Saturday, 27 February 2010

Let's Dance for Sport Relief

Joining the lovely Claudia and hunky Steve tonight are comic actor Miranda Hart, last year's runner up Paddy McGuiness and former Strictly contestant Kelly Brook on the panel.

First out, it's CBBC presenters, Sam and Mark, with a camptastic tribute to Wham and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, which is lots of fun - and some nifty jive too!

Boxers Carl Froch, Johnny Nelson, Duke McKenzie and Tony Jeffries out of their comfort zone but you wouldn't know it - I'm LOL-ing at the VT, Boxers Support Group "living a lie" "I just wanna dance!" From Bugsy Malone, they present Bad Guys (We coulda been anything that we wanted to be) and it's fantastic, what a great performance. Johnny Nelson for Strictly! (Miranda agrees)

Shappi Korsandi does an excellent Toni Basil to Hey Mickey - who turned up too and now she can't breathe, she threw herself into it, an enthusiasm overload!

Debra Stephenson's strangest impression yet - Michael Jackson and Smooth Criminal, in a reversal of the norm - girl dressed as boy star! She's fab, an excellent job - how did she do that lean? Oh, a rope! Still terrific though!

The Weather Girls, Clare, Lara and Becky - and Michael Fish! It's Raining Men, of course - it's a TV Gold moment, as Michael strips his raincoat off, lol.

GMTV's Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold - The Choreographer is after her ... to teach her Born to Hand Jive, they're brilliant; Kate shows what she could've done had she not started in Strictly with two boken legs. Anton will be so proud!

Not as clear cut as last week, could be anyone! I'll let you lot decide. The cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert (that's me!) show off a rather lovely young man in a very small, very tight pair of shorts, which I thought was rather splendid of them. The cycling team demand our attention, quite rightly - see for how to donate.

Gabrielle Cilmi samples Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out - took me the whole song to remember what it was - before The Results are in:

Out: Shappi, the Boxers, Weather Girls.
Straight through: Kate and Richard!
And Debra takes the judges vote (Miranda and Kelly, with Paddy going for Sam and Mark).

Only one more week left!

Dancing on Ice: Sharron's Point of View

Since Dancing on Ice themselves seem intent of continually trying to justify Jason, here's a very neutral and fair interview with Sharron, courtesy of Digital Spy's Alex Fletcher, where she tells her version of events. To her credit, the only criticism she makes of Jason is his childishness.

However, she goes into much more detail on her blog, with some very justified comments about Jason. If you're insistent that what you saw on Sunday was the full story, this may well change your mind. All seems very reasonable and not at all disrespectful. I got this link from the Digital Spy forum - I wonder if the Dancing on Ice team know how unimpressed the majority of the fans on it are with their handling of this and share my view of the whole incident?

Friday, 26 February 2010

Dancing On Ice Friday

Dannie and Mattiella on the sofa ... but we don't want to talk to them, unless to try to get them to criticize Sharron. Jason is given more air time to justify his walking away - I actually agree that it would have been hypocritical for him to smile and shake hands - only he's mixed up hypocritical with sycophantic. Sycophantic is what you're being to T&D, Jason. And still they don't pull him up on the Twitter name calling - which means T&D and the Powers That Be all condone it. What a disgrace. Oh, and, by the way, Emily fans - don't bother phoning, he's got her in his sights this week.

Well, that's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back. At least we saw some spangly frocks with Louis Walsh's twin brother.

Jayne, Chris and Emma on the sofa - Katherine Jenkins, Andrew Lloyd Webber and some silks will be on ice on Sunday. Emma justifies herself, sorry, tries to ... telling someone the competition won't start until they've left isn't constructive criticism, is it? How do you go away and work on that?

We see how Philip gets the results, it's some bloke elsewhere that makes us wait soooo long. They call Philip Lady Ga Ga on account of his poker face; Holly thinks it's funny.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dancing on Wheels Week 3

But first, some Do's and Don'ts for contestants on reality dance shows:

1. Do stick a smile on your face, regardless of how bloody annoyed you are.

2. Don't ever, ever express your own opinion ... on anything, even the price of carrots.

3. Do toe the party line.

4. Don't take offence at any personal insults thrown your way, you're not the star, no-one cares.

5. Do ensure your family and friends never portray you as anything other than a throughly nice person with a sunny disposition.

5 (a) Don't let your loved one be duped into listing your faults on camera, it will be used against you.

6. Do not Rock The Boat. Ever. It'll be the last thing you do.

7. Don't let the cameras catch you having a five minute strop within a twenty hour training session - it's all we'll see when they edit. (Jade Johnson anyone?)

8. Do pretend to camera that everything is fine and that nothing is too much trouble.

9. Don't ever let the cameras see you so much as mouthing "I'm not sure I can do this" or any other negative phrase.

10. Do remember that the Powers That Be like to court controversy and will edit their show accordingly.

Anyway, moving on. Pep talk and de-brief, Brian saw different to me and the judges with regard to Simone's performance last week, tension abounds throughout. James and Caroline having trouble meeting up for training means a lack of, well, training. Harry and Michelle attempting a move that leaves Harry a wreck, but he's being brave because the Show Must Go On. Di throws a strop at Simone. Brian spent the week at the Jason Gardiner School of Charm, presumably; Simone puts forward her viewpoint succinctly, calmly and reasonably. What is she like? Apart from knowing she's clearly leaving the competition this week (think Hayley on SYTYCD and Sharron on DOI).

Simone and Kevin out first for their Viennese Waltz, it's a lovely dance, Kevin much improved this week, but Simone finding it hard to put a smile on her face, knowing she's out.

James and Caroline perform a Paso Doble, it's full of energy, Caroline really throws herself into it, makes a mess of the wrist-ripper or bum thingy as James calls it.

Michelle and Harry are the happiest couple, much improved posture for Harry and Michelle shows such joy in a very nice routine.

Di and Mark with a WOW Paso Doble, powerful and full of attitude and crowd pleasing tricks.

So who'll be in the dance off with Simone and Kevin (not that it matters, obviously). No wake-up call for James and Caroline; Di and Mark straight through, let's make the one we want to save with the potentially damaging move do it again, Harry and Michelle. But we know who's going.

Told you so.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Snippets: DOI, SCD

Dancing on Ice judge Robin Cousins is joining the cast of Grease, in the role of Teen Angel!

A reminder of the Strictly Professional Tour Dates, I think the London date has been added. A South East date would be much appreciated!

Alesha has been confirmed as a judge for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Dancing in the UK magazine March issue is out online.

A press release from Blue Eyed Books, sampling a few choice dancing quotes, plenty of time to get your orders in for Christmas!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dancing On Ice Official Result and Comments

First up was Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve - Buzzcocks) and scored 19.5 out of 30. He said: “I think those scores are just for my hair! I have to say thank you to Brianne because all of our performances have been really diverse. I do struggle and I think she gets the best out of me.”

Karen Barber (scored 4): “That was a great performance. It was fast, energetic you brought punk to the ice, for me one of your strongest performances so far, Kieron well done.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3.5) “It’s a shame for a little stumble it for me it would have been a four. I thought this was a great performance from you, I loved the opening and ending choreography, that was very inventive. Your flailing limbs worked very well in this. Overall you’re doing well.”

Angela Rippon (scored 4): “You little punk rocker, you took me right back to my youth. I used to have a boyfriend with hair like that! That was a seriously polished performance, you get my gold star. You are the competitor who started by admitting that you’ve never danced, never ice skated so starting from zero the kind of level of performance that you’ve achieved in this competition is outstanding. I thought that was great.”

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies with skating partner Pavel Aubrecht skated to Stay (Shakespear’s Sister) and scored 16 out of 30. She said: “It wasn’t so much ditching, we tried really hard on Monday and wanted to do the programme but by Wednesday it was just evident that the shoulder would not do another fast routine having done a fast one last week. So there was kind of two choices really.”

Phillip asked You said in your tape that you wanted something that wasn’t quite so taxing, do you think you’re pushing yourself enough?”

Sharron replied: “I didn’t mean taxing as in difficult, but the stuff was taxing as in my shoulder. I’m just trying to deal with the injuries.”

