Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dancing on Ice: The Final Final

The final time I'll have to eat my roast whilst dodging my head around the kids' heads to see the telly on a Sunday evening. Bliss. 

Oh, and a beautiful, final televised Bolero from T&D in this final ever final for Dancing on Ice. Never quite reaching the heights of Strictly obsession-dom in the country, it nevertheless entertained us for nine series, and I'm full of admiration for the celebrities who put themselves through it - knowing how difficult it is to stand these days, let alone skate around without any tricks!

Our ultimate champion was Ray Quinn - the DOI voters have always come to their senses and picked the best skater to win, although both Hayley and Beth ran him close. Hayliel's Jai Ho was performance of the night for me, it's just so spot on in every aspect, with fantastic detail, but Maray's overall skating ability and performance skill meant he got my votes.

Bethasz was on top form, with a sparky-coming-out-fighting Run the World cheerleader romp giving Jason his long awaited performance (though I didn't think it worth 40, not enough skating) and re-visiting the Highland Fling, a firm favourite. Hayliel tango'd to Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, with great timing, neat tricks, good skating and no jazz hands - but I don't remember her being so sickly in the VTs. 

Maray's Beach Boys medley gave us an enormous back flip, as well as some ultra cool surfing on ice, followed by the intricate and majestic Flamenco - still those flying lunges grab me and he's so quick and smooth in the dance. The Spanish influence of course was there again in their lyrical Bolero, along with the splits and some gorgeous armography, while Hayliel's version was quite lovely and understated. I still think they could have allowed third placed Bethasz the opportunity to do theirs though *grumpy face*.

I wondered what we were going to do for another twenty minutes. Show highlights, obviously and everyone is welling up after Chris' final VT words. In fact, the emotion of The End was making the Winner Announcement seem quite an anti-climax!

Torvill and Dean have been heroes since 1981 - Mack and Mabel will always be my favourite - and I'll cling to the rumours of a proper stint on Strictly for them.


  1. I knew the voters would come good in the end! I never lost faith *cough cough*

    Ray was amazing on Sunday, although I agree re Hayley's Jai Ho performance - cannot believe Robin gave a 9.5 for that!!

    Even we were welling up after the highlights and Chris being so emotional. I will miss DOI, even if I'm Strictly girl at heart, just because it brought something a little different to the standard celeb challenge reality tv shows.

    So long DOI - thanks for nine series of stunning lifts, beautiful lyricism, genuine laughs and fighting amongst the judges! Lol :o)

  2. Will it be the last ever, do you think? Wonder what they'll do instead?

  3. Well there are already whispers of a return, so watch this space I suppose! :o)

    Failing that - Celebs on rollerskates perhaps? ;o)

  4. Well, they've done on ski jumping and diving, roller skates is well within the frame!