stops him????? Louis arranges for him to come back later - Simon normally gives them a chance to sing something else, which is why it all seemed so staged, Louis clearing off after Paije. He does come back and this time ...

...what part of his voice didn't they get first time around? Jeez. Good to hear him on this though, awesome. Passion, timing, a standation from the audience.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Launch Show!

The Pro dancers warm us up with a cha cha to my cha cha song, Boys and Girls, choreographed by the lovely Matt Cutler, in the audience there! James & Ola; Flavia & Vincent; Anton & Erin are unchanged of course, then we have the new pairings of Katya & Artem; Aliona & Jared, Natalie & Brendan and the most striking of partnerships, Robin & Kristina - a powerful dynamic.

Brucie's first joke of the evening makes an appearance; actually, he was on good form all through! The celebs are introduced and first impressions are that the boys are less nervous than the girls! They never expect to do well and there's always, always a shock in a good way.

First three pairings:

Scott and Natalie or, for my running commentary purposes, as you know: Scattalie - it's already my fave name, can't think why ;) Doubt Scott has Ricky's natural ability but he seems pretty game and Natalie's choreography will make the best of him.

Matt and Aliona: Mattiona - Aliona's sense of fun came through towards the end of the last series and Matt is Nice Bloke, could be the partnership we're all going 'ahhh' to.

Peter and Erin: Peterin - Shilts is still looking quite fit and Erin's proven she can work wonders regardless of her partner's ability.

Up to Tess' Tower (no more Pit) we meet Artem, Robin and Jared for a power paso with Katya, Kristina and Aliona. Rather liking Artem already, his dancing *coughs* is electrifying.

Next three pairings:

Michelle and Brendan: Brendelle - he's thrilled, she's thrilled - will we see nicey nicey Brendan again this year?

Pamela and James: Jamela straight on it! James has shed that grumpy image forever, with a stint dusting the airborne glitter ball last year, could be just the right man to bring Pamela's wicked side back!

Tina and Jared: Jarina - nice slide! They're are so going to be mothered by everyone in the show, far too young and cute.

Training for the group dance looks ... not bad! Didn't give much away though, except that Widdy's word of the day is "No".

Next three:

Paul and Ola: Paulla - now you may think Ola wasn't going to be given a front runner - but she's got another with personality, so who knows!

Patsy and Robin: Robsy make for the sexiest pairing of the night, you figure they won't stop when they get to the top of the stairs, they'll bypass Tess' Tower completely and head for a room. If Patsy has the talent, could be dynamite on the dance floor in the Latin.

Goldie and Kristina: Goldina - and she'll be thanking the PTB for a man with rhythm. He's a DJ, he's surely got rhythm?

The pro's are back for two tribes with aerial work and lightbulb dresses, courtesy of Karen Hardy - Yep, Kristina and Robin certainly catch the eye.

Next pairings:

Kara and Artem: Artara, another slide, another fit young couple. Let's hope the visa holds up.

Jimi and Flavia: Jimavia - one to watch I think, he's clearly getting into it and that's half the battle for the pro, a good attitude always appeals.

Gavin and Katya: Gavya (to be said in the voice of Smithy in Gavin and Stacey) he needs to not be too self conscious and just let go; Katya's a great teacher, roll with it.

A Strictly Showdance in electric blue - a first outing for Darren and Ian, with newbies Tanya, Shem, Crystal and Aneta.

Final two pairings:

Felicity and Vincent: Felicent - I'm already more than looking forward to. Which leaves Ann and Anton, surprise surprise - they're going for comedy gold. Hopefully. Welcome to Widdyton!

And now it's the group dance and there are too many I'm trying to watch - but glimpses of Pamela, Felicity and Jimi I liked very much, with no-one standing out in a bad way!

Roll on October 1st!

Strictly Come Dancing: Counting Down!

Here's the trailer to keep you going for the next couple of hours!

And in response to this story - well, see my comment. It's my one gripe (that, and the two couple final) about Strictly. I would like to have gone on Wednesday but didn't bother applying for tickets because of the 'maybe I will, maybe I won't' get in scenario. I'm sure that 99% of people being allocated only two tickets and guaranteed entry would go or easily find someone else to go instead. And there's the timescale too (only receiving tickets a few days before) - if you're coming from a long way away and have to stay the night, you need to book a hotel. In London. In the run-up to Christmas. With no guaranteed entry. How much does that little jaunt cost you? For nothing? So how about allocating the tickets, guaranteeing those with a ticket get in - those that don't turn up, well, I bet there are people who hang about outside on the offchance. At least you can then resort to less staff!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing Line Up Revealed

And whaddya know - the rumours are all true! Minus their pro dancers - which we will see them meeting on Saturday's first show (6.25pm) - the celebs are:

Ann Widdecombe: Ex-Conservative MP and candidate for Blunt Speaker of the House; her pro partner may find her pretty vocal but hardworking!

