Friday, 1 November 2013

Always sunny in Susanna-Land

So says Bruno, and who are we to disagree?

Once again, Kevanna topped the lot for me, with another animated performance. It's not just about putting your feet in the right place, it's about the emotion a dancer elicits from its audience: Kevanna make me happy.

Natalie is a fantastic rhythmic dancer and I should've been into Artalie's samba a lot more than I was. Likewise, I thought Brenphie's cha cha could've been more cheeky, and Antiona's quickstep I didn't find that interesting, it didn't pick out any highlights in the music. Anton, you're supposed to be King of this stuff!

A good effort but more still to do from Pashel, Rachel needed more attack, while Kave are beginning to bore me a little now. In the 'lovely' camp were Abjaz, with an unusual but flowing foxtrot, and Marketa, a rather delightful waltz. Another great effort by Bentina in their quickstep, he's mastered smiling-while-dancing, anyhow. Asha's jive was lively and toe tapping, although prompting a "be aware that you do have feet, darling, at the end of those legs" from Craig. Nice sparkly chair, by the way! And Booooo to those bastard complainers, stopping us getting an eyeful of Ben and Ashley, making them wear vests. I think the rest of us should all complain about that. Who's with me?

And so to Patya and our desperately-sad-to-go Robrah. Get used to the shocks every week now, unless this result gives a bit of a jolt to the voters. Deborah was one of those who came into the competition and totally fell in love with dancing, and they usually get a decent journey as a result. Patya did a very groovy salsa, considering his injury, a damn fine job. And Robrah's Viennese Waltz was their best dance yet, a nice flow and elegance. Tiny consolation - dress of the night. Gorgeous.

Elsewhere in the results show, the professionals brought us a captivating Japanese inspired lyrical hip hop mix to 'Halo', Earth Wind and Fire are still throwing the same shapes they did all those years ago. Len's Lens highlighted Natalie clocking Artem's fractured nose with her elbow; Anton's face; Ashley's leap frog; Patrick's one handed lift and Dave's hairography. And Claudia came to the party wearing an amniotic sac. Why would she do that?

It's Halloween next! Wooooooooohooooooo ...

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