Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Voice: Team Will looking strong

So, it's week two and I'm sadly lacking a week one blog post because someone managed to lose the notes I made, full of witticisms and critical observations *coughs* I can therefore only let you know that Team Scatty, at the end of Week One, consisted of Beth McCarthy and Anna McCluckie, lovely voices - Anna the pick - and brave song choices reinterpreted very well.

Onwards, then, with Week Two.

Jermain Jackman quite frankly, blew everyone else out of the water - why all four never turned for him is a mystery to me, lawd knows he showed them enough versatility singing a hard, hard song and bunging shed loads of emotion into it - crafty Will turned at the last second. But someone really needed to tell him his skirt was tucked into his knickers.

Local lad, Jamie Johnson from Gillingham, did very well, and I've put him through too - great potential; likewise Mairead Conlon, although a) STOP TALKING and b) if I see your dogs dressed like that again I'm calling the RSPCA. Didn't like the song choice but an interesting voice. The only other to challenge Jermain was Sophie May Williams and again, Will nabbed her without a fight! I was expecting something more jazzy but a very strong unusual vocal.

Bob was great and I really thought Tom would snap him up, but you could see he wasn't 100%, likewise Miles almost got me but sadly he didn't end well and the coaches, like me, were waiting for a big finish. Lewis and Jimmy sounded like inexperienced Bryan Adamses, and Kelsey Beth was promising but never quite fulfilled it. Has anyone told Kylie she can only have so many? She seems to be turning for everyone: I can't believe she's actually only got four in her team.

The teams as they stand can be found here. And Will is clearly way out ahead. Apart from me, obviously, cos I've got all his plus the best of the others ;)

Team Scatty: Jermain; Jamie; Mairead; Sophie-May; Beth; Anna.

Till next time x


  1. I don't know if I'm just a bit grumpy at the moment, but I don't think I would have picked anyone from week 2 (unlike Kylie who seems to want everyone who comes through the door!).

    The girls are definietly bringing it more than the guys so far for me! :o) Will be interested to see if that trends continues - loved Anna's audition of Get Lucky! A song I actually don't like at all in real life lol :o)

    Team Foxy = Anna, Beth, Sophie-May and Christina with possibles for Jamie and Mairead (was a little unsure about both if I'm honest)

  2. Kylie is a bit keen isn't she! Apart from Jermain, I'm still waiting for someone to really make me sit up :)