Monday, 6 January 2014

Dancing on Ice: Mission Impossible for JoRo

Bonnie and Andrei (Team Bandie) survive the skate off - and thanks to the voters for putting them in it, otherwise we wouldn't have seen that incredible lift at the end. It was even worth having to sit through the advert on the ITV clip, since I was obviously watching Sherlock by then.

However, contrary to the purists fears, it looks like said voters are going to take this Battle of the Champions seriously and we said goodbye to Joe Pasquale, who'd clearly worked hard to improve. So we'll see no more of Team JoRo but not before having the fun of two-for-the-price-of-one routines.

Also leaving were Jorgie and Sylvain, who didn't make for a good pairing at all: Jorvain was the best I could come up with. Horrid, isn't it? A shame though, as she clearly was going to make his life hell on behalf of bessie mate Jennifer Metcalfe. He didn't look at all amused, did he? Always a shame when a good looking bloke can't crack a smile. On the ice though, she was as fabulous as ever. A shame but up against three past winners and a teen heart-throb it was always going to be between her, Bonnie and Joe.

So safely through with public support went Ray and Maria, probably my favorite pairing ever. I will be expecting a lot more from Team Maray though, as I was a little bit underwhelmed. I need to see Bailamos again! Kyran and new partner Nina (Team Kyrina) shone to the best song of the night - Sir Duke - and we know he can do funky, so we can look forward to that next time.

Gareth and Brianne (Team Garianne) showed off some neat tricks to Patience, while Hayley and Daniel (Team Hayliel) came out strongly again.

Till next time x


  1. I thought it was a given really that the three past champs would go through - not least because they managed to pur the three arguably most popular chmaps in the same heat. Very harsh on the other competitors.

    Little suprised when they announced Gareth actually. We thought he was for the chop! Clearly I have underestimated his fanbase.the power of the people who vote for bottom of the leaderboard :o)

    Agree re Jorgie - she clearly wasn't going to accept him and it was kind of obvious that that wouldn't go down well with the viewers. Don't know about you, but I really can't be bothered with that kind of drama - we're not in bloomin Coronation street love, just skate! Seemed awkward in the backstage vt in the results show - Sylvain clearly wasn't happy about all the comments regarding his personal life.

    I thought all the routines were a little below par compared to what I remember from the pairs, but I'm assuming it's simply because they're starting steady :o) Can't be pulling out all the tricks and getting 10s in week one can they :o) Love, love, love Ray, but have to say that both Kyran and Hayley were particular favourites of mine as well, so I'm rooting for all three - I'm a bit less bothered about next weeks mob if I'm honest, but if they can wow me we'll see :o)

  2. Looks like we'll be in agreement again - did we ever find out if we were twins in another life?!

  3. I'm definitely up for some regression via hypnosis to find out if you are?! Lol ;o)