Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Voice: Sneaky Will adds two to watch

Finally, the numbers seem to be evening up, with me adding five guys and one girl to my team!

It was mainly thanks to Will though, that my top two guys made it through - turning right at the very last nano second, when it seemed the other coaches were going to let them walk.

Femi Santiago (above) melted me totally, with Stevie Wonder's My Cherie Amour - and I thought, put his own spin on it, rather than it be the classic interpretation - he gave it a modern feel. Nice guy, and a real inspiration for others to not give up when sh*t happens. And how lovely to see someone smiling when they sing with emotion, rather than appear angst ridden.

Likewise, James Byron was also a last-second Will catch. Loved his voice, plenty of guts and determination too and I think Will can bring out lots more. Chris Royal did a terrific version of Avicii's Wake Me Up, very refreshing, and a lovely tone. Ricky beat Tom and Kylie for him, and also chose Max Murphy, a British judo champion. I wasn't so keen on the quieter moments but loved him when he rocked it out. Irish dancer Joe Keegan had some quality about his voice which I really really liked - almost Chet Baker-ish, I dunno - just something about his voice. Kylie beat Ricky for this one.

The only female who made it through for me was Jade Mayjean Peters - good diction, didn't go manic - got all four turning. My only concern is how controlled was that? Has she just been practising that and nothing else? I hope not - fabulous potential. Kylie V Ricky (again) and she went for Kylie.

Returnee Nick Dixon sadly missed out again. After a promising clip from last year, it just didn't sound as sweet. I wonder whether, when the  'Nos' go away, do they take lessons or gig to improve or just wait it out till the next time? Because that's what they need to do - sometimes it's not having the live experience that lets them down. Fiona Kelly wasn't a spectacular enough opera singer for them to take a punt on, while my One That Got Away was Lucy Winter. She had club singer written all over her, but no, she was terrific - vibrant, passionate and a great, great voice. Reece Bahia went with One D - that's a no no, really, no-one is going to get through singing it exactly the same as them; Jolan and Yinka Williams, I'd have loved to hear more from - two more possibles for the Ones That Got Away award.

Successful auditionees included Steven Alexander (Kylie) whose voice sadly didn't match the style, just not strong enough. Kylie: "We would probably work on ..." the actual singing, eh, Kylie, hm?  Elesha Paul Moses, one half of Nutarna last year, improved towards the end and Tom signed her up - Will remembered her but didn't turn this time.

Team Scatty: Femi; James; Chris; Max; Joe; Jade; Leverne; Jermain; Mairead; Sophie-May; Beth; Anna; Tila & Tavelah; Rachael; Jamie. I appear to have too many - I shall cull at the end of the Blind Auditions!

Check out the coaches teams and all the other news here.


  1. I clearly need to lighten up - I only added Chris and Jade as I thought the others were all a bit meh. Although I did like Femi as well :o)

    You do seem to have a rather a large team there Scatty, and with two shows to go! That is going to be one major cull! ;o)

    Will barely seems to press this series. We had to wait ages for him to fill just one final space last year - hope we won't be waiting forever for him to fill three spaces this year! Lol

    Nice to finally see the guys coming through a bit stronger. We're awash with women this year it seems - apart from Kylie's team obviously :o)

    Team Foxy: Anna, Beth, Sophie-May, Christina, Leverne, Mairead, Jamie, Rachael, Chris and Jade with maybes for Femi, Vicky and Gemyni.

  2. I seem to recall you were the one needing to cull last year, and I was the fussy one!