Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dancing on Ice: Sayonara Suzatte

Well, GUTTED would be the word I'm after! After an excellent individual performance, Suzatte found themselves in the bottom half of the leaderboard and from there, in the skate off, where a nervy performance with a couple of stumbles cost them dearly to a near perfect Billie Jean routine from Kyrina.

Maray do it again

I confess myself a little surprised that they were less popular than Bethasz and Hayliel, as I think Suzanne combines the best of both of them. But there you go ...

Individually, they were all very strong, with Bethasz maintaining the personality of the week before, an exhilarating performance to You Can't Stop the Beat, excellent tricks and terrific timing. Hayliel given an emotionally charged routine again, showing some beautiful lines to Skycraper, while Suzatte got all sultry and showcased her skating skill, with just one sticky transition, skating to Black Velvet.

Kyrina's Can't Hold Us routine I found a little manic but full of attack, while Maray did what they do i.e. be utterly fantastic, this time to Lego House and scoring another perfect 40. Samvick were indeed extremely Happy - easily their best so far, brilliant nifty footwork - Chris Dean said his was the toughest skating of the night and he'd have given it a 10!

Onward then, to the Team Challenge, which made all the difference to the overall result: Kyrina moving from bottom to third, and Bethasz dropping from second to last to dead last. The boys skate to Uptown Girl considered unanimously by the judges to have topped the girls Walk Like an Egyptian. I enjoyed both, so I was quite glad I didn't have to decide. Still gutted about Suzatte.

It seems Bethasz are a shoe in for the final - they must have scored at least 5 points from the public vote to avoid the skate off and push Kyrina and Suzatte down there. I'm not one for betting, personally, but if you fancy a flutter ...

Till next time x

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  1. I wonder if it was popularity or the ole trick of being saved because you're at the bottom. We know from past experience that the middle of the board is the kiss of death.

    There does seem to be quite a lot of disagreement with the judges regarding the group skate. If I'm honest I was really shocked it was unanimously the boys and would definitely have said the girls were cleaner in their skate.

    Even though she wasn't one of my favs I am really disappointed that Suzanne is gone as she was in my opinion the closest skater in ability to Ray - really does seem like a forgone conclusion now.

    A good skate night all round - pleased Sam finally pulled a good one out of the bag outside the skate-off! Just a shame we lost such a strong contender, but that's the thing with the skate-off - it's never predictable!