Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Voice: Tom keeps it in the family

Sir Tom Jones upped his team to six - and still not a hint of testosterone except from him! Amongst his harem, Danny McFly's sister and Adele's cousin.

Vicky Jones sounded promising but didn't wow me, although Kylie also turned; Georgia, who, like her more famous relation, has only a first name, was quite different and right up my street although I've not put her on my team yet, as I feel she weakened a little in the higher, longer notes.

The proper old skool voice of Celestine caught my attention, very confident and sassy, while Laverne Scott-Roberts I decided I didn't like but ... one lovely audition later and she's on my team. A different original sound that all the coaches turned for.

A very mixed bunch of NOs - apart from the edited together boy rock singers for Ricky: Nathan Kobierrowski we needed to hear more, tuning an issue. Ben Affleck, I mean, John Rush, was brave doing Lady Ga Ga but not vocally strong enough and Jeff Anderson would've probably be on my team had he made it through - I remember enjoying him on Jesus Christ Superstar, where he made it through to the final stages. Less rock and more emotion would have seen him through I think, he has a very sweet voice, verging on the operatic at times.

Swing singing superhero and funny Welsh guy Paul Blake, who utterly convinced Will he was American - and don't we love that Will's turning English, referring to Tom and Ricky as 'those blokes' - did a great version of Jump (not the Pointer Sisters, the other one) but was just possibly verging on the edge of club singer so didn't make it. Then came the Si Genaro Show. He stepped away from the pigeons and gave us the Chicken Train instead, which might have seen him through had he done that instead of the harmonica-beat box-dodgy-vocal-on-account-of-the-dancing-around-that-he-did-thing.

Of the other coaches, only Ricky found one he was looking for, as first time in front of a live audience reluctant singer, Myles Evans, stepped up with his guitar at the behest of his seriously ill sister. Very genuine but needs work.

Team Scatty: Laverne; Jermain; Jamie; Mairead; Sophie-May; Beth; Anna.

Laters x


  1. I quite like Andy actually, but then I do like Olly Murs too :o) Think I may have put him in my team if he'd been given a chance.

    Still all about the women this year by the look of it! I've increased the numbers in my team a little this week, but I've still only got one man in there! Come on guys - impress me :o)

    Team Foxy = Anna, Beth, Sophie-May, Christina, Vicky, Leverne and Myles

  2. Me too, just Jermain. Girl Power all the way this year!