Nicky Slater (scored 3.5): “I thought you did very well actually, there was a constant speed through the routine. This whole routine was made up of an element and extension out, so it worked overall. There was no surprises for me and I think you’ve made a tough call this week having chosen your music and it’s worked to a degree. I would like to see you totally be surprised in the future at what you can achieve. If you push yourself sometimes we think we can’t but then we will do something special.”

Emma Bunton (scored 3): “ I’m quite surprised because I always thought you would be one of the most competitive and really push yourself. But I think through this competition you’re definitely more elegant, your skating is much smoother but it’s a little bit like déjà vu for me, with a different outfit each week. You need to put more into it and if you’re still here next week I would strongly suggest you listen to Jayne and Chris next week.”

Actress Danniella Westbrook and skating partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Dusty Springfield ) and scored 24 out of 30. She said: “I think I ate too many roast potatoes because he couldn’t get me off the ground!” Phillip then asked if she had any worries about the float spin and she replied “I never worry about anything Chris and Jayne give us to do, I’d know they’d never let me down.”

Angela Rippon (scored 5): “I absolutely loved it because you told a story with real drama and passion. Your transitions were wonderfully smooth, you remained graceful and smooth throughout. Those lifts were amazing. Great dancing technique as well as good skating.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4.5) “A lot of the skating is good because you are covering the ice well. When you cross over make sure your feet do cross over. But overall it was super. I did take off point five because you couldn’t get off the ground at the end.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 5) “What most impresses me about you was your attitude, it’s exactly what we are looking for in contestants to go all the way. You will give everything a go; that was a fully committed performance, even if at time slightly psychotic. The lifts were fantastic, you were committed all the way through. It would have been a 5.5 from me it was that good. “

Next up was actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to Sherry (The four Seasons) and scored 17 out of 30. Having scored 17 again Danny said: “We haven’t gone down so that’s always good. It was good I’m still really, really enjoying it.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4) “ I thought you were strong, I love the fact you take constructive criticism, you take them on board you go away and really work on those things. That is why I think you can do well in this competition. The last couple of weeks I’ve kind of been missing that cheeky chappy but I think he’s coming back.”

Nicky Slater (scored 2.5): “I so hate giving this low a mark. I’ve given it because it’s really not that good for me, the elements are separated, its very slow you’re not skating out. He really needs to take the breaks off and stop it being so contained.”

Danny replied: “Nicky’s a skating judge he’s been there and done it all before so he knows what he’s talking about. If we’re here next week we’re crack on and work hard.”

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to Get Happy (Ella Fitzgerald) scoring 26 out of 30, She said: “I’m feeling the pressure if I’m honest, week to week. The competition is really tough and to come top you feel like you’ve got to raise the bar each week.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4.5): “(asked why he marked Danniella’s performance higher than Hayley) “For a start Danniella didn’t mess up, Hayley did. Danniella also gave a very solid performance all the way through, it was completely different but it was just as good. Unfortunately yours would have been up there but you messed up the shadow step sequence and I have to mark down for that. I love you Hayley, I love your attitude, your work ethic. But I do rate you and I do score you harder because I know we can get more out of you.”

Karen Barber (scored 5) “Mistakes can happen in a heart beat. You’re very well matched, the lines are perfect.”

Next up was actress Emily Atack and skating partner Fred Palascak skated to
Bad Boys (Alexandra Burke) and scored 17.5 out of 30 her highest score of the series so far. She said: I was so star struck (to meet Alexandra Burke). She gave me the best advice.”

Karen Barber (scored 3.5): “It was your best routine, you really bought attitude to the ice. Well done for the ‘table top’ lift, it took a lot of courage to do that. You’re still improving, we’re getting there slowly.”

Angela Rippon (scored 4): “ I thought it was a very impressive performance, like everyone else I was really impressed by those lifts. Although you were dancing to ‘Bad Boys’ you were actually quite a good girl and I would have liked to have seen you being more sexy, more raunchy. You’ve got it girl, go and sell it!”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3): “I watched something completely different. I didn’t feel there was enough raunch, I didn’t feel there was enough flirting going on. Your unique move at the top looked like you were rolling off a log, it was it was the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Your skating is the same, it’s the same safe uneventful lifts and your dancing hasn’t really progressed in my opinion.”

Actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov were next and skated to What About Now (Daughtry) scoring 22.5 out of 30 his highest score of the series so far. He said: “I’m just trying, Jason said he wanted to see more performance. It was great, it was really good fun, I really enjoyed it.”

Emma Bunton (scored 4.5) “It was smooth, strong I love the way you throw Maria around with ease. You told a story tonight and I got it. Gary , I thought you were actually quite sexy tonight. Even in the green I liked it, a really great performance and smooth skating”

Nicky Slater (scored 5): “What got me in this performance was that you are attacking your skating and you are really going for those lifts. It’s not consistent yet but you’re skating out and that’s a risk because it can go horribly wrong but that’s what I love and admire. It’s stepping up week by week for me.”

Boyzone’s Mikey Graham and partner Melanie Lambert skated to Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash) scoring 18.5 out of 30. Phillip asked if it was helpful being given a character to play on the ice and Mikey replied: “It keeps your mind off the intensity of being on the ice, you kind of drift away as the character.”

Anglea Rippon (scored 3.5): “I’d have liked to have given you more Mikey, I think you’ve taken to skating like a duck to water but there wasn’t a lot of yee-ha for me. I thought your dancing was a bit lacklustre and under performed. I’d have liked to have seen even more of the character of the cowboy coming out.”

Karen Barber (scored 4): “Well I saw the yee-ha and for me it was a fun routine that really showed your personality. We’re almost back to where we were a few weeks ago. Let try and up the game a little bit.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4): “What I love about Mikey is you don’t mind being a little idiotic out there. You don’t take yourself so seriously you get out there and have fun and it’s uninhibited. There are still things that are annoying in the sense that some simple steps trip you up because you lose focus. I still see the thought process catching you up sometimes. I disagree, I thought you had a great yee-ha out there, it was good fun.”

Sharron Davies was the seventh celebrity to leave the competition. Sharron and Emily Atack found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. All the judges voted to save Emily. On hearing the news Sharron said “I have enjoyed my time, first and foremost just had the best partner I could ever wish for he’s been fantastic. The atmosphere behind stage is fantastic, thank you very much for the experience, I won’t be hanging up my skates.”

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Seven

Oooh, loving Holly's dress! A shout out for Amy Williams and her Olympic Gold as T&D take to the ice to The Buble's Haven't Met You Yet (Foxy in heaven!) and a truly lovely routine. See, Holly agrees! The required element this week - the celebs choreographing the opening and closing of the routines themselves - anything goes! Angela Rippon the guest judge, looking for the confident performers.

Kieranne all punked up! Dancing to the Buzzcocks - they've never heard of Ever Fallen in Love? Er, I've got that ...OMG, they're still going! Are Kieranne going to Pogo? Love the get up and yes, I wore leopard print back in the day ... a couple of stumbles but great fun, full of attack and he was dancing. Good effort! Score: 19.5 Well done! He's gobsmacked ...

Sharrel not keen on I Want Candy, I can't blame her - and her body's a wreck! Two prolapsed discs and a dodgy shoulder beats my one prolapsed disc! She's changed the music to Stay and with it we have a nice elegant opening and finish with good lifts in between. Score: 16 Emma, did you miss the bit about the injuries? C'mon, give her a bit of credit for not giving up!

Mattiella and a bunny boiler version of You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, packing the action into this one! Fabulous, such a great routine, full of drama - terrific start, nearly fluffed the float spin but got it back. Score: 24

Dannie have Sherry by Frankie Valli, not a favourite of mine, in fact, I think it's a god-awful song. Some great moves in there, still seems a little unsure at times. Score: 17 again! Isn't this bizarre!

Hayliel to Get Happy. Oh, yes - I'm so liking the look of this - what was there not to love, apart from the fluffing up of the step sequence? The choreography throughout was a joy, the routine fantastic. Score: 26 you think it could have been sixes but for the teensy mistake.

