Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dancing on Ice: Former champs motoring

The final series of Dancing on Ice promised much, featuring so many former champions and from the judges point of view, it certainly couldn't be closer.

However, as we know, the judges don't get it all their own way and so Todd duly made it through to Week 3! A mambo routine no less. No more, either, but ...

Last week saw Suzanne and Matt (Suzatte) top score with a beautiful, emotional skate - six years on and she hasn't lost it. Lovely tricks and gorgeous lines.

We said goodbye to David and Gary, after some errors from David and a nice skate from Gary - nice was never going to be enough in this show. The shock came from seeing Sam and Vicky (Samvick) in the skate off. Which could be the result of being too Sicky - which will be their name if they carry on like that. Thankfully, we got the Riverdance skate, which was a favourite of mine.

Surprise package was Zaraah, showing some very good form with partner Andy (Zaraandy), while Beth and Lukasz (Bethasz) came out with purpose and intent. So bendy - fab tricks!

On then, to Week 3, and the former champs all suddenly remembered they had reputations to uphold, storming the ice with excellent skating, tricks and personality - with Zaraandy showing up again and possibly ahead overall. Loved the hip hop on ice. I may still call Samvick Sicky yet, because they're being a bit too yucky - but nice jivin'.

We had some poppin' from Kyrina and jazz hands from Hayliel; ballet from Bethasz but thankfully not any twerking from Maray who got us all groovin' in our seats with Blurred Lines. Lots of skating quality and dynamic performances.  Bondrei and Garianne did well although technically a little behind the others. Suzatte's timing and expression again, coupled with the tricks and basics means she's in for the long haul.

No shocks in the skate off, once Todd's name wasn't called as saved. Solo skating around a gondola was not enough this time for Tondra and we say goodbye. A shame for Zaraandy to be there but it did let us savour the Diamonds and Pearls routine again.

Wide open now then - no-one's safe and there'll be no skate off shocks, since everyone's good enough to go on. It's going to get very interesting!

Till next time :)


  1. Been a bit random so far we thought! They're up, down and all over the place on the leaderboard (with the exception of Gareth maybe, bless him). I expect that's a product of so many good skaters being in the competition.

    We thought Todd might be for the chop last night - just too slow and boring. And that's only highlighted by being surrounded by excellent skaters.

    Still loving Ray and Hayley, and as much as I'm not a fan of Blurred Lines, I was doing a bit of in my seat grooving along with Ray and Maria! Lol :o)

    Personally I think Sam is the weakest of the winners and it wouldn't suprise me if they're the first champs to fall. Plus, the sickly videos of them are too much imo.

    Already sick of the Karen/Jason bickering - for the love of God just keep it together for one series...please?! It's not entertaingin and I really am not impressed by the snippy comments at each other - from either side! Lets stick to the amazing skating people! :o)

  2. Have to agree with you on all points there Foxy!