Monday, 3 February 2014

Dancing on Ice: Bye bye Bondrei

I dunno, but the losers' three skates to the duel winners' one skate seemed a little unfair to me! But hey ho ...

Maray and Suzatte face off

It was Bondrei who ultimately lost out, losing the duel to Garianne, then the public vote and finally, the judges' votes. Even a storming second skate to DevilGate Drive wasn't enough, as her final skate off wasn't so sharp.

Samvick put in a clean skate to get the judges on side, after their second skate - a romantic smooth number - didn't cut it with the public. Although, up against Bethasz and Suzatte, there was only ever going to be one outcome.

Bethasz's skate to Think wasn't the most exciting but almost faultless as always and I'm not ready to lose her yet. Suzatte was unfortunate to get stuck together coming out of the first big lift - but what a fantastic recovery, not losing a beat in one of my favourite routines ever - lyrical hip hop and attitude - I'd love to see it again (only not in a skate off. And without the stumble.)

In the duels, we had two unanimous decisions and two split. Garianne I'd have said, on paper, would've lost to Bondrei - how wrong can you be? A delightful routine in which I think Gareth's skating was much stronger and more varied than Bonnie's. Ashley and Jason voted Bondrei; Karen and Robin went Garianne, with Robin's casting vote given due to the big step-up lift.

A split likewise, with Kyrina versus Samvick - I couldn't call it, though the leap from Kyran was terrific, he had a couple of sticky moments, while Sam wasn't quite as smooth. Ashley and Jason again in agreement with Sam; Karen and Robin opting for Kyran, with Robin calling it: "Came down to technicalities below the ankle."

At the business end, Bethasz versus Hayliel was Hayley all the way - far more feisty and fierce, resulting in a 4-0 win for her. Suzatte and Maray's duel was completely awesome, full of zing and energy but again, there was only one winner, with Ray's assurance on the ice just pipping Suzanne.

So there we go, back to normal again next week and things should start to shake out a bit, so we get a clue as to who really has got the public in their corner! Till then x


  1. We called it right in each duel. Hayley and Ray were obvious, and we agreed that Gareth and Kyran slightly out skated their duel partners. Although it was nice that the duels were so well matched this time around. I usually don't enjoy duel week very much because it never seems to be fairly paired up - a benefit of a champions series I suppose :o)

    Ray is definitely shaping up to be the one to beat isn't he :o) The ladies are snapping at his heels, but he's going to get away from them if they're not careful.

    Agree that it seemed obvious it would be Sam and Bonnie. She seemed unusually stilted in the skate-off. Performance is usually her strong point! Maybe she used it all up on Devil Gate Drive.

    Gareth is last non-champ standing and it's only going to get tighter from here on out - can't wait for next week! :o)

  2. Going to be very tight tonight. Considering it's 80s night though, I'm really not looking forward to the song choices - they always pick the ones I hated, back in the day!