Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dragonflies in a dance of courtship

Oh god, it's the week before Blackpool. Did you know we're off to Blackpool next week? Trust me, if you didn't, you will ...

No Artalie tonight, due to illness, and no Bruce either, taking another break. I've said it before, please can we keep Tess and Clauds together once he retires? Please? If I keep asking? Nicely?

A very definite tale of two halves tonight, with the top half of the table on fire, and the bottom two on possibly Mogadon or steroids or something.

Abjaz did a lovely job with their Charleston, Abbey's long swingy arms and legs just made for the Fosse inspired routine. Stylish and detailed and really enjoyable. A beautiful traditional waltz from Kevanna, gorgeous storytelling and those stunning pivots in a warm and engaging routine, with the sublime touch of their arm wafting in sync at the end. And, to top it all - dress of the night. Not just for how it looked, but how it moved, too.

Battle of the ballroom hit new heights with Patya and Asha both excelling. Firstly, Asha's fabulous, pulsating quickstep, with flair and expression and brilliant choreography. Packed full of content and nifty footwork, it inspired Bruno's title quote. Patya have finally got that chin up and what a huge difference it made. "Wow" was the first thing I said. Stunning routine, his timing and musicality and the sheer joy of it - now that's what I call an American Smooth. I can see these two in a  private battle each week now because they're equally at home in Latin too!

My middle ground was held by Brenphie. Excellent technique but I totally agreed with the judges. Sometimes a little fragile, and still that aloofness, which you do need for an AT but it also needs fire and passion. I have a soft spot for Bentina - oi, don't make up your own jokes - I love that he's so tactile and keeps hugging everyone. I thought: Is he mad? when they said about the back flip but there was my soft spot, a crash mat, just in case. A fine effort I thought, he got down into it and his legs were neat and tidy, mostly. Nice vibe with the song and character. Loved seeing the other judges all ticking off Craig!  But there will be complaints about someone grabbing Pasha's ... erm, packet. Paso Doble for Antiona but no Bond theme. No Bond theme?! Well, they really missed a trick there, didn't they? Good attitude, nice arm shaping, footwork a little ploddy but a proper Paso to enjoy.

Alas, Marketa. Fancy getting a rumba this week. With hindsight of course, they'd have gone traditional and tried for warmth and romance, but ah, Bond theme, I've been expecting you. Although I, like Bruno, couldn't get Dr.Evil out of my head. At least there was characterization, if not much movement. Sorry Foxy, not Mark's fault - fingers crossed. 

And so, to Kave. A tango, which I have to say kind of had the right idea, and he certainly did enough walking to have covered the 500 miles on that dance floor but just waaaaaaaaaaay too stompy for me. I found Len's comments the most entertaining thing about it, but we love a trier, don't we? And Dave, like most of the celebs every series, is putting in the hours to try and improve and clearly loving being involved, which is all you can ask. Maybe the Scottish vote will come through for him.

The leader board:

Two worrying score draws there tonight, so best prepare for another shock.

A super swingy jive opener with the Peppini Sisters (check out their version of Crazy in Love) to mark Remembrance weekend.

And out with the shocks tonight, as the bottom two face each other in the dance off. Marketa versus Kave and is it a forgone conclusion that Kave will go? If Mark has a nightmare and Dave is able to improve, it could be closer than we think.

An emotional time at Covent Garden and then it's Len's Lens: Claudia's glittery shoes; Susanna's pivots; Brenphie's lift into-spin-onto-floor; Patya's close call; Abjaz's acting skills; Bentina causing an argument; Mark's faces (again!).

There's no argument in the dance off: Marketa through to Blackpool, and Kave out - although, Len pointed out that Mark had made a lot of mistakes, and, had he had a deciding vote, would've kept Dave! But Craig, Darcey and Bruno saved Mark for being a better mover overall.

Best wishes to Natalie for a speedy recovery then, before we board the Blackpool Bus. Showtime is 6.30pm; don't be late.


  1. I was watching Mark's Rumba through my fingers mostly. As much as I like him (and Iveta), it was truly awful. Gutted he has yet another latin this week with the Jive as I've a feeling it'll go the same way :o/

    Aside from that (and of course Dave), I thought it was a pretty good standard this week. Although, much like the undeserved 10 for Natalie's Viennese Waltz imo, I'm disappointed that Darcy gave a 10 to Patrick when there was such a blatant mistake at the end. Shame as the dance was brilliant right up to that little stumble, but that still means it didn't deserve a perfect score.

    Is it just me or are all the couples doing really well with Charleston this year? Never seen so much swivel! :o)

    Still loving Susannah (and my lovely Kevin), and Ashley too. Patrick, Ben and Sophie continue to grow on me :o)

    Here's to Blackpool dahhhlings! :o)

  2. Mark survived again! And quite rightly too :)