Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Voice: Battle Rounds 1 - pretty young things and figthers

Here we go then, the moment my team of thirteen could well end up a team of zero! Happily, that wasn't the case and five of mine made it through, though I sadly lost two.

First up, Team Will: Jermain versus Sarah - I knew You Were Waiting. Oh, his range, those deep notes - seriously, someone needs to throw me a rubber ring. Sarah is good but I'll never forgive Will if he lets Jermain go ... he doesn't, of course. 1/13

Team Kylie: Lee versus Jimmy - When You Were Young. Neither did much for me, if I'm honest. And I can't be doing with insecurities when you've been given such an opportunity - deal with it, hang it out there or give it up. Lee wins.

Team Tom: Sally versus Talia - Dear Darlin'. Terrific song, suited to both - sadly, Talia not at her best. I do like the down to earth Sally though, and her voice is very moving, she really lived it and Tom duly puts her through.

Team Ricky: Tila and Tavelah versus Beth - Roar. Advantage Beth with the song; advantage T&T with the numbers. While not overly impressed, I suspect Beth alone would've made it more her own, which is perhaps why she got the nod. 2/13

Team Kylie: Leo versus Steven - Thunder in my Heart. Leo far more dynamic both vocally and physically - but our first steal of the evening, as Tom hits the button for Steven!

Team Tom: Kenny versus Bizzi - Jey Jude. The first really big battle and much as I love Kenny, Bizzi did outperform him - fantastic vocals from both but Kenny deemed too shy - aw, he's so sweet and smiley. Bizzi through with Tom, no steal for Kenny :( My first loss.

Team Will: Callum versus Tom - Pretty Young Thing. Nothing to choose between them vocally but show off Callum gets the nod of the shyer Tom, who has the more unique voice. Gutted, no steal on Tom as Callum gets through. I'm hoping things don't always come in threes ...

Team Kylie: Jai versus Nomakhosi - Tainted Love. And I thought "Oh. Sh1t" that'll be more suited to Jai than Nomakhosi but I was wrong - there was scatting! Jai marginally better than her audition but still a bloody racket, frankly - Kylie chooses her and I actually scream at the telly. After Will's comments, he's surely going to steal Nomakhosi? Bluffs us but yes, duly stolen *phew* 3/13.

Team Ricky: Emily versus Kelsey-Beth - Fighter. For me, Emily had the energy, attitude and the stonking vocal of the Figther; Kelsey-Beth a bit too nice, and Ricky keeps Emily. 4/13

Team Tom: Celestine versus Mairead - It's My Party. Not the one I first thought of, but the Jessie J one, thankfully! I couldn't understand Mairead at all, shocking diction, whereas Celestine was loud and clear and straight through.

Team Will: Jessica versus Anna - Good Riddance. I personally thought Anna was way better than Jessica, whose vocals were decidedly dodgy and who really needs to learn to put her emotion into her singing - I'd be scared about a gibbering wreck on my team, but clearly Ricky isn't and steals her after Will chooses Anna. 5/13

Team Ricky: Christina Marie versus Nathan - The Power of Love. Probably the toughest choice of the night. Personally, just on the basis that there are other female power singers in it, I'd have gone with Nathan. Will calls Ricky mental for not choosing him too - but he can't steal, and neither does Kylie, the only coach left with one.

So my team now looks like this: Jermain; Beth; Nomakhosi; Emily; Anna.

And this is how the coaches now stand. Next battle is Saturday, BBC 1 at 7pm. Till then x


  1. Well it certainly was an interesting night - and slightly dodgy with some of the decisions! :o)

    I knew you'd be screaming when Kylie picked Jai over Nomakhosi Scatty! Even said so to my fellow viewees :o) I could see it coming too even though I'm with you personally - Jai is a bit of a racket! Glad Will got his steal on :o)

    Biggest din of the night award goes to Jimmy and Lee - what an absolute load of rubbish! Both terrible, Lee more so than Jimmy to be fair!

    I'm regretting knocking Christina out of my final cut as I thought that final battle was possible the best of the show and Christina was awesome, though I did feel sorry for Nathan. Can I make her my steal Scatty? ;o)

    Gutted for Kenny as I thought he had the edge on Bizzi to be honest and he looked so crushed - I wanted to give him a hug! :o)

    Sally was the real surprise of the night for me - really lovely vocals to Dear Darlin and a thoroughly deserved win, :o)

    Don't mind Jessica's voice, but how on edge can one person be?! Enough with the tears already love! Was surprised Ricky stole for her. Tom's steal for Steven shocked me as well. There's quite a few good singers to come who are going to be disappointed I fear.

    So Team Foxy - 5 out of the 12 performed and 4 survived, so my confirmed acts through to knockouts are:

    Beth, Emily, Anna and Nomakhosi

  2. Of course you can steal! And look at our teams - like for like except for Jermain! If any of the coaches want to leave Foxy, they shouldn't look further than to us :)

  3. Clearly we both have the ability to spot real talent Scatty! :o)

    I'd only consider it if I was allowed to use made up sayings like Will does ;o) He makes me chuckle with his crazy ramblings!

  4. Lol, he'd make a great dinner party guest!