Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Voice: Almost there ...

My team is nearing completion, as a few Soul Men made it on there tonight! And the show seems to be swinging along a lot quicker now, thank you PTB, with less chat and more audition time.

Builder and landscaper carpet fitting chef, Jamie Bruce got an oh, yes from me, with a voice like Galaxy silk - first time I've been quite moved. Sweet yet raw, powerful yet subtle, get in my team, you! Will or Tom? He seems like a Tom guy but ... yes, he joins Tom.

Ricardo Afonso (Team Danny) had a similar effect, all groovy and got the coaches rocking. He's got a lovely little kid too, and a touch of Hugh Jackman about him, so what's not to love. Oh, he's a West Ham fan too! Ah, no #hearingaidforDanny. And then up stepped Paul Carden, another strong but smooth more on the rock side of things, he also made Team Danny - I'd like to hear him really stretch himself.

And I would have loved to have heard more of De'Vide, the singer/rap duo; Jessie did hear enough and took them in, I'm happy to gamble. Jessie also turned (eventually) for Nate James, a name some of us knew. Like him but thought the song choice shocking and it nearly cost him. Will chose this audition to confirm that he is officially nuts.

Jordan Lee Davis brought forth a "Well, I wasn't expecting that!" So different and really deserved a shot - Will and Danny finally turned to give him it and Will nabbed him. And Tom took on the clearly talented but nervous-as-hell-so-she-missed-her-music-cue-on-a-really-dodgy-song-choice Cherelle Basquine. Great potential if she gets it right. And Tom also took Colin Chisholm, proper rock singer aiming for a second stab at fame, after a previously taste of it with the Bilbo Baggins Band. His voice certainly had a ring to it although I found it a bit middle-of-the-earth. But he certainly wasn't dwarfed by the other performers, although his hair is a bit of an elf and safety issue on its own. You can groan now.

The Yes But Nahs - there were quite a lot. Good, but didn't make me swivel: Sean Rumsey and Alice Barlow both impressed Danny sufficiently though, as Nutarna did Will. But the long haired one is getting on my nerves already. Lareena Mitchell had Tom written all over her. Really, they pinned her down and used marker pens all over, just so he got the hint. Ok, not really. And no, it's not Leanne Mitchell come back re-incarnated or anything.

The Nos: Contestant no-name we all thought was a girl was a boy who sadly went as flat as a three day old bottle of lemonade with the top off. Katie Evans, not strong enough; Gemma Marshall, we just didn't hear enough; Eva Iglesias (any relation, we wonder?) shouty club singer; Em Brulee. Seriously. If everyone she knows isn't calling her Crem then clearly this nation has lost its sense of humour. Ant Henson, weak; Cassie Chan, again not enough heard and Gill Forster, good but we've heard similar before.

The Ones That Got Away - I was willing the coaches to turn for these, thought they had great voices and sounded original: Charlie Ryan, who they thought was two people, such was his range; Aret Kapetanovic was way better and different from some they've put through, so I was pretty shocked no-one turned. I disagree with Tom that you should sing how you look - you should be yourself and have your own style in both. Wear what you wear, sing what you sing - who wants to be labelled?

Only seven spots remain now - Danny and Tom just one place left in their teams, Jessie with two and Will with three. See them all here. I've added Jamie Bruce, Ricardo Afonso, De'Vide and Paul Carden to Nadeem, Ash, Lem, Carla&Barbara, Cleo and Leah, leaving me just two spots.

Did you play the Predictor game last week? I did and got five out of six correct, so I'm feeling rather smug - I may even do it again. Till next time :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Voice: Biker Chic

"There is a bit of a rebellion happening right now with you guys coming on a show like this, but you have to do that to educate the youth on the importance of classical music and real singing."

So said Will, the only coach absolutely confident in taking on opera pairing Barbara and Carla. That, and he promised that in his team, they would always match jackets! He turned on the first notes of The Flower Duet, and for me this is the first genuine exciting combination of artists and coach - it'll be great to see what he does with them and how versatile they can be while retaining their essence. Beautiful, pure vocals, a lovely dynamic between them - all four coaches turned.

The 'No's - Alice Fredenham was 'safe', nice enough but not strong enough, didn't let go. Plus, too much preening and talking. Nick Tatum I think I recalled from the Tourette's programme a while back, where sufferers put on a concert, and I was willing him on. Sadly, the wrong song choice - he'd have been through if the second song counted. Tom Gregory and Laura Prescott were definitely nots. David Kidd was much better as Tom Jones than himself. I did love the woman throwing her knickers at him, complete with shop label still attached! Jessica Steel, after not impressing me personally (a reason why those VTs need to go) really impressed me, especially taking on a song like Don't You Want Me, a brave choice and great interpretation - I was sorry none of them turned.

