Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dancing on Ice: Solo can you go?

Solo night and as Robin said: The girls were dreading it; the boys loving it.

Ray, solo down dirty

Beth had an awful week with illness yet still managed to pull it together in both skates. Dancing to 'Burn' with Lukasz, you could feel the connection between them, it was beautiful. The performance element and the energy needed for Man, I Feel Like A Woman just weren't there but technically, she was proficient enough - and a nice hydraglide. It kept her bottom of the table and her support must be worrying Ray a bit.

Hayley's performance level of course, is always top notch and Maybe This Time did nothing to damage that, but she was slow compared to the others and there was a stumble, which knocked her scores down. Back in Daniel's arms though and a mighty salsa to Conga - loved the Latino walks - with incredible timing earned her a smattering of tens. 

Sam had another good night, very nifty and expressive and smooth throughout Still Got The Blues, fantastic spinny things all through it. A lovely lyrical piece with Vicky to All of Me was very together and well interpreted, but the girls' support still put him in the skate off, alongside ...

Kyran, with a competent clean skate to Dancing in the Dark, after his best with Nina, a personality piece to King of the Swingers gaining him a 9 from Jason, still not enough to escape the skate off. Chasing Cars with additional awesome lifts and a *squeezes toes* headbanger couldn't beat the electricity of Sam's Riverdance and we said goodbye to the 2007 champion.

Now then, Mr Quinn - are you actually old enough to be doing all that raunchy stuff? Goodness me - Prince would be mightily impressed to see Kiss interpreted like that, I'm sure. I wonder how many complaints ITV got? Still, who cares. Another maximum score of 40, and only half a point less in his skate with Maria to Counting Stars, which was delicious - totally agree with Ashley and Karen on that. Jason with the 9.5 because Ray forgot to wink at him, apparently. But I'd still be concerned about how popular the girls are - at least one of the Big 3 is going to be in next week's skate off. Everyone say "Oooooooh". Till then x


  1. Shame Ray is way too short for me - even I was swooning a little bit! Lol ;o)

    I like Beth, but I'm a little annoyed that for the second week running we've lost a stronger skater over her. If she has another bad week and gets saved it'll be really harsh on the others.

    Similarly, I felt sorry for Sam on Sunday. Both his skates were really dynamic and technical. Didn't deserve to go into the skate-off.

    Thought Hayley's solo was poor actually. I agreed with Jason and Robin on her performance - wasn't right for the piece. Very tentative and wobbly. She really does perform with Dan though - loved the Conga routine! :o)

    I still think it's Ray's to lose, but we'll see what the Semi finals bring :o)

  2. I felt sorry for Sam too - maybe they'll give him something like Happy again next week, see him straight through!