Friday, 31 January 2014

Dancing on Ice: Jazz hands no good for Zaarandy

In an evening of excellent performances - mostly - it was Zaraandy we bade farewell, even after Puttin' on the Ritz, by the incomparable Ella.

Maray top score with 40

Ok, we knew she was going, because the producers did their usual "let's show this one as a miserable cow and no-one will vote for her" hatchet job *sighs*. It was a great routine, although her first lift seemed a bit floppy and the last trick was cut short.

It was Kyrina who joined them in the Skate Off, a fairly solid Rock'n'Roll number which didn't melt the ice; Chasing Cars definitely upped the tempo, with a head banger for Nina looking far too literal. Very smooth and strong and he got through with a 3-1 vote in his favour.

Dance night brought some nice variations on the theme, with the top picks being Bethasz's Highland Fling, which was brilliant - I loved it, especially the aerial cartwheels. They really nailed the feel of it. Maray, also, showing off some fabulous shaping in the Flamenco, awesome flying lunges and a standation from the judges! Full bag of points: 40!

Lots of intricate detail in Samvick's Bhangra, while Garianne's Streetdance seemed to end way too soon and was a bit on the quiet side for me. Bondrei's Waltz had a quiet charm about it - apparently, Bonnie hated it, but I thought it came across very warm and genuine.

Suzatte's interpretation of The Flower Duet with Ballet was quite beautiful, graceful and elegant, apart from one of the lifts, which turns out to have gone completely wrong - very well covered! Hayliel's Charleston of course suited them, although I found the moves a little manic at first. They calmed down though, and gave a very enjoyable performance.

Getting interesting now, it could be anyone next week. The only one not safe in a skate off is Garianne against any of the others - but his fans are keeping him well clear! Till then x


  1. Amazing show last week - definitely left the best three till last though! Loved Beth and Ray! :o) Loved Hayley too, but that style suits them so well I fear she may have trouble keeping up that standard this week. Similarly, despite keeping up the skating, Kyran seems unable to keep up with the more recent champs, which is a real shame.

    Less bitching fromt he judges this week also made it much more enjoyable. :o) Will be very interesting tomorrow if Bonnie and Gareth are safe again.

  2. They were all quite jolly weren't they - specially *gasp* Jason! Scary for them with only four up for voting off!