Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dancing on Ice: Semi-Final flyers, moves and shakers

In what was always going to be the toughest Semi ever, we finally said goodbye to Samvick after their fifth appearance in the skate off.

Maray 'Let Her Go'

An explosive and powerful performance to Let Me Entertain You - they've gotten stronger every week - and another good performance to Club Can't Handle Me (throwing everything in, including a headbanger) was never going to save them unless the other couple slipped up - the other couple being Maray!

I'm not a fan of the flying routines - it's supposed to be ice dancing not air dancing, so while I get that flying as part of a routine is an additional spectacle, it does the show overall a disservice when a lesser skater ends of top of the leader board with barely a foot touching the ice. And the top skater suffers with a pretty average routine because he's battling the associated sickness ... thus, Ray's spectacle-that-should-have-been was pretty meh. And apart from a few Superman moves in Sam's he didn't fare much better. Someone even admitted the aerial routine is much tougher for the guys than the girls, so why do it at this stage? Or why not have an element of solo skating in it too, to even things up?

However, Maray's two proper skates were awesome: Let Her Go began with a medieval, almost balletic dance and his lines throughout were sublime, while their skate off routine was one of the most beautiful  - performance of the night - to You Make It Real. I just hope it was audience complacency that left him in that position.

Bethasz continue to annoy Jason that they're getting through - her level of support suggests she in for the win though. The flying routine to Reach was nice - awesome Lukasz Lunge, and overall powerful, speedy but a lovely connection. I preferred The Dark Days Are Over, a blinding performance - complete opposite to last week - fantastic helicopter lift.

Top of the lot this week was Hayliel, whose aerial routine was deemed awesome by a bunch of weeping judges, but which I deemed; "Would you like some egg and chips with that ham, love?" as I found it a bit sick inducing, quite frankly. I did enjoy the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy though, full of pizazz - which probably got the vote of my mum, your typically average floating voter. She loves the lively stuff, and she always picks the winners of this and Strictly.

Anyhoo, it would appear that Maray are up for elimination first in the final, or will things change around? Tune in to see - and especially, to see Philip on ice, allegedly! 6.15pm, Sunday.


  1. You should've heard my mum when the results were announced Scatty - the air was blue! She was absolutely livid (which I have to admit I found very funny, but that's just between us) ;o)

    I'm assuming he suffered from the old 'well of course Ray is through, so it'll be two of the other three' because surely everyone can see he's by far and away the best of the bunch.

    The others are good, but not even close to his league. Beth winning would be a real comedown for the last ever show and she should've been the one for the chop on Sunday - sad but true :o)

    People, more often that not, go with the judges in the final so hopefully we're still no for a Ray win. I will be voting like crazy - and mum will too! ;o)

  2. That makes three of us then Foxy. Come on Team Maray!! This is me, btw, just signed into the wrong account. Google, you do drive me nuts at times!