Sunday, 24 November 2013

No More Diggity Dancing for Ben

Gutted tonight as I write this, as Bentina was my journey couple, I really wanted to see Ben get through and carry on improving. I personally loved their Charleston, it had everything it was supposed to have and an extra point on the leader board may well have seen them safe. It was light, animated, there was plenty of movement and for me, possibly his best.

Marketa also had his best dance so far, with improvement in the dance off. He put some swing and sway into it and I didn't notice his mistake so I can't argue with the judges decision. It was very sweet and joyful.

The judges have been given a reality check, so plenty of constructive criticism and more realistic scores. Other than Bentina, it was Kevanna and Asha who again got my votes. Susanna is just so brilliant, if not technically on it in the cha cha, she gave it plenty of sassiness. Ashley is staking a claim for the final - another beautifully executed dance, he's very natural - I'm not even thinking about his head!

Artalie's tango was very well danced, as always, though I didn't find myself excited by it; Brenphie's rumba too, nice lines, warm, but a bit safe. The Abjaz Paso Doble had great movement in delivery of the content and she wins Dress of the Night again. And Patya - perhaps one week they'll get through it without any drama! Beautiful choreography, particularly the balletic arms at the beginning (and I should know, cos I did a ballet workshop today ;) It was for a charity called Trust Sulha and you can read all about it here. A blog will hopefully appear soon.) However, it did get a bit clumsy towards the end - Patya's Viennese Waltz, not the workshop.

Onto the results show, in which the Beeb confused Sunday night viewers by a Great British Bake Off inspired routine, complete with Mary Berry; Il Divo provided the music for Kristina and Aljaz to bewitch us, and in Len's Lens, Bruno failed to set off a confetti gun and Craig confirmed that there will be no tens from him unless it's perfect!

So all that was left after that was to bawl our eyes out with Kristina. *sob* Till next time - it's Musicals Night! *cheers up*


  1. Sorry I've been utterly rubbish about commenting recently - been working on my days off for mum at various events so it's all been a bit of a swirl the last couple of weeks. I did of course record SCD and am all caught up! :o)

    I'm also disappointed that Ben went - such a shame that he made some mistakes in the dance-off. I think without those he may have won over Mark. And now Ashley has been in the dance-off I'm pinning all my hopes on Susannah! Just booked tour tickets for the O2 as I notice she will be on it lol :o)

    Loved musicals week!! :o) Brilliant as a group on the whole - and I still love Susannah (and my lovely Kevin!) even if the footwork was a bit sloppy - gorgeous dress too! Shame Ashley had to Rumba for that one - always tricky.

    No idea how Patrick kept up with that Charleston - my god that was fast! Bit shocked that Abbey got perfect score, but there you go.

    All fingers and toes crossed for Ashley and Susannah this week. They were both good at the Jive so I've got good feelings for the Swingathon! :o)

  2. I'll apologise too - can't believe it took me son long to reply!