Fremily have Bad Boys and they bring Alexandra in to show Emily how to do 'sass'. She still didn't give it enough, but good lifts - though lost confidence in the big one and grabbed Fred again, good effort overall, her best yet, she's moving up the board. Score 17.5

Garia to Westlife's What About Now, my current turn-it-up-when-it-comes-on-the-radio-song, going for the heartbreak and oooh, Gary, now that had 'it', what we've been waiting for, full of emotion, very sexy, loved the angel lift, gorgeous. Score: 22.5 He's getting there!

Mikanie's gone a little bit country to Johnny Cash Ring of Fire with lots of lovely fringing - great interpretation, stayed with it all the way through, fun and entertaining, loved the lassoo section. Nice one! Score 18.5

Wouldn't like to call the bottom two - my votes are for Garia, Mattiella and Hayliel. See you later! I'm back - but frankly, I really don't give a stuff about the results now - after witnessing what I think is pretty appalling behaviour again by Jason, tweeting about Sharron - like I said myself, the celebs don't sign up for this level of sh*t by the judges -

Finally Sharron's true colours came thru. I am appalled at her disrepect toward Jayne&Chris. Bad sport diva brat. She's got to go!! (before the results)

followed by:
@danwootton basically the miserable cow didn't like the music or her routine had a strop and changed it without their approval. Rude brat

I thought this was a light hearted, light entertainment show not the sodding Olympics - that's on the other side - and much as I adore Chris and Jayne, she was having the same problem last week so why not give her a slow routine this week - if, like Emma, the public are seeing the same each week then they'll stop voting for her, won't they? But the producers, judges and everyone else shouldn't be lining up to slag her off because she dared to make a decision for the sake of her own health.

It's really taken the shine off the show for me personally - this is exactly the same problem Strictly suffered from season before last and why Arlene was replaced - the judges believing they're some kind of Gods and forgetting that most of us don't give a toss who they are - constructive criticism, that's their remit - leave it at that.

For what it's worth - safe: Kieranne, Hayliel, Garia, Mattiella, Mikanie, Dannie. Sharron versus Emily, Sharron makes the mistake that's all they need, Emily skates out of her skin and give it the sass she didn't have before - 5-0 to Emily, which is the right result for the right reason.

But I'm left bloody furious.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Let's Dance for Sport Relief

Kicking off three weeks of semi-finals, six acts perform with one to go through on the public vote and one put through by the judges, those dance experts tonight consist of Jason Manford, complete with dancing cliches, Kimberley Walsh and Frank Skinner.

First out is Rufus Hound as Cheryl Cole doing Fight for This Love and, as Martin Offiah said, it's wrong but so right - he was fantastic, had her moves and the attitude spot on, brilliant start, and it'll be hard to top. Frank quips it'd make a good advert for the Sally Army!

The Olympians (Mark Foster - he's really got the dance bug hasn't he? Jamie Baulch, Leon Taylor, Iwan Thomas, Dalton Grant and Heather Fell) do Vogue by Madonna and they're very slick, nice touch with the sporting references at the end.

Katy Brand performs Beyonce's Single Ladies and nails it totally! I hated this song when it first came out, but since seeing the baby dancing on Youtube, and Glee, it now just brings a smile to my face. Between Katy and Rufus so far!

Snooker v Darts -Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne, Bobby George and Tony O'Shea team up for Run DMC's Walk This Way and have a ball! Full of energy; Frank quips that in a show full of people dressing up, Bobby has actually dressed down!

The Newsreaders -what is it with this lot and dancing, any excuse! Louise, Ellie and Matt with a Flavia choreographed hot Tango to Kiss of Fire and they're very, very good! Great bum shake by Matt and all in the character, well done!

Casualty and Holby together for Jai Ho and this lot throw themselves into it, thoroughly enjoyable, fun routine, the boys particularly look like they could happily carry on all night.

The results are in and, brilliant though they all were, it's Rufus straight through, with Katy joining him courtesy of the judges, taking the decision over the Casualty and Holby team.

Steve Jones and our Claudia keep them all in check, what treats do they have for us next week?

Snippets! SCD, Streetdance

Arlene will apparently be writing a set of childrens' dance books, featuring a girl called Alana who's mad about dancing with the two instalments ready for Christmas. Claudia doesn't care who does Strictly, it's all about their journey - which is why we can all relate to her so much!

Former Britian's Got Talent winner and StreetDance star George Sampson is said to be joining the cast of Waterloo Road as a sixth former called Kyle.

Diversity, Kimberley Wyatt and Sisco Gomez have launched a search for Britain's best street dancing high school.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dancing On Wheels Week 2

It's the rumba and foxtrot this week and the couples in various stages of readiness: Michelle working hard to keep Harry positive; Heather training alone while Paul enjoys Glastonbury; Di has ditched her prosthetic legs and is enjoying the freedom; Kevin and Simone working on the luuurrrve factor; James concered for Caroline, who spent the night before the show puking up!

Di and Mark out first for an impressive foxtrot, setting the bar for the evening, Di loving every second, great partnership, very musical, a shoe in for next week. Paul and Heather much improved on last week, although I think Heather was counting! It wasn't enough to save them from the dance off again though their rumba was better the second time around. Simone and Kevin also had a rumba and Simone once more gave a lovely performance, Kevin's arms a bit poncey but they have so much potential and the judges put them through. Harry and Michelle's rumba a bit messy and although also improved on last week, it doesn't keep them out of the dance off; kudos for Harry, carrying on with his legs in spasm. James and Caroline take Performance of the Night, both shone in their lovely foxtrot, the only couple who managed that.

So with James & Caroline, Di & Mark and Simone & Kevin all safe, Harry & Michelle took on Paul and Heather in the dance off, with Harry and Michelle's improved performance and potential getting the nod from the judges.

It's all pretty even now, going into week three!

Got to Dance: The Final

It was a Kent dancing double this weekend, as little streetdancer Akai won with this fantastic, tight performance, his best of the competition, and very cheeky!

Through to the final three with Akai, were dance troupe The Box with another, multi-coloured dreamscape. Jukebox Juniors made up the third act for the final dance off, starting with a tune from The Wiz - remember that? Yes, I have the album ... they're a brilliant bunch of kids, an amazing cantilever trick, full of energy and fantastic dancing, my favourites from the moment I saw them!

Another impressive performance from Matthew Koon utilising a major piece of equipment, but it wasn't enough to make it through; he has a big future though, no doubt. Emily sparkled in a silver and gold gymtastic display, with MJ Latin doing their best in an early MJ inspired Latinfest, in which I think the boys solo dancing shone.

Performance of the night for me though - the unbelievable Diversity who seem to top every performance, I can't wait to see the StreetDance movie!

Monday, 15 February 2010

News in Brief: SCD, SYTYCD, BGT,

Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Revel Horwood will be taking over the role of Edna Turnblad in hit West end Musical, Hairspray ... So You Think You Can Dance finalists, Tommy and Lizzie are signed to appear in the Hip Hop show Blaze, premiering on March 11th ... Watch out Ashley, there's a four year old hot on your heels, who wowed at the Britain's Got Talent auditions! Are we happy about this, is it too much pressure - or will he (like I think) be too young to understand and be just happy to dance? Steppin' up to the dance, excellent article by Caroline Briggs on the BBC Newspage on how dancing is taking over the country!

So You Think You Can Dance: Final Clips!

Dancing On Ice Official Result and Comments

Love was in the air for a special Valentine’s Day Dancing on Ice and the show opened with all the celebrities dancing on ice to The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News.

The first couple on the ice were Actress Danniella Westbrook and partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to You’ve got the Love ( Florence and the Machine) scoring 20 out of 30. She said: “ I am over the moon I just love this, it’s a great show to be a part of.”

Karen Barber (scored 4) “Yes it was a new move and you did lose a few marks because of the mistake, but I love your work ethic you two give it hundred percent, such conviction when you skate I think your the dark horse in this competition, people are going to have to look out for you.”

Michael Ball (scored 4) “You look like a couple when you dance together, she looks like she is loving it. It’s so important for an audience member to see that enthusiasm, and to see that joy on the ice, and it was lovely to watch and the lifts were fabulous and itwas a shame about the little wobble there.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 4) “I absolutely agree but I am going to fine tune you now as we are half way through the competition and yes you are doing brilliantly, better then any of us expected, however there are things that you have to do to up your game.”

Actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson) and scored 17 out of 30. He said: “I enjoyed that so much.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3.5 ) “ What it is from my point of view on a performance level is that it is still very unfinished and I keep saying this every week and that is why my marks are still the same because you still have this overall presentation where it’s unfinished. There are still a lot of things that you are still not doing in holding yourself particularly in your upper carriage .”

Nicky Slater (scored 3 ) “What I am seeing, probably from a different point of view , I am seeing the same as Jason. I am seeing an element done and you do difficult elements, you do lifts and you’re strong in them and then there is a gap. At times you skate out like you can go fast and then you stop to do the element so there is no seamlessness about it. Ice skating needs to flow from one move to another and needs to have speed, you have the ability to do that and that is why the marks are not higher, just knit it together and then the marks will go up.”

Actress Emily Atack and skating partner Fred Palascak skated to Saving All My Love For You (Whitney Houston ) and scored 13.5 out of 30. She said: “– I am disappointed but they know what they are talking about. I have struggled but it’s what the competition is all about.”

Emma Bunton (scored 2.5 ) “I’m afraid it wasn’t as good as last week, the others have a lot more context and I need to see more of that, I need you to push it a bit more.”

Karen Barber (scored 3 ) “I think the injury has really hindered your training this week we’ve had to think of new things to replace the original things , you are one of the most improved, but the performance wasn’t as strong and that was to do with the injury and nothing else.”

Michael Ball (scored 3 ) “On the plus side what you did do is you dug deep and you gave a performance but you were a bit passive in the partnership, I wanted to see more passion going into it but your are getting better and like I said the show must go on and you didn’t show it in your eyes.”

Boyzone’s Mikey Graham and partner Melanie Lambert skated to Love on a Mountain Top (Robert Knight) scoring 18.5 out of 30. Afterwards he said: “Sometimes you have good weeks and sometimes you have bad weeks and it’s about digging deep.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4 ) “Yes it was so much better than last week, not quite the same height as two weeks ago, but what I liked was the flow over the ice, the ice coverage. When you lost it and had the wobble moments you did pull it back together for the end and that’s great credit to you both.”

Emma Bunton (scored 3 ) “ Mikey I absolutely adore you, you are brilliant at what you do but I really want you to get the confidence back you had the first couple of weeks because through the whole routine for me you were looking down a lot and I want to see that gorgeous Irish charm back and I am missing that but you are great, but I want to see more performance.”

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies with skating partner Pavel Aubrecht skated to We Want the Same Thing (Belinda Carlisle) and scored 15 out of 30. She said: “It was great, a really fast routine and I really enjoyed it.”

Karen Barber (scored 3.5 ) “I thought it was a great routine there is a lot in there. I think you have finally accepted what Dancing on Ice is all about, for me we did turn a corner this week, not only do you enjoy the routine you now seem to be enjoying the experience, but I think those marks were lower than they should have been.

Michael Ball (scored 3 )“There is one thing that I’ve been dying to say to you Sharron are an incredible physical specimen, and if you would just beware of lifting the head up, your neck is always going forward and it ruins the lines, finish of your moves because you just glory in the way you look physically..

Jason Gardiner (scored 2.5 ) “Well the reason why I have a problem with you Sharron is because it’s mechanical it’s like almost watching an android, you don’t physically express anything, you do the movements and it’s all there and Michael is right you have a tight upper back and neck and there is no release.

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to Endless Love (Diana Ross and Lionel Richie) scoring 26 out of 30, highest score of the series so far She said: “Thank you that’s all I can say.”

Karen Barber almost in tears after that performance (scored 5 ) “ You know when you watch a performance and yes we have to submit a mark, but that was so emotional to watch that it was beautiful I was very proud of you both.

Jason Gardiner (scored 5.5 ) “ That was quite simply sublime it swept a long from start to finish, you soften to his touch everyone was just beautifully placed I felt the love tonight from the two of you, it was spectacular.”

Michael Ball (scored 5 ) “ To see a couple connect, it was beautiful congratulations.”

GMTV’s Dr Hilary Jones with his skating partner Alexandra Schauman, skated to Higher Love (Stevie Winwood) and scored 12 out of 30. He said: “It felt great, it’s lovely to do little bit of dancing.”

Emma Bunton (scored 2 ) “I absolutely adore you and I think you have achieved wonderful things, but I don’t think the competition can really start while you’re still here.”

Nicky Slater (scored 2 ) “There were elements of Todd Carty in that program in the nicest possible well, I see you doing the movements and then you wait for Alex to catch up and then you do the next movement, so there is a comedic quality in it and some flow over the ice and there were some good points but goodness! I think you need to be competing with passion and it’s safe to me, I think you know you can hurt yourself and your not really giving yourself as much as you could.”

Karen Barber (scored 3 ) “There is a lot of effort and there is improvement and my marks show the improvement and you clapped in time.”

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to Don’t Know Much (Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville) and scored 19.5 out of 30. A stunned Kieron said: “I don’t get scores like that!”

Michael Ball (scored 4 ) “It was a different skater than last week, the thing he’s got to really concentrate on now, (because technically I don’t know, I think he has the moves) is the body again. It’s finding that strength in the neck, dropping the shoulders and having that attack, but the partnership is so believable, it’s lovely to look at.”

Nicky Slater (scored 4.5 ) “I think moving over the ice you definitely do, still your arms at time’s are weak but you were relating to each other and as a skating performance I was impressed. “

Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov skating to My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder) scoring 21 out of 30. He said: “It such a beautiful song so thank you for that I couldn’t of asked for a nicer song and I am happy with that.”

Nicky Slater (scored 5 ) “I was so impressed, from the start it was gentle, easy on the eye for me and you were leading your partner and dancing together. I love the way that some of the movements were seamless, it was one movement linking into the other and there was a connection and I loved it.”

Jason Gardiner (scored 3 ) “ Gary the romantic lead that you have in your back pocket - I think you sat on him and crushed him. You have one smile on your face and that’s it all the way through, yes you moved beautifully overt the ice and I get frustrated because I can see you could give us so much more but you hold back every week with the performance.”

Dr Hilary Jones was the sixth celebrity to leave the competition. Danny and Dr Hilary Jones found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. All the judges voted to save Danny meaning that Dr Hilary Jones left.

On hearing the news Dr Hilary Jones said “Terrific fun I’ve loved been a part of it all, I loved all the guys I’ve skated with. It was the right decision Danny was far better skater.”

Tune in to Dancing on Ice, Fridays and Sundays, ITV1

So You Think You Can Dance Official Result and Comments

After six weeks of explosive performances, exhausting rehearsals under the tutelage of some of the dance world's leading choreographers, and dramatic judgements, Charlie Bruce has been named Britain 's Favourite Dancer, and crowned the winner of the first series of BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance.

Following a dramatic final week which saw fellow-finalist Robbie White withdraw from the competition, due to an injury sustained in rehearsal, tension was fever-pitch between the remaining three finalists as they headed in to the Grand Final.

Performing Pop Jazz, Tango, Hip Hop, Samba, Lyrical, Broadway, Jazz and Contemporary routines in groups and couples, as well as their all-important solos, the finalists had their work cut out to impress the viewers at home and get the chance to dance on the US show and take home the £100,000 prize.

Standing in for Robbie, who appeared at the start of the show with host Cat Deeley, were former contestants Alastair Postlethwaite, Mark Calape and Drew McOnie in routines partnered with the competing finalists.

McOnie later teamed up with former dance partner Hayley Newton to perform the Judges' Favourite dance from the series – their much-loved Contemporary 'Bed' routine performed in Week 2, choreographed by Raphael Bonachela.

After all the performances, the judges reflected on the performances of the evening.
Nigel Lythgoe said: "All the dancers were inspirational and, I think, for series two, it's going to inspire all the dancers sitting out there wondering if they'll audition. They're all going to get up and audition after tonight... any one of these three are worthy winners, and the whole point of not just the £100,00 but actually going to Hollywood to expose their talents to 20 million people and work with all those choreographers... it's a chance in a lifetime."

For Arlene Phillips, it was "a battle of the girls, and Lizzie tonight in Sweet Dreams – her acting was absolutely phenomenal... that edged it for me."

