Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dancing on Ice: Freedom for Garianne

1984 and all that, so we get Wild Boys and Dr.Beats to open, plus re-living Bolero again. And Garianne go out on a high, with their top scoring routine to Freedom, and a recap of Beautiful Day.

My clear favourites are now Suzatte and Maray. Loved Suzanne's characterisation in Let's Hear it for the Boy, she got the Lovesick Teenager spot on. Bright and lively, with neat tricks. And Ray, fully committed as ever and loving every minute of 'Jump' - the heavy metal one, not the other one. Fantastic energy and dynamicism.

I was expecting to hate Samvick's Radio GaGa but actually thought it was brilliantly done - great musicality. But their skate off routine to Dream Catch Me is my favourite of theirs to date; gorgeous, lovely dancing on ice and an excellent steps sequence.

Hayliel put aside the jazz hands and treated us to a mini melodrama to Here Comes The Rain again - could have been a little more sensitive to all the flood victim fans really - or maybe that was the story? While Kyrina, meanwhile, finally managed to bring an expressive and soft performance - even Jason was impressed. Bethasz had a bit of fun off the ice, Beth in her comfort zone, Lukasz really not but the Girl Just Wanted to Have Fun, and so she did.

A great night of skating, with the only iffy moments the pathetic spats between Jason, Karen and Nicky. Next week, it's Team Time. Only Champions left and the mixed up leader board will make all the difference. Till then x


  1. Agree re the pathetic spats Scatty - sort it out people!

    That's two weeks in a row that Sam has really impressed me in his skate-off after underwhelming in his main routine with Vicky. Maybe he performs best under real pressure! Dream Catch Me was fantastic and possibly my favourite skate of the whole night - skate like that in the main show Sam!!

    Did think they were harsh on Suzanne - her characterisation was great and the choreography is given so seems unfair to mark low on that.

    The connection with flooding didn't actually occur to me if I'm honest - was busy enjoying the routine, which I actually thought was really nicely done :o)

    Think we could have predicted that it'd be the champs left standing, but it will certainly be interesting to see how they deal with working in teams next week :o)

  2. It's hard to know who the favourites really are, so double interesting this week!