Felicity Kendal: Still turning heads, the Good Life actress will no doubt be a classy turn. Can she 'let go' on the dance floor?

Gavin Henson: Probably the only male contestant in the history of Strictly to embrace the spray tan!

Goldie: As shown in previous celeb reality show Maestro, he'll do what it takes to be successful.

Jimi Mistry: Could be the one to surprise - actors can get into character, more importantly, he's well into dance music! Well, rave - but I'm expecting great things, Jimi - no pressure!

Kara Tointon: The token ex-Eastender - already an accomplished salsa dancer, with victory in Strictly Sport Relief with Ramps. This means diddly squat, however, when it comes to the public vote!

Matt Baker: Cute ex-Blue Peter presenter was a British gymnast when younger; stamina not a problem as the weeks progress.

Michelle Williams: The gospel singing third member of Destiny's Child has crossed the pond to entertain us; R'n'B roots should ensure great musicality. I can see Craig bobbing now ...

Pamela Stephenson: The original TV funny girl married to Billy Connolly, now a sexologist and clinical psychologist. Finally, someone who can explain Bruno!

Patsy Kensit: Strictly can take its toll on the celebs - but Patsy's private troubles means this could be the most stress -free, possible three months of her life!

Paul Daniels: Cue Brucie's ballroom battle of the catchphrases ...

Peter Shilton: No silly jokes about this being English football's only shot at a trophy this year. No. I will desist. Specially since they won their last two games ...

Scott Maslen: Token current Eastenders star. And no doubt already has an appreciation society on the message boards; will split the female vote with Gavin.

Tina O'Brien: And an ex-Corrie star, because the Beeb are an inclusive organisaton. Young, pretty and fit means nothing if she's quiet***.

Full biographies for each contestant can be found on the Strictly website.

*** ie, boring.

Barclays Live in Manchester

Five dance performances at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester had the judges tapping their toes on Saturday 4 September as part of the Barclays Live dance competition to celebrate continued investment in branches across the region – and these performers are now body popping through to the next round.
Shockerellas (below) - House of Fierce - Precise Crew - Scarlette - Dance Design (above)…are all finalists in the Barclays Live competition – and vying for the chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to see Brendan Cole in action as well as dancing all the way to the bank with a cheque for £1,000! You can view more pictures here.

The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges including Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole, Sky Sports presenter Chris Kamara, Key 103 Breakfast Show presenter Trevor Jordan and Helen Armstrong from Barclays.

Videos of the five finalists have been uploaded onto the Barclays Live website and they now face a public vote to decide on the winner. Cast your votes now! And check out Your Name in Dance, the new interactive dance tool which allows you to produce a bespoke dance for your name.

Barclays Live teamed up with award winning street dancer BROOKE to develop the online tool which you can share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, or can copy the link and send it by email.

Barclays Live celebrates continued investment across Manchester ensuring the regions’ branches are packed full of ideas developed to make banking faster, easier and more enjoyable – including spacious new premier lounges.

Brendan Cole, 33, is a champion ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin American dancing. He is one of only a handful of professional dancers to compete in all seven series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing as well as judging four series of Dancing WithThe Stars in his native New Zealand. Earlier this year, Brendan enjoyed great success and critical acclaim during his first nationwide solo tour, Live and Unjudged.

Brendan Cole says “Manchester has talent! We saw some really fantastic performances on Saturday from streetdance troupes to ballet soloists - the high standard of the performances made it difficult to select our final five. After deliberations we have chosen, Shockerellas, House of Fierce, Precise Crew, Scarlette and Dance Design. These dancers are now counting on you to vote for them on the Barclays Live website– so make sure you log on and do your bit!”

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Snippets: Streetdance, Got To Dance, Dancing on Ice

The Streetdance 3D DVD is out soon and to celebrate, a launch party will be held at the hmvforum in Kentish Town on September 27th.

Kimberly Wyatt chats about Got To Dance.

Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner is being his usual happy, chirpy self ...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

X-Factor Rundown

Evans Twins - turned the volume down; Bejon - actually better than Jedward ;) Twem's personalities and presence on stage not matched by vocal. Oh, dear Cheryl and Louis put them through. *Sighs* Storm Lee Gardner is going to be either excellent or really really bad ... mm, middling, but could he be miming? Ok, second song is more convincing.

Good girl Ruth-Ann, liking her cheekiness! John Adeleye - lovely bloke, lovely voice, wow - even only hearing so few notes; Elesha - now why can't we hear more of these three?

Liam from 2008, I remember him now - Simon has put him off a bit, doesn't look happy with the song choice ... but no, a standation for a mature performance!

Patti *my ears have just exploded*; Chad wants to be the next Buble. I think not. High St.Boys - that would be the 'cross-the-tracks end of the high street; Scott is a wannabe Elton John. But he's a more of a Welsby; Brenda: no, that's a man sodding about.

Cher is different, great presence ... the judges are in love, so are the audience - excellent audition!

Keri Arrindell great, missed the boys name; Wagner is fun; Justin, fresh from Rivendell; excited man through; Treyc - oh, please put her through again this year - she should have made it onto the live show last year; Oh, god - it's Vicky Pollard in duplicate - Ablisa ... the audience are booing, lol - and they're off. Unfortunately, they came back: Simon just slit his wrists - Lisa asked who Natalie was, right, and then, like Abbey hit her yeah, but no, like then they wuz separated backstage right and - did I switch over to Eastenders by mistake or sumfin or whatever?

Strictly Come Dancing Axe the Dance Off!

And here's the official press release confirming it! Three cheers for whoever made that decision: we hadn't got it wrong in the first four series, it's nice to have the power back! Yes, there will be shock eliminations - but there were still shock eliminations with the dance off!

Confirmation also, that it will be Tess and Claudia presenting the Sunday results show, so yippee to that too - they made a great team last series, when Brucie was unwell. A pro dance will replace the dance off in the half hour results show.

Week One proper will begin on Friday 1st October and Saturday 2nd, with no results show until after the following weekend, so hopefully that means the format adopted last year, where all contestants are able to perform both a ballroom and a Latin before the first elimination, will be in force again this year - but I think I'll send a tweet @bbcstrictly see if I can find out for sure!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing On Ice!

BBC TV Presenter Matt Baker is the latest rumour for Strictly Come Dancing and here's the real reason why Dancing on Ice isn't at Elstree any longer! They've chosen to build two new rinks at Shepperton due to the lack of availability of soundstages at Elstree. Not quite the catchy 'Potter nicks Elstree' story is it!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Barclays Live - London Result!

Hip Hop dance group DEM LOT have been crowned urban superstars of the South East after wowing the judges at the Barclays Live London heat at the Leicester Square Branch on Saturday 31st July. DEM LOT faced a public vote online and came out on top.

The youngsters managed to beat off established and well-known acts, with huge following and even their own Facebook group calling out for votes! Dance coach and choreographer, Nicola Steward, said on winning: “I can’t believe we’ve won! To have beat off such stiff competition and well known acts is incredible and I’m really proud of the kids, they’ll take huge confidence from this.”

The group win VIP tickets to see Brendan Cole in action and will also be dancing all the way to the bank with a cheque for £1,000!

The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges including Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole, Kiss 100 DJ Manny Norté and Lionel Johnson from Barclays.

Videos of the five finalists were then uploaded onto the Barclays Live website where they faced a hotly contested public vote to decide on the winner. The other finalists were Definitives, Retaliation, Fusion and Remix.

The brand new branch at Piccadilly Circus is packed full of ideas developed to make banking faster, easier and more enjoyable – including spacious new premier lounges and innovative technology. And check out Your Name in Dance on, a new interactive dance tool which allows you to produce a bespoke dance for your name.

Barclays Live teamed up with award winning street dancer Brooke to develop the online tool which you can share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, or can copy the link and send it by email.

Brendan Cole, 33, is a champion ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin American dancing. He is one of only a handful of professional dancers to compete in all seven series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing as well as judging four series of Dancing With The Stars in his native New Zealand. Earlier this year, Brendan enjoyed great success and critical acclaim during his first nationwide solo tour, Live and Unjudged.

Brendan Cole says “Congratulations to DEM LOT for winning the Barclays Live London heat. All five of them have a huge amount of talent for such young dancers and definitely have a great future ahead of them.”
And here's an overview of the London event!

Showtime: Glee - the Emmys Opening Skit!

This is fabulous! Here's the blurb to tell you the whos and hows and that's the video below.