Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Voice: Thought there'd be more feathers

I'm going to have to have a serious whittling session after next week, because I've added another four to my team!

Top of my keep list is Jazz Bates-Chambers. No idea what was going through the coaches' minds, but how happy was Ricky that none bar him turned for her? He was on the edge of his seat at the end and jumping straight out of it once they blew it. Brave song choice, brilliantly delivered and very different - shades of Erykah Badu/Jill Scott.

Ricky was also the only judge to turn for two of my other choices (what a mega team he's going to have!) Nathan Amzi, a versatile show voice, full of emotion, and Emily Adams with a great song choice showcasing a very mature and confident old soul voice - the audience reaction sold Ricky. Kylie nabbed the other, Amelia O'Connell's pure (apart from one little wobble) vocal has awesome potential and gave me goosebumps.

Country and Western singers has mixed success, with John Rafferty showing a nice range but being just too well, nice - some good critique for him from Will though. Talia Smith had a coupla dodgy moments in an attacking performance and Tom couldn't help himself.

I think I might audition for the next series, just so I can get a consolation hug and kiss from Ricky ... amazing eyes. #newcrush.

More family affairs, with us not seeing enough of Buheiji and Leanne & Natalie - I liked what I heard -while the Dixon boys had centre stage individually. We knew one would make it and one wouldn't but which one? Shenton was very much a club singer tribute act and it showed, even though it should've been my thing. Bizzi began too low but unexpectedly went for a rock song instead of the R&B he'd had recording success with - I didn't think his range was big enough but Tom and Kylie turned - he's now Tom's only guy.

Will added another two, very different acts to his team, both with huge potential. Kiki DeVille. I was unsure about, but the last notes got me thinking "oh, she's gooooood" while Callum Crowley showed great range but I felt weakened towards the end - it might have been Kylie and Will turning in tandem that put him off. Ricky also went - but Tom hit his button too late!

Three 'Nos' that were so, so close: Marc William, a definite original but looked like he was in real pain throughout, which I found pretty off putting; Paul Raj, who got everyone groovin' but couldn't maintain a great start. Some lovely notes, some real duff'ns. And Amrick Channa was completely and utterly fabulous, fun and groovy but drew the "I thought there'd be more feathers" comment from Ricky - very Diva, very camp club act - not for this, but I'd pay to see him at an all in one Xmas do!

I have one tiny criticism of the coaches: I'm getting annoyed that they don't turn for a voice, but then kick themselves when they see how young/pretty they are. And how their faces fall when who they have turned for isn't as attractive to them. PTB, you need to address that.

You can view all the clips again on the website, where there's also the news that Zoe Ball will be hosting an It Takes Two type magazine show for The Voice. It'll be on daily in the hallowed 6.30pm midweek slot, from the first live show up to the final. Because I've got nothing better to do ... oh, jeez.

Team Scatty: Jazz; Nathan; Emily; Amelia; Femi; James; Chris; Max; Joe; Jade; Leverne; Jermain; Mairead; Sophie-May; Beth; Anna; Tila & Tavelah; Rachael; Jamie. It's looking likely I'll have to stage my own private battle round!

Till next time x


  1. Totally agree with your comments on Ricky Scatty - I'm starting to find myself get transfixed on those eyes and zoning out! Lol ;o)

    I actually thought Shenton was the better brother as I felt Bizzi had too many dodgy flat moments, but I can understand the nerves having an effect.

    Only Emily and Jazz adding to Team Foxy this week. I liked Amelia, but she didn't wow me. Same with Kiki and Nathan.

    Thought Paul maybe had a bit more to give, so was a little disappointed that no one turned for him, but thought Marc was way off the mark to be honest!

    I'm also annoyed by the emphasis on looks that seems to be growing on this show! It's called The Voice for a reason BBC and I used to like that anyone could have a real chance to chine just on their vocal ability. Please don't go the X-Factor 'you don't look like a popstar' route!

    Team Foxy: Anna, Beth, Sophie-May, Christina, Leverne, Mairead, Jamie, Rachael, Chris, Jade, Emily and Jazz with maybes for Femi, Vicky, Gemyni and Ameila. Looks like I'm going to be culling too! :o)

  2. There';s a good chance we could end up with exactly the same team then, Foxy!