Louise Redknapp agreed it was all about Girl Power: "I'm along with Arlene on this one and I think Lizzie in Sweet Dreams and Charlie in the lyrical."

Sisco Gomez, however, sided with Tommy, saying that his routine with returning dancer Mark was the highlight: "That Hip Hop was representing."

After the couples' performances, each dancer performed a solo to showcase why they should be named Britain 's Favourite Dancer.

On Lizzie's solo, Louise said: "Let me say this is not a one-horse race! Lizzie, your solo every week is unique. Not many people can spin on their head the way you did. You are a strong, edgy, cool, exciting dancer and I love you."

On Tommy's shirtless solo, Arlene said: "Tommy, what you do is unique. I have to say last week's solo was phenomenal, this week's solo was phenomenal too. You live, breathe, hear, feel and see music. And taking your shirt off too was pretty good."

On Charlie's solo, Arlene said: "Charlie, you have just changed tonight and grown through this series. That solo was one of your best. It wasn't necessarily your very best, but what you have done through the night is mega, honey. Mega."

Eliminated in third place was Lizzie Gough, leaving Tommy Franzen and Charlie to go head-to-head for the title.

Of Lizzie's time in the competition, Arlene said: "Never mind the audience ringing and voting, phones will be ringing for Lizzie right now from choreographers and producers to get this outstanding talent in some way. I know that."

Following her elimination, Lizzie said: "I think I've been lucky because I've had a different style every week and I've never had a bad routine. I'm still going to go to America and kick ass over there!"

Cat Deeley later announced the results and, after weeks of hard-work, it was announced that Britain 's Favourite Dancer was Charlie!

Following the announcement, Nigel said: "I'm exhausted. To have seen Tommy and Charlie grow across this series has been wonderful. Both were spectacular this evening but, for me, Charlie edged it. I'm going to be so delighted to take her to America ."

And the newly-crowned champion, an emotional and tearful Charlie, said: "I'm absolutely speechless. Thank you so much. I did it. I did it... I'll never forget this!"

The results show had performances from Robbie Williams singing the official Sport Relief single, Morning Sun; a group dance featuring the three finalists to I Gotta Feeling choreographed by Paul Domaine; as well as a spectacular routine reuniting all the show's former dancers to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Six

Love is in the air *fetches bucket*

Group skate, lovely opening with them all out there, all looking happy and confident. Famous last words? I pity the cleaner who has to clear up all those balloons. The required element: Shadow step sequence! Musical chairs on the panel; Karen head judge in place of Robin.

Mattiella out first to You've Got The Love. Great effort, nearly fluffed the big lift but held it, little bit wobbly thereafter but the step sequence spot on and clearly loving every minute, a joy to watch. Score: 20

Dannie to Higher and Higher, great step sequence, nailed the lifts, not particularly musical and almost stopped dead at one point, but he worked very hard for that. Ooh, Frankie, check her out, having a dig Score: 17. Again!

Fremily and Saving All My Love For You - looks like she needs to strengthen her core maybe. Go on, go for it Emily - how tempted was she to snog Fred at the end there? Did the lifts, lovely routine, a moment away from wincing, so well done. Score: 13.5

Mikanie have Love on a Mountain Top, fast paced, nicely skated, I love those spreadeagle movements, so fluid and pretty to watch, step sequence spot on. Score: 18.5

Sharrel and The Same Thing. Good effort, bit stuttery on the step sequence, not as quick and strong maybe but lovely spins. Score: 15 Get in there Karen - the skating judges scoring higher than the non skaters. She's gearing up to get Jason ... he's just talked himself into doing a neck ripper. Not sure who the unfortunate partner will be!

Hayliel to Endless Love and - WOW - that was sooooo beautiful, anyone want to know what is meant about finishing your lines, just watch it again. Elegant, romantic, just gorgeous. Score: 26, well deserved.

Hilandra to Higher Love, and the trouble with clapping, a special lesson later and he gets it, he was in time! Way to go, Dr. Hilary! Improved again, step sequence in time also. Score: 12 Super Malcolm approved. Ooh, but, Nasty Emma, backed by Jason, Nicky accuses the Doc of playing safe; Karen's got her work cut out in that car park later, with three of them for a kicking.

Kieranne and Don't Know Much - his most sincere and best performance yet, really enjoyed that, lovely skating and very genuine connection between them. Score: 19.5

Garia and My Cherie Amour. Sod the romance, we want sex, Gary. Now. Thank you. Oh, ok, I'll settle for romance, that was very sweet and gentle and I was swaying along with a soppy smile. Gorgeous skating as ever, very smooth. Score: 21. Booooo Jason ... get in there Gary! The smile worked for me.

Oooooh, who to vote for ... um - Hayliel, Mattiella, Kieranne and Garia for me tonight! See you later!

The Skate Off: Safe - Fremily; Sharrel; Hayliel; Mikanie; Garia; Mattiella. Is the Doc safe? No - Kieranne are, aw bless - Doc fans, where were ya?

I can't see them saving the Doc - but, if Danny mucks up, will they have a choice? Dannie not completely clean, bit off time but not enough for them not to save him, good effort from the Doc, but as he says, his time is up, it's 5-0 Dannie. Isn't he such a lovely man though: Have I entered my second mid-life crisis? Fancying morning telly GPs? Worrying, isn't it. Bit like them having to choreograph their own special moves next week!!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Cue Music - The Grand Finale

Slight change of plan - Alistair not the only eliminated dancer taking part tonight, Drew and Mark stepping up too, it will be just the three competing for the title of Britain's Favourite Dancer. Robbie's in the studio, being all positive and heroic.

We kick off a marathon six dances each with the three of them dancing to I Gotta Feeling, a brilliant start, full of energy and power - hard to tear my eyes away from Tommy.

Next up, Tommy teams with Lizzie for the Emmy nominated Sweet Dreams jazz number by Mandy Moore and it's a wow: Intense, passionate, full of shapes and lines, timing is stunning. Still Tommy for me after that.

Lizzie and Charlie have a Karen Bruce Broadway to All That Jazz, it's Charlie's moment to shine - I just said that Louise - but Lizzie more than holds her own, sparkly.

Charlie and Tommy have a Katya and Klaus tango and *phew* Hot - full of attitude and passion, that's what we want. Awesome Charlie led brilliantly by versatile Tommy, so strong, so consistent.

Lizzie teams with Alistair for a samba - impressive, we know how difficult it is and Lizzie nailed some terrific technical moves in there, great job. Not supposed to be checking out Alistair but - he's found his hips *ahem*

Tommy and Mark with a Simeon special Hip Hop - their hands - let alone everything else - so precise, wonderful stuff, great to see them working together. Sorry Nigel - I want Tommy to stay being Tommy - that's who I love, he makes me enjoy whatever he's doing, I smile all the way through. Louise, stop copying me!

Charlie and Drew with a lyrical Mandy Moore, so impressive, would love to have seen Drew make the final, he supports Charlie beautifully, gorgeous routine with lovely leaps and lifts, full of passion. That just made it a tougher choice.

We're onto the solos: Lizzie, the hip hop queen does it again, although the big moves just stop it flowing like normal; Tommy and some lyrical breakdancing, another original solo, wondrous; Charlie puts her all into it, but not much different from before.

Tough, isn't it? Taking all into consideration though, it's Tommy for me - they've all been party to routines I've loved, but he's the one whose solos have consistently wowed me.

*EEK* Lines are closed! National Lottery ... yes, yes, get on with it *tut* didn't win again ... jeez, how many draws are there these days? *wills the clock onward* Can you believe those people who say winning won't change their lives? I mean - what's the point of buying a ticket? Donuts. Me, I'd employ a chef, a maid, a chauffeur; I'd have a sports club, a film club, a jazz club ... oh, we're back!

Group dance with the previously elimiated dancers, all so impressive, the finalists join them at the end. Just for fun, Nigel and Sisco vote Charlie, Louise for Lizzie, Arlene feels like the majority of us neutrals - vote for all of them! We recap the series, seems like way more than six weeks! The judges choice for an encore: Hayley and Drew to Speechless - the bed routine. And it leaves us that way a second time, fabulous.

Third Place: Lizzie!

