Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Snippets; Louie Spence; NTA

Aleames training seems to be consisting mainly of the hand jive at the moment and in the rare moments we see, Alex looks bit un-coordinated and yes, Bambi-like! Nice arms though!

There are five dance shows in the running for the Best Talent Show award at the National Television Awards: Strictly Come Dancing; Dancing on Ice; So You Think You Can Dance; Let's Dance For Comic Relief and Got To Dance. Also nominated are Britain's Got Talent, X-Factor and Popstar to Operastar. Vote for your winners here.

The BBC have threatened to sue organisers of a raunchy show called Strictly Erotica, which features the famous Glitter Ball in its promotional material along with two ex-dancers, Andrew Cuerden and Hanna Haarala, from Series 3. I'm with the Beeb on this one - SCD is a family show and the Erotica show is clearly anything but. And there are some dippy people out there - none of you, obviously - who will see the Glitter Ball, recognise the dancers and turn up to receive the shock of their lives! Not Good!

Louie Spence on why there won't be another series of Pineapple Dance or his showbiz show.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Odds on it's the latest Strictly Come Dancing training footage ...

It's Harriona and they're tackling a Cha Cha and for all the "reported" problems *rolls eyes* he's looking pretty good.

And, oh, look, a SHOCK HORROR story the week before the show kicks off - I wonder how long the press have been sitting on that one? Alesha, dopey moo, puts her foot in it, with the revelation that a producer on the show had a bet on her to win (like it wasn't pretty obvious and, what's the betting the 'producer' turns out to be the half sister of the cleaner's auntie Ethel who attended a tour around the Beeb once?)

And I do wish these people would understand once and for all - it's a public vote! Even if said 'producer' threatened everyone else at gun point, they cannot influence who the public votes for! Unless it's far, far deeper than anyone can imagine and the whole lot are in on it and not bothering to count the votes at all, just pleasing themselves! I reiterate again - the winners have always, always been the most popular with the public, if not with the judges.

Of course, there was that slight blip the year Alesha won, when the judges failed to put through the only other contestant who could have nicked it off her ... oh, shut up!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing more training footage!

In first rehearsal footage, Pashee have been given a waltz and choreographically I'm very much liking the look of the bits we've seen; Chelsee is elegant and Pasha creative and that is a fab combination!

Antonollio also have a waltz and Nancy looks pretty comfortable in Anton's arms. But then, they all start off like that! And don't believe for one second that's the ending to that routine - Len wouldn't just be having kittens, he'd be having a pride of lionesses!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing - Live show, more rehearsals, line ups.

The line up for each of the opening shows has been released:

On Friday, 30th September it's Aleames; Robinita; Audalie; Danya; Brendulu; Robbiola and Russia.

On Saturday, 1st October it's Pashee; Vinwina; Harriona; Artolly; Jastina; Antonollio and Rorin.

And the tickets for the 2012 Live Shows have also been released - find out more here but shop around the different ticket sites for the best prices and seats.

First training of Robinita and I already love Anita's attitude. She's looking a little hesitant obviously but elegant for their waltz, those L plates will soon be gone. Robin is adorable.

Robbiola with a cha cha and you can see that Robbie is concentrating very hard to get it right; muscle memory will take over so it's finding the rhythm and flair to go with it. The hair thing is going to run and run ...

Katya, as I thought, has to get Dan to let go - but there is smooth movement there so I'm looking forward to Danya's waltz.

8 days and counting *Whoop*

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing: First glimpses of training!

The Beeb are releasing training footage of the couples - check out the vids here!

Contrary to initial appearances, Brendulu are working well together and I do think she'll surprise, she's got timing and rhythm, we know that, and the technique from the itsy bitsy piece there looks like it's coming along nicely - cha cha for them.

Rorin with Erin's speciality waltz, Rory looking a little stiff but lovin' his way of remembering the steps - it'll be fun to see who he does for other dances!

Vinwina have cha cha and the one thing you need is confidence, which Edwina has in abundance. She's not self conscious at all and will therefore probably put in a good performance - if she can stop herself being distracted by the lovely Vincent, obviously!

Kristina knows she's got a live one -Jason looking a little too wibbly wobbly in the cha cha at the moment but she'll sort him out - one to watch once he's sharpened it up. We're going to need to see the smile and personality though, Jastina!

Keep an eye out for the rest - except maybe Harry, who apparently had to take a week off due to his previous training stint with Ola.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Creative Arts Emmy Award for Nappytabs!

Nappytabs, or rather, husband and wife choreography team, Napolean and Tabitha D'umo have won an Emmy for their stunning lyrical hip hop choreography on the American series of So You Think You Can Dance.

Three performances were singled out: 'Twilex' Outta Your Mind you may be familiar with, it's a fixture in my links, plus Fallin by Comfort and Adechike, and Scars by Robert and Dominic - more scary Jokers than clowns! I agree with Adam - I thought the better dancer must have been the All Star Dominic and it turned out to be the contestant, Robert!

And check out Comfort and Twitch, just for the sheer joy of it!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Series 9: We have lift off!

And straight into a Lady Ga Ga top hat and cane Pro Dance, very stylish; Aliona paired with Artem and new boy Pasha with Katya.

