Monday, 24 February 2014

The Voice: Get Ready for Nomakhosi

The one I've been waiting for: Nomakhosi is the name. Awesome audition with the Temptations song - I could actually hear it playing on Jazz FM - and with added scatting. I was a little concerned Kylie wasn't going to turn, but *phew* relief as she finally did. In my team battle, Nomakhosi gets a bye!

In other news, Tom Barnwell made me smile, even after he'd left the stage, as did Gary Poole's neat version of Valerie - another terrific audience reaction got Tom and Ricky turning, with Tom landing another man. Another one for Tom and for me, as nice guy, Kenny Thompson's raw but lovely tone, saw Tom oust Ricky at the last second. I also like what Jamie Lovatt did with his song - this time Ricky got his man. The only other female joining me was Cherri Prince, Will's last hope. Jazzy yet different.

A host of last show 'NOs': Johnny - flat; Jane Frazer - club singer; Roxanne Yarnold - good but not fresh; Angie Brown - why? Why? Fantastic and awesome voice - but why do the hit? It just dated her. A different choice would've probably secured her Tom's final spot; Likewise, Teresa Vasiliou - sad story but still a 70s vocal - Tom was tempted; Bianca Nicholas very good but lacking appeal; Aaliyah - fresh lyrical and rapping but not quite there vocally; Joe West, another lovely lad but again, not strong enough vocally; Liz Oki had us all in tears when she set Will off - reminding him of his not-long-passed-away auntie - with a beautiful rendition of George Michael's Different Corner; A groovy version of Roxanne from Pete Davies wasn't enough, though very good; had Erin been earlier, I'm sure she'd have got through - Tom hitting his button in annoyance, having already filled his team.

The only 'Yes' not in my team (I guess I should have just waited until the judges sorted themselves out and then did it, but hey ...) was Luciee Marie Closier, who I felt tried too hard to be quirky, and much preferred her lower register when she slowed down - glad Ricky turned for her, a lot of potential.

How many have I got? Only 25! Let battle commence then - how to shred them down to 12 from:

Jazz; Nathan; Emily; Amelia; Femi; James; Chris; Max; Joe; Jade; Leverne; Jermain; Mairead; Sophie-May; Beth; Anna; Tila & Tavelah; Rachael; Jamie; Tom; Nomakhosi; Kenny; Jamie L; Cherri; Gary.

So, I listened to them all again and made two lists: The ones I definitely couldn't bear to let go, and the others. I bet the coaches wish they could do that - Team Scatty is:

Nomakhosi; Rachael (Team Kylie) - Beth; Emily; Jamie L; Jazz (Team Ricky) Kenny (Team Tom) Anna; Femi; James B; Jermain; Sophie-May; Tom (Team Will).

See the coaches'complete teams here and roll on the Battle weekend! Till then x


  1. Well it certainly was a packed final audition round!

    Tom my favourite of the night and will definitely take a spot in my final line-up, but I think I am going to have to make space for Nomakhosi as well :o)

    As for the other yes's - Liked Luciee, but she was a little too squeaky for me. Gary and Kenny didn't wow me enough. Liked Jamie, but again didn't wow me and I can't break my own rule and put someone in based on their story ;o), and finally Cherri....I thought she was absolutely terrible! Disappointed that Will picked her at the end!

    Seemed to be lots of people with a story going out on Saturday. Did get a little teary with Joe and Liz, and I admire Teresa's guts. Wanted to give Aaliyah a girly cuddle when she got upset - bless her. They all made me smile - maybe some second chancers for next year eh? :o)

    Right now to business - Team Foxy has been whittled down to the final 12 as follows:

    Nomakhosi, Jamie, Rachael and Jade (Team Kylie) Jazz, Chris, Emily and Beth (Team Ricky) Leverne (Team Tom) and Anna, Sophie-May, Tom (Team Will) - female heavy this year! :o)

    And don't think I haven't noticed you've got 13 in your team Scatty! ;o)

  2. Ah, you noticed that, did you? Genuine mathematical error - I had one of those wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night episodes though, when I realised that 6 in Will's, 4 in Ricky's, 2 and 1 in Kylie's and Tom's didn't add up to 12. But I can't throw anyone out now - that'll happen at the weekend anyway :)