Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dazzling dancing and silly scoring

I say dazzling dancing, mainly because all the couples had a really good week. No-one put in a bad performance and it highlighted how tough this is going to be, even with eight couples still left.

But the multitude of tens, many undeserved, is going to do my head in if it carries on! You cannot give a ten if it wasn't perfect! Really, the scoring was super-crazy inconsistent last week. I expect normal service resumed tonight, please.

I loved Abjaz, it put us all in a happy place (on a beach, with ice cream and candy) the energy and fun in their quickstep was terrific, although I found it a little frantic in places and had to agree with Craig, although the 7 was harsh - nines across would've been a fairer reflection - how can you have a 7 and three 10s? Dress of the Night though.

Likewise, much as I love Kevanna, Susanna didn't have half as much content as Ashley to deliver in her Paso Doble - it was the music that set the atmosphere and got everyone wound up. Her attitude again though, was spot on, along with strong lines and expressive Flamenco hands. Nines again for me.The Charleston from Artalie was more like a pro production and Artem was incredible, I could watch him over and over. BUT, after a bright start I felt Natalie's energy faded and she looked very heavy legged and slightly ragged. The trouble when someone is that good though, is that the judges (except Craig) tend to score based on what they're expecting, hence three more tens. CUT IT OUT! 8s and 9s at best.

Anyhoo, based on those scores, then Asha ought to have had four tens, because Ashley was blooming immense! It's like they took a point off because of the wild west look - but it's just a tiny step from the bullring to the rodeo ring. There was the swagger, mighty fine cape work, superb attitude, attack and intent, great shapes, he properly danced the Paso and was soooooooo dominant I may have a new pin up. (Sorry, England Cricket, Alistair, James and Kevin really need to take note and apply the same purpose. Ok, I know they'll bounce back.) The only tiny thing I would've liked, was a leap instead of a kneeslide.

Brenphie saved their best for Blackpool, a terrific crisp and clean quickstep, and she let herself go in a spirited routine, the ending of which I adored - had it been on last it would've got the tens. Likewise Patya's samba was wonderful, so groovy and how well they coped with the wardrobe malfunction. A proper carnival samba and overall, the right score.

Another gorgeous routine from Kristina, making the most of everything she can lay her hands on, preferably Ben's arms, with some amazing lifts, showing off again how attentive he is, great partnering. A very smooth American Smooth all the way from Smoothsville for Bentina, with kudos for using a VW base.

The bottom of the board was occupied jointly last week by Antiona and Marketa, but with completely different dances. A very nice American Smooth , if a little pedestrian from Antiona, but a lovely feel and a nice soft shoe shuffle break. Marketa's jive was fun all the way, with him perfectly at home with the Hairspray track, and his timing and musicality almost making up for the lack of bounce.

Unsurprising then, that it was the bottom two again in the dance off, with all things equal with the judges and a split fully expected. But I wasn't expecting Craig to save Antiona! Fiona's nerves did get to her, whereas Mark embraced the chance to do it again and was rewarded for the life and expression he put into it, safe for a second time.

Elsewhere in the results show, Len's Lens picked up Darcey's disco dancing; the ballroom babies from the big opener Saturday night; Kevanna's human cape; Bentina's pressage lift; Natalie's footwork - but in showing it off you saw she was out of time with Artem! And Abbey's fabulous whoop of joy in the jete.

Till later then! TTFN x

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