Robbie Williams with his new, official Comic Relief single, Morning Sun. How did they persuade Kiefer Sutherland to play guitar there? Maybe with extra pies; I'm just sayin'. See, Robbie thinks he can dance: SCD next year? Clearly gagging for it.

And Britain's Favourite Dancer is: Charlie! Yay for the Kent girl - fully deserved on tonight's performances. Hope we see more of Tommy though, and congratulations to all of the dancers, they've kicked off the UK franchise with a brilliant first series. Thanks for making it so enjoyable :-)

So what's next - oh, yes - Let's Dance for Comic Relief, next week!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Dancing On Ice Friday

Mystery Judge Alert! Sneaky clips suggest a certain Michael Ball Esq. And so it is. Feeling the pressure, what kind of judge will he be? One open to bribery! No, he's going to be honest, he's looking for the connection between the couples. Hayley a standout for him, so too Daniella. A glimpse of Hayliel backstage, following their fall. Treatment looked painful. Ben convinced no sequin was to blame; Coleen defends the skaters honour.

Hilandra on the sofa, more confident and skating alone this week. A love and hate segment with the couples, dishing the dirt or whispering"Elephant juice" to each other. Try it in a mirror, think Valentine!

In a strange reversal, there's a psychologist on the couch, talking body language: Dr.Hilary's comforting finger. Look, I can only report what they show, it's not my fault. Mattiella protective of each other; Hayliel, grooming.

Valentine reminders: Kyran and Mel, Chasing Cars; Coleen and Stuart, Still the One. T&D choreographing a group routine comprising architect plans, miniatue ice rink and named buttons. Oh, and the couples, dancing to The Power of Love, when they're not giggling.

Sharrel and Mikanie on the sofa with Michael, checking out their training. Sharron much more upbeat and confident and looking terrific, lovely jumps, lift and very smooth. Mikanie also smooth and elegant skating, very fluid. Michael's thinking it'll be a doddle! They share some do's and don't's with him, with accompanying pictures:

Don't lose your temper (Karen beating up Nicky and Jason)
Do be nice (All the judges being nasty except Karen)
Don't get distracted (Emma and men - she learnt everything she knows from Arlene)
Be clear and concise (you don't want your witty insults lost amongst the baying crowd)

It wasn't much help, says Michael! Final clip of Hayliel, formidable.

Dancing on Wheels

Strong Language warning??!! James? No, it's Brian ... and the contestants *looks shocked* I'm kidding, Dancing on Wheels is an altogether different beast to Strictly Come Dancing, much more earthy and the documentary style narration reflects this. We're told their stories and there it stops, none of the repetitive VT's the other shows force feed us. There's simply no need, we know what these contestants have gone through to get here and it genuinely is all about their journey to come.

With Brian's Fame-style pep talk in their ears and with just four weeks training behind them, the couples took to the dance floor. The girls had Tango, with Simone, all major vampy attitude and her partner, Kevin setting the bar for the remaining weeks. Kevin a positive revelation - until you remember he's probably getting some in-depth personal tuition at home! But very impessive; I hope they let him do Strictly.

Closely following them are Mark and Diana, another top notch, full of attitude and a great connection, incredible spins. Is it unfair to say that was the best I've seen Mark dance? Diffferent kind of pressure, I guess, much more relaxed.

Carolyne and Martin couldn't quite match the aggression of the other two tangos and subsequently ended up in the dance off, with a slowish routine which I thought did hold the intent though. Judges James, Ola and Ade couldn't agree either.

The lads have a cha cha and unfortunately we're seeing more of the celebrity girls shaking their things. Michelle and Harry began well, but nerves took hold of Harry as they went along; Paul and Heather went off time unfortunately, which put them in the danger zone, while Caroline and James performed the best Cha Cha, James an improvisational contemporary dancer, full of confidence which showed in his assured performance.

It was Carolyne and Martin who lost out in the dance off to Heather and Paul, the judges taking through who they believe has more potential for improvement. Carolyne says she will continue to dance though, now she knows she can.

If you haven't previously read about the format of the show and the couples, you can catch up on my earlier post here.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Got To Dance Semi Final 3

Youngsters all the way as Akai and The Box take the remaining two places in Sunday's final. Tough draw too, a much higher standard overall than the other two semis, I thought. It was Adam's turn to showoff this week.

When Akai started I thought, yeah, he's good but it's a bit stop-start - then he moved into the popping and from there on in he was mesmerising. Cracking performance! The Box I hadn't seen before - a lovely, imaginative routine, touching and emotive. Far, far too cute *wipes eyes*

Dance Dynamix were full of attack, but not particularly tight and no special tricks to set them apart, good effort though. Eclipse were fabulous, I loved this nautical themed Lindy Hop, a full on proper showdance, all bounce and great timing. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Unity Youth I also loved - well, they used the Star Wars theme, job done for me! Musically fantastic, carried the space theme right through really well. Fancy Feet and their stunning footwork, great mix of modern and traditional, fantastic to watch.

So You Think You Can Dance Shocker!

It's true, I saw a bad bad rumour, now confirmed, that sadly, Robbie White is out of Saturday's final, due to a dislocated shoulder.

Robbie sustained the injury in training, so last week's eliminated semi-finalist, Alistair Postlethwaite will replace him. Now wouldn't that be some kind of fairytale, if he came through to win! He joins Lizzie Gough, Tommy Franzen and Charlie Bruce in the live final, 7.45pm on Saturday - check out more on the website.

Gutted for Robbie though, he's consistently been one of my favourites from the beginning. I hope you recover well Robbie and that we see more of you in the future, you've been a joy to watch. Check out Robbie's facts and figures on the website.

In other news, the BBC's Eleanor Oldroyd interviewed Torvill and Dean and Dancing On Ice are apparently bringing in a mystery judge, whilst Robin Cousins is away at the Winter Olympics.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interviews

After performing in two couples and solo routines each in the semi-final show, viewer votes left Mandy & Lizzie and Alastair & Robbie having to "dance for their lives" in solos in front of the judges for their places in the grand final of BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance.

The four gave their all in the final 30 seconds to save their space in the competition and judges chose to eliminate Mandy and Alastair, sending Lizzie and Robbie through to next week's finale.
Tommy Franzen and Charlie Bruce progressed straight through to next week's final on viewers votes.

Of the girl's final dance, Nigel Lythgoe said: "Girls, we are unanimous in our decision this evening. We are also unanimous in saying how delighted we are in even seeing both of you in our top three dancers. You should know, the pair of you, how wonderful you have been across the series and we respect you as dancers. Congratulations."

"Lizzie we have seen not so much your technique as your personality grow across this series. You're very shy even though you're a performer and to see that personality start to come out now, I'm a little sorry it hasn't been before this. But you have never been here in the bottom two and you find yourself here in the most important week of this series.

"Mandy you said all the hard work would be worthwhile if you get to the grand final. All the hard work has been worthwhile, but let me say I am ever so sorry you haven't made the grand final this year."

Of the boy's final dance, Nigel said: "Gentlemen we are again unanimous with our decision this evening. We are also unanimous in saying the pair of you are inspirational to guys out there thinking whether they should start dancing or not. Both of you are wonderful ambassadors for the world of dance.

"Alastair, how on earth you got into ballet I'll never know. I love the fact you still go down the pub with your mates... if you got a body like that from drinking beer, people would be drinking more beer! You have been brilliant in this series, you have been incredible. Tonight, though, for the first time I think I have seen someone dancing for their life and that was Robbie, and he overwhelmed you with his performance. He really looked like he was dancing for his life, and I am sorry but you won't be staying with us."

After her elimination Mandy said: "Before I start crying I just want to thank everybody who has helped me – I'm the blubbering American, I'm sorry. Everybody who has helped me get this far. Everybody who dances, keep dancing. It's worth it."

After his elimination Alastair said, on what has made his experience: "These people, these guys I've been working with – thank you everyone."

The results show had a performance from Leona Lewis, and a group dance featuring all six finalists to Big Spender choreographed by Karen Bruce.

Next week the remaining four dancers will be performing to win the competition, take home the £100,000 cash prize, get the chance to dance in Hollywood , and be named Britain 's Favourite Dancer. The grand final guest performer will be Robbie Williams.
The final So You Think You Can Dance show is Saturday at 7.45pm on BBC One, check the website for further details.

