Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Voice: Saving the best till last

I say the best, Rachael O'Connor was pretty much the only standout. And where are the men? Only four in the whole show last night and all the teams so far are very female heavy, which ain't contributing to a variety of styles much.

Vela the folk duo were part man, but nerves maybe meant they sounded a bit flat. Bunny, bless him, was nice, and you could sit and listen to him quite happily without your socks blowing off. John Quinn I liked and was hoping they'd pick, just because he's a bloke, but no. Great voice but not fresh enough, sadly. Likewise the bluesy Charlie Wood - very much enjoyed his version of "I can't stand the rain". West End singer Leanne Jones (Hairspray) fared no better than Kerry Ellis - this isn't the style they're looking for, too trained - the coaches figure they won't be able to do much with them.

Rachael's voice was unique but also musical, pure and gorgeous. And I liked her family. I know I shouldn't judge on that, but seriously, there are some auditions where I'm embarrassed for Emma and Marvin, having to be in the same room as the screamers. There's happy and excited, and then there's hysterical.

The only others I picked were twins Tila and Tavelah. It was refreshing to have a bit of R'n'B and it'll be interesting to see what Ricky can do with them. The opera-jazz of Milly J was the only other one I might have turned for, had we heard her from the start.

Will added Jessica Steele, a returnee from last year - I wasn't complete convinced, found her a bit warbly, and Sarah Eden-Winn, a powerful voice but too similar to a host of others - could well be the safe karaoke song choice, as Will pointed out.

Tom added Melissa, who all but Will turned for, and who I thought was absolutely dreadful! Different doesn't equal good, guys! I can show you different and I'm tone deaf!

Kylie picked up another three, including the aforementioned Rachael. Gemyni, another set of twins (Tila and Tavelah the others) - but while one was good, the other wasn't so -and Jai McConnell, an acquired taste I need to hear more from: she didn't seem to actually sing much, but all four turned and they're the experts, right? She's likeable though: To Will: "You got a lot of chat, haven't you?" Will: "?" Ricky tried to explain, but not too hard.

The coaches teams can be found here. Who can tell me who Lesher Haughton is, please? I thought they sneaked one through one week, without saying who she was - just appeared in the role call of Will's team but it was sooooo quick. I've no mention of her previously and don't recall the name. And I'm pretty good with names *suspicious mode* Foxy?

Team Scatty: Laverne; Jermain; Mairead; Sophie-May; Beth; Anna; Tila & Tavelah; Rachael.

Bye for now :)


  1. Real shame no one turned for Milly and Charlie - I thought they were both a little bit different. Too many screechy women in episode 4 for my liking.

    On that note iesher was a singer from last week who, frankly, screamed her way through Who's Loving You in the upper register. If I remember correctly Will turned almost instantly - I think I remember because I nearly fell off my chair with shock! Lol Though she was atrocious personally. maybe you were making a cuppa Scatty :o)

    I don't remember Jessica from last year that's for sure, and I don't think she has improved any if I'm honest.

    Similarly this week I thought Jai was appalling! Couldn't end soon enough for me. Although I didn't mind Melissa - we differ on something Scatty!! Had to happen one day I suppose :o)

    I thought the second twins were better than the first too. Another difference in our opinions - What is happening?! He he Agreee about Sarah though. Good, but not stand out.

    Shame about Leanne - I remember seeing her in Hairspray the year it opened and she was amazing! Did sound very much like a stage singer though. A few breaths in the wrong places (as if I know what the right places would be!)

    I've been a bit naughty Scatty and made a few swaps to my team ;o) I'm having a hard time sticking to any decisions I make. I hear a clip of an audition again and change my mind!

    Team Foxy as at end of week 4 now stands as: Anna, Beth, Sophie-May, Christina, Leverne, Mairead, Jamie and Rachael with maybes for Vicky and Gemyni.

  2. I think I must have missed the start due to work Foxy - having caught up: Iesher - nice voice, but yes,a bit too thin and screechy for me - but definite potential!