Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dancing on Ice Live Blog, Week One: Let's Get It Started!

And it's a flashy return in a fantastic new studio, very glitzy, just like T&D's first foray onto the ice with a showbiz spectacular, showing off the new pro dancers! Eight to skate, two to leave - Jayne says to look out for three particular skaters - which is a little unfair, don't you think? If you don't want a bad skater kept in over a good'un, why leave it up to the public? Imagine how the other contestants all feel now? Here's a reminder of the team names! And it's marks out of TEN this time around!

First up, it's Stevina to House of Fun and it's brave first try, bit stiff and pedestrian, but he has personality, a shame about a couple of stumbles. The judges score: 7 Robin says he can skate better but nerves took over, Jason says it was entertaining but didn't sustain it and Emma says there's potential.

Next, Seangela with At Last and it's elegant, with lovely hands, slight sticky moment but overall that was pretty darn good, simple and classy. Score: 11 Emma says it was a sweet performance, Robin says it had a serenity about it, lovely hands and legs, Jason, being Jason, says it was dull and safe and that she didn't connect emotionally with the choreography. Karen welcomes him back and applauds Angela's work ethic and calls it a great performance.

McLeans still sponsoring then ... but it's all about the one girl, what happened to the couples? Coo, Philip got the vocal chords round Colin's name - it's Colaurin on ice next ... *eek* to that hole in her leg ... to My Life Would Suck Without You. Big lifts and loads of content, nifty footwork, not perfect but an excellent effort, already accomplished. Score: 16 Robin says there's energy and gusto but let Colin lead; Emma called it fast, brave and exciting; Jason agrees but lose the goofy look, great potential.

Come on Phil, get with the programme - a moment's stunned silence with a mix up on the tapes!Johnsyene next and hero Johnson is really progressing, from never having stepped on ice before! Dancing to Wishing on a Star, it's smooth, they have a lovely partnership, a gentle performance to a gentle version of a gorgeous song. Score: 11 Robin says his bladework was sublime, Emma says he was very supportive of Jodene, Jason says he needs to project out and he'll be lucky to get through, to general boos and hisses. Karen mimes chopping his head off. His phone number is 09016161004. Just in case you missed it.

Maradia with Proud Mary, bless, she's probably the only 'personality' who appeals but she's so nervous but - timing and musicality, no mistakes, nice lift, thoroughly enjoyed herself and is FUN! Yay! Score: 9 "You've no idea how slippery it is," she says, with an aside, mid Phil-chat to Mark "Was it alright?" Chris calls her larger than life, Jason says she started with great potential then her legs went numb. Emma liked the energy, smiling and performance, lines and extensions.

Kerriel on the ice to To Make You Feel My Love and her moves are very placed and deliberate but nice lines, lovely end spin. I didn't get the emotion, looked more like nerves to me, same expression all the way through. Score: 14 Robin says you can't fake the emotion, Jason says it was an improvement on the dress rehearsal, it was tender and controlled.

Jeffabelle next with The Way Love Goes and why keep a move in that someone can't do? As it happens, he almost pulled it off, well done, just a hand down. Noticeably more relaxed once that was out of the way - and he actually skated and moved around the ice well. And confident partnering. Score: 11 Emma loving the dance moves, commit a little more though; Robin sees the potential with the natural speed over the ice and Jason says there's not enough power and strength and gets verbally beaten up by Karen. Don't you just love it?

Do we care who will win the heart of the girl with the perfect smile? *Fetches sick bucket*

Katilla skating to Word Up so should be full of attitude was, and obviously much musicality - and jeez, voice over guy, now all the kids are asking who Ann Summers is, you moron. Big lifts, good performance. Steady Chris. Score: 15 Jason's highest score, he says it was a great performance, played to his strengths, great partnering. Emma says it was exciting and fun, work on posture. Robin saw great skating, bit rough around the edges but that will come.

So five will go straight through and then there'll be a triple skate off,when the lines will open again for us to save another! So who's going out? The two that made the least impression on me were Kerriel and Stevina, but I only voted for Maradia and Johnseyne. What time are we back? *note to self: pay attention*

Robin wants Johnson, Laura, Vaniila and Kerry to go through; Jason impressed by Laura and Vanilla; Emma too, with Laura, Vanilla, Jeff and Kerry.

And here we go moment #1: Safe - Katilla; Johnseyne; Jeffabelle; Stevina; Kerriel. So Laura, top skater of the night, unable to overturn the big fanbases of reality tv and soapland - is now up against Angela and my fave, Nadia.

Seangela skating first and a little stumble again and now not so confident - too good to be ITV's Widdefactor though. Colaurin next - he's worth a vote too - more nerves kicking in but it's a big routine, nice backflip. I'm abstaining because they're the best but Nadia's my fave. Maradia out last and - she just makes me smile, hers is so infectious - and she is seriously hooked, a better performance too!

Last couple standing: Colaurin! Well, it had to be didn't it, or they'd have to change the whole format back again next year ... we start all over again next week!


  1. Back at half nine Scatty! ;o)

    I don't get the Mcleans adverts either *shrugs shoulders* - just plain wierd mostly.

    Not bad overall, though it doesn't seem like an entriely fair split between the two groups of eight, but that would be difficult to achieve I suppose.

    Thought his routine was good, very smooth, but I'm going to get irritated fast if they keep emphasising that Johnson is an injured soldier. Fair enough, he did something incredible and brave and he deserves the honour that came with those actions, but that's not what this show is about, so I don't need reminding every 30 seconds!

    It always bothers me when we get over emphasised back stories with celebrity reality shows. Lots of shots of famous family irritates me as well (looking at you Chloe Madeley! God I hope we haven't got Richard blathering on every week to the camera to look forward to!). Chloe is the one taking part not you Richard, so sod off!

    Personally think Stevina and Colaurin on very dodgy ground. Even though she was technically top, we the audience weren't reminded of that fact and were shown no kind of table, so with her being out third and not particularly well known, I think it'll be easy to overlook her. Hopefully if that does happen, the public will sit up and realise she needs to be saved as the best skater we saw tonight.

    Hope Vanilla and Nadia go through for pure entertainment! :o)

  2. Hi Foxy, seems you were spot on - you and me both gutted re Nadia though! Would have been good to see her improve :-)