The 'Yes But No Buts' - Just the one, Sarah Cassidy (Team Jessie) was a bit too screechy for me. And the 'Yes's were all good, but didn't blow me away: Emily Worton, the "middleaged librarian" (her words) I thought Danny would turn for, but it was Will; LV Robinson was very natural and ended up in Team Tom. Laura Oakes seemed too quiet to begin with but grew into it and will be in Team Danny. Likewise, when Karl Michael hit his stride, all four turned for him. It was Danny who got him.

Each team is now at least halfway full - check them out on the website here. My team consists of: Nadeem Leigh; Ash Morgan; Lem Knights; Carla & Barbara; Cleo Higgins and Leah McFall.

Till next time :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Voice: Cleo comin' atcha

What a stunning audition! Cleo Higgins (Team Will) just leapt to the top of my team with a fantastic, all round performance: personality, voice, attitude and also just came across as jolly nice! And anyone who can take on a Beyonce song and make it her own, well - THIS is what this show (and all the others) is actually about! I've watched it another four times since. Can't wait to see what she does next.

So it was a case of "follow that (if you can)" for the rest of them. The Nos: Barry James Thomas, a rocker with a good voice that wasn't different enough; Emma Louise Jackson, another fine voice but the karaoke song choice did her no favours, neither did the Hi De Hi persona. Amy Wilkinson I thought a bit flat and weak; Buble-a-like, nice tone but nothing else; Tartan Guy - eek!

Of the 'Yes's' there's none I thought a bit dodgy. The northern lasses, Diva, chose well, a Barbra Streisand song showing them off. Lots of flirting and fun followed, with them choosing Tom over Jessie. Michael Emms  (Team Danny) was another rock singer, stronger vocal and a performer; Elise Evans had them all turning following her strong audition and chose with her heart (Team Tom). Conor Scott (Team Danny) impressed with Starry Eyed, different but recognisable, think he may need to work on his breathing.

But for Cleo, Leah McFall would've been my favourite tonight. Unique, great tone and quirkyness, liked her a lot. She chose Will, even though he confused the hell out of her going on about ducks. Lovelle Hill is another with a silky tone and crafted notes I really liked - Jessie got her, and Lem Knight, almost stalkerish Jessie fan, was rewarded when Jessie turned for him too. Another unique talent. They really slung some unusual, awesome stuff together tonight. Here's link to the clips, so you can enjoy them again! I played the Predictor game too -  luckily for them, it's already been decided, otherwise I'd have put the mockers on them. Till next time x

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Voice: Not The Age. Or The Appearance.

Exactly - it's not about age or appearance, so why, when the coaches don't turn for The Voice, they regret it on finding out The Age or liking The Appearance. And we're getting sob stories! Stop it, stop it NOW! Before it's too late.

Because, I have to be honest - no-one is setting it alight right now. The first line from Trevor Francis (Team Jessie) got me, but as it went on the voice didn't go where I expected it to, so he's in the 'Through but need to hear again' category. Likewise, Emma Jane Garbutt (Team Tom), dipped in and out but a lot of potential. Smith & Jones Katie (isn't she just the spitting image of Charlotte Scally from SYTYCD Series 2?)& Harry harmonized well, though Katie was clearly the stronger. It'll be interesting to see what they can do as part of Team Danny.

Those I swivelled for (but still not completely blown away) Nadeem Leigh - perfect for Danny, a quiet emotive voice and there were some goosebumps. Alys Williams, an unusual voice, and again, I thought Danny, but she stayed loyal to her Welsh roots ... eventually (like, 3 weeks later) and went with Tom. I preferred the lower register of Liam Tamne (Team Will) and though the falsetto was great, I hope we don't get it all the time. He could be a favourite but for that. Ragsy brought food as well as a nice voice, so that's a yes from me and he joins Team Tom.

The Yes But No Buts: Alex Buchanan. Really? All four? What were they thinking? From where I was he was so completely out of tune all through, it was painful! I was in the kitchen but still ... He chose Jessie.

The coaches said 'No' to ex-Soul To Soul girl Kim Mazelle - wrong song, never able to let loose, sadly. And to Mick Dixon, who began too weakly, should have built it and stayed there. But he's the youngster they got hung up on, so plenty of time. Sam Hollyman was a bit breathy and not particularly musical, while Lorraine Crosby has lost a bit since the heady days of Meatoaf success.

I'm going to say it again before I get to the point of Not Watching - speed it up, show more auditionees, the yesses and the nos er, and cut out all the baggage beforehand. Seriously, Mr/s Producer, I'm not even joking ...