Monday, 7 April 2014

Jermain Jackman is The Voice!

I'll admit I was a bit worried when Will announced Jermain's first song as 'Wreckin' Ball'. WTF, I thought. But all images of Miley Cyrus were quickly expelled from the mind when Jermain started singing.

I actually didn't nearly recognise it (not being much of a Miley fan) and I loved that it became a ballad with a kick to it - nice one, Will! Followed by a favourite of mine - and a brave choice - contestant and mentor duetted in the delightfully quirky Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And then came the There It Is moment. The one I'd been waiting for since A House is Not a Home. Jermain reprised his audition song, And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going and the audience went wild - much more so than for any of the others: my head, heart and guts were all telling me victory was his.

And just for the hell of it, here's A House is Not A Home.

Real old soul, passion and emotion in everything he did. And don't lie to me and tell me you weren't also bawling when he replaced 'friend' with 'mum' in the victory song - although he still managed to sing it, choked up as hell! It didn't help that Will was practically in tears too, as much for Jermain winning, as for being such a fantastic and inspiring role model for young people.

Jamie was the first out of the competition, a solid performance of Missing You being followed by a duet with Kylie that did rather feature a lot of Ms Minogue and not much Mr Johnson, which did him no favours. Tom summed up everything I loved about Sally "The way she gets inside as song" is how he put it, and Dear Darlin' was a highlight. From Both Sides Now and the duet with Tom on Walking in Memphis were all delivered well, although she seemed a lot more nervous than previously. Christina Marie can definitely sing, and there were moments of sheer beauty in The Power of Love, which were soon overtaken by the shoutiness again. As was Fix You, and her duet with the Kaiser Chiefs, Coming Home, which I felt could have been anyone if I'm honest.

So there we are for another year. If you think you can be the next Voice, you've until May 30th to apply.
"Please only register for Open Auditions if you are an artist with real talent and an amazing voice" - so that's how they weed out the X-Factor hopefuls ...


  1. I admit he did really well with the song choices in the final and 'And I Am Telling You' was great, but honestly, he was my least fav of the four so I was a bit gutted.

    Did sort of see Jamie's exit at 4th coming - not as strong as the other three on the night, and I agree re the duet with Christina (not enough individuality allowed to shine through), but it all comes down to the moment and Jermain sold himself brilliantly! Even Will was choked!

    We know Kylie isn't coming back, but I am secretly hoping the blue eyes will be returning - and I'll bet you are too Scatty! ;o)

  2. Fingers crossed Foxy, and it seems we're not the only ones to notice those eyes! So hopefully the Beeb are making him put pen to paper soon!