Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Voice: Hold it hold it hold it EXPLODE IT!

Our finalists are chosen! Sally, Jermain, Jamie and Christina Marie will contest next week's final, which promises to be a hugely diverse affair as all four are so completely different.

Due to family life overtaking me again last week - one child with broken toes and the other with a day off school - Mum's Taxi Service was on call and that, coupled with normal work, means last week was never blogged. So here's a quick recap:

Team Will: Jermain went through on the fast pass with an old skool proper version of Treasure - I too thought it was an old Luther song, not Bruno Mars. Sophie May grabbed the second spot on the public vote, showing off her range with Moondance, an old song made fresh. Iesher lost out with the uptempo R'n'B of I'd Rather Be, a little weak at the start.

Team Kylie: Jamie has seriously grown on me - I knew I should've been more loyal and kept the local lad in my team - and took the fast pass with A Thousand Miles, which was so strong. Lee surprised me with a quite traditional yet unique and passionate Help Me Make it Through The Night, so honest and haunting (happy, Emma?) and went through on the public vote. It was Rachael who sadly couldn't capture the magic of her first audition with an accomplished, confident performance of a quite frankly, so so pop song.

Team Tom: Sally had Tom in tears again, with To Love Somebody and a fast pass for her was a no-brainer. Looks like there's a West Ham fan there too, as an added bonus. Very moving, she takes me all the way up the A2 to welling ... Bizzie got the public on his side with Stevie Wonder's If You Really Love Me, I still don't think this was the best we've heard him. Georgia was given Money on My Mind and I think Will was probably the only person who actually liked it.

Team Ricky: He's clearly rooting for Christina Marie and it was no surprise the fast pass took her through, with the Everlong power ballad. Yes, she's got a big voice, but she fails to move me. Chris with One Day Like This deservedly went through on the public vote, it showed off his lovely voice, although I didn't think the song was particularly challenging. And Emily, who could so easily have done the power ballad number, or an Etta James track or anything, was also given an uptempo R&B track, although strong, it felt more karaoke.

It's no coincidence that the four girls who lost out did so with uptempo songs that didn't give them the opportunity to show what they could really do. I personally feel Emily, Georgia, Iesher and Rachael were all royally stitched up: Those tracks are all production numbers - I bet if you looked at the lyrics on paper, they wouldn't make sense - you'd wonder where to begin, they're so dependent on the other components in the track, like the backing vocals. So the girls weren't really able to wrap their tonsils around them. Still, Emily did get the consolation of a cuddle sandwich with Ricky and Marvin.

So we're down to two per team and it's Team Tom out first: Sally with Whole of the Moon, as wonderful as ever, rocking it out a bit this time. Bizzi's song is a favourite of mine, Everything Must Change and improved to an awesome ending. Part of me was wishing Jermain had sung it though. Dancing in the Streets with Tom got everyone on their feet, and my vote is still with Sally.

Team Ricky began with Christine Marie with Bang Bang. I find her too shouty. Just not a fan. Chris's version of Smile though, I loved and was very impressed at the way he didn't just cope with the technical malfunctions, but didn't falter for a split second. Poignant, modern spin on a classic and getting better all the time - I'm surprised he didn't get the nod over Christina actually. Loved You Really Got Me with Ricky, Chris kept my vote.

Lee was up first for Team Kylie and started off a bit mumbly for me with Strong, although he got better. Naughty Will was told off by him mum for saying a four letter word. In context though, it was good sh1t. In Jamie's yellow mini with Kylie as roadie, and I can't help wondering if Kylie will reference the Inbetweeners again if they pass a bus stop ... I Can't Make You Love Me showed further improvement, so strong and emotive. A real WOW. I wasn't overly impressed with Into the Blue with Kylie, although I was a bit concerned that they may have been wearing hot pants (the boys) during the VT trailer. My vote remains with Jamie.

The toughest choice of the night for me was always going to be Team Will, with two of my original team choices battling it out. I wasn't overly keen on Jermain's version of Without You, but I can't deny his voice, and Sophie May will have to pull out something ultra-special to get my vote. Which she only went and did, with Royals! So confident and so smooth and also down to earth. But, my vote switched back to Jermain during their Let's Dance number with Will, when he was note perfect and awesome. So that team I left to the die hard fans of each artist to decide.

The coaches quite rightly refused to say who should go through before voting closed, and I'm sure if asked afterwards, would have remained reticent. Who on earth thought to ask that in the first place?

The Big One then, next Saturday, BBC One at 7pm. See ya there x


  1. Oh no - I hope the broken toes and other illnesses are clearing up! :o)

    Come on Jamie and Christina! Although I think I'm with you on the shouting front Scatty, so I'd pick Jamie as my winner from the original team Foxy :o)

    Some seriously good performances over the two weeks and I do sort of think maybe the novelty of being a singing politician is helping Jermain as Sophie's solo with Royals was amazing! And Moondance the wek before was great too! Seemed a shame that she didn't go through to the end.

    Have a feeling Sally may be heading for the win this year and I can see it's going to be an emotional one of Saturday, but it really is hard to predict the public.

    Glad Lee finally bit the bullet as I still couldn't really see the appeal come the semis - just too strange and mumbly for me.

    Think the song choices could be interesting on the weekend (there have been a few dodgy ones so far!) and then we've got nothing till Strictly in September!! What are we going to do Scatty?!

  2. Hiya Foxy - sorry for the late reply! Great show wasn't it - the final, I mean! Feeling rather cocky that my original first choice won :)