Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dancing on Ice Live Blog, Week Three: Judges back in the game.

Top hat and tails meets 70s retro, we've a mixed bag tonight by the look of it.

Katilla, in the top hat and tails out first, to Minnie the Moocher. It's cool and smooth, nailed the lift, great musical timing for most part. Score: 16 Emma says it's cool in a classic way but be more of a leading man; Robin says he brought the flavour, don't slouch but really well done and Jason says that moments executed were pretty good but needs to elongate his lines and present better. Karen and Jason are off already - Karen praises Rob/Ice for studying the style and being out of his comfort zone.

Emma got engaged during the interval and is also pregnant - I mean to say, that's bloody quick work, isn't it? Not sure Jade would want everyone to know it's manageable during an interval ...

Michloe next to The Climb, in which she's doing the Sinitta lift - remember that? A very pretty start, some lovely skating and the lift is perfect, nice lines throughout. Score: 19 well deserved. Robin likes her determination, trnasitions, but turn out more; Jason says she's very stable but had a baboon's bum (see, obsessed!) Emma says she was smoother and softer than last week, lovely to see her blossoming.

Mattise are camping it up to Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme, with a few lovely lads thrown in. Denise out on her own to begin with, checking out the booty ... she's found her man and there's nice lifts but not an awful lot of skating; the smile still looking a bit fixed. Score: 9 Jason says it was better in rehearsal, lacked the man eating cougar, not stepping up in performance. Robin says she needs to allow it to flow and have fun with it; Emma says she's fun to watch, she brings energy and sparkle.

Domandra going for difficulty - death spiral alert! Skating to Feel, nice solo spot, a little bit nervy but a big fall in rehearsal has knocked the confidence - nailed the spiral and other big lift too. Score: 11.5 Emma says he's a selfish performer, couldn't see why she was there *boos* (clearly, he was rattled by the fall and was concentrating extra hard) Jason says stiff and rigid, no showmanship; Karen agrees there was tightness but reminds them of the fall; Robin says adequate and tentative.

Colaurin out next to All The Lovers - what is that skirt all about - still, terrific skate, she's growing on me, very fast and assured, could be a little more elegant. Score: 19.5 Top of the board. Jason says she has great musicality and it's an enigmatic partnership but watch the stumpy legs in and out of lifts; Emma adores watching her and says she'll be brilliant when the confidence comes.

Stevina skate to Rhythm of the Night - unfortunately, the arms at the beginning look likes he's waving someone off down the docks. Timing is out but I thought he was steadier on his skates this time, though he needs to support his partner more and the missed choreography session is showing. Score: 7 Robin says he's enjoyable but for the wrong reasons, skating not good; Jason called him a natural disaster, like watching a drunk holiday maker at a seaside disco!

Jeffabelle with I Want You Back - nice crossovers, nice lift, a natural dancer, a couple of stumbles put the timing out, especially the spins, but he pulled it back each time. Score: 11 "Group inseminations" *eek* his "little petit filous"? Stop talking now Jeff! Jason says sloppy and messy, missing a couple of chromosones but a solid partnering; Karen says it doesn't need to be so personal, they're skating under pressure; Robin agreed with everyone, wasn't as smooth but was technically difficult. Emma feels frustrated (hardly surprising, see earlier note) so much better in rehearsal, something not quite there yet. Command our attention, butts in Robin.

Fravitty have a dance lesson before taking to the ice for The Way You Look Tonight - and he's much better than before, shoulders a little hunched and timing is shocking but no strings attached, more fluid over the ice. Score: 9.5 Robin says he sort of coped, but slow and controlled, needs some punch; Jason says he can't dance, can't perform, can't hear the beat but finds him entertaining, though technically a disaster; Emma says lacking in timing and rhythm, they were chuckling.

Jennibonbon and work is taking its toll - yuck, nasty looking leg. Skating to California Gurls and she's out on her own to begin, great step section, a little sticky on the leg sweep thing but a great routine, showing her fun side. Score: 19.5 . Jason liked the confidence and how she unfurled in her movements, some awkwardness, fun was missing? Robin says the character comes and goes; Emma loved her beautiful lines but keep control.

Samianne to Stop and Stare and oh, wow - he is just gorgeous to watch, nailed the spiral, and the big lift, beautiful controlled and lyrical skating and acted the part too. Score: 25 Emma just wanted to stand, a joy to watch; Robin rates the power and control in the partnership connection, beautiful to watch, a semi-final performance. Karen says he's so exciting to work with, tonight a massive achievement.

Johnseyne is Into Something Good - why am I thinking Shooting Stars? Oh, yeah, cos we really wanna see that finger ... two assisted jumps! That was a lovely, clean and very sweet skate, confident and cheery. Score: 13 Jason compliments his attitude *rest, take note* says it was more assured but needs performance and dance work; Robin says it's not as smooth technically and needs a bit more oomph, let it go!

Kerriel ... please, quit with the whining ... skating to Respect - someone's dropped a bottle of ink down her back - bit ungainly, good lifts but unconvincing in the character I thought, not a comfortable skate, and not much skating actually. Score: 14 Robin says she's being herself (emotionally unstable?) and more skating is needed. Jason says she's too reliant on Daniel and has clunky transitions but Emma, while agreeing on technical skills likes that's she's expressive, has energy and character and it was a fun routine.

Back at 9.30pm then!

The Skate-off: Safe - Kerriel; Samianne; Fravitty; Johnseyne; Colaurin; Katilla; Jeffabelle; Jennibonbon; Michloe; Mattise! It's Domandra versus Stevina! Domandra still a little nervy but no mistakes and good movement over the ice. Stevina can't really compete with that and it's a clean sweep with the judges - although Jason wishes it was a double eviction, Robin says he's glad it isn't, there's more to come from Domandra.

Shake up next week ... never done before on DOI ... could change the whole direction ... no-one will be safe ... the skaters find out tomorrow, we have to wait till Sunday.What are they going to do? Swapping partners? Any ideas?


  1. Frankly I think the twist is rubbish! So much for the hype with 'anyone could go' - no they couldn't!

    Was at the Strictly tour on Sunday night, so I've only just caught up. Not suprised that Steven went - his vt sealed it I think. You can't afford to appear like you're not bothering when you're at the bottom and need the public to save you.

    Thought they were harsh on Jeff - should have been a little higher imo. Don't agree with Chris that 'it's so close at the top'. Sam is miles ahead - he looks so much mroe accomplished than the others! Smoother, cleaner and more confident - cracking skater! :o)

    Think Dominic was overshadowed a bit by Sam since they both were given the death spiral! Noty really fair to do that, but Dom still did it well :o)

  2. I agree, Sam is way ahed of the others - I can see Dom doing a Gary/Donal now *she hopes*