Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Voice: Knockouts

The major culling is done! The coaches jettisoned over half their teams this weekend and no-one was safe. Except, of course, their absolute favourites - they must have had them, as they got to know each singer and find out who the divas are and who's easy to work with - it's got to have an influence, hasn't it?

Team Kylie: Leo first,with I Wanna Know What Love Is which I wasn't a fan of, but that was very very good, fantastic falsetto - well done. Handing onto Jai, with Take Your Mama, she has terrific presence but I'm just not a fan of the voice. Jade next with Blue Moon, lovely tone but maybe a bit too understated? Lee made Careless Whisper all kinds of Gothic and I can't decide if I like it or not; Femi ... California Dreaming, first one to really grab me *biased* love watching him as well as hearing him, so smiley ... Rachael the best of the girls with New York, which would have seen my three from here as her, Leo and Femi ... and then up stepped Jamie with a great performance with Sex on Fire. Will and Tom in agreement: Three from Jamie, Leo, Femi and Rachael; Ricky says the boys were better than the girls. Kylie's first choice is Lee!! Shocker? Jamie safely chosen but one of my two will lose out. It's Rachael who gets the final spot. And Femi is gone *sad face*. Let's enjoy him one more time.

Team Tom: Celestine kicks them off with You Might Need Somebody, showing off her powerful voice but it went awry a couple of times. I admired the challenge of jazzing up I Love Rock'n'Roll by Melissa but it didn't work for me. Accomplished and polished, I do like Gary's soulfulness but don't think Freedom was particularly challenging. Bizzi I felt could have also chosen something more akin to the soulful Hey Jude - something he could get his tonsils stuck into - When I Need You a bit bland. Georgia surprised me with a interesting and lively version of Three Little Birds - best so far. Steven followed with another quite bonkers performance with Grace Kelly. And then came Sally with Walk on By. I'm stealing her. Utterly captivating - you only had to look at everyone else watching her, spellbound. And Tom choking back tears. A complete no brainer that she was his first choice with very little preamble. Loved how she told him he looked fantastic. A good call with Georgia next and the final spot going to Bizzi.

Team Ricky: A brave choice and a gutsy performance from Jessica but the vocal wasn't strong. Enigmatic Chris with Over the Rainbow built it up beautifully - and I didn't hate the falsetto either! Beth definitely has a future - she's fearless on stage, confident in delivering Teenage Dirtbag. Christina Marie made Visions of Love seem effortless. Jazz - my favourite so far - with a Beyonce song, Work it Out, a great package, presence and vocal. Max advised by Ricky to "show us your eyes a little bit - girls love that" never a truer word, Ricky *swoons* Home was his most complete performance yet. Unique sound. Emily with Slip - like that she's brave, and she left nothing on stage. Jessica looks close to tears already and the coaches general consensus is for Chris and Christina Marie, and Ricky duly puts them through. Major trauma for him though, choosing between Emily and Jazz. Both were picks of mine and I'd have gone with Jazz, but Ricky plumps for Emily. Two power female singers though - Jazz would've given him something a little different.

Team Will: So this is where I lose four of my team potentially! James out first with Love Hurts and it's not his best, sadly, seemed a bit strained. Iesher with Try It On My Own and while I'm still not a fan of her voice, she seems very sweet and more confidence means she's more expressive too. Callum reins in his dancing to give a good performance of Sound of the Underground. Jermain didn't need the music - A House Is Not A Home melted everyone. I'll park his album right next to my Gregory Porter. Anna's dad (I presume) was blubbing by the time she finished her soft yet strong version of Autumn. Nomakhosi has great energy and I love her voice but the song choice didn't do her any favours really. Sophie May has that fragile quality that made Moon River fresh while retaining that vintage feel. Everyone is in agreement re Jermain but Will picks Iesher first, then Jermain and then ... Sophie May bags the final spot.

I'm wondering if the coaches chose the running order or if it's just coincidence that the final singer got through in every team ... 

Team Scatty: Jermain; Emily; Sally; Sophie May; Rachael. See the coaches live round ready teams here and tune in BBC1 at 6.45pm for the live quarter final. TTFN x 


  1. Not just 7th place that turned out to be lucky Scatty - 4th place went through in each of the teams as well! I was starting to think it really was fixed after Tom and Kylie did their final three ;o)

    Couple of seriously dodgy decisions in there if you ask me (knew you'd be upset about Femi!)

    Team Tom - The only one who picked the right three in my opinion. Felt a bit for Steven because he'd come on quite a lot from the Blinds, but think Bizzi has a lot more to give with better song choices. Sally and Georgia were a no brainer really :o)

    Team Kylie - I was shocked that Rachael made it through actually. She really seemed to show her inexperience when it came to the moment. Kylie has always been fond of Lee, so it wasn't a surprise he was in, but I still think he's dreadful! I couldn't listen to his whole track - had to leave the room to get a drink and get away from the noise! Lol Femi and Jade were robbed!

    Team Ricky - I started with five here, so I knew it was going to be tough! Completely agree re Emily and Jazz. Emily is too similar to Christina, who frankly, is the superior singer. Ricky should definitely gone with Jazz to add another element to his team. Think that's the best I've heard from Chris - blew me away! :o)

    Team Will - I actually thought Nomakhosi did really well and I enjoyed her performance, so it was a disappointment to see her go home. I am warming to Jermain slowly, but surely. Sad that Anna went out in favour of Iesher though - she's still too shrill for me.

    Team Foxy going into the live shows:

    Jamie, Rachael, Christina, Emily, Chris and Sophie-May :o)

  2. I didn't notice that Foxy - interesting! As will tonight be - who'll cope best with the live pressure. I'm anticipating ending up rooting for others not on my team, that's what normally happens!