Missed the show? Catch up in 60 seconds!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dancing on Ice: Running Commentary, Week Five

In no particular order, as I've watched them on the website - on account of being out watching the other show live at the O2!

Hayliel going great - and then, somehow a lift didn't happen and they're on the ice. Had to wait for the music to pick up the routine again - but then still nailed the headbanger! Brave. Score: 21
Mikanie nifty footwork at the start, very together and musical, just the teensy stutters. Score: 15

Mattiella Tango! Love the pose at the end of the opening sequence. Captured the flavour of the tango, even some AT style flicks, they'd have got another vote from me for sure! Score: 20

Dannie, lovely skating this week, much more elegant and smooth, very nice performance. Score: 17

Hatt and another good performance, slight wobble but she's got a feisty attitude to it. Score: 15

Garia and some excellent, confident skating - and he's dancing! Went ever so close to the podium at the end there. Missed it though, obviously! Score: 18.5

Fremily all funky, getting into character, more skating, big solid lift, still not hugely confidence inspiring but improving. Score: 15

Hilandra is more smooth and confident again this week, not wat you'd call majorly exciting but we've seen a lot worse. Score: 11.5

Sharrel, and, I do believe Sharron is beginning to enjoy herself more. Some lovely lines and they're developing a partnership. Score: 16.5

Kieranne with a fun routine, thought he did really well, so surprised to see them in bottom two - until I see both he and Heather in the middle of the board, with the three below all having huge support. Score: 16

The official results and comments: Heather Mills was the fifth celebrity to leave the competition. Heather and Kieron found themselves in the bottom two with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the public vote. Karen, Jason, Emma and Robin all voted to save Kieron Richardson meaning that Heather left.

On hearing the news Heather said “I’m so excited that all the kids who have lost limbs are going out to skate.” Host Phillip Schofield said that she was “truly inspirational”.

First on to the Ice was actor Gary Lucy and partner Maria Filippov skated to Good Vibrations (Beach Boys) scoring 18.5 out of 30. He said: “I had a fantastic week. It helped me loosen up and bit and have some fun.”

Emma said “I think slowly but surely we’re seeing the real Gary It was a lovely performance and could see your personality come through. You seemed to own your performance.”

Nicky said” I’m a big fan of your skating. Whilst it wasn’t as clean and assured. It’s wonderful to see you having fun and letting go but can we please move up a gear for next week.”

Robin said “Finally I have to concur that’s been said. Get off those toe picks enjoy it and stop making excuses for being good.”

Heather Mills and partner Matt Evers skated to Chain of Fools (Aretha Franklin) and scored 15 out of 30. She said: “I was happy.”

Karen said “Lowest score because it was just one rotation in the required element. There was a lot more about it than last week.”

Jason said “Last week was so shaky and full of uncertainty but this week I was impressed because of the control you showed on the ice. In the lifts just make sure you lift up in the chin. Other than that not bad.”

Robin said: “Its lovely to see. When you’re at home what doesn’t come across is the speed and the attack that the two of you use across the ice.”

Actor Danny Young and skating partner Frankie Poultney skated to Tiny Dancer (Elton John) and scored out 17 of 30. He said: “It was good. Glad to get it done. A lot of steps and a lot of moves so a lot to think about. I think it was a bit better in the arms.”

Nicky said “My base mark was Gary and although you didn’t get the spin your doing big lifts very strongly. Go to ballet class again this week but I’m blown away from those big lifts.”

Jason said “Look its commendable you did ballet class and I can see you think about it don’t show it in the face. You look a little bit like you’re catching flies with a gaping mouth! Enjoy the lifts a little bit more and they will become more spectacular than they actually are. When you are getting those lifts show of in the a little bit more”

Actress Emily Atack and skating partner Fred Palascak skated to The Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani) and scored 15 out of 30. She said: “It is frustrating but when you’re competing with so many skater s hard work isn’t enough. You have to push yourself.”

Emma said “I’m pleasantly surprised. You look sexy. I know you found it difficult last week but look what happens. I’m so pleased for you and you’ve just shown me you’re a brilliant skater.

Nicky said “I love the way you were daring to present and stretch out. It’s the linking of the movements now but there’s a lot more to come.”

Jason said “This was by far your best week. I will say though watch the arms because they don’t develop at all because they’re just here or there but it lost a bit of the story.”

Boyzone’s Mikey Graham and partner Melanie Lambert skated to River of Dreams (Billy Joel) scoring 15 out of 30. Afterwards he said: “You can’t get it spot on every week so I’m happy with that. It’s certainly challenging. Every week there’s another physical complaint.”

Robin said “Difficult and challenging but if you’re going to do Mohawks the footwork has to be right. If you do the work with the feet you have to be correct. You were not close to being as good as Danny was. You can be consistent you can’t do it all the time. The thing that you are challenging themselves is great but you’re capable of doing more.”

Karen said “It’s not that you can’t do it but it’s not consistent. It’s a blip that’s all it is. Don’t’ worry.”

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies with skating partner Pavel Aubrecht skated to Fast Car (Mutya Buena) and scored 16.5 out of 30. She said: “It feels good. It was a lovely piece of music and I enjoyed that so much. I’m less tree like I’m enjoying it. I don’t want to stop learning.”

Nicky said “You’re a tall couple so you have presence on the ice. When you get into those positions it has a lovely flow. When you did the first arm movement the arm is up so it’s a little ungainly and your general skating is covering a lot of ice.”

Jason said “What a difference a week can make. They was some real grace. An improved leg line in your arabesque line. Again a problem still with the upper body. It’s very stiff and made of iron but sometimes it’s supple and it just relaxes. You need to learn to extend beyond yourself.”

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and partner Brianne Delcourt skated to Pencil full of Lead (Paolo Nutini) and scored 16 out of 30. He said: “I’ve been a man and took charge and told her what to do. Each week I’m getting more confident backstage.”

Robin said “So much more natural seeing you perform to music you can connect to. It felt like you wanted to be there. You were in control and leading your partner.”

Emma said “You really made me smile. For me I enjoyed your performance. You’re skating independently. You’re much stronger. The music glitch disturbed your performance. That proves you’re good at this because you carried on strong. It was brilliant.

Actress Hayley Tamaddon and partner Daniel Whiston skated to Just Dance (Lady GaGa) scoring 21 out of 30. They both fell during the routine and afterwards she said: “More shock than everything.” Daniel said “It was my fault. It wasn’t Hayley.”

Karen said “Not great to see that. You never know what’s going to happen but the quality and tricks are fantastic. There was so much good about it.”

Robin said “The rest of it was sensational and in a few weeks time you are going to be the first girl who can do the head banger with the correct takeoff and landing and we’ll have forgotten this.”

GMTV’s Dr Hilary Jones with his skating partner Alexandra Schauman, skated to Truly Madly Deeply ( Savage Garden ) and scored 11.5 out of 30. He said: “I’m more confident, more comfortable. There is some progress. If they’re saying the doc can do so can I and I’ve achieved something.”

Jason said “Dr Hilary the thing is what is missing from your performance particularly you’re so stiff. Everything is slow and laboured plus we’re not getting the content. It’s basically the same routines set to diff music”

Karen said “There is improvement. Unfortunately the spin was only over one rotation. There is improvement.”

Emma said “You have improved. You should be proud of yourself. You’re doing it for the dads out there. Much more sturdy than a couple of weeks ago. You’re doing a good job and you should be proud of yourself.”

Actress Danniella Westbrook and partner Matthew Gonzalez skated to Dance with Me (Debelah Morgan)scoring 20 out of 30. She said afterwards: “I was squeezing everything The tango lessons helped. It could have been a bit better towards the end.”

Emma said The tango is one of my favourite ballroom dances and you’re brilliant so I was expecting a lot and we were nearly nearly there I thought some of it needed more attack and a bit sexier. But otherwise Danniella your performances are always strong and you put everything into it so well done.”

Robin said “A bit more attitude but saw a completely different side and showed the audience that you are capable of lot.”

