Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Voice: Battle Rounds 2 - Stop, look and listen to Femi

Another five through for me sees my team up to 10! I'm quite chuffed at only losing 3, although two of my top picks did end up having to be steals. And how Kylie teased us so ...

In a moment of pure reality TV drama (no, even I'm not going to liken it to proper drama), I decided to share my live thought jottings of the Femi/Iesha showdown with Stop, Look, Listen.

"I definitely didn't see her audition - must've got home late. His voice just flows over you; hers cuts through you. You really get so much more emotion from him. She really is quite blank, isn't she? Will and Emma have swapped places; Will's going to ip dip ...and chooses screechy Iesha. Balls. Come on Kylie, please steal Femi. But we're not near the end of the show yet, so I don't think she will. Balls. Awesome, he's serenading her, making it up but still she doesn't ...OMG YES SHE DOES, whoop - bloody excellent bit of telly. Take that, X-Factor."

And then she tells us he was always her no.1 target! 6/13.

So anyway, onwards... with no more steals. 

Team Ricky: Chris versus Jamie - Rolling in the Deep. Serious soul versus rock'n'roll, and both worked well with the song. Intense, I was chopping and changing between them, loved Jamie rocking it out, not keen on Chris' falsetto but loved his softer soul. He got Ricky's vote. Still 6/13

Team Kylie: Rachael versus Amelia - Holy Grail. Both well out of their comfort zones, so potential car wreck - but no! Gorgeous vocals from both made it a very tough call. Had I not been biased towards Rachael, I may have actually chosen Amelia. But Kylie likes that indefinable quality in Rachael's voice too. 7/13

Team Will: Kiki versus James - Because the Night. For me, Kiki was performing; James was being. I'll be gutted if Will doesn't choose him. Where's he going? What is Will on? Will he come back? #where'swilly said the producer's on screen hashtag. Let's talk amongst ourselves for a bit *hums* Can I go now, asks Ricky. No, you can hold it, says Marv. Will returns and James takes the spot. 8/13

Team Tom: Melissa versus Vicky - Just Give Me A Reason. Melissa has a nice tone but Vicky just edged that for me, a little more raw and she grew in confidence throughout. Tom opts for Melissa though. 

Team Ricky: Myles versus Max - Eleanor Rigby. So different, but nothing to choose between them. There was one high note from Myles that was very sweet and swayed me over Max's quite unusual vocal. Ricky goes for the unconventional risky rock of Max who sounds different every time.

Team Will: Sophie-May versus Cherie - Love Cats. Scatting alert in a jazz battle - which didn't ignite, really, but I prefer Sophie May's voice - we heard a different sound to her audition - and I'm glad she got through. 9/13

Team Kylie: Jamie versus Joe - Counting Stars. Two of my original choice who were culled, some great moments from both, some not so. I think I'd edge towards Jamie, he is the local lad after all. In the most emotional battle of the night, it's he who gets the nod.

Team Tom: Leverne versus Georgia - 22. They don't like each other much, do they? Although, I don't think I like Georgia much either. Not fussed by either vocal and would say Georgia was better; Tom agreed. Leverne gutted at the song choice not showing her off as much. Distinctly underwhelmed, both of us.

Team Kylie: Gemyni versus Jade - Baby One More Time. Quite ordinary, Jade with the edge and gets the nod.

Team Tom: Gary versus Elesha - Caught Up. Understated but full of quality moments. I thought Elesha but Tom hasn't got many men, has he? The 'run' seems to have been key for Gary.

Team Ricky: Luciee-Marie versus Jazz - Grenade. Oh, please Ricky, choose Jazz. I don't think I could stand listening to Lucieeeeee more, it's, like, all the worst like, teenagers evah - and very screechy. Jazz earthy and real but I think can do much better than that - the key seemed a bit too low. Praise the Lord Soul and his Jazz Disciples, Ricky puts Jazz through. That makes it 10/13.

Team Scatty: Beth; Jazz; Emily (Team Ricky); Femi; Rachael (Team Kylie); James; Sophie-May; Nomakhosi; Jermain, Anna (Team Will) What are the chances of four of my five getting through in Will's team?!

Check out the coaches teams here. Knockouts next - who'll be safe in each team, as the odd one? Till next week x


  1. I've still go 10 of my original team as well Scatty! Plus one cheeky steal to make it 11 :o)

    I would've said it was generally much closer in round 2 than round 1 personally, and there were a few losers I felt a bit sorry for.

    I was rooting for Jamie (as he's a member of my team), but actually thought Joe did a great job with the song and really warmed to him. The bromance was quite nice too I have to say, even if I'm usually annoyed by too much emotion :o)

    Melissa and Vicky was an interesting one as I don't think either really showed their best, but I did agree with Tom actually that Melissa just edged it.

    Again, Myles and Max very close, but I would've gone for Myles and the look on his face bless him. Gutted sums it up pretty well I think!

    I enjoyed Gemyni more than I thought I would, so it seemed a shame for them to lose to Jade (even though she's another in my team) as she seemed much weaker than her audition in that battle.

    Thrilled Sophie-May went through as I still think Cherie is completely over-rated! Sophie-May has that extra something for me :o)

    Felt bad for Elesha - another really close call and I agree that she perhaps suffered from Tom's desire to keep the few boys he had in his team.

    Team Foxy going into the Knockouts:

    Jamie, Rachael and Jade (Team Kylie) Jazz, Christina Chris, Emily and Beth (Team Ricky) and Anna, Nomakhosi and Sophie-May (Team Will)

    Interesting that neither of us has anyone from Team Tom Scatty! :o)

  2. I know, that's quite strange, isn't it? Although, maybe I should have Sally as a steal? I'll wait till Saturday and see ;)