Thursday, 19 December 2013

Strictly Semi Final: It is what it is

If they're not opening the Final to Ladies Night, I shall be Most Upset! Big group cha cha charrrr ...

But I'm getting ahead of myself - this is the semi blog, with our one remaining man, Patrick, unable to fend off the women, in spite of a rather lovely waltz. A bit of a 'meh' Paso Doble let him down, lacking the artistry we like to see, and not helped by the song choice. And we knew from the week before he was always in danger.

Onto the ladies then, and all we know for sure after the semi is that Susanna was at least second favourite with the public, and Natalie last out of the girls. So will she be first out? Denise VO was bottom two in the semi but apparently stormed to 2nd place in the final ...

My semi-final winners were Brenphie - absolutely loved their Paso, may have been the music that clinched it - can it be any more dramatic? The dance was full of drama and passion, just like the play itself. I was on the edge of my seat. Brilliant attitude, fantastic timing. Together with a gorgeous traditional American Smooth - I had a stupid grin on my face from the moment Brendan slid down the banisters - the only other couple who came close was Abjaz.

It seemed an odd song choice for Abjaz's American Smooth, but Aljaz seems able to effortlessly choreograph to all the little nuances in the music and makes it a joy to watch, especially coupled with Abbey's enthusiasm. She's nailing both ballroom and Latin consistently, and picking up a lot of fans on the way. Their samba had a natural spontaneity; they've something indefinable.

Kevanna, if I'm honest, didn't knock me out this week, though I still love her energy and performance value. The foxtrot felt a little safe and the salsa was too stiff but she gave it everything with her usual oomph.

What does Artalie have to do to impress me? Well, the salsa garnered just one word: MATTESHA! I'm sorry, but it was never going to compare, was it? Technically very good, although far too placed for my liking, and danced more like a cha cha, she didn't get down and dirty enough - where was the rawness, the unleashing, that we saw with Alesha? Maybe a different song would have helped? Suffered from the comparison, sadly. The AT was, again, technically very well placed and precise but I felt they could have played with the music highs and lows a bit more. And no 'A' line. Picky, aren't I?

Don't miss it - Grand Final Saturday night, BBC One 6.30pm. Whoop whoop!


  1. If you're picky Scatty then so am I - completely agree RE Natalie! Another shock 40 as far as I'm concerned!

    I did like really like Sophie this week - much more so than previously - but my favs are still Susannah and Kevin :o) Loved their Foxtrot! Thought it had just the right balance of elegance and technique to make it a great dance overall. Although their Salsa was a bit stiff and mad in places! Lol

    Can't believe I'm out tomorrow (Although I'm seeing War Horse in London so probably shouldn't complain too much!), but I will be watching the final from record the minute I get home! :o) Some strange Judges Choices in my eyes, but I'm sure the whole show will be brilliant whoever wins! :o)

  2. Lived up to expectations didn't it?