Sir Brucie (he wasn’t going to mention it) and a canary cullotted Tess – hope the sellotape holds – introduce our cast *cue lots of embarrassed shuffling from side to side to the theme tune* before the partnerships emerge:

Robbie – outer confidence hiding the nerves – is paired with ... Ola! Team Robbiola it is - she’ll have no trouble keeping his attention on her!

Dan – may need the acting coach – gets Katya, so maybe not! Team Danya could surprise.

Harry – earnest little fellow – given Aliona to bring out his naughty side! Team Harriona will be up at the top from week one.

We’re treated to Pasha showing what he can do, helped by the Lady pro’s – but my attention is actually taken with Hayley Sanderson and the band – superb in that!

Chelsee – hoping for a hottie and gets ... Pasha, naturally. Team Pashee might be fabulous, might be a little too much, if they keep on with the showmance stuffage.

Anita - trim but nervous – paired with Robin. Team Robinita could quietly stick around a while.

Lulu – is grabbed by Brendan and given a fireman’s lift up the stairs, her fire’s well and truly lit ... Brendulu are a powerful combo, if Lulu can nail it, Brendan’s ethic will work for them.

Dolly Parton provides the musical interlude, lots of fringing and sequins, that’s the spirit. And is that Lulu, sneaked back down and into the backing vocals? Clever how they edit it all together, isn’t it ;)

Jason – showbiz no problem – paired with Kristina, two happy bunnies. Team Jastina will be front runners.

Rory “once I’ve got the skates on” very drole – Erin to guide. Team Rorin, the thinking fans choice.

That leaves Russell, seemingly very comfortable with the whole caboodle, and Audley, who’s found his smiley face, to be paired with ... Natalie and Flavia. They wouldn’t, would they? No, of course they wouldn’t – Audley and Natalie (Audalie) will the fittest survive? Russell and Flavia (Russia) from Russia with laughs, lots of them!

Another Paso-tastic inspired Pro dance to Sweet Child of Mine, featuring chairs and feathers as well as capes – I think we can safely assume that props will be back again!

Alex – can she top Matt – possibly, she’s got James! Team Aleames should also be in the mix.

Edwina Currie – wanted Artem, got Vincent. Team Vinwina I don’t think will enjoy the same success as Widdyton.

Holly – down to earth, good timing, judging by the banter with Sir Brucie:

Bruce: "How would you feel if my name was in that envelope?"

Holly: "I'd be a lucky girl."


Holly, dead pan to camera: "No".

Artem gets the girl-most-likely-to again (hardly seems fair!) Team Artolly have a lot to live up to.

Nancy and Anton. Team Nanton - can’t see Nancy agreeing to be spun around the floor... or will she?

The Group Dance We’ve All Been Waiting For! Can You Feel It? Jason, Harry, Lulu and Russell the ones who caught my eye, all letting go. Having said that, the complete opposite will happen when we’re off for real on Friday 30th September. Keep an eye on the BBC website for training updates and clips and keeeeeeep dancing!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Line Up Official!

Yes, for once, the rumours appear to be true! Which I'm actually really disappointed about. Not with the celebrities taking part (another good mix) but in that there were no surprises, which is all the fun of the official launch. So thanks, mystery leakage person who couldn't keep your mouth shut. Thanks a lot.

So what do we think? Here's the full listing, with biographies, via the BBC. Who'll be this year's non-dancer who the public will love? Who'll be the pretty princess the judges will love but makes the rest of us yawn? Who will women be falling at the feet of?

I'm not even going with predictions as to who'll be the best/worst, because we all know it all turns around on the first night, when those we deem to be favourites will fall flat and those we're expecting to dislike will win us over. Instead, I'll muse gently on how fantastic to be a tennis player called Lobb and how long it will be before Sir Brucie calls Alex 'Christine'; for which dance the band will manage to adapt 'Anyone Can Fall In Love' for Anita and how many clips we will see of Russell holding out his trousers to show how much weight he's lost (10 stone and counting!) In which show will they wheel out a football joke - aimed at Nancy, not Robbie, who himself will the subject of a Sun Headline: Judges Savage Robbie's Samba. And will Audley have to suffer Bruno's "You're punching above your weight!" or a "Oh, dear, you were out for the count." Can Rory do a passable impression of Fred Astaire and will Lulu be a guest vocalist for Harry's McFly when it's all over? Will Chelsee be allowed near the top of a windy Tower Ballroom tower wearing that thing on her head? Will we be able to remove the image of her with John Major from our heads, when Edwina does the rumba? And how many times will The Press prefix Jason and Holly with 'Ex Neighbours star...' even when the series is into week 10 and WE KNOW already, jeez - they have done other stuff since!

Roll on those partnerships, I've got team names to think of ...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Series 9 launches this week!

The launch show for Strictly Come Dancing Series 9, which is being recorded on Wednesday, will be broadcast this Saturday at 6.10pm.

Contrary to reports, the full line up has not been released yet, although new rumours include Harry Judd from McFly (who won Children in Need's last show with Ola Jordan - no pressure!), the evergreen and effervescent Lulu - who I think would be a great contestant, following her appearance on Let's Dance for Comic Relief earlier this year - Daybreak sports presenter Dan Lobb, impressionist Rory Bremner and Waterloo Road's Chelsee Healey.

According to the sun, the line up will be revealed on Tuesday's The One Show, but the celebs won't find out their partners till Wednesday.

Dolly Parton will be the first musical guest of this series.

Arlene Philips, Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova will be appearing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, discussing the transformative power of dance.