Next up, Dancing on Ice Friday and then all back again on Sunday, ITV1.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Cue Music - Semi Final

Nigel's been shorne!

First up then Lizzie and Robbie with a Karen Bruce Broadway/Vaudeville number and it's inspired! I've got the biggest smile on my face - completely fabulous, timing, energy, personality, fun, slapstick - The Hot Honey Rag from Chicago - brilliant!

Charlie's solo, all Latin and funky to Conga!

Mandy and Alistair contemporary, I Will Try To Fix You, not to mention the furniture. Powerful stuff, Mandy amazing, great partnership.

Lizzie solo - excellent, Bleeding Love ... standing back fall - I love those, just never knew they were called that!

Charlie and Tommy have a hot jazz by Sean Cheeseman, energetic, performed well, didn't quite hit my spot though, did go a little out of time.

Alistair solo, lines, big drop finish but can see where Louise is coming from with the "still more to come" vibe.

Robbie and Lizzie go Hip Hop, great for Lizzie, not so Robbie but courtesy of probably my favourite choreographer this series, Simeon, he's brilliant, he'll get the best from them. Mad! Fantastic, that just sealed it for me, I loved it, both brilliant, tight, musical, completely different routine to the US one to Mad.

Tommy solo - to the South Bank Show - completely brilliant, as ever, top solo.

Mandy and Alistair, Paso Doble - I could be swayed here, love the passion and drama of the Paso - although too powerful numbers in one night, they could've done with something softer for contrast. Nigel didn't like it and it was lacking something for me too, I didn't much like the music and that always makes a difference.

Robbie's solo - he's so luvverley - love the tee-shirt, an homage to Tommy's torso, maybe? He's still holding my vote.

Charlie and Tommy Quickstep - hello Karen Hardy! So who cares about the gapping, lol. Great song, fab performance, Tommy sublime, full of personality, timing, terrific - he's just secured a vote. Full of fun and frolics, just like Mary's little lamb. Remember that little rhyme? No? Ok.

Mandy solo to Feeling Good, another solid performance, loved the wave.

But it's Lizzie for me - she just seems to have mastered a bigger range brilliantly - ballroom, disco, contemporary, broadway and her hip hop is just unbeatable. Robbie also for the mix, hip hop, ballroom, contemporary, broadway. Tommy, as Arlene said, the dance maestro - whatever they've thrown at him he's delivered.

Let the nail biting begin!

What a start to the results show - Big Spender, all sophisticated and then the trouser drop. Genius!

Girls - in danger: Mandy. Safe - Charlie, unexpected, Lizzie never in the dance off before.
Boys - in danger: Alistair. Safe - Tommy, pretty much given if you saw the #sytycd tweets! Robbie in it, second week running. Mandy, the solo queen v Lizzie of the standing back fall, she takes it for me, my head and heart say she'll make it through. Alistair so controlled, maybe that's what Louise is getting at, not quite released himself enough; Robbie, adds a hint of hip hop at the end, taking on board the earlier comments, again both head and heart say Robbie. Or is it wishful thinking?

*bites nails more*

Leona Lewis sings I Got Choo - Nigel brings them forward and makes them feel warm and fuzzy with lovely tributes: Lizzie and Robbie it is, unanimously *Phew* But how the hell will I choose next week!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Dancing On Ice Friday

Mattiella and Hayliel on the sofa: Daniella's kids are enjoying it more than she is; Hayley and Dan used to fancy each other ... used to ...yeah; Mattiella have a Tango this week, oooooh - tricky and intricate skating; Hayliel have the dreaded headbanger, the earliest week it's ever been attempted. She's terrified, especially after they show Bonnie's little incident again! Who invented that - it's the most bum clenching toe curling thing ever! If Hayley had said no, they'd have given it to Daniella - who says yes, she'd do it - but no worries now, Hayley's got it covered!

Backstage pass at last week with Bobby Davro, into costume with Uncle Stephen - five million sequins, 720 fake tans later, Bobby's glad he's not there ... so am I, says Jason. Tony Gubba writes his running commentary during the morning training sessions.

Andi Peters on the sofa, reliving his grand entrance; he's hosting the tour and so far they've got Gaynor, Mikey, Chris Fountain and Ray Quinn! He's liking Heather and Danny so far.

Jayne and Chris mixing up the music and costumes ... no, they've kept it the same; Jayne teases us with her wardrobe; Gary went to Hairspray to sort out his performance levels. Robin and Jason on the sofa, even now there are boos - Jason confirms his apologies; Robin says they're not upset the public don't mirror their thoughts, expects everyone to feel differently. Training updates: Heather never says 'no' and neither does she expect or receive special treatment. Danny needs refining. The judges prefer quality over quantity - do simpler things better. Is that a message to Jayne and Chris to tone down the big moves a little?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Got To Dance Semi Final 2

Kimberley's turn, dancing to the PCD's Too Sexy and what can I say, Littlun's behind me singing along, he tells me it's on Pop Party. I'm scared to ask what he thought.

Matthew Koon and MJ Latin both made it through to the final - Matthew is stunning, his control, lines, the emotion. He's so fluid, it's riveting to watch. Check out those pirouettes. MJ Latin are very good but I'm too used to seeing so much Latin to be wowed, impressive for their ages though not as tight as streetdancers. Nice, as Adam says.

Raw Edge - nice tricks, creative and energetic, loved the Irish breakdancing, lol, added flavour, a little disjointed but enjoyable. Beyond Repair didn't do it for me I'm afraid - just felt I could've done some of it and that can't be good! Energy, that's what I was missing, as Kimberley pointed out.

Kane Ricca - I love tap normally but that was just too messy for me, however fantastic technically - just didn't seem to have any direction as a routine or connection with the music, except at the start when I thought he was spot on. The judges appreciate. DNA not particularly exciting, except the neck breaking trick, didn't quite capture the imagination as before.

Matthew the one to beat, easily the standout performance so far. Littlun's just informed he doesn't to be known as that - from now on it's Crusher. I think it's a reaction to seeing boys dance; I've got my work cut out, getting him into stage school ... even though he and his class mates are apparently staging Thriller in their assembley on Friday. Their ten minute assembley! He's got the bloody and ripped Tee-shirt all ready to go!

Snippets ... DOI, SCD, DOW,

Dancing on Ice's Jason Gardiner has been forced to apologise for his outrageous comments to Sharron Davies on Sunday, quite rightly too!

The Blackpool Tower management are in negotiation with Strictly Come Dancing to stage the whole show there next year ... will we see a one off show back at BBC TV Centre, with a celebrity pleading "Just let me make it to London, please get me to London ..." and a nice article here with the SCD Band's Hayley Sanderson.

An excellent article by Viv Groskop in the Guardian online, regarding the new celebrity status of choreographers!

And Mark Foster, soon to appear on Dancing on Wheels, shares his thoughts on Digital Spy.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interviews and Recap

On the show, Nigel said: "Yanet, you need to be careful that your personality comes out in your face as well as your body," he said. "You have a wonderful animalistic magnetism to your work that draws people in, but sometimes your face doesn't express that as much as I believe you're feeling it. Yanet, I don't think it's going to come as a surprise to you this week that you will not be in our top six."

Looking close to tears, Yanet said: "I am disappointed, just because I would have loved to continue the great work with the amazing choreographers. I feel like a winner - I've come such a long way on my own. I'm going to take the positive comments from the judges and hopefully will improve my career."

Moving on to the men, Lythgoe said that again the decision was "unanimous" but added that the panel was "terribly upset" to have to choose between McOnie and White.

"Without question, both of you could have been in our finale and I would not have been surprised if either of you had won," he said. "Both your solos were fantastic. We were not a fan of the gold telephone this week, Drew, but we are a fan of your dancing. Your dancing is so good you don't need props. Drew, I'm sorry and I'm surprised that I'm saying this, but you are leaving us this week."

McOnie said that he couldn't explain how he was feeling but added: "The whole experience has been one of the most amazing times of my life. It's genuinely changed me. The amazing choreographers we had the pleasure to learn from - I want to take that forward in my career to make me a better dancer and a better person. I hope this makes people want to dance as much as I do."

If you missed it, take a minute!

Next week's semi-final how starts at 7.05pm, keep